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Chapter 4

"I realize that I now have a new enemy." Ron interrupted with his eyes dangerously narrowed. "I realize now that the source of all things that have held me down… is you." The broadsword he held in his hand transformed back into the classic form of the Lotus Blade, and in two steps Ron was inches from her.

Kim couldn't pull her eyes away from those obsidian orbs of Ron's. "You have called me 'Potential Boy' before, but you never once raised a finger to help me. You've helped everyone else, while I covered your back."

Kim then felt the cold of steel of a sword at her abdomen. "What are you going to do Ron, kill me? Like you killed Bonnie and DNAmy? Will you take my soul to power your petty desires to…" Suddenly her voice stopped as a large hand was now clamped around her throat.

"Don't test me. I could easily snap your neck right now." Kim could feel his grip tighten, and she could also feel the pointed tip of the Lotus Blade press against her between the belly button and sternum. She could feel the effects of oxygen deprivation, along with the sharp sensation of a sword pushing into her flesh and…

…x x x x…

And now the conclusion…

…Kim's mind was awash with thoughts of death, and of being killed by Ron.

She was finally able to croak out two simple words before her vision went completely black "…Ron… Please…"

Kim's voice… full of fear… full of anguish… full of pain.

The slow relentless push of the blade stopped just as the tip broke through Kim's skin. She could see something was different in his eyes, but it was very subtle. It was as if a look of confusion had crossed his features, but she wasn't sure. She also noticed that the blackness of his eyes seemed to dull a bit, and she could tell the pressure being applied to her throat had let up just a little.

Kim's face… full of fear… full of anguish… full of pain.

At least now she could somewhat breath, and Ron actually moved back about half a step, which removed the blade from her stomach. She could feel the trickle of blood as it slowly seeped from the small wound. Doubling over in pain and covering the wound with her fingers, Kim let out a rasping cough while trying to breathe, and blood seeped through her fingers and continued to drip down the front of her pants.

Kim's body… full of fear… full of anguish… full of pain.

Suddenly Ron dropped the sword with a clang and sank to his knees in front of her. "What… what have I done…" For the first time since this entire ordeal, Kim thought she heard the voice of her Ron coming through.

As he continued to speak, Ron's face was looking at the floor. "I… I've hurt the one person… the one thing… that I have loved for my entire life. The one person that all I wanted to do was to keep them from… harm… and I end up being the one causing that harm."

Kim dropped to her knees and tried to lift Ron's face by his chin, but found that he wouldn't move. "A tear fell down her cheek and with a raspy voice she said "We… we all make mistakes Ronnie…"

"Mistakes… no mistakes…. No mistakes can be made with this kind of power." Ron finally looked up into Kim's eyes, and her voice hitched when she saw those puppy-dog-brown eyes that she loved so much. He slowly placed a caring hand on her cheek and gently wiped away some of her tears. "This cannot happen. This… will not…happen."

Kim was now thoroughly confused. Ron had initially left Cabin 13 looking and acting like a monster. He killed Bonnie, then he killed DNAmy and destroyed the statue of Monkey fist, all the while taking their life force. He achieved almost God-like powers and now he… he sounded like he was… sorry?

Something then clicked in Kim's mind. It was the last thing that Ron had said. "This cannot happen. This… will not…happen." It was if… it was as if he was looking at… a movie, or something. It was if he had seen something that he did not like and he wanted to…

Before Kim could think another thought, Ron brought the hand that was on her face down to the wound in her stomach, and immediately she felt pain. Not just pain, it was something that felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside out. It felt as if Ron had grabbed onto the base of her spine, and he was pulling it out of her body! It didn't take long for her to fall over, passing out from the extreme agony she had felt.

…x x x x…

Slowly Kim's eyes began to flutter, and a small groan escaped her lips. The cough that escaped from her lungs sent up a cloud of dust, which made the red head roll over on her back to get away from the cloud of offending particulates.

She continued to cough for a few minutes, each time breathing in deep, stagnate air. One of her hands moved to the spot where Ron's sword had pierced her skin, but she felt no blood. In fact, there didn't even seem to be any wound!

Moving herself up to a sitting position, Kim could tell her muscles had stiffened up as if from the lack of use. She looked around the dark area, and when she saw light seeping through cracks in the walls and ceiling, she knew immediately that she was no longer in DNAmy's kitchen. She was inside… a cabin?

Kim stayed sitting on the floor and looked around the room a bit more before making any kind of move. Her instincts were on high alert, and she wanted to assess the situation first.

Then her eyes landed on a dark form that seemed to be huddled in one corner. Light from outside was now gradually lighting up the interior, and she waited a bit longer to see if what was in the corner was truly what she thought it was.

It didn't take much longer for her assumption to become truth. The person in the corner was Ron. She stood up, feeling the stiffness in her knees once more, and slowly walked over to her boyfriend. When she was just a few feet away from Ron, she saw him cringe away from her.

His knees were pulled up tight against his chest, and Ron's arms were resting on the top of his knees. His face was almost completely buried in said arms, and she could see that he was actually watching her.

"R… Ron?" She slowly took another step towards him.

"Please Kim… stay away. For… for your own safety… please stay away from me. I… I don't trust myself."

At least his voice is back to normal now. She first thought, but he seems so… frightened.

"Ron? How… how did I get in here, with you?"

"Please…" Ron said, his voice a bit muffled from speaking behind his arms, "I don't want to relive ANY of that again."

The read head sat down where she had been standing, her legs crossed. She didn't want to look aggressive at all. "Please Ronnie… I would just like to know how I got into the cabin… that's all."

Ron sniffed a bit and rubbed his nose on his forearm. He still didn't want to drop his defenses. "When you came back to… to pick me up, and after I… after I… hit you, I brought you inside. Everything else…"

"We never left the cabin." It was a statement of fact on Kim's part, but yet her eyes were wide with realization. Ron merely nodded in agreement. "So how… how did all of that… happen? I mean… it seemed so… real. But it was all just a dream… right?"

"No…" Ron first said, and he immediately saw Kim's eyes go wide once again. "Not a dream Kim… but more of a… possibility. Maybe even a… premonition, of sorts."

"But… but how was I a part of this?" Once again she was feeling a little confused, and Kim was definitely getting tired of feeling like this. "I thought that those kinds of things only occurred with a single pers…"

"Remember the shared dream we had at the museum?" He interrupted, and all Kim did was nod her head at Ron's question. "Well I… I think it was sorta like that."

"Sooo… in a sense we had a shared… premonition?" This time it was Ron who nodded. "But… if this all started after we were both in the cabin…" One of Kim's hands shot up to her chin, and winced when her fingers found a large bump on the side of her face.

This time she actually heard Ron starting to cry a little. "I… I'm sorry Kim. I… I don't know why I hit you… I don't know why I pulled you into that… that nightmare. I shouldn't have even come here in the first place. I should have never come here!" His fist swung out and hit the wall he was leaning against.

A new voice was heard, but neither teen could tell where it was coming from. Although they knew whose voice it was. It was Sensei! "But it was necessary, Stoppable-San."

"Sensei?" Both Kim and Ron said together.

"Jinx… The two of you owe me some tea." The mirth in his voice was so out of place, it took the teens by surprise. "What? I cannot make a joke?"

A bluish-white light appeared near the center of the room, and a spectral vision of the old wizened teacher appeared. He was floating a couple of feet off the floor with his legs folded in the Lotus position.

"Why was I put through this Sensei?" Ron asked while standing up. He then reached down and helped Kim up, all the while asking his next question. "And why was Kim pulled into this as well?"

"I knew you were going to face your fears before moving on to the next chapter of your life, Stoppable-San. All Monkey Masters have gone through the exact same thing. As for Kimberly here being pulled into this, well that was your own doing. I would guess that she was needed to bring forth your greatest fear, so you may face it." His beard twitched a bit before asking the next obvious question. "So… did you face your real fears?"

Ron dropped his head. "Yes Master, I did. And as a result, I wish to renounce my standing as The Chosen One. What I have seen has told me that I cannot… that do not… want this power anymore. Have I saved Kim's life only to take it later on when I cannot control myself?"

The old teacher closed his eyes and shook his head. "But Stoppable-San… you faced your fear, and you defeated it."

"But only after seeing Kim in pain, Master. That is what finally stopped me. I failed. I failed to protect her." Ron then held the Lotus Blade out in front of him with both hands, one supporting the handle, the other supporting the blade. He bowed his head, expecting Sensei to take the sword from him, but it never happened.

In fact, he never heard another word, except from Kim. "He's gone, Ron."

Looking up, he saw that indeed Sensei was no longer in front of him. "But I… I don't get it Kim? Why did he just… leave me hanging like that?"

"I think… because he already made his point, and there was no use arguing with you Ron." Before the young boy could say another word, Kim continued. "The whole idea was that you face your fear. Your fear was of… hurting me, but you stopped. You could have continued on with the sword and killed me, but you didn't."

"But I still HURT you Kim!" Ron literally shouted into her face, making her back up from his outburst.

Her next reaction was to huff out a breath in frustration. Kim had to try a different approach. "OK Ron… how about this. You had to face your fear, right?" Ron nodded. "Your fear was of hurting me with you power, right?" Again, another nod. "So in order to face that fear, those actions had to happen. I had to get hurt. If I didn't, then you never would have faced the fear."

Ron brought up a finger as if to point something else out, but then dropped it, as he finally understood what he had to see. He faced the fear. He faced the event that had to happen.

Realization finally struck home in the young tow-headed teen. He had faced his true fear, and survived. It was the final step in his evolution towards being the true Monkey Master. A whole new world was suddenly before him, and Ron Stoppable was truly now… unstoppable.

The End…

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