Kopa's return

chapter 1

The sun rose on the pridelands, in the den of Pride Rock where all the lion's of the pride where sleeping the sun shined in the entrance of the den and the sun shined on Kiara's face and she woke up she look around to see all the other lion's were still sleeping she stood up slowly and left the den, she went to a small lake to get some water to drink then she heard a lion walking behind her she looked over her shoulder and saw Kovu walking towards her "Morning." he said.

"Morning Kovu." she reaplied.

"What are you doing up so early?" kovu asked.

"I just couldn't sleep." she said.

"Neither could i." he said.

At the same time at Pride Rock Simba and Nala had awoken, Simba looked over where Kiara and Kovu sleept he didn't see them there so he ran out of the den and looked throughout the prideland and saw Kovu and Kiara walking back to Pride rock Nala ran to Simba "Simba is evrything alright?" Nala asked worried and was looking where he was looking and saw Kiara and Kovu walking back to Pride Rock.

"Yes." he said sighing whit relief.

"You worry too much." she said.

Simba looked confused at Nala and said "What do you mean?"

"You know what i mean." she said.

Simba then knew what she meant "Yea i know what you mean." he said sadly "I miss him so much."

"I miss him too Simba." she said nuzzling him.

"Miss who?" Simba and Nala turned around and saw Kiara and Kovu standing there confused.

Simba and Nala looked at eachoter and turned back to Kiara and Kovu "Kopa..." Simba said sadly and one tear ran down his cheek.

"Who's Kopa?" Kiara asked confused.

"He was your older brother..." Simba said.

"I have an older brother?" Kiara asked shocked and happy at the same time.

Simba looked at Kiara and said sadly "Had.."

"Had? what do you mean had?" she asked confused.

"He was killed when you where only 2 weeks old..." Simba paused "...He spend so much time with you he didn't want to do anything else but play whit you...he loved you so much." he said whit a little smile on his face.

Then Kiara had a flashback.

She was laying on her back and looking up at a cub with ligth fur like Simba's and had a small mane on the cubs head.

The cub was saying Kiaras name over and over agian trying and get her too say her name but Kiara was laughing and Kopa just smiled then she saw simba coming "Kopa, its time for dinner." he said "Yes da-" but Kopa was cutt off "Kopa." both Kopa and Simba looked down at Kiara whit shock on their faces "Did she just say Kopa?" asked Nala happilly "Yes she did." said Simba looking happilly at Kopa who was smiling at Kiara "She said my name." he said smiling at his parents who were smiling back then Kopa looked back down at Kiara and said "I was trying to get her too say her own name by saying it to her over and over again." he said looking at his parents alittle confused then he looked back down at Kiara smilling "But im happy anyways that she said my name..." he said smilling then he paused for a short moment and said to Kiara "...i love you sis."

Then the flashback ended.

She walked to her parents and nuzzled them both "Was Kopa the first word i sayed?" Kiara asked Simba and Nala looked at Kiara with with alittle shock on their faces. "You remember that?" Simba asked "Yes i just had a little flashback of when i sayed it." Kiara said.

"I saw you and mom and a cub with ligth fur like yours and a small brown mane on the top of his head...was that Kopa?" Simba and Nala smiled at Kiara "Yes that was him." said Nala smiling.