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Possibly Unstoppable

The cabin was very dark… too dark for Ron's taste, but he had to go inside. He had to face his fear and do what had to be done… again. The ghosts of the past had to be vanquished and all Hell would never break free, as well as not letting the lion sing tonight.

As he took one tentative step forward, Ron swore he heard a distinct growl followed by the shriek of a monkey. His next step was onto the bottom board that led him up and to his final destination… The front door of Cabin 13.

His shaking hand slowly reached forward to open the door, and just as he was about to make contact with the handle, the door slowly swung open on it's own with a creaking sound that every scary movie ever made was envious of.

He peered inside with a squint in an effort to see what was inside, or what had opened the door. Was it something that still resided in these walls, or was it the old wooden cabin itself that was inviting him inside?

As Ron stood in front of the open door, all he could do was stare towards the interior, his eyes wide with fear, apprehension, and yet a strong urge to finally rid himself of this Demon that had been haunting him for so long. The longer he looked into that black inky darkness, Ron swore to himself that the darkness itself… was looking back at him.

Looking over his shoulder, the blond boy immediately regretted telling Kim to leave him here and that he had to do this alone. Ron had never felt such a need to have Kim's strength with him at this point in time, but he was now eighteen years old and a grown man. No longer would he feel the need to be protected by a girl.

Screwing up all the courage he could muster, Ron took one step forward into the old cabin, leaving one foot inside, and one foot out.

Nothing… No sharp claws gouged his eyes out, no howling monkeys broke his eardrums, nothing happened. If nothing happened at this point, he should be able to completely enter this structure and nothing bad would occur, right? His other foot brought Ron completely into the old cabin, and if one were watching from the outside, they would have sworn that the blackness inside this old cabin had literally wrapped around him, enveloping Ron as if it was welcoming the young man home.

…x x x x…


Dead silence.

These were the things that assaulted Ron's senses as soon as he crossed the threshold. The blackness nearly blinded him, and the silence nearly deafened him to the point that he wanted to scream as if he was once again that small child so many years ago.

Even with the blackness that surrounded him, Ron could "see" something that was even darker. It was a form, but nothing that he immediately recognized. At first he thought it was a monkey, then he thought it was a large fish. At one point he thought the amorphous black form looked like… Bonnie?

Ron closed his eyes tightly and shook his head side to side. What he thought he saw could not be there. None of those things could be in here with him, especially the last. Ron finally opened his eyes, and once again he saw… nothing. The darker form was no longer there. By now his eyes had somewhat become accustomed to the lack of light, and he could see a few slivers here and there of moonlight seeping through the old wooden walls and ceiling.

Realizing that he had been holding his breath, Ron let out a small sigh, and immediately he wished he hadn't. His defenses were temporarily down, and something whispered into his ear.

"Loser…" Wincing at the noise, Ron stumbled to one side, away from the voice, and almost immediately another voice whispered into his other ear. "Squeeb". A third voice came from directly behind him, whispering the short phrase, "Mole Rats are gross." A fourth voice seemed to suddenly come from right in front of him, whispering the word "Outsider". And last, but certainly not least, a fifth and final voice seemed to echo with a weird whispering voice that seemed to come from all sides, "Pretender".

Each of these voices were from those that had either tormented him, or berated him when he was younger.

Without warning the dark mass was suddenly directly in front of him, and Ron immediately dropped into a Tai Shing Pek War defensive pose. The response of the black form did not seem… Appropriate.

Laughter. It was deep and guttural laughter that literally shook the wooden floor he was standing on.

Then a deep voice that did not echo came to his ears. "So, Stoppable has come back to face his fears… But the real question is, does he really, really know fear?" The voice moved from side to side as it spoke, keeping Ron's attention. "Don't you know boy… to know and understand your fear… to actually face it and defeat it… you must become that which you fear the most. In fact, didn't you say that once before, when you referenced a movie before taking on those pitiful powers?"

A blue fist suddenly cast low illumination into the darkness. Ron wanted to see his adversary, and what he saw frightened him to his very core. He saw himself for a fraction of a second before the dark form retreated back into a dark corner.

That same low voice rumbled in his large ears once again. "Yes boy… Your greatest fear is yourself. Only you know what you are capable of, and yet you do not even come close to maximizing your potential. You demonstrated enough power to easily defeat not one, but two individuals who were more than ten times your strength. Embrace what you have inside you. Become that which cannot be defeated. Advance beyond all those who would ever harm you. Then defeat… all those that have held you down, put you down, kept you from rising to a level of existence that would make you better than them.

"You are "Potential Boy" no longer Ronald Stoppable. Become that which everyone has feared you would become. Gain the strength so you may vanquish all those that ever dared to harm you. Achieve the level of existence that others only wish they could reach.

"When you leave this temporary domicile, you will no longer be a… Stoppable. You will be… Unstoppable. When your… 'Girlfriend' returns to pick you up, tell her… No. Show her, why you can no longer play 'Second Fiddle'… Why you can no longer follow in her footsteps. Show her your power. Go forth and become an unstoppable force that will create a new destiny for your self. Become what this world needs to cleanse it of all those who could ever hurt you."

Ron stepped out of Cabin 13, and immediately all birds went silent. Everything living that saw him turned and ran away. An unstoppable force was released on the world, and not a single person, or thing, could even come close to stopping him.

…x x x x…

Kim Possible arrived back at Lake Gotta Grin, formerly known as Lake Wanna Weep about fifteen minutes after she had dropped off her boyfriend. Next week was when the two young lovers were going to head to college, and she was happy that her "Child-hood Friend Turned Lover" was going to be at her side.

She thought it was a bit weird that Ron wanted to face his fears at first, but she realized that he was finally growing up. Ron was becoming more than just a boyfriend to her, and she could tell that he wanted to "Step it up" a notch before going on to their higher education. So… she did as asked, and now she was back to return him to Middleton, and the rest of their lives.

When Kim drove up to the old cabin, Ron was standing on the front porch, looking out over the lake. At this time of night the water looked almost black, and foreboding. A shudder crossed her shoulders when he finally looked over at her, and then walked up to her side of the car.

"You want to drive Ronnie?" She asked sweetly after rolling down the window, and she was answered with an unseen fist slamming into the side of her face. Ron climbed into the small car while unceremoniously shoving the unconscious form of Kim into the passenger side.

Ron Stoppable… who had now become… Unstoppable, drove back to an unsuspecting small town called Middleton Colorado, where all those who had ever, or could ever… hurt him in his previous incarnation… would die.

His laughter echoed down the highway as his unblinking black eyes searched for his first victim.

To be continued?

Kind of unsure at this point, as I wrote this half asleep and just wanted to see what my weird, sick and twisted mind could come up with.

Or maybe I should actually write when I'm awake, huh?