"Hello, ma'am."

"Hello, sir."

Kurt looks front, back, and sideways to inspect something and then asks in a serious tone of voice to the rather tiny blonde-haired girl in front of him, maintaining a serious expression throughout, "…so, you have everything for everyone here?"

"We'd like to think so," the blonde – Emma – responds, and gives a rather brilliant white smile to her lips, covered with a soft cerise pink colour. "What are you looking for?"

"Something," Kurt begins, and then shuts his eyes as he goes on saying, "—for people who hate everything. And for people who have everything. Basically, I want to find something for a rich bastard who I'm trying to impress really."

Emma just stares at him as if he'd gone insane.

"Er…well, I'll just browse then," Kurt's eyes catch a Rolex that's for thousands of dollars that he thinks he'd seen Sebastian wear once and throw away, due to its 'absurd' quality or so as he'd stated, ,and Kurt feels something itch at the edge of his stomach because if he's going to reject a three-thousand dollar Rolex and throw it to the nearest homeless man he sees because it's 'not enough for his tastes', then Kurt doesn't think he can top any gift in the world. His Father's gotten him the latest top-model of Mercedes-Benz, and had remodeled a good amount on the car, shiny black and vibrant, and had made it look amazing and Sebastian rides that thing to Scandals for God's sake, and doesn't even act like he cares if it gets stolen.

Kurt just sighs from where he stands, and then smirks when an idea strikes him.

That night, Kurt does end up on the Smythe family porch, holding a blue box, as Vicky Smythe lets him in and tells him all about the household with vibrant and happy features, and Kurt finds himself standing there with the box as Sebastian emerges, raising an eyebrow. He's already holding a golden box and Blaine's already standing beside him, as he opens the box.

There's a rather shiny-looking snow-globe in the box that Sebastian grimaces at. When Blaine looks at him, Sebastian lies. "It's adorable…" Sebastian then raises an eyebrow at the end.

"You hate it," Blaine realises, but there's a smile to his face.

"I'd love a fuck more," Sebastian offers.

"I hate you," Blaine's voice drawls on, and Sebastian smirks then stares at the gift in Kurt's hands as if there's a poisonous cobra ready to attack him. Blaine then breaks the silence by asking, "You got him a gift?" Kurt watches as Sebastian opens the box, and then his eyes flash with fury.



In the box, there's a small meerkat nestled.