Ten years later – Olivia

I stood at the beach with the whole pack. I couldn't be happy at the moment. I rested my hand on my swollen stomach; I smiled as I felt a little kick.

I felt arms wrap around me and their warm hands touch the bump. I looked up and saw Collin smiling down at me. I gave him a gentle kiss and smiled at him.

"Where's Riley?" I asked.

Collin laughed. "Being chased by his favourite uncle of course."

I laughed, when I heard the squeals and laughter of my oldest son, Riley Mike Littlesea.

He was a lot like his father personality wise but he looked a lot like his uncle he never knew. He had my brothers brown hair and blue eyes. Riley was ten years old. He was conceived mine and Collin's first date together and honestly that was one of the best nights of my life.

I looked around me and saw my five year old daughter, Eleanor, sitting in between Ashleigh's legs while Ashleigh brushed her hair; just like I use to do for her.

Two years after I had Riley, Collin proposed to me on Valentine's Day.

Brady and Ellie were married and had two children, Matthew and Thomas Fuller. They were a two years younger than Riley.

Collin took my hand and led me to the circle. The rest of the pack was sitting down ready to start eating burgers or the hotdogs Sam had cooked on the barbeque.

I sat down on the chair, while everyone else sat on the floor. I was the only pregnant one and I was expecting anytime soon. They were all being extremely careful because they had no clue when this baby was going to come.

I was hoping he was going to come soon because I was getting tired and worn out all the time. I was ready for my unborn child to come into this world.

Sam handed me a burger in a bun. I asked Collin to pass me the ketchup and squirted the ketchup all over it and took a bite out of it.

We all had children now. Well apart from Marcus who was waiting for Ashleigh. She knew all about the wolves, she knew about them when she was eight and saw Paul phase into a wolf. But she didn't know about Marcus imprinting on her. He was waiting to tell her when she was eighteen. But I knew Ashleigh had a thing for Marcus.

I turned to answer Paul, who had asked me how I was feeling.

"I'm feeling fine thanks." I smiled.

Paul and I had gotten closer over the ten years. When Collin and I got married, I asked Paul to give me away. He as like my brother and Ellie was like my sister. All of the pack and imprintees were like my brothers and sisters, apart from Collin of course.

"When do you think B will come?" he asked, using the name Collin started to call our child.

I shrugged. "I have no idea. I just hope soon. It is starting to get really uncomfortable." I replied.

Paul chuckled. "Come on B you have to come out now. Mummy is getting uncomfortable."

I laughed but that quickly went when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I winced and clutched my stomach, dropping the burger on to the floor.

"Are you alright Olive?" Paul asked, rushing up to stand next to me.

Everyone else had walked over to the sea, so Paul was the only one here.

I shook my head as another pain shot through my stomach. I was all too familiar to this pain and when I felt the water I knew I was going into labour.

I grasped on to Paul's hand and bit back the scream that wanted to come out.

"Collin!" I heard Paul shout.

Collin looked at us and ran over. He had a huge grin on his face but when he saw my face that vanished. He knelt down in front of me. "What's wrong baby?" he asked.

I couldn't hold it back any longer as I opened my mouth for the scream to come out, and from there Collin knew what was happening.

Everyone ran over to us to see what was going on.

I just wanted the baby out. I let out another scream as Collin picked me up and placed me into our car.

He started driving, everyone else following behind. I knew from there that I was glad I made friends with these weird but friendly people. And my children were going to grow up with amazing and trustworthy people.

So that was the last chapter. But there is going to be one more story for Ashleigh and Marcus. I hoped you enjoyed this just as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Thank you to everyone who had stuck with me since Broken, thanks guys.

I'll put the Ashleigh and Marcus story up tomorrow. Thank you everyone.