Chapter 1

Birth of Dragon God

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"BOLD" Demon/Summon/Dragon Talking

"..." Characters Dialogs

'...'Characters thought

0 In Metropolis 0

Unknown to everyone in Metropolis, a lone blond figure could be seen high above on one of the many building of the city. He was overlooking the city with look of interest. The cloth he wore was standard ANBU uniform consisting of black and grey armour, metal arm guards and gloves, black boots with spikes for travelling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches on that back-waist and raven summoning tattoo in his left shoulder. Also he wore half black mask on right side of his face. (Ichigo wizard mask in black and only half)

'How all this began? Were Madara and Tobi truly ended for all fighting or was it for everyone but me?' these thought going around the head of the blond figure.

00 Flashback Starts 00

Six months passed, since fourth great shinobi war began and many shinobi were died in this terrible war. Even though, Naruto appearance was great help in war. It stilled not enough. Alliance of five great nations was losing their manpower. Itachi and Sasuke wear dead. They were able stop Edo Tensei and killed Kabuto, but they were unable to stopped Edo Madara from acquiring his full life. There just weren't enough people to stand against infinite number of Zetsus. Shinobi alliance not only loosed two out of five kages more specifically those kages were Godaime Kazekage Gaara and Sandaime Tsuchikage Onoki, they also loosed jinchuriki of eight tails. Despite all their effort there was only half shinobi populace lived but they still refused to give up to enemy and kept fighting. Until one faithful day, Naruto Uzumaki third jinchuriki of Kyuubi no Yoko was captured and this bring us that day, When extraction of Nine-Tails was Begins.

0 Hidden Akatsuki Base 0

Nine ethereal dragons came out from the Demon Statue Gedo Mazo, and heads toward the unconscious form of Naruto Uzumaki. They wrapped around the blonde's body and formed one sphere. In sideline alive Madara and Tobi were smiling evilly.

"Soon sealing will complete, Then First Ten-Tails and then whole world will be mine." said Madara who was now alive. "In the end child of prophecy you have failed. Now the world belongs to the Uchiha clan like it should have in the beginning."

They started the process. The Demon statue started to act but chakra was coming out of the dragons turned black and started flow backward.

."WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" The founder of Konoha yelled while Tobi was looking at scene in shock.

Madara looked at blonde with his Rinnegan eye and noticed a smirk on his face. Then he saw; Naruto was muttering one word with his lips. Madara's eyes were widened in horror when he realized what he was trying to say. 'Fools'

"Stop that Jutsu" He yelled out in fear "He's placed a powerful Fuinjutsu on himself that will reverse effects of the sealing..." He tried to say more, but vortex appeared on Naruto's stomach and chakra of the other tailed beasts was starts to absorb into it.

Madara's eye winded even more when he saw what was happening. "No... NO… MY PLAN... THAT DAMNED UZUMAKI CLAN DESTROYED MY PLAN… AGAIN" He yelled out and tried to cancel the Jutsu by using his Rinnegan but it doesn't work.

"TOBI, HELP ME STOP THE JUTSU!" He yelled out getting a nod from Tobi.

Tobi also used his Rinnegan-Sharingan eyes to cancel Jutsu, but he failed and something else happened. He notices his hands were fading away. The wind directing to the vortex was grew stronger and Tobi's eyes was widen in horror.

"What's going on?" He said and tried to teleport himself away but he absorbs into vortex.

"N-no...THIS CAN'T BE HAPPEN ARRRGGHHHH…" Tobi cried out as his head and the rest of his body drawn into the vortex.

Madara saw this and the same thing was happening to him. Naruto start to chuckle and then laugh. "Damn you... DAMN YOU UZUMAKI AND YOUR CLAN… I WILL NOT DIE LIKE THIS…I'M AN UCHIHA… I WILL BECOME GOOOOODDD" He cried out as he was absorbs into the vortex, while the Black-coloured chakra continued to enter the vortex that was on Naruto's stomach and then black light. He had gone from this world.

0 In Dark Void 0 was everywhere around him, a void in which he was floating for what seemed like eternity. His identity was washed away in the stream of agony, his thoughts silenced by the noise that wasn't his. There were no colours, no sensations... just pain.

He knew he was still alive, on some level at the least. He didn't think of it, he didn't dwell upon his situation, he clung on his own self-awareness with single-mindedness that was a purpose onto itself-if he let go of it even for a moment, he knew he'd be washed away by the unseen torrent of agony, piece by piece.

He floated, like a leaf on the wind that did he know what wind was?

Then he felt that he could...

He was confused, but he still held onto his indeterminable position, with that instinct that tells us not to let go, or we would was the fear of falling that was the most primal sensation humans felt upon their birth, and it never really goes away...

"Finally boy, I didn't think you'd make it here." Someone said from dark.

"W-what W-who"

"You are crafty as always Uzumaki Naruto," a deep voice spoke from within the darkness. "Just what I would expect from the Child of Prophecy"

It was tall, at very least it was ten feet tall, its body was a rotting sickly grey colour with black rune or perhaps seal like markings over what was visible of its left hand and forearm, sharp obsidian black nails, "O-Nenju" or Japanese Prayer Beads wrapped around its left hand / wrist, its face resembled a Hanya Mask, a pair of horns flowing out of its long spiky white hair, a knife sheathed in its razor sharp obsidian black fangs, a pair of demonic eyes glaring down at them, the sclera and pupil both a deep obsidian black while the iris was a brilliant golden colour, and a long white robe the only thing covering its body, yet left its chest and some of its navel in full view.

"Sh-Sh-Shinigami-sama" Naruto whispered.

"Yes, Child of Prophecy, you wear that name proudly but that is not all I am indebted to you for," Shinigami-sama continued. "You are the one to seal Uchiha Madara and Tobi who wants to monstrously defy my powers of death and you are the one who restore balance and peace in Element Nations. As a god, I shall pay back my debt, but first same people want to meet you"

"Hallo Gaki," a deep voice came from shadow. It shocked Naruto since the voice very familiar to him.

"No... It can't be". Naruto whipped around to see Jiraya was standing behind him with his arms crossed and smirking at him, looking exactly like the last time when he was alive. "ERO-SENNIN" he shouted as he hugged his godfather.

"It's good to see you too Naruto," Jiraya laughed.

"Well this looks like a very nice reunion isn't it," chuckled an old raspy voice. Once again Naruto was shocked as he saw the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen was behind him in his Hokage outfit. He gave him one of his grandfatherly smiles to Naruto. "Hello Naruto-kun, how are you?" Naruto released Jiraya and glommed his surrogate grandfather. "There are more people coming Naruto I hope you are okay with a nice reunion with everyone."

"What do you mean Jiji?" Naruto asked. The Sandaime just motioned to somewhere behind Naruto again. As Naruto turned around he saw two figures in the background looking at him with smiles. Figures were his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. He hugged both of them.

Minato smiled and hugged his son. "I'm glad to see you Naruto."

"You too Tou-san"

"I missed you so much my sochi" Kushina said getting into the hug.

"I know Kaa-san," Naruto said crying into their arms.

"We are proud of what you have become, Naruto. You are what we expected you to be and much more."

"Yes son, I'm proud to be called your father."

Naruto turned around and looked at the people in front of him. He doesn't know when he will see them again so he wanted to something before he spoke Kushina interrupted. "This isn't goodbye Naruto" she started lovingly. "Just a see you later." she went up to him and hugged him "I hope you live a better life now".

"I agree with your mother" Minato stated. He then produced a scroll from behind him. "Here take this. It contains all of my notes on everything about Fuinjutsu and our personal Justus" Naruto nodded and put it in his pocket. Minato then stuck out his hand and smirked at Naruto. Naruto took it and shook his hand.

"See you soon Tou-san, Kaa-san," with that they both disappeared with smiles on their faces.

Naruto looked at his last two people, Jiraya and Sandaime. "I-I want to thank you for everything." Naruto was crying because of all of that just occurred.

"I should have thanked to you, Naruto," Sarutobi said. "If it were not for you, many a times Konoha would have fallen. To repay you back I give you this," a scroll materialized in his hand. '"It contains all the Justus I have learned over time and some from First and Second Hokage. Just don't over exert yourself when training." Naruto nodded and hugged him one last time before he too walked off and disappeared.

"Well Gaki," Jiraya started as he came up to Naruto. "I have nothing to give you; you basically took over for me when you trained. I however will give you this," two things puffed into existence. The first being a little blue book and the other being a scroll saying Icha-Icha. "It's my life's work, I hope you find it very...pleasurable," he said letting out a perverse giggle.

"Ok Ero-sennin. I'll read it. I think I might republish it too just so I can earn some extra cash." At this Jiraya let out another perverse giggle.

"Oh so you mean you're going to continue my research," Jiraya asked wiggling his eyebrows. Naruto resisted the urge to shudder at the actions of his godfather. This in turn had Jiraya prancing around the field like a little school girl. When he finally composed himself, he put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and then hugged him. "You did great Naruto. Now go live your new life." With one last smile, Jiraya disappeared.

"Times up Gaki" Shinigami-sama started "there are some gifts for you from me" with that he touch on his left shoulder and gave him Raven summoning tattoo also summon black katana from nowhere gave to him. (Ichigo Bankai)

"Those are my personal Raven Summoning contracts because Toad Summoning contract was now void for you and this katana is blessed by death use wisely my gifts child."

"How I supposed to get out this void?"

"Ask to your new tenant?" said Shinigami-sama then he vanished from sight.

0 Mindscape 0

Naruto found himself in his mindscape but this time his mindscape was nothing looks like sewer. It looked like an endless sky where many islands was floating (like Fairy Tail Edolas).When he turned back he found himself in front of big sleeping black dragon.

Dragon whose entire upper body was covered in black, round scales, which were decorated by spiralling, blue markings. Its lower body, specifically its belly, inner tail and legs was grey in colour, Its seems to be rather smooth. It was possesses a blunt, rounded head with four large and elongated plates which was extending backwards, its mouth was full of sharp teeth, and below it was an elongated protrusion pointing downwards. It was gargantuan, multi-layered wings was composed of the very same plates covering its whole body, which took on a formation reminiscent of a bird's feathers. Its massive tail was splits in two at its end, where the black plates were disappear and took on a double stinger-like appearance. His eyes looked like mixture between Sharingan and Rinnegan(.which had four Rinnegan-like concentric circles, with nine Sharingan-like tomoe in the three circles closest to the pupil coloured red).It's looked more feral and powerful than Kurama.

"Finally, we meet young hatchlings," Said Dragon.

"W-Who are you? Where is Ten-Tails? Naruto asked.

"Ten-Tails was my corrupt form because of you I got my original form. I am Ryūjin (Dragon God) because of your last stunt we both bound by soul. We both are now one soul. From now I am your adviser. You are my successor so I shall teach you all that I know. You will learn to honour my power; and all responsibility that comes with that tittle" then water appeared nowhere from air "And Look at your reflection in water"


He had spiky blonde hair with some black tip. Colour of his left eye was oceanic blue while right eye was blood red. He also had diamond mark on his forehead similar to Tsunade. There was no whisker marks in his face and he looked like his four years younger self.

"These because of me, now you are no longer human you are Dragon-Demon. This is your first step of evolution. There will be more in future. This also gives you special powers and comes dragon traits like you have now super speed, super strength, flight, enhance sense and dragon skin which hard to penetrate. Also channel some chakra in your eyes."

'Sharingan' "How?"

"Because you absorb Tobi and Madara, so you got their some traits also you will also get their personalities and all powers in future"

"WHAT... shall I become power hungry and evil like them?"

"No... You will become something different because all us"

"...What's now?"

"Now, I shall train you control your power. Until you will cannot be defected by anyone. Then we used our power open dimension rift to enter new dimension. Also I warn you that in void times flow slower than other"

"BRING IT...I SHALL BECOME MOST POWERFULL PERSON IN WORLD...I BECOME GOOODDD HAAHAHAH... (In Horror)...See I become power hungry like them. (In panic)...WHAT I DO NOW...?"


00 Flashback Ends 00

Naruto POV.

It was really six month I came to this dimension. It was too easy to create new identity and learn new language with the help of Sharingan. Now what I learned, this place is called Earth; one thing is sure Earth has more advance technology than Element Nation. I am currently in one of the biggest countries named USA, short for the United States of America. There are some people here with some special power. They called then heroes and they protect their lands and homes with skills. Some of them used Taijutsu and Modern technology while others used bloodline limits like Element nation. I decided to get some information about them. Apparently the most well-known and famous heroes of this world are two characters, although if you ask me they are the complete opposite of each other.

The first is this Superman, his choice of clothes really sucked. He wears what seems like red boots, with blue with red pants, blue shirt with a giant S on his chest with a red cape. He also wears what appeared to be a pair of boxers over his pants. All of them look skin-tight and he is very muscular. His strength is still in question seeing how he is able to lift objects that should be beyond his ability to lift. I don't know the exact extend of his power but it certainly impressed me.

The second can be considered the opposite to Superman. He called himself Batman. He was dark and mysterious. He was dressed in something like a bat costume of grey, dark blue and black. His bat-like mask covered the upper half of his face. His grey-dark blue pants and armour remind me of ANBU standard clothing and his belt which was yellow and had many pockets. His cape offers great camouflage in the dark, and his appearance can intimidate a normal person. This hero was normal and used high-tech devices to compensate for his lack of special power. From what I heard, he is a good fighter and solves criminal cases that most consider impossible to solve. So he is also very smart.

These two work in different cities, one watch over the skies of Metropolis while the other guards from the darkness of Gotham city.

'Still thinking about them? Hatchling' interrupted dark voice of my head.

'Yes ' I responded with a straight thought.

'Curious? want to be like them...Hero'

'I think about it...but I don't want to wear tight suit. These remind me of Maito Gai'

'... Yes...' its sweet drop.

My chain of thoughts was cut off when I heard and saw the image of a man flying above my head. Indeed it was Superman himself. Who was flying above my head and headed towards a different section of the forest.

'Think we should check it out I mean trouble is always following this guy...also this will help me with my boredom.'

'There's nothing else to do...'

'Also it could be good training; I had enough training with my clones and I have nothing to do.'

'Don't let your guard down...I have a feeling that things are get a lot more interesting for us'

'Hn... If that's the case, then we can't miss the party...' I smirked.

It something is going to happen then I'm not going to miss it. I stayed on the side-lines for too long and I am bored and my new dragon blood wants adventure. Let's this world know power of Ryūjin (Dragon God).

With his mind made up, his eyes flashes red and he sank himself underground.



In this story Naruto is become different than cannon Naruto after full absorption. He is cold, calculating, smart and more mature because Ryūjin (Dragon God) chakra, Tobi and Madara. You could say that he is perfect mix of Minato, Itachi and Madara in battle but sometimes act like Kushina.

Also according to Ryūjin he is in path of evolution so he will also get new power in future.

Also take in account that he trained with Ryūjin in void we don't know how many years he trained with him. We also take in account that in void he age slowly.

Naruto is 21years old in this story. Also his healing factor is more powerful because he is real demon/Dragon. He also have tough skin which is withstand more powerful Modern weaponry and magic, He also have flight, super sense, Tsunade natural strength and Minato speed(not like superman and flash, but he also increase with his strength and speed with technique) because he is part of Dragon.

Pairing undecided for Now