Kitsuzaya 15

(Written mostly from the perspective of Heiwajima Shizuo. Shizaya. ShizuoXIzaya. Yaoi. Don't like don't read don't flame.)

Nope, the last chapter wasn't the end, it was just sort of a transit chapter, kinda like this one will be. Looks like it's not an AU after all~! Hehehe. Well, I can't help it, but love these two just the way they are. It's fun to have a difference once in awhile, it always comes back to just their natural dynamics though~…

It took a little while to get used to the damned bodyguard job. But eh. It really was a hell of a lot easier on me than teaching. No paperwork, no grading, no waking up at 6 am every fucking morning, just rounds around the city with Tom-san.

Fuck, that name still strange on my tongue.

I would see the flea some days. But he would be damned far away. Fuck me if I can't smell him out either way.

Other days he'd get damned brave and show up just a couple of blocks from me. It went on like this for about two whole fucking weeks.

And if ya think that meant I got used to it, you're damned wrong.

I hated his guts. I hated everything about him.

"IZAYA!" I yelled, spotting him one more time down the street, just a tuft of fur, a small ear, maybe.

But he was my flea. That much I was certain of. He wouldn't let me go. He wouldn't leave me be. And that's just how the fuck it was. And it was fucking annoying.

He still owed me for those months I'd been taking care of him, too! I chased that bastard down, his stench was obvious enough for me to know where he'd gone and where he was headed.

A/N: Well, this has been a fantastic fucking start to the new school year. So far, my grandmother's passed away, my schedule makes it so that I can't hang out with my last year friends anymore without skipping class, and my girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me.

Yep. Great. Just fucking great.

Someone just kill me. Maybe then I might fall into the hell known as Silent Hill. I'm pretty sure getting killed my some random monster or skinned alive feels pretty much just about the same as what I'm feeling right now. Maybe even better. I'd rather die right now. Sorry, it's going to be a short chapter. But I'll...I don't know.

Sorry this was so short…I tried...