Revenge of the Swapped-

Hey! I told you all that I would do a sequel didn't I? If you are not sure what I'm talking about please read my other story Swapped and then that may give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Well as you may guess Samantha Devins and Cari Brown are back, and the Transformers aren't finished with them...oh no not by a long shot! This is based off of the Revenge of the Fallen movie and I hope that it is up to my readers expectations. Thanks everyone, please R&R, and enjoy! - Rin

Chapter 1

"So Sam are we there yet?" Cari asked again for the fifth in half an hour.

I sighed and gripped the wheel of my car until my knuckles grew white, "No Cari we are not there yet...I am just pulling over for a quick pick me up and then we are continuing to New Brooke." I said back, trying to keep that murder out of my voice.

At the moment I was driving myself, Cari, and all our belongings five hours away to New Brooke collage in Pennsylvania. My friend and I had both graduated highschool that past summer with flying colors and had been excepted to New Brooke almost at the same time. I was planning on getting a major in english and math while Cari planned on going for a major in visual arts and illistration. But even though we were now technically full adults Cari still acted like a highschooler, the proof was in the bubble gum she kept popping the whole ride, and the constant babbling on about cartoons. But I guess I would have to be grateful though, I was the more serious of the two of us and she livens my life up a bit.

Slowly I pulled onto the exit ramp to get to the rest stop and then pulled my Ford Prius into a nice, open, parking spot. What? Were you expecting me to say bright, yellow Chevy Camaro? Or blue and red Peterbilt semi? No I think not, I do not need a constant reminder of the weirdest three days of my life. No, I do not hate the Transformers anymore but I do want to retain a certain amount of normality to my life. Believe me Cari gave me enough grief over my vehical choice...I don't need anymore lip from anyone else.

Anyway, I gratefully got out of my normal car and stretched my cramped limbs. Then, grabbing my backpack I ran into the rest stop, faithfully followed by Cari. I sighed at the smell of fast food as I walked in but my bladder was telling me otherwise, and I cursed myself and the coffee that I had chugged down that morning. I never was a early bird, definitely a night owl.

"Hey I have to make a pit stop. You coming with?" I said pointing a thumb over my shoulder.

"Yeah sure, whatever." Cari said and we both made our way to the ladies room.

I handed my backpack over to my friend and locked the stall door behind me. Cari tapped her foot as she waited, humming a tune to herself.

Cari's POV

I tapped my foot impatiently, feeling odd just standing in the middle of the restroom. No one else seemed to be in there with us and the fluorescent lighting gave a creepy look to the tiled walls. I hummed to myself softly and unconsiously played with the medallion on my necklace; the metallic faced on either side flashing. Just as I was about to tell Sam to hurry up I felt a tremor go up my legs and I almost lost my balance.

"What the..." I heard Sam say from the stall but she was interrupted by a loud rumble and the ground shook more violently.

I stumbled backwards and landed on my butt, sending a burst of pain up my spine. But I ignored it as the automtic sinks turned on, spraying water everywhere, the overhead lights flickered wildly, the open toilet stall doors slammed open and closed like some sort of ghost movie. I screamed as the lights then flashed and turned off; sending the bathroom into pitch black.

"SAM!" I yelled out, reaching out and trying to find a wall or counter that I could grab onto.

The floor continued to shift underneath me like some sort of earthquake and the rumbling grew very loud. I closed my eyes and covered my ears; waiting for the madness to stop.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the floor was still and the rumbling ceased, then as if on que the lights flickered back on and the sinks turned off. I peeked open my eyes; waiting to see if anything else would happen. When I was convinced that no more earthquakes would strike I stood up shakily.

"Sam?" I said quietly, gripping her backpack tightly.

At first there was no answer and I was about to say my friend's name again when a flush answered me and a very pale looking Samantha came out of the stall.

"What...the...hell...was...that?" she hissed to me.

I shook my head, "I have no idea! What ever it was it was bad, we should check outside to see if everyone is okay outside." I said and quickly made my way to the exit.

Pushing open the bathroom door I prepared myself to see overturned tables, collapsed parts of the roof, and screaming poeple...but no. Actually it looked like nothing had even happened, several people were talking and eating in the food court while others walked calmly around the rest of the rest stop. I turned to look at Sam who looked back with a confused face.

"Did they not notice that?" she asked shouldering her bag and stepping out from the bathroom.

I followed her and looked over at the happily eating people, they seemed...fine...not even diseveled from the earthquake. We walked over to the McDonald's counter and went up to the open register where a man in his late thirties stood there looknig quite bored.

"Excuse me are is everyone alright? That was one heck of an earthquake we just had." Sam asked the man.

He looked up at us oddly, a scowling creasing his already unpleasant features.

"Ah...earthquake did you say?"

Sam flashed me a look, "Yes...the one that just happened? Like two minutes ago..."

The man gave a crooked smirk, "Ha real funny girl. Now are you gunna order sumthin' or just stand there all day making up fairy tales?"

I felt my jaw hand open as the man stood there snobbishly, openly denying that there had been a freaking earthquake not five minutes before hand. But before I could say anything Sam gave a grumble and quickly ordered some food and a couple of drinks. After punching in out order the man turned and started talking with younger woman who gave an amused laugh.

Sam gave a growl but said nothing; her eyes narrowed to slits. I myself was thoroughly creeped out and started fingering my necklace again. It didn't make any sense, Sam and I both were rocked around in the bathroom while out here there seemed to be...nothing. What had happened?

Within a few minutes though our food was ready and Sam paid for it without a word, grabbed the bags, and stormed over to the tables across the rest stop. There she sat down at a table in the corner, by the window. Looing out to the highway and cars that whizzed by.

"Sam...what do you think happened?" I asked softly, receiving the shake and burger that my friend had ordered for me.

At first she didn't answer as she organized her own food in front of her and then threw out the bags and other garbage. Only then did she look up at me with a worried look.

"I have no idea Cari...I really have no idea. It was extremely weird..." she let the sentence fade and looked down halfheartedly at her own burger.

I took a small bite and noticed that my hands were shaking slightly, making a drip of mustard come off my burger on plop onto the floor. I gulped and put the food back down and sipped my shake, trying to calm my nervous stomach and thrumming heart.


I stared at my food, no longer feeling hungry as I had before. 'Why had no one else noticed the quake?' I thought to myself and decided to atleast try to eat something. I looked across the table at Cari who stared ahead without seeing, her hands shaking to a point where sauce had dripped off of her own food. I sighed and closed my eyes, trying to think this through logically. But nothing came to mind except the idea that both my friend and I were slowly going nuts.

But I disregarded that idea as that the probability that both of us were going insane and having the same visions from our insanity was one in like a billion. Maybe we were just really tired from the travelling, I know I was. And the stress of moving to collage and getting on with life could definitely have some unwanted effects on the consiousness...right?

Either way I refused to believe that something totally supernatural or magical had just happened. So I ignored the nervous churning of my stomach and started to dig into my burger and after another few minutes Cari did the same. Soon I was happily full and regretfully sipping the last of my shake. Trying to psych myself up to get back on the road I stood up and stretched my arms over my head and grabbed my backpack.

"Alright ready to hit the road again?" I said and Cari nodded, her demenor still slightly weird but I could tell she was trying to forget the weird earthquake as well.

Just as she was about to stand up as well some guy walked passed us and knocked into me, causing my backpack to go tumbling to the floor and everything inside of it to go spilling out the top.

"Hey watch it?" he called over his shoulder and I was tempted to give him a rude gesture but controlled myself, and stuck with just glaring at his retreating back.

"Man what was that about? He woke up on the wrong side of the berth this morning." Cari said helping me sweep my stuff back into my bag.

I gave a humffff of indignation and stuffed my sweat shirt into my backpack roughly, making wrappers and my i-pod fall out of the pocket. I stood up and put the backpack over my shoulder when I noticed something lying next to my foot. It looked like a small sliver of metal or jewelry, it must've fallen out of my pocket too...

But before I could pick it up Cari scooped up the sliver and held it up, "What do you think this is?"

"Dunno, looks like...wait..." I looked closer at the metal sliver and saw the half complete runes that were scrawled on it...alien runes.

Just then Cari stiffen for a moment and her pupils dialated.

"Cari?" I said and put a hand on her shoulder.

But the weird change was gone in a flash and my friend dropped the shard of metal as if it had burned her. It bounced twice on the tile floor and on the second bounce a flash spread out from it and I yelped as my i-pod (which was still on the ground) started to twitch and shiver; then it divided into different compartments and morphed into a tiny...little...robot. It's beady little eyes darted around and it lept up. It chittered in some strange language then waddled off in the opposite direction, and I caught one english

Around us people started screaming and I moved out of the way as some man was running around with another tiny bot stuck to his head, it's evil laughter just audible over the now ensuing chaos. A similar situation was happening to my left where a woman was swatting her former i-Pad with her purse, trying to keep the monster from clawing at her face. More yells were coming from the McDonald's counter and I had to immediatly duck as some goopy, white, gunk went flying over my head.

All the machine's in the fast food resturant had transformed as well and were bombarding the employees with hlaf cooked burgers, nuggets, and squirting melted shake all over the place. The ugly man who had taken my order was at the moment being chased by the cash register. The woman who he had talke too was being pelted with french fires and pickles from the former grill.

"What the hell!" I yelled and pulled Cari up next to me, behind a wall that separated the two halves of the food court.

She looked at me with an incredulous face but in the depths of her eyes I could see sparks of excitments...and I knew why. This was what had happened to Sam in the second Transformers movie, and being Cari she would've picked up on that right away. But right at that moment my i-pod came back around the corner and pointed a clawed finger at me and jabbered some more nonsense in it's alien language.

"Uh-oh..." I said and scrambled backwards as more of the little robots followed behind my i-pod and started to gather around my ankles.

"Sam we need to get out of here..." Cari tugged at my shirt sleeve.

"Yeah I'd say it's about time!"

I quickly scooped up my bag and before I could convince myself other wise I put the tiny sliver of metal into my backpack as well. Then before the small army of electronic devices could jump us I dragged my friend towards the exit. I swerved to the right as a game console tied to attack us, the sound of Mario music blaring from it's speakers. Then I blew through the doors and into the parking lot, nearly getting hit by some idiot in an SU(ck)V.

But I could see that some small phone like creature was banging on top of the hood of the car so I couldn't really hold it against him.

"Sam! What's going on?" Cari shouted as I bolted between the cars, trying to find my Prius.

"I think you know what's going on Cari!" I said back and I could almost feel her inner nerd getting ready to burst forth.

I reached the spot where my car should've been but all there was was an empty parking space.

'Either someone stole my car or the whole dimention shift forgot to bring my ride with it!' I thought to myself.

I gave a growl of anger and frustration and kicked the bumper of the nearest car, making my self even more pissed off as I stubbed my big toe.


"WHAT!" I shouted and then slightly bad as Cari flintched.

"Huh...I'm sorry Cari...just I can't believe it..." I said trying to keep the anger out of my voice.

I thought I had left the robots back in their movie bad that God just loves prooving me wrong.

"Me neither!" she squealed and I rolled my eyes.

"The Transformers!" XD

I pinched the bridge of my nose, "Yeah...they're stalking me again."