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Also, I want to mention that the previous day Michael Clark Duncan—who played Leo Knox on 'The Finder'—passed away after a massive heart attack several months ago. The actor was a big part of why I enjoyed the show so much.

Chapter 8

Meg had never really been the jealous type but after so many months of keeping an eye on Castiel and trying to keep him safe, she'd found herself becoming almost possessive of the crazy angel. He was her responsibility… at least until Willa Monday had come along.

The teenager had this crazy, unbelievable connection to Cas and when the angel started rambling on about whatever nonsense had just occurred to him, Willa seemed to take it in stride and even had conversations with him about whatever random subject Cas brought up.

"We need to talk," Meg said, popping in on Willa at the bar while the teenager was doing something on Sam Winchester's laptop.

"So talk," Willa replied, without even looking at the demon.

Meg stiffened and her tone was icy as she said, "Stay away from Castiel."

Willa turned to look at Meg, and her gaze was unreadable as she replied, "Cas is my friend, too. And I'm not going to stay away from him just because you're jealous."

"Just because you've been in this for a week doesn't mean you know everything," Meg chastened.

"I know enough," Willa retorted, reaching over the bar and pulling out one of the sawed-offs she'd pilfered from the Winchesters' car trunk. "You see one of the things people tend not to know about me is that I'm a really fast learner." Without warning, she fired a rock salt round at Meg who was thrown backwards by the blast. Pulling out the knife Sam had loaned her, Willa went on. "I don't know what kind of twisted relationship you think you have with Castiel, but he is my friend and I am not going to let a skank demon like you tell me what to do."

Before Meg could make a move to attack Willa, she found herself facing three growling dogs, a snarling coyote, and one of the meanest looking owls she'd ever seen. Hearing multiple snarling hisses behind her, Meg warily looked and saw two cats and a raccoon glaring at her.

"Whoa, whoa!" Dean said as he, Walter, and Sam entered the bar. Seeing the animals surrounding Meg, he asked, "Meg? What's going on here?"

"Willa, you okay?" Walter asked, seeing the gun in Willa's hand.

"I'm fine," Willa replied, raising her gun for another shot at Meg. "Demon Skank here was just leaving."

But Meg glared right back at Willa before turning to the Winchesters. "You can drop me from your speed dial. You're on your own with Dick Roman." And with that, she vanished from the bar.

Willa sat down again, setting her gun down on the bar as she did so. The adrenaline rush was ebbing and she felt a little lightheaded.

Mary put her paws on Willa's leg and reached up to lick the teenager's face when she bent down to pet her. "It's okay, honey. You're okay…" Mary said, in between dog kisses.

John put his paws on Willa's other leg and his gaze was soft as he studied Willa. She reminded him so much of Sam and Dean as kids… "Buck up, kid," he said, comfortingly. "You did good. Meg's gone."

"Don't know if that's a good thing, Dad," Dean replied, setting down the bag that contained the bone and vials of blood needed to build the weapon against the Leviathans.

John got down and gave his sons a meaningful look before looking at Mary who was still comforting Willa. "Stay with her for minute," he said before leading his boys outside.


Outside, Dean looked at his Dad, feeling like he was in for a lecture of some kind. It was strange that even as a dog John Winchester could still be as intimidating as when he'd been a human. "Look, Dad, I know Meg's a demon but she was good at keeping Hell off our scent."

John sat by Leo's car and looked at Sam and Dean for a good long minute before he said, "I am so proud of you boys. I know it's been hard all these years and that I just made things worse… Look, I know Meg was trying to help. But trust me—she really wanted Willa out of the way." After scratching behind his ear with one back leg, he changed subjects. "So did you find the stuff to make that weapon?"

"Yeah, we found everything," Sam replied in a scoffing tone. He'd thought that his dad was going to apologize for everything but apparently that had been too much to hope for.

John nodded once. "Good. So what's the plan then?"

"Build the weapon and stab Dick with it," Dean said, simply. "Then I go and get my Baby back." When he saw his dad cock his head, slightly confused, Dean clarified, "The Impala."

"Dean calls her his baby," Sam explained further. "Has for the past 15 years."

"I get ya," John said, vaguely, as he felt the temperature suddenly drop. Looking around, he saw Bobby standing behind Sam and Dean. "Hey, Bobby."

The brothers turned to see their ghost friend standing there looking oddly resolved. "Hey, Bobby," Dean said, sounding slightly nervous. "What's up?"

Bobby sighed and after a moment, he said, "Look, we all know ghosts don't have long before they go vengeful. I mean I can feel it…I just start thinking about Dick Roman and… And I think it's time you burn that flask. I don't belong here."

"Bobby," Dean argued, but he knew that his old friend spoke the truth. "I can't…"

John could feel his son's conflict but he could also tell that Bobby didn't just want to go out passively, but rather go down in one last big fight like he should have. "You know," he said, trying to sound thoughtful. "Maybe there's something you can help us with first…"


Late that night, Sam and Dean sat outside The Ends of the Earth, looking up at the clear Florida sky. They were sitting at the picnic table and enjoying the salty ocean breeze that was wafting by.

"Once this is all over," Dean said, thoughtfully. "I think we should stay here."

Sam looked at his brother, frowning slightly in curiosity. "What? You mean, like… permanently?"

"How many more close calls can we have?" Dean argued. "Sam, we've given everything for this life." Looking at the bar, he sighed, "And this bar… it feels like this would be the place to start over. Become something different…"

Sam thought about that for the longest time. Dean had a point… And Sam had to admit that he was so tired of everything. He wanted stability again. He wanted to wake up in the morning and not worry about what was going to try and kill him during the course of the day. "Okay."

Dean looked slightly surprised at that. He'd been expecting at least a slight argument instead of a straight-up agreement. "Okay?"

Sam shrugged and elaborated. "I'm tired, Dean. So I'm in. We kill Dick and finish the Leviathans and if we make it out alive… we'll hang it up."

Dean nodded, and he looked back up at the sky as he said, "Okay."


The following morning, Sam, Dean, Willa, Leo, Timo, and Isabel were sitting around two of the tables put together while Castiel and Bobby looked on along with John, Mary, Rufus, Ash, the Harvelles, Samuel, Pamela, and Gwen.

A blueprint of Dick Roman's newly purchased enterprise—SucroCorp—were laid out and Dean was walking everyone through the plan. Looking at the animals, he said, "Samuel…you, Dad, Bill, Rufus, and Ash are going to be going in with Sam and me. We'll be the distraction while you two—" Dean looked at the ghost and angel. "—hunt down Dick Roman."

"And how's that going to work?" Leo asked, curiously.

Dean replied, "Cas is going to pop into the building with the flask so Bobby can stab Dick. Then as soon as the bastard's finished, we get out of there."

"Okay," Isabel said, looking for the other shoe. "What about the rest of these Leviathan things?"

But to everyone's surprise, it was Willa who had the answer to that one. "Once Dick is dead, the other Leviathans will self destruct. Might take a while, though. Apparently, the older they are, the longer it takes." Catching looks from the others, she shrugged. "I was doing research all night. That and re-reading that tablet thing."

"Okay, that brings up a question," Walter piped up. "Aren't the Leviathan going to be after Willa for that tablet? I mean, she's the only one who can read it, right?"

Dean and Sam exchanged a look and finally Sam replied, "We're going to take Willa to a friend's place. Dean called her last night and Cas checked to make sure she's not one of the Leviathans."

Dean looked down at Mary who seemed to be concerned. "Mom, I want you to go with Willa, okay? You, Pamela, and Jo need to keep her safe."

"We will, sweetie," Mary promised. Already, she'd started thinking of Willa as a daughter and she wanted to make sure the teenager stayed safe.

"What about us?" Timo wanted to know. He didn't relish the idea of fighting monsters, but he wanted to help. "I mean, I can't just sit around. I want to do something."

Isabel, Walter, and Leo exchanged looks and Leo finally spoke up. "You can help me get supplies together."

Walter looked at the whole group and considered everything that needed to be done. "Okay…Leo, Timo, Isabel—you guys get supplies. I've got a meeting today with an exterminator who owes me a favor. Hopefully, he'll loan us some industrial sprayer units."

"Cas and I are going to go get my car," Dean said, next. "If we're going into this fight full force, I want to have the Impala with us."

Sam nodded, thinking. "I'll take Willa to Missouri." Standing up, he looked at the teenager. "Come on. If we leave now, we can make it in less than three days."

"What, you're going to drive there?" Walter said surprised. "I mean I can call in a favor and fly you there in about 4 hours."

Dean looked skeptical at that, especially when he thought about his mom, Jo, and Pamela. "Okay, but what about-?"

"Ah, Ike'll be cool with it," Walter promised, getting up and heading off to make the call.

"I'm just… gonna go grab some stuff," Willa said, leaving the bar followed by Mary and Jo.


An hour later, Michaela 'Ike' Montgomery had arrived and after about half an hour, she was flying Willa, Mary, Jo, and Pamela to Lawrence, Kansas.

With everyone else taking care of the rest of the elements of the plan, Sam and Dean were left alone. Getting into the stolen SUV they'd borrowed, they headed out to go get the Impala from where they'd stashed it in Louisiana.

"You okay?" Sam asked, after a while. Dean had been quiet since leaving the Keys and that was usually a sign that something was bothering him. When his brother still continued to be quiet, Sam turned on the radio. When Dean turned it off, Sam looked over at him expectantly. "Something on your mind, Dean?"

Dean took a few minutes to sort out his thoughts before he said, "Sammy, if this doesn't go the way we want… If…If one of dies…"

But Sam didn't want to hear it. In fact, this was the first time in a long time that he felt that they were actually prepared for what they were going to go up against.

But Dean was persistent. "Sam, promise me that if something happens to me you'll walk away. You'll find some girl and settle down."

"What about you?" Sam asked, wondering if this went both ways. "What if something happens to me?"

"I promise to do the same," Dean assured his brother. "Sammy, we can't keep doing this. Eventually it's just gotta stop."

Both brothers fell into silence again and it wasn't until they were about an hour away from their destination that Sam spoke up. "Dean, if you die…"

Dean glanced at Sam, not liking the way his brother had phrased that statement. "Yeah?"

Sam's expression was deadpan as he finished his thought. "Would you mind if… I asked Bela to marry me?"

"I… You… What?!" Dean couldn't believe what he was hearing! Bela? His brother wanted to marry Bela? Forget the fact that she was a demon, but the chick was totally… "Sam, are you insane?"

"Just trying to lighten the mood," Sam replied, finally cracking a smile.

After a moment to calm down again, Dean frowned as he said, "Sam, if I die and you marry that demon bitch I will come back and kick your ass."

"I'll salt and burn the Impala," Sam countered, pushing Dean's buttons.

"You do that and you'll be dead, Sam," Dean replied. Although as soon as he said it, he knew that he'd just reacted the way Sam had expected.

The car was silent for another few minutes until Dean smiled and said, "Bitch."

"Jerk," was Sam's only reply.

SucroCorp was quiet when Castiel winged into the boiler room of the building. Hiding Bobby's flask on a shelf, he waited until the ghost appeared.

"Okay… Guess this is it," Bobby said, feeling suddenly anxious. Looking at Cas, he said, "Good luck."

Cas looked awkward at the hunter/ghost and said, "You know, in Heaven sometimes souls have a tendency to be reborn. Reincarnation, essentially. Not all souls go through with it, but sometimes when someone doesn't want to leave another person…"

Bobby didn't say anything, but instead just nodded. After the angel handed over the old bone which had been covered with the alpha, demon, and angel blood along with a duffle bag, Bobby just gave Cas a look and blinked out, taking the weapon with him.


The main part of the building was in a state of pandemonium.

The Winchesters had charged inside the doors followed by two dogs—one of whom went straight for the nearest computer and started doing something to shut down security—a raccoon, a coyote, and an owl that started mauling the nearest Leviathan before swooping out followed by the coyote.

"Security cameras down!" Ash shouted to Sam and Dean before heading outside. He was trailed by several Leviathans and led them around towards the parking lot where the monsters were quickly dispatched by Isabel, Timo, and Leo who were armed with pesticide sprayers loaded with borax and machetes.

Back inside, Sam and Dean hurried along followed by John as they set charges at various points. They knew Cas was going to monitor Dick Roman just incase he decided to try a decoy and that Bobby was going to be planting explosives as well.

And although neither brother mentioned it, they were worried about the fact that Bobby was getting unnervingly good at being corporeal. Both brothers had seen the signs and knew that Bobby was right on the edge of going vengeful, although both hoped that he'd manage to kill Dick Roman before crossing that line.

"Okay, charges are set," Bobby said, appearing out of nowhere.

"Dick?" Dean asked, noticing that Bobby was unusually breathless for a ghost.

Bobby nodded as he spoke. "Stabbed him, he started doing some freaky thing and I hightailed it out of there. Popped back in a moment later and he was history. Bunch of Leviathans started exploding around him."

"Okay, Sam said, looking at the others. "Then let's blow this thing."

"There's still no word about the cause of the explosions that completely decimated SucroCorp Headquarters last week. Police and federal investigators believe that the perpetrators were part of an environmental group protesting processed food additives."-Local News Report

Life had seemed to return to normal over the past few days and at The Ends of the Earth, Sam and Dean had only just started to enjoy life on Looking Glass Key.

Every morning, Sam went for a run, reveling in the freedom of not worrying about demons or even Leviathans since the last of the Purgatory denizens had exploded.

Today, Sam was wearing his customary shorts and t-shirt as he did his 2 mile run and by his side was Mary who thoroughly enjoyed the time with her younger son.

With the other animals, life had also settled down.

Overnight, Walter and Timo had built a small outdoor house for John and Mary—technically a doghouse but everyone tried to avoid the phrasing—and an incredibly elaborate tower for the Harvelles.

Ash had become comfortable in the bar and so Isabel had set up a dogbed for him in a corner of the room.

Timo had adopted Pamela and she seemed to enjoy living in his trailer. She'd tried being a normal outside rabbit but a very close call with a rock python convinced her that indoor life was safer.

Not really taking to the Florida weather, Samuel had accompanied Sam and Dean when they went to retrieve Willa, Jo, Mary, and Pamela from Missouri Mosley's place and opted to remain with the psychic who agreed to let the owl stay as long as he helped keep the rodent population down.

Samuel had been a little weirded out at the prospect of acting like a normal owl but after his first kill, he figured it wasn't so bad.

Back in Florida, Gwen had settled in at The Ends of the Earth and she found it to be an entirely different life than when she'd been a hunter. Leo had seemed to consider her part of the very different family.

1 Year Later

The Ends of the Earth was cleaner and more decorated than anyone had ever seen it.

Hanging above the bar counter was an enormous banner reading 'Congratulations Walter and Isabel' and on the table nearest the bar, a stunning wedding cake that had been made by Willa with some help from Leo and Dean.

As everyone entered the bar—except for Walter who was carrying his new bride inside—they set plates and dishes of food on the surrounding tables.

Jazz singer Gloria Penalt and rap artist Trey set up nearby and soon a wonderful blending of jazz and rap filled the room. There was rhythm and beat, melody and soul… each lyric powered by two incredibly different voices melding into astounding music.

"You two should think of doing a duo album," Walter said with a smile as he looked at the two singers.

"We've got an arrangement to do just that," Gloria informed him, putting a hand on Trey's shoulder. "Turns out that Big Glade is a closet fan of mine."

Isabel smiled as well as she congratulated the two singers. "If you can, get Walter and me a copy of the CD when it comes out?"

"You got it," Trey promised.

After a while, Isabel and Walter took the glasses of champagne offered by Leo and looked at the others. "Thank you all for coming," Walter said, sincerely. "You know, I've found a lot of stuff, but…" He looked at Isabel and went on. "—this is the first time I found something I never knew I was looking for. I love you, Isabel."

"And I love you, Walter," Isabel replied, kissing her husband.

Off to the side, Dean and Sam stood, watching the happy couple. Over the past years they'd both dated several women but no one seemed right. But at a moment like this, the brothers did ponder finding someone to settle down with.

"Hey, Sam," said a woman with dark brown hair pulled back in a braid. "Long time, no see."

Sam couldn't believe that Sarah Blake had come all this way and he found himself totally speechless. When he finally found his voice, he managed to not sound to awkward as he said, "Hey, Sarah. So… What brings you all the way down here? I-I mean are you on vacation or…?"

Sarah laughed at Sam's stammering and she glanced over at Willa who was currently dancing with Timo. "I got a call from a friend inviting me down here," she replied, giving Sam a smile. "And I missed you, Sam. You set the bar a little to high… I never found another guy I liked nearly as much as you."

Sam didn't know what to say to that, but he did let Satah take his hand and lead him outside.

As Dean watched his brother leave, he didn't notice Willa sidling up to him until she said, "They make a cute couple."

Dean turned to her and nodded. "I always liked Sarah. She's good for Sam."

Willa smiled and stayed quiet for a while until another young woman entered the bar. While finding Sam's old girlfriend had been relatively easy, finding a girl for Dean had been much, much harder. The older Winchester had never made any real, solid connections except for a woman named Lisa Braeden who was off limits according to Castiel.

Thankfully, helping to eliminate the worst monsters known to creation earned you massive points with the Higher Powers and Castiel had been able to as a favor of Joshua, another angel.

Dean's eyes widened as he saw Jo Harvelle walking towards him… fully human and looking beautiful in a sundress and matching sandals.

Slinking off as the two hugged before sharing their first real kiss, Willa joined Walter who gave her an appraising smile.

"Nice work, Finder Junior," Walter said, simply.

"Thanks," Willa replied, thinking of the small gift she had for Dean. It had taken forever to find the small, gold amulet but she knew that once the older Winchester had it back, he'd have everything he thought he'd lost.

Just like Willa.