Kopa's return

chapter 9

1 month later

It was a new morning and all the lion's at ride rock were still sleeping except one the lion sat on the throne of pride rock looking at the sun rise the lion had a brown mane and yellow fur and the lion had a large scar on it's back and three claw mark's on his left shoulder and a small scar on his nose and three claw mark's on his left cheek. "You'r up early." said a voice behind him and he looked over his shoulder and saw a lionesse with yellow fur but a bit darker than his and she had some fur standing up on the top of her head.

He smiled and said "Good morning to you too."

And she walked up to him and sat next to him and she looked at his scar's "So how are you holding up?" she asked him.

"Well i can walk but not run, yet." he said.

Then they heard walking behind them and they both looked over theyr shoulder's and saw king simba walking up to them "Morning Kopa, Vitani."

"Morning dad." said Kopa smiling.

"Morning Simba." said Vitani smiling.

"Vitani can i talk to Kopa for a minute?" asked Simba.

Vitani nodded and walked away and Simba sat next to Kopa "Kopa, you know i wont be here for very long, my time will come soon to join the kings of the past." he said.

And Kopa looked at him and back to the pridelands "I know dad." he said with a little saddness in his voice.

"You know i will always be with you when im gone Kopa." Simba said smiling at him.

Kopa smiled back "I know." he replied "Do you think im ready, to be king?"

"Of course." he said "And you know i will be guiding you."

"Yeah." he replied "Was it hard when you first started?"

"Well when i was fixing the pridelands up when scar was in control that was hard but when evry thing was fixed like now then it was easy." he replied.

"I think i can handle it." said Kopa.

Simba looked over his shoulder and back to Kopa "Well evryone else is waking up." and Kopa looked over his shoulder and saw the rest of the pride starting to wake up "And i think you should still rest a little more."

"Alright dad." he replied and they both turned around and started walking back to the den entrance.

And Nala walked up to them both "You two are up early." she said.

Then Simba walked up to Nala and they nuzzled "Morning, Nala." said Simba "Morning, Simba." said Nala.

Then Nala walked up to Kopa and nuzzled him "Morning, Kopa." said Nala "Morning, mom." said Kopa.

And then Kopa laid next to the den entreance and Vitani came and laid down next to him and they nuzzled and then Kiara and Kovu walked out of the den and Kopa looked over to them and smiled "Monring sis." he said.

"Good morning Kopa." she replied and nuzzled her brother.

"Good morning Kovu." Kopa said to Kovu.

"Good morning Kopa." said Kovu "Morning sis." Kovu said to Vitani.

"Morning little brother." she replied.

"So how are your wounds Kopa?" asked Kiara.

"Their getting better." he replied.

"That is good." said Kiara.

"So are you going with the hunting party today sis?" asked Kopa.

"Yeah, Vitani are you going too?" she asked.

"Nah, im gonna stay here." she replied.

"Alrigth." said Kiara.

"Well good luck sis." said Kopa.

"Thanks Kopa." she said.

"Come on Kiara we're going." said a lionesse walking past her.

"Alright im on my way, bye guys." she said turning around.

"Bye." the three said at the same time.

1 month later

Kopa sat in the den and Nala walked in and sat next to him "Are you ready Kopa?" she asked him.

"Yea, yea im ready." he said smiling.

"Alright." she said and walked out of the den and Rafiki walked in to the den "It is time." he said and Kopa walked to the entrance of the den and saw all the lion's of the pride stood in two lines and Kopa could see his family at the end of the lines and he looked back at Rafiki and he pointed his hand signalling he should start walking and he started walking slowly to the top of the throne. as he walked each of the lionesses begun bowing their heads as he walked passed them and when he got to the top he looked down to see a huge crowed of elaphants, zibras, giraffs and all of the animal species in africa chearing and he then looked up to the clouds and saw light shining down on him and he could see Simba smiling down at him and he smiled back and let out a roar accepting his place as the new king and all the animals bowed to him and all the lions roard in celebration.

And then he walked back down to the lions and they all smiled to him and bowed and Nala came to him and nuzzled him "Im so proud of you." she said.

And then Vitani came and nuzzled him "So how dose it feel to be king?" she asked.

"It feels good." he replied smiling "How dose it feel to be queen?" he asked.

"It feels normal." she replied.

"Trust me it wont feel normal forever." said Nala.

"I know." she said smiling "And il do my best."

"Well your lucky you have less stuff to do-WHAAA!" Kopa yelled after getting jumped on by a lionesse and falling on his back and then he saw it was Kiara.

"Congratulations!" she said nuzzling him and he just laughed.

"Thanks sis." he said nuzzling her back.

And then he stood back up and Vitani sat next to him "Kopa i have something to tell you." she said smiling.

"What is it?" he asked.

She smiled and nuzzled him and said "Im pregnant."

And he looked at her "Are you serious?"

She smiled and said "Yes."

And he smiled and nuzzled her and said "You've made me the happiest lion ever. i love you Vitani."

"I love you too Kopa." she said and all the lions gather around them to congratulate them.

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