AUTHOR'S NOTES: So I had some problems with the season 7 finale of 'Supernatural' and the series finale of 'The Finder'. And as we all know, fan fiction is the solution to all of life's problems. And this may be one of the few stories where the whole thing is plotted out in my head so I'll actually be able to finish it in a decent amount of time—I hope.

If you know about 'The Finder', feel free to skip down to the main part of the story.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with the show 'The Finder', here's the skinny—After getting caught in an IED explosion, Army Major Walter Sherman has a serious psychological impulse to find things. Clients hire him to recover missing items, even though his methods can be…unorthadox. Walter works out of a bar in the Florida Keys called the Ends of the Earth which in run by Leo Knox, a former lawyer. Leo (Played by Michael Clark Duncan—sorry, it's just hard to describe the character without mentioning the actor.) lost his wife and daughter due to an outbreak and now helps Walter as his legal advisor and partner.

Also on the show, you have Isabel Zambada who was unemployed at the end of the series but used to be a deputy US Marhsal. She often helped Walter on the law enforcement side of his cases and was Walter's love interest.

And there's Willa Monday (pronounced 'mahn-day') who lived in a trailer next to the Ends of the Earth. She's a teenager (exact age unknown, but I'm guessing 16-18) and a gypsy and seems to be torn between loyalty to her blood family and loyalty to Leo and Walter. She was in an arranged marriage to another gypsy, Timo Proud, and when she didn't want to go through with it, she ran away from Florida.

If anyone has any other questions, just ask and I'll try to fill in the blanks.

STORY SUMMARY: Sam and Dean are on a mission to stop the Leviathans but picking up a hitchhiking Willa Monday changes things. Willa is looking for a new life but she eventually realizes that there was nothing really wrong with the one she had. And all three start to understand that what they really want is to find their way back home.

SUPERNATURAL: Seek and Ye Shall Find

(Crossover w/ 'The Finder')

Stopping at the bar and grill on the way to find Frank Devereaux's encrypted hard drive, Dean and Sam Winchester wished that they had a better idea of how to get in and out of the Death Star (otherwise known as the offices of Dick Roman—the leader of the Leviathans) and not die—Dean's phrasing which had elicited numerous eye rolls from Sam.

But even as Dean threw even more 'Star Wars' references at his brother, he noticed that Sam's attention was elsewhere—namely the young woman at the bar who only barely looked old enough to be sitting at the bar. "Little young for you, Sammy," Dean observed, giving his brother a smirk.

"It's not the girl, Dean," Sam replied, ignoring the jab. "The guy two seats down—to the left."

Dean looked and he inwardly groaned. The man in question was either a vampire trolling for a victim or… "Leviathan," he concluded, after studying the man for a few more seconds. Letting out a sigh, he said, "Can't we go just one night without running into one of these guys?"

"Aw, shit," Sam said as he watched the girl and the Leviathan leaving through the back.

"Damnit," Dean muttered as he followed his brother through the bar and out the back.


Willa Monday had been short on money for the past week but had been able to avoid the desperate move of hooking. Still, when the guy in the bar had started hitting on her, she figured maybe she could just pretend to do him in the alley before stealing his wallet and getting out of there.

But as soon as the back door had closed, the man grabbed her and shoved her against the wall. "Little scrawnier than I like…" the man said with a hungry look in his eyes. "But I think I'll like the taste of you all the same."

"Eww!" Willa said, trying to shove the guy off. "Get off of me!" But then she froze in horror as the man threw his head back, displaying some sort of monster mouth. With no way of fighting of the creature posing as human, Willa screamed as loudly as she could in the vain hope that someone would—She stopped quickly when all of a sudden a tall guy with shaggy brown hair sliced of the…whatever's head with a machete.

"You okay?" her rescuer asked, giving her a reassuring look with the most incredible brown eyes Willa had ever seen.

"What the Hell was that thing?" Willa said, hurriedly backing away from the decapitated corpse.

"Trust me, you don't want to know," another man said as he kicked the head deeper into the alley.

"What if I do want to know?" Willa said with more bravado than she felt. "I mean—are there more of those things?"

"A lot more," the taller man said, regretfully.

The two men exchanged a look and the shorter one shook his head ever so slightly before letting out a sigh. "Alright. Cliff's Notes version? That thing wanted you for lunch. Literally. And we—" he gestured to his partner. "—are trying to stop them."

Willa didn't know what to say about that. But what she did know is that the idea of wandering around the city alone suddenly became far more dangerous. Seeing that the two men were heading back towards the bar, Willa hastily grabbed the dead monster's wallet and the wad of cash in his pocket before hurrying after them.

The taller man looked entirely caught off guard by Willa's act and after a moment, he said, "You just stole his money."

"He's obviously not going to be needing it," Willa retorted, calmly, as she withdrew the bit of cash in the wallet itself along with the man's credit cards.

The men shared yet another look and the shorter man gave a short nod in the direction of the parking lot. "Come on, kid."

Willa looked reluctant at following and as a means of stalling, she said, "Hold on, just let me grab my bag."

But the shorter man held it up with a smile. "Grabbed it on the way out, honey." When Willa took the bag, he asked, "What's with the windchimes?"

"Gift from a friend," Willa said, quickly, making it clear through her expression that she didn't want to talk about it. "So who are you guys anyway?"

"Dean Winchester," the shorter man replied as he led the way to an old Dodge Charger. Pointing to his partner, he added, "This is my brother, Sam."

"So what's your name?" Sam asked, holding the rear passenger door open for Willa.

She paused only a second as she debated on whether to lose an alias or not. "Willa," she replied, finally, deciding on her real name. "Willa Monday."

"Nice to meet you, Willa," Sam said with a smile. Once the girl was in the car, he got in himself followed by Dean after a moment or two of checking to make sure there were no more Leviathans around.


The drive to Chicago was supposed to be quiet but Sam and Dean instead found the time spent answering questions from Willa regarding the world of the supernatural. Of course the strange thing was that Willa seemed oddly not freaked out by the whole thing. "Um, you're not going to say that we're crazy people who need professional help?" Sam said after the young woman had asked a few details regarding the whole angels and demons thing.

"I used to work in a bar with a man who had a severe physiological compulsion to find things," Willa replied. "And Florida wasn't all that far from Cuba so I already know about voodoo and hoodoo." Thinking about Looking Glass Key, she leaned back in the backseat and sighed. She wondered if Walter and Leo were okay… and her 'cousin', Timo Proud. Would Uncle Shad throw out the arranged marriage now that she was gone?

"So what about you?" Dean asked, glancing at Willa in the rearview mirror.

"What about me?" Willa said, quietly, her voice filled with sadness as she looked out the window at the landscape whizzing past.

"Let's start with you being obviously underage and in a bar trying to hook up with a guy to pick his pocket," Dean replied, flatly. "Or the fact that you probably hitchhiked all the way from the Florida Keys." Briefly turning to look over his shoulder, Dean added, "Look, I get running away from your problems. Sam and I both do. But whatever the Hell you're running from? That's nothing compared with what you'll get mixed up in if you hang with us."

Willa sat up and sighed as she started to go into her full past, including her life at the Ends of the Earth Bar. When she was finished, she looked at Sam and Dean as though waiting for their judgment on her life.

Dean thought for a few minutes and glanced over at Sam before he spoke. "Our dad started hunting demon and monsters when we were kids. I was 4 and Sammy was 6 months." Turning to look at Willa again, he said, "Trust me—My brother and I know all about crappy childhoods."

But it was more than that, Willa thought after a few moments. "The thing is…" she said, pensively. "For a while, it was like I had a…"

"A real family," Sam finished, quietly, thinking of Bobby Singer and Ellen and Jo Harvelle. Hell, even Ash and Rufus made the cut sometimes.

"Yeah," Willa chimed, something close to a smile on her face. "I mean, Leo was hard on me, you know? But he was there for me. Same for Walter." Looking at the Winchesters again, she asked, "What about you guys? Any family?"

Dean thought about Bobby who was now hanging around as a ghost and after a few moments of deliberation, he shook his head. "Gone," he said, succinctly.

Willa's expression fell and after a moment, she leaned forward and gave San and Dean a gentle shoulder squeeze. "I'm sorry guys. Really."

Dean just nodded and Sam looked at the young woman and gave her a half smile. "Thanks."


When Willa nodded off after about another hour, Sam looked at Dean who was resolutely staring straight ahead. "Dean," Sam began, knowing Dean was going to cut him off.

"Sam, don't say it," Dean replied, quickly, knowing what his brother was about to say. Looking at Sam, his tone was slightly harsher as he said, "I mean it, Sammy. Don't say it. Do not compare her to—"

"Jo was the same way and Willa reminds you of her," Sam pressed on. "Look, you can't ignore the comparison."

Dean rubbed his face with one hand and nodded. "No, you're right, Sammy," he replied. "Except this kid doesn't have a clue what she's getting into."

Sam turned in his seat to look at the sleeping Willa who was using Dean's jacket as a pillow. "No, she doesn't," Sam acknowledged, sadly. Turning to his brother, he added, "I'll tell you one thing, though. I don't really think that's going to slow her down much."

The older hunter shook his head, feeling in total agreement.