This snippet has been gnawing at me - so I thought I should finally just write it.

He couldn't stand anymore.

He just watched his partner drive away with their daughter. For protection.

He ran after the moving car. He shouted to her. He knew her window was open. It didn't matter if she heard him or not. She wasn't about to stop. He was supposed to be driving; they should be running together.

The church step feels chilly against his body. He looked up at the sky, silently asking why? But he wasn't ready to face that answer, let alone anything yet. It was supposed to be a day of celebration.

His head was in his hands. Did he want to scream? Did he want to shout? Of course, would it change this situation? No.

He thought about the past – he usually went to the bottle. This time. . . he had to be better, he had to be stronger, he had to be a person he could be proud of and also, a person he could look at in the morning.

He glanced over at the empty carseat. He thought about her laugh, the instant warmth she provided, her smile, her big blue eyes and her wink. He would see those again, in person soon. Not just in memory.

His family was being broken apart, for what? A sick joke. No matter what rational thought process his partner was following – she thought it was best, how could he fault her? He understood even though it completely gutted him.

He knew she wouldn't want him to give up. He was part of the system. The system that brings justice. The system he worked so proudly for. The system that right now is failing them.

He lingered in the moment of their final kiss. She assured him that they were together because they loved each other not just because of their daughter. He already knew that truth, but it was her veiled goodbye. Something he would latch onto. Something that would propel him to get his family back.

A simple truth.

A validation.