(Written mostly from the perspective of Heiwajima Shizuo. Shizaya. ShizuoXIzaya. Yaoi. Don't like don't read don't flame.)

Hey readers! I know you've been waiting an entire year for this. I really, truly, am terribly sorry. Every since my grandmother died, I'd been writing darker, more depression, mind-boggling stories. If you're familiar with my 'Chance' Silent Hill fanfiction, like ReaperLuci, you know what I'm talking about. Well, my girlfriend's broke up with me already, and my second grandmother passed away, leaving me with no grandparents.

But…at least all four of them are up there now in the big blue yonder all together. That's…all I ever wanted for them ever since my grandfather passed. For them all to be together again. So it's alright.

Plus, the whole single-again thing gives me a chain to fantasize! Let's get wild!



Izaya clambered up the side of the alleyway, smoothly leaping from wall to wall, going higher and higher. Shizuo glared from below, growling and jumping onto a trashcan, partially smashing it in from the lid in the process.s

"Ahahaha!" Izaya laughed, reaching the top of the building and disappearing.

Shizuo followed suit, the edge of the roof getting closer and closer, until finally he leapt over it like a hurdle. "FLEAAA!"

A knife sent his way caused him to snatch it between his teeth, shattering it at once as he lunged forward. "RRRAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!"

Izaya sat on the other side of the roof. Like a cat on a windowsill. He smiled and waited as Shizuo's fist came closer, and closer. And then he slunk under it, slipping between the other man's legs.

"GHH-!?" Shizuo's eyes widened as he tried to turn, but his momentum was too great and he flew off the building, his sight barely catching the sight of water down below.

Izaya had lead him to the bay. And Shizuo's body tumbled as he yelled in anger, before the sound was muffled by a loud splash and bubbles.

It'd been months now. And there was no sign of the stupid fox. Yeah…he had been right about one thing, though, the fucking damned idiot. Calling him 'fea' did sound mad-fucking weird on the tongue now. Since he was a fox. A damned fox at that.

Hell, no matter what animal he wanted to become, he'd be a damned one.

I wonder…I wonder if he still smelled the way he did when he first gets out of the tub. Like chocolate.

Shut up. I know it sounds stupid, you don't need to tell me that! Chh…just…I like chocolate, okay? Is that a problem!? IS IT?!

Haah…anyway. Like I said, I haven't seen the fucking flea-fox in two whole fucking months. Did he crawl in a hole in the ground and die? Not…that…that would be a bad thing or anything.

…fuck it.

Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck. FUCK. FUCK! FUCK!


…maybe I shouldn't have sent that truck flying. Fuck. I didn't mean to.

Tom-san was as usual, concerned about my well-being. "Gh-….uh…ano…Shizuo-kun…are you feeling alright? You can take…today off if you're not…"

"I'M FINE." I said through gritted teeth and with clenched fists, trying not to shake.

Tom-san sighed and shook his head, I could see it out of the corner of my eye. "Shizuo."

"I said I'm fine." I replied, sighing and dropping my shoulders.


I froze. I twitched. I bristled. I calmed down and sighed, turning to face the female voice that mimicked that same, annoying, chiming, sing-song nickname.

"DONT…do that."

Seshiru grinned as she looked up at me. When the fuck did she get in my face?

"Awwh, and here I thought you'd react." she said in all honesty…for once. "How's it been?"

"Shizuo-kun." Tom-san said from behind me and I glanced over just as he waved goodbye. "We're done for today, alright? Just…go home and get some rest."

Seshiru smiled wider. "Not missing your teaching job at all?"

"No." I said, itching for a smoke all of a sudden, irritating building. "Shouldn't you be off with that damned flea?" I took out my pack and popped a cig out, lighting it up.

"That's why I'm here." she said. "He's…gotten in a bit of a snag."

I hope she didn't notice my eyes flicker for a second. God-damnit. "What do you mean?"

"Some bad yakuza deals fallen through." she shrugged. "It's not THAT big a deal…just…"

"Tell me what fucking happened."

Did I sound too irritated? Ah, whatever. Not like she'd care.

"Well…about two and half months ago, he went out somewhere and didn't come back." she said. "Now I'm a little worried, so~…"


"Why is it my problem.?" I glared.

Shit. I didn't mean for my voice to shake.

"I dunno." she said in a sing-song voice that I hated as soon as it raped my ears, turning and putting her hands together behind her back, slinking off and chuckling low, the usual feminine voice suddenly turning slightly…dinosaury? "You don't want to be a bad owner…do you?"


I twitched, cracking my neck and chewing on the filter of my cigarette. "Where the fuck is he?"

She stopped and looked back. "Hmmh…so you're going to fetch him?"

"Just shut up and TELL ME." I growled, tempted to throw something at her.

Hey. it's short again. But I've got to start somewhere. I've also got to think about a smooth, not-everywhere-in-bits-and-peices-plot. So give me time to read up on the translated novels to get a feel for this once again. Thank you all for the wait. And I'm so, so, so sorry for never updating this.

If there's anything in particular you'd like to see Shizuo and Izaya do, I'll consider it~...