Chapter 16

Paradise Lost END

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"BOLD" Demon/Summon/Dragon/Kurama Talking

"..." Characters Dialogs

'...'Characters thought

Last Time

Naruto turned toward Hades and closed his eyes.

"Who I am ...I am No one ..." Everyone then watched as the image of a black dragon appeared behind him. His killing intent was increased and black power manifested. Naruto spoke, "...I am Ryūjin" He and Dragon opened their eyes same time which were red with four rings and nine commas in them. Then manifestation roared before enveloping Naruto. His aura of power increased and brings every heroes and Amazons on their keens.

'The Sleeping now awaking' thought Kurama


Naruto killing intent increased and suddenly increased pressure brings every heroes and Amazons on their knees. Only Hades Kurama and Karasu remain unaffected by this.

'Wh-whats happening?' thought Superman who was now suffering from killing intent.

'...cant breath' thought Flash.

'Just how powerful you are, Ryūjin?' thought Batman and J'onn

'Ryūjin said that he is not what is he?' thought Diana.

'His aura bring everyone on their knees...Who is he? ...What is he?' thought Queen Hippolyta. All amazons had different thought about his power.

"Clam down...This will help you." Said Kurama and with flick of his tails he made protective shield around them. They took sigh of relief because heavy pressure was lifted from them.

First superman spoke, "what was that?"

"That was killing intent and his power which brings all of you in your knees." answered Kurama.

"What is killing intent?" asked Diana.

"It is simply the user exuding pure killing intention. It's affected on their opponent, themselves and others around them." answered Kurama.

Unaffected by Naruto power and killing intent, Hades spoke arrogantly "I don't know what are you but you can't defect god"

"Really" said clam voice of Naruto who suddenly appeared behind him.

Hades surprised his speed but before he could react Naruto punched him in jaw and sent him upward. Naruto appeared above him with black sphere in his right hand. He hit the Hades with sphere. "Black Rasengan" Impact sent Hades toward ground but before he could touch ground; Naruto appeared front of him with black lightning surrounding his back and arms (like Yoruichi's complete Shunkō but in black colour). Naruto punched him again in stomach "Raijin no kachi" And sent him at ground in full force. All this happened in few second.

Power of impact was too much. It exploded in a huge giant dome of black energy that engulfed everything around it tearing apart earth and marble. But that wasn't all, the sheer power it sent pieces of rock and stone to everywhere, the ground shook and cracked.

The shock and power of the attack was enough to others felt it in shield. They could see debris that were falling everywhere. When the smoke finally cleared, they saw Naruto was still standing and black lightning cracking around his shoulder. They saw Hades was motionless in big creator on ground. His armour was heavily damage and he was bleeding.

"W-wow..that was-" Flash tried to speak.

"Incredible…" finished Superman.

"Indeed, I have never seen such speed and strength…" spoke J'onn.

"I never saw such warrior in my life and black colour of lightning." said Queen Hippolyta who is surprise like all amazons.

"That was 'Raijin no kachi'" answered Kurama.

"Worth of thunder god" asked Batman.

"Yes, Black lightning is powerful than normal lightning and this technique increase user speed and power. Also you saw that sparks. That all sparks are like tiny swords which can cut thought metal. This technique is deadly."

"So we won?" asked Flash who saw motionless Hades.

"No...This battle just starts" said Kurama.

"That's all you got Dead-God. I am so disappointed" said Naruto and he deactivated his Jutsu.

Hades was angry, he was angry on that man, He was able bleed him and dare to mock him….Him… HIM GOD …Flame wrapped around him ….and then starting to burn ground...

"You will beg me… You will beg me to kill you… when you do… I shall revive you only to torture you again… I SWEAR, YOU … I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER … I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL SUFFER FOR ALL OF ETERNITY" roared God of underworld.

It was then Hades began to transform, his mouth and teeth extended, his teeth became sharper, his eyes got blood red with a yellow iris, his face turned grey, his nose flattened, two horns spurted out of his head with his enlarged ears passing his head, his tongue split in three. He looked almost like a wolf with very demonic features.

"What's happened to him?" asked Flash

"It is his true form…true monster" said Queen Hippolyta in disgust.

Flash had a sudden realization while everyone was watching Hades true form. "Hey guys" Getting everyone else's attention. "Why aren't we helping him?"

This made the rest of the League go wide eyed before they rushed to aid their comrade.

"Wait all of you idiots... don't rush there you will only get in his way." Kurama tried to warn them but already late. They already crossed shield. "Next time... I will make shield that can stop not only outside attack but also inside people."

As the God's eyes glow as he prepared to attack. He was caught off guard when all heroes attacked him one after another Superman with punches and kicks. Followed by Flash who used a sword to try and cut him with all his strength. J'onn joined Superman.

Finally Hades had enough, he punched the ground hard cracking it and Flash lost his footing. He was caught by a strong punch from the god. Then Hades breathed another fire stream and unfortunately it hit J'onn. Batman took out his last two explosive batarangs and threw them just behind Hades. They blew up and a hole was made behind God feet.

When Superman finally punched back, Hades tripped over the hole and fell on his back.

Diana flew at top speed from toward grounded Hades to release her anger on him.

"Diana, stop" Her mother tried to stop her.

Superman kept hitting Hades with all his power but the demon like god only took little damage.

Diana took his place and started to punch and kick hard. She fought well but the god quickly recovered. He slapped her away.

"Diana… Destroy the Key" screamed her mother.

After hearing her command Hades turned full speed and fired a small fireball at Diana's back. It hit her right in the back and sent her toward pit. Hades watched Diana somehow able to hold ground and struggling. He sent big fireball at her.

Hippolyta watched in horror as her daughter was sucked into pit and fireball heading straight her way.

In sideling Naruto was watching all heroes who tried to help him in battle. He saw how Hades was playing with them.

'Idiots…They don't know I don't want their help…they will only get in my way' thought Naruto. His thought cut off by cried of Hippolyta. Naruto saw Hades sent fireball towards Diana.

Diana was just about to be sucked into the pit when a huge hand grabbed her. Diana felt a warm sensation all around her and when she opened her eyes she saw Ryūjin aka Naruto who lifted her up in bridal style. Diana was shocked at this and blushed but hid it well.

Everyone watched in horror as Diana sucked into flame.

"She is fine" spoke Kurama.

All looked at flame whose now reducing. Flame was cleared. They saw Ryūjin aka Naruto who was surrounded by flame like black aura and He was holding Diana in bridal style; but what shocked them more was skeleton figure around them. Skeleton figure was holding Hades flame in his right hand that was slowly absorbing in some kinds wrap hole. He let her go down.

He looked all heroes with is EMS and spoke, "Go"

"What?" spoke Diana.

"Go back in shied, He just playing with you and you will only get yourself hurt in crossfire." Then shadow ball formed around Skeleton hand "Multiple shadows Hand - shadow portal" shadow hands caught every league member and pulled them into shadow portal.

All heroes appeared in shield from shadow portal. Some of them were injured.

"Welcome back and Next time don't rush in battle without thinking." said Kurama.

"We wanted to help him." said Superman.

"Yes...but He doesn't need your help. You will only get in his way and get yourself hurt in crossfire."

"Diana, are you alright?" asked Queen Hippolyta to her daughter.

"Yes ...but what is that?" asked Diana and pointed at Skeleton figure around Naruto. Everyone looked at Kurama for explanation.

"That is Susano-o, it also known as the Tempestuous God of Valour is the third ability granted by his eyes. It is his guardian deity." Answered Kurama.

"His all attack were names after Shinto gods." said Batman.

"Yes, Amaterasu the Shinto goddess of the sun, Tsukuyomi the Shinto god of the moon and Susano-o the Shinto god of the sea and storms." said Kurama.

"So he is god chosen," said Queen Hippolyta.

"You can say that but I called him Child of Prophecy." Said Kurama.

"What do you mean Child of Prophecy?" asked Diana.

"It was prophecy; it said that child would bring a great revolution to the world. This revolution would be for the world's salvation or the world's destruction. In short He is Child of Prophecy who decided save the world or destroys it and no one able to stop him." said Kurama.

Hades was shocked, angered and annoyed but interested. What was with this man? Was he a sorcerer? Was he a warrior? What was he? Or was he… a God? All these thoughts flooded Hades' mind.

"This is your true from Dead-god… you not look impressive. Shinigami-sama looked more dangerous than you when he appear front of mortal, a deep and what felt nearly unending feeling of fear and loss echoing out in the souls of each of witnesses. Compared to him you look weakling," Said Naruto.

"He really knows how insult peoples but I agree with him compare to Shinigami-sama this Dead-god look weakling," Said Kurama.

"He is really that scary and dangerous." Asked Flash to Kurama.

"When you meet him it feels like you are walking over your own grave." Kurama said with a shiver.

"YOU DARE TO MOCK ME….THE GOD" said Hades with fire in his eyes. He rushed at the blond delivering a strong kick to his midsection and tried to pushing Naruto into the cave wall. Hades followed up with another punch, only for Naruto disappeared with murder of crow.

"What" said Hades in surprised tone.

Naruto rose from ground behind him and caught his shoulder.

"I think we want big battle ground…so let's go," said Naruto with smirk and both vanished from spot.

Onlooker saw they both vanished without trace.

"Where are they, Kurama?" asked Superman.

"Kit knows that this cave cannot withstand any shockwave from battle so he teleport both of them on surface….lets go…Karasu open shadow portal," Said Kurama. Karasu flew from Diana shoulder and opened big shadow portal to teleport all of them at surface. Karasu and Kurama entered in shadow portal. All Hero and Amazons followed both animals.

0 In Surface-Few minute Latter 0

They appeared on surface from portal. Then few moments later, a ground-shaking impact occurred that rocked the surface tremor sent everyone off their feet. The shock and power of the attack was enough to force them to take cover from the shockwave of the attack. Luckily Kurama was able to make shield in time which protected them from shockwave. They all saw debris were falling everywhere.

When all cleared. The group hurried to the scene and found a shocking sight. There was a huge crater with several trees all around the crater knocked from off their foundations. Inside and in the centre of the crater were Naruto and Hades. They were fighting and trying to overcome each other strength.

They saw their heavily damage armour and noticed the blood on them but found no wound or any other injury on them. It means their injury was already healed.

"It's useless…You will never win" said Hades. Naruto took advantage of Hades's outburst and punched bare chest of the Underworld god which sent him skidding back a few feet. Naruto vanished in burst of speed and appeared front of God holding big bluish ball.

"Ōdama Rasengan" screamed the blond hitting the god in the chest. The god screamed in pain and anguish as the force of the attack.

"Insolent pest, you dare to challenge my power…I will show you my power….The power of God…" DeclaredHades and he jumped backward. His eyes were glowing redder by the second and He raised his hands into the air. Then ground began to shake and fissure was opened. "Come my royal pet …Come toward your Master… with army of dead… come Cerberus ... guards the gates of the Underworld" He screamed as thousand dead armies rose from ground. With screams of the dead a lone monstrous figure rose from ground. The figure was described as a three-headed dog with a serpent's tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion's claws. This was

Cerberus guards the gates of the Underworld.

"That is …." Queen Hippolyta tried to speak

"Cerberus" said one Amazon in fear.

"We have to help him. He cannot battle with all of them alone." Said Diana.

"Don't do anything stupid…this kind's battle he was looking for all this years." Said Kurama.

"What do you mean?" asked J'ohn.

"He was tired with useless battle…he is warrior…he liked battle when enemy truly tried to kill him…In all last battle, enemy was weak who don't had power to kill him… but now… he is happy." Said Kurama. They all saw smile on Ryūjin aka Naruto face.

"With help of my pet and Army… You will never win" said Hades arrogantly who was standing on Cerberus middle head.

All dead army attacked at him but before they could touch him… "Shield of Black Flames" shield of black fire formed around him and dead solider burst into black flame.

"Finally…after years… I was waiting for that kind of battle." Naruto said with smile which surprised Hades.

He was shining with flame like black aura. Then Susano-o formed around him. First formed its skeleton structure then, musculature and skin begin to appear on top of its bones, which progressively complete the full skeletal structure. His Susano-o looked like human warrior with four arms and two blood red eyes. (His Susano-o looked like Itachi's four-armed Susano-o.)

"Yasaka Magatama" His Susano-o hand formed Orb of Black Flame. Then produced a number of magatama projectiles, composed entirely from the black flames of Amaterasu. He fired them toward dead solider and turned them into ash.

Naruto and Naruto's Susano-o does some Hand seals. "Multiple Wood Release" he combined this technique with the Susano-o and created multitude of Susano-o warriors. All of them had their lower half and swords in their hand. (Like Madara used in battle) They all attacked on all dead solider and started to destroy dead Army.

"This will take care of them" spoke Naruto and deactivate his own Susano-o. He looked at three-headed dog that was now coming towards him.

"As for you… (He did some Hand Sign) Summoning Jutsu" said Naruto.

Large smoke was spared into battle ground. When smoke was cleared all onlooker eyes were bug out from their socket. From smoke emerged long and sinuous dragon with silver-white scales and blue catlike eyes.

"This is dragon." spoke unknown Amazon.

'This man can control Dragon...who is he and what are he?' thought Queen Hippolyta.

"Ryūjin have Dragon." said Flash who was surprised like rest of justice league.

"He has power to summon dragon from Dragon realm. This is Bahamut king of Dragon." said Kurama.

"Bahamut, it is time for battle" said Naruto.

"Yes, My lord" answered Bahamut.

Hades was surprised when his opponent summon dragon for his help.

'Nothing can stop god' thought Hades arrogantly. "Cerberus Attack" Ordered Hades.

Cerberus attacked on dragon and tried to bite him but Dragon used his tail and sent doggy to skidding across backward. Cerberus exhaled fireball and sent towards Dragon. But Dragon used his wings and shields himself from fire.

Bahamut used his dragon roar and sent silver-white ray toward Three-headed dog but he was able dodge that attack. It hit on ground and formed large creator. That sent shockwave everywhere.

Naruto saw Hades was surprised with Dragon power. He took this opportunity.

"Bahamut take care of dog" said Naruto and teleport front of Hades.

"Never took eyes from your opponent" said Naruto and punched him in his stomach that sent him toward ground.

Bahamut attacked Cerberus with his claw and sent him skidding across ground. Then he grabbed Cerberus tail and threws him toward sea.

Here Naruto and Hades were battling with each other. Naruto raised his hands as two large Columns of Earth emerged from ground. Clapping his hands together they slammed towards the God who used his strength to stop them before they could crush his body. Hades summoned white flame around him and sent stream of white flame toward Naruto.

"Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall)

Naruto called his water Jutsu. Water appeared around nowhere and creates a wall of water around Naruto. It was able to stop Hades fire attack fully and again he does some hand sign

"Water style: Water dragon Jutsu,"

All remaining water made water dragon. With roar it attacked to Hades but Hades used his fire to vaporise it.

"Give up Dead-god you cannot win." said Naruto and closed his eyes.

"Don't make me laugh ... I will never lose ... I am god." said Hades.

"Very well" said Naruto and opened his eyes. His eyes had now ripple-like pattern over the eyeballs, with a light purple iris and sclera, The Rinnegan

"Banshō Ten'in" Hades found that some kinds invisible force pulling him. When Hades came near Naruto punched him upward infusing his punch with Shinra Tensei. Then Naruto teleported above him then punch him again and sent him toward ground. Power of impact was great. It sent shockwave everywhere and formed large creator on ground.

In side-line heroes and Amazons, they saw Hades was now standing up. He was injured and bleeding heavily but his wound was healing with extraordinary rate.

"What is with your eyes?" demanded Hades.

"You are God… but... this is Eyes of God." said Naruto in emotionless tone.

"What is special in his eyes?" Asked Batman

"That is Rinnegan the eyes of god." said Kurama.

"Why they called them eyes of god?" asked Diana.

"...because those eyes have enough power to bring people from death." said new voice behind them.

All hero and Amazons looked at new voice. They saw man with sliver-white hair. He had muscle body. He was wearing silver armour that look like dragon scale. He had blue catlike eyes.

"Who are you?" asked Flash

"Bahamut" spoke Kurama

"You are that dragon." asked J'onn.

"Yes, I am Bahamut King of all Dragon." said Bahamut in emotionless tone and looked at Kurama, "Hallo Kurama." He said in same tone.

"So what are you doing here?" asked Kurama.

"I am here to watch Master Fight." said Bahamut.

"So you are here to watch kit fight." said Kurama.

"Don't call Master in familiar tone, you demon." said Bahamut in loud whose eyes were flashing with sliver-white energy.

"I called him anything I want you lizard" said Kurama whose eyes now flashing with red energy. Those two were eyeing with each other.

"I don't think those two like each other" said Flash in Superman ears.

"We can hear you from here human." said Bahamut.

Before anyone could say they saw Hades was pushes back by Naruto gravity Jutsu.

"Give up Dead-god you already lost. Your dead army was destroyed by my Susano-o warrior and as for your pet. He wanted say hallo to you." said Naruto. Then Cerberus attacked him.

"What you doing Cerberus? Obey your master" said Hades but Cerberus attacked him again. Then he saw Cerberus eyes which looked like his opponent eyes.

"What did you do to my pet?" asked Angry Hades.

"Nothing...but for Now he is my pet...Cerberus attack." Ordered Naruto.

"He is able to control Cerberus with his eyes." said Queen Hippolyta in surprise tone.

"Those are truly eyes of god." said Diana

They saw Cerberus who was now attacking to Hades.

"That it" said Hades. He opened gate of hell and sent Cerberus back to underworld. "As for you..." Hades said to Naruto. "I show you true power of god"

He covered in white flame. It became bigger and bigger. When all flames were disappeared in front of him was Hades who was now fifty metre tall.

"This is true power of god" said Hades.

Then in rage Hades immediately charged the blond prepared to kill him with his bare hands. But Naruto vanished from site.

''What…. Where are you…? COME OUT AND FACE ME LIKE A MAN'' said Hades in booming voice.

All heroes and Amazon were looking for Naruto.

"Where is he?" asked Flash.

"Superman use your eyes and search him" said Batman and man of steel nodded.

"He is there" said Superman and pointed on sea.

All of them were looking at sea. They found Naruto was standing top of water.

"How is he doing that?" asked one Amazon.

"What is he doing?" asked Diana.

"Master is preparing for attack." said Bahamut.

"Found you…Now face worth of God" said Hades and went toward sea.

"It is useless even your full power …Dead God…" said Naruto in monotone which surprises everyone. Then he covered in black flame like aura. "…You show me your full power so I show you full powers one of my attacks …." His aura increased and sea water moving away from him. Then first skeleton structure then, musculature and skin begin to appear on top of its bones, which progressively complete the full skeletal structure. Then formed lower parts and full Susano-o appeared.

"Susano-o's Perfect form"

It was big. It was three times bigger than Hades. He looked like some kinds Grim-reaper. He was wearing full black robe with dragon like scales on them. Robe was floating with wind but there was no wind and six red magatama around his neck. His whole face was hidden under hood. Only visible thing in his face was his red eyes. He had four hands where two hands were hidden in robe and other two forming Dragon hand-seal. He was standing top on water.

Everyone were surprised the sheer size of that thing including Hades.

"…so Big" said Flash.

"That is real Susano-o," Said Bahamut.

"..But it is unstable" said Kurama.

"Now stabilize" said Naruto who was float inside in Susano-o.

Then it happened. His robe transformed into his armour and six magatama become part of armour. His hood vanished. Now Susano-o was a muscular figure, who was wearing samurai armour, with a cape. The armour consists of blade-covered metal plaques on his shoulders, forearms, hands. He had metal silver black suit of armour that looked like dragon scale. He also had a metal helmet with a trident-shaped ornament on top and a metal mask that covers his face, leaving only his red eyes visible. (Imagines shredder form TMNT)

"That is real Susano-o" Said Kurama.

"It is big as Mt. Rushmore," Said Superman.

"This is your strength" asked Hades who was in shocked because of sheer size of Susano-o. "But I will not lose" said God and attack on Susano-o but his all attacked useless again Susano-o absolute defence. He summoned big white fireball and sent toward Susano-o, but his fireball stop by invisible shield and pulled into some kind of wrap-hole.

Susano-o hand rose for punch. When punch was in middle, it disappeared in some kinds black portal and reappeared front of Hades. That punch sent Hades skidding across backward. Then another punched from above sent shockwave all over.

"What was that?" asked Diana.

"It's looked like some kind portal" said Batman.

"It is. It is time-space portal. They send Susano-o body parts anther place to increase his attacking range." said Bahamut.

"If I can't harm you …" Hades said to Naruto and summons big white-fireball. "…. Then I will harm someone you closed" He threw his fireball at Heroes and Amazons direction.

All Heroes and Amazons saw fireball heading toward their direction.

"Shit… My shield can't protect us from that Fireball" said Kurama.

Attack hit them in dead centre; Power of attack was too much. It exploded in a huge giant dome of white flame that engulfed everything around it tearing apart the earth and trees. But that wasn't all, the sheer power it was sending off was incredible; pieces of rock and stone flew everywhere, the ground shook and cracked. Finally a huge aftershock was sent out blowing up everything around it in a range of a dozen.

Hades was happy. He finally got his revenge on this man. He killed his friends. When all clear he saw all of them were safe. Two huge hands that came from portal were able to save them.

They all saw they are all safe. Ryūjin was able to save them.

"Thanks for Ryūjin we all are safe" said Flash.

"We are lucky …"said Superman.

"Time to end this" spoke Naruto and summoned Susano-o's katana. With one swing of its katana; he cut one island in half. Power of Susano-o shocked all onlookers

"He cut that island in two parts with one swing" said one shocked Amazon.

'Is he god?' thought Queen Hippolyta.

'This is true power of Ryūjin.' thought Diana.

'That was cool' thought Flash.

'He destroy whole island in one swing...' though Superman.

'This is his true power ...Terrible.' thought J'onn.

'He was holding back this kind of power ...' thought Batman.

Hades saw Naruto Susano-o cut Whole Island in two.

'Is he God like me?' thought Hades.

Then suddenly Susano-o appeared front of Hades from portal.

"This is your end ...Dead-God" said Naruto and prepared for Attack.

Hades tried to move but he was tie down by black chakra chains that were coming out from Susano-o left hand. Naruto put katana in Hades chest who screamed in pain.

"I will not lose..." said Hades who was screaming in pain.

Susano-o katana starts shining with black aura. Hades body starts dissolve into dust.

"I refused to loose...I am Godddd…" screamed God.

His whole body transformed into black dust and all dust sealed into katana.

All Heroes and Amazons saw whole thing. All were speechless display power of Ryūjin.

"Hades is gone." said Queen Hippolyta.

"Impossible..." said Amazon

"He killed God" said another one.

Susano-o vanished and Naruto appeared front of Heroes and Amazons. Kurama deactivated his shield. All ran toward Naruto.

"That was incredible...I never know you are that strong" said Flash and Naruto just smirked.

"Is hades is dead?" asked Diana.

"No ..." Said Naruto and opened his right hand show them black ball. "...I seal him here"

"What now?" asked Diana.

"We have to send him where he belongs…"said Naruto.

"What's now my queen?" asked one Amazon.

Queen looked at the remains of the island. Faust's invasion and Hades battle left a pretty deep mark in the once paradise that used to be their home...

"Split in small team. We will have to repair our home." ordered Queen Hippolyta.

"We can repair all destroy buildings and torn places but what about forest it will takes years to grow it." said Amazon.

"We have to think something about that." said Queen Hippolyta.

"I can help you with that" said Naruto. He gave orb to Bahamut.

"Let's first remove dead tree." said Naruto and does some hand-sign.

"Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction" Naruto expelled massive stream of intense flames from mouth which set all dead tree in ablaze,

"Water Release: Water Colliding Wave." Then he used water release to stop the flame.

"Now time for main course" said Naruto and does some hand- sign.

"Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees" He turned all area into a vast forest in a matter of mere moments complete with trees and even grass growing out of any terrain he was on.

All Amazons were speechless of display of his power.

'This man must be god. He can used all element and create all forest in minute.' Thought Queen Hippolyta then looked at Amazons and ordered, "Our forest problem is solve, now complete remaining work." All amazon bows down their Queen return to work.

"It times to send someone where he belongs…" said Naruto. All nodded. Black shadow rose from ground and covered all of them. They all vanished from site.

0Ungderground 0

They all appeared on underground.

"What did you ever see in Hades?" asked Diana astonished that someone could actually love such a demented man.

Hippolyta took a moment to think to herself. 'I was young and stupid…' "Ancient history… Thanks Hera it's over…"

"It is really necessary why don't keep him like this?" asked Flash to Naruto and pointed to black ball.

"For keep balance it is necessary to send him there." Naruto answered.

"Also what we do with him?" asked Bahamut and pointed at Faust old crippled.

"Let's send him with his master," Said Kurama. All heroes looked at him. "Don't give me that look. You know what happened last time…so this time I am doing my way and giving him his Ultimate Knowledge… Now lizard throws him into Tartarus when gate will open."

"Next time add Please" said Bahamut.

They all came in front of Tartarus gate.

"Superman destroys that key." said Naruto. Superman held key in his hand and destroy it with his super strength. The shattered key released a yellow energy that was quickly absorbed by the portal and turned it into a whirlpool of flame pulling everything into it. Naruto made shield around them to protect all of them from portal. Bahamut threw Faust into gate.

"Now my Queen, do you…" asked Naruto to Queen and gave her black ball. She threw ball into gate. Then god as he fell into the abyss and door of Tartarus closed.

"This is finally over." Said Queen Hippolyta.

"Not now" said Naruto and teleported himself front of gate. He was started drawing some symbol on gate. "What is he doing?' asked Diana.

"Precaution for future" said Kurama. They saw Naruto done his work. The symbol looked like four rings and nine commas in them.

"It is done." Said Naruto and channelled his chakra into them. All symbols lit up. "It is not easy to open this now."

"What's now" asked Flash.

"Today you all can stay into Themyscira. But tomorrow, I want to talk all of you … specially you" said Queen Hippolyta looking at Naruto.

"Ok but do you have any food. All fight makes me hungry." Naruto asked to Queen Hippolyta.

0 Next Day 0

"We are gathered here today to honour the bravery of these men who with Great Spirit and determination saved Themyscira and world from annihilation. For their brave resistance against the sorcerer Faust and the mad god Hades, you have our eternal gratitude but where is Dragon warrior who was fighting with Hades?" said Queen Hippolyta who doesn't saw him with heroes..

"We don't know where he is now. He had disappeared in this morning" said Superman.

"I wanted say him Thanks, because he had defends us from the Hades and made lovely forest." said Queen

"We will tell him, you said that Thank you." said J'onn.

"Before you leave, please accept these royal offerings…" the queen gestured as Diana and four other brought solid gold laurel wreaths. "You are all truly heroes."

Diana handled hers to Superman and other league member. Flash even tried it on. Too bad he put it on backwards.

"Thank you, your majesty." Said Superman.

Diana looked back and gave them all proud looks.

The smile left the queen as she turned to the princess. "Diana, princess of Themyscira, stand forth."

Diana turned and bowed.

"As your mother, I am overjoyed that you have finally returned to us… but as your Queen, I am obliged to uphold the laws of Themyscira, and in bringing these outsiders to our island, you have broken our most sacred law. This cannot be overlooked…"

"But mother…"

The queen raised her hand to stop her. Lowering her head she got off the throne. "Diana, I have no choice. It is with a heavy heart that I must exile you from Themyscira…"

Shock overtook all of them as the queen finished.

Flash started to protest but spears stopped him from advancing.

Superman approached and tried to plead on her behalf "Please, she did this because she loves you."

"You know, always follow rule." said familiar voice. All Amazons and Heroes looked at voice direction. They all saw it was Naruto who was standing on top of pillar. He jumped from pillar and landed on ground. "...but when your family, friends are in danger forget all rules and always follow heart.… Because you can replace rule but you can't replace life." finished Naruto

"I am Queen it my duty follow rules." said Queen Hippolyta.

"It was her duty as daughter to help you. It was our duty as friend to help her." said Naruto. Before anything happened Diana cut them off.

"No, mother is right. I did break the law and I humbly accept your judgment." She said as tears started gathering in her eyes. "The fates were against us mother. Goodbye."

Diana turned to leave to the Javelin while the amazons lifted their weapons in a final salute.

Naruto shocked his hade and disappeared with murder of crow. Flash was the only ones to left behind.

"That's it? You're just going to walk away? This is so bogus" complained Flash

Batman approached and took his hand. "Don't make this harder than it already is…" he whispered leaving.

Rest of league walked to the ramp where Diana hesitated but climbed aboard. Diana did her very best to avoid looking back.

Queen was looking from window toward flaying Javelin. She looked so weak and tired.

"Great Hera will help you in your journey my daughter" said Queen Hippolyta. A lone tear was slipping through corner of her eyes.

"You know you can say her goodbye as mother." said voice behind her.

She all but jumped back and pulled a knife out to attacked person behind her. Her attacked fazed though person. Finally she realized who was behind her, Ryūjin.

"What are you doing here?" asked Queen Hippolyta.

"I thought you wanted to talk with me. You told me that yesterday." said Naruto. Then she realised something.

"I have something very important to task for you…" said Queen Hippolyta and going away from him.

"What it is?" asked Naruto.

"After you leave here… please… continue to watch out for my daughter for me. I love her so very much… I regret not being there by her side…"said Queen Hippolyta in guilty tone.

"Yes… you can count on me. It is my promise and Dragon don't break their promise." said Naruto "Also take this" He threw small crystal at her.

"What it is?" asked Queen Hippolyta. She saw crystal. It was red crystal four rings and nine commas in it and black dragon was holding that crystal.

"If you want my help in future just touch crystal to call Me." said Naruto

"Thanks and goodbye Dragon warrior." said Queen Hippolyta.

"It is not Good bye it is see you later." said Naruto.

"Do you honestly believe that I will want your help in future." she asked.

"The world's not that big…We will meet again" he said and turned around.

"Wait I want to asked you something..." said Queen Hippolyta. Naruto turned around and looked at her.

"Are you god?" asked Queen.

"...maybe" said Naruto with smirks and vanished with murder of crows.

0 Watchtower 0

Naruto appeared in watchtower. As he passed through the Diana's room, his sensitive ears heard the very low sound of sniffling from a room.

'She must have been holding it in since we left.' Though Naruto.

0 Diana Room0

Diana was crying because not only she was exile by mother. She can't meet her mother ever.

"You know, sometimes letting go out your tear. It is best option to forget sorrow" Said clam voice behind her.

She turned around and saw Ryūjin who was leaning against wall.

"What are you doing here?" asked Diana and tried to hide her tears.

"For help you" said Naruto and came closer to Diana.

"No one can help me" said Diana in monotone.

"But I wanted to try..." Said Naruto and hugged her. She hugged him back and cried on his shoulder.

"Everything will be alright…" Naruto said to Diana who was hugging him.

"How you can tell everything will alright in future. My mother now hates me." Said Diana.

"Your mother not hates you." Said Naruto.

"Then why she exiles me?" Asked Diana as tears began to fall from her eyes and she hugged him tightly.

"Mother could not hate her child. As a Queen she exile you because you broke their rule but as mother she proud of you." Naruto said to Diana. "Also you know what I told to your mother 'always follow rule...but when your family, friends are in danger forget all rules and always follow heart.… Because you can replace rule but you can't replace life.' And you followed that code. You followed your duty as daughter and helped your mother. Do you feel sorry for that, Hime?" asked Naruto.

"No" Answered Diana.

"See my point and you can always go there to meet her. She exiles you but not forbid to see her again." Said Naruto.

"Thanks" said Diana in soft smile.

"You know Hime; I like this position. We can sit this position all days but we have work do." Said Naruto.

Diana realized their position. She saw closeness between them and she blushes bit. She released him from hug.

"Sorry" said Diana with soft smile.

"No problem Hime" Naruto said to Diana as he stood up.

"Are you free today?" asked Naruto.

"Why" asked Diana in confusion.

"So I can show you many things and it also helps you forget your pain" said Naruro.

"Sure why not" said Diana. She saw he was removing his mask.

"What are you doing Ryūjin?" asked Diana.

"Called me Naruto" said Naruto.

Diana saw his face. She saw he had round face same red-blue heterochromia eyes and diamond shape mark on his forehead. He was handsome as a small blush spread across her face.

"Naruto is your real name" asked Diana who had now some tiny pink tip on her face.

"Yes My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. Now get ready in your civilian cloth. We have to go" said Naruto in smile. Diana nodded and went to change in her civilian cloth.

Few minute latter

Diana came with in her civilian cloth. She was wearing blue jeans and red top. She also wears some types earing. She saw Naruto who now had blue eyes. He was wearing black jeans, black t-shirt and Black jacket with so kinds red swirl symbol on it.

"You look more beautiful than before Hime." said Naruto which she blushes. He extended his toward her. "Are you ready Hime?" Diana nodded and Held his hand both of them vanished from site.


Naruto and Diana...

See you later... Next Time