Revenge of the Swapped:

Okay I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while. Vacations, summer camps, writer blocks, and well...laziness. BUT NO MORE! Here is chapter 7 and I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback I'd like to hear it. Thanks so much! - Rin

Chapter 7-

"Um excuse me sir!" I waved over at one of the guards at the giant warehouse doors.

The guy looked over at me with a suspisious look but walked over, the AK-47 still held firmly in his hands. I stood still as he came over and looked down at me.

"Is something wrong miss?"

"Yeah something's wrong. There's no bathroom in here." I said raising an eyebrow and tapping my foot, the key chain on my backpack jingling.

I was lucky that no one had checked Bumblebee's backseats when we had been confined to the base. My backpack containing my phone, various notebooks, a couple granola bars, and a t-shirt was still in tact. Also still in the back was Leo's phone and Michael's tin container that he had brought from his house.

The guard frowned, "I'm sorry but you're supposed to stay in this hangar until Director Galloway orders to move you from the premisis." he said crisply as if reading from a script.

"Dude...really? I have to get to a bathroom, it's a basic human need. Come on!" I grumbled, waving my arms wildly.

I continued my rant until two more soldiers started to walk over to where I stood, one was a shorter guy with graying hair and the other was a tough looking woman with short hair and a scar on her face.

"Is there a problem here?" the woman asked, a frown making her scar crinkle.

"Um yes, I would like to use the ladies room and your friend here says that I have to ait until your Director gets back." I explained to the woman.

"I'm sorry but what he said is correct, you're just going to have to wait." she responded tightly.

I gave a dramatic sigh, "But Ma'am you must know what it's like right? I mean we're both girls and have that...time?" I raised both my eyes brows and looked her right in the eye.

The woman looked at me for a few seconds, her dark eyes reading my face closely. Finally she sighed and strapped her weapon to her back.

"I'll escourt her, just get back to your duties." the two men nodded slowly, looking slightly uncomfortable, and moved back to their original positions.

"Come on." she muttered and I gave a small smile.

The woman guided me past several guards who didn't give me or the female soldier a second glance. It was about a three minute walk to a small room with a single door that was in the corner.

"Here, do what you gotta do and get out. If it take's longer than ten minutes I'm breaking down that door." the woman said and I nodded.

"Thanks, you're a life saver." I grinned and quickly went inside.

As soon as the light was on and the door was closed my smile dropped and I quickly looked around the room. There was obviously a toilet in the corner with a dingy sink and some sort of cabinet that was crooked and one of the doors was off a hinge. But my eyes went right too the thing I had been looking for, a small window about a foot and a half wide and a foot tall.

As I inspected closer I saw that there was a silver padlock on the side of the window. With a grin I took the pocket knife Lennox had lent me out of my pocket and started playing with the lock. Fo about a minute I struggled with the resilient metal but in the end I gave up and angrily shuved the pocket knife back in my pocket.

'Time for plan B...' I thought to myself, hoping that it wouldn't have to come to this.

I grabbed my backpack and unzipped it to reveil the large, metal, box that I had stuffed inside. With a grunt I hefted the box up out of the backpack and put it on top of the back of the toilet. There were muffled shouts coming from the box and I winced at their loudness.

"You okay in there?" the voice of my guard came throught the door and I froze.

"Umm, yeah just...just some bad Chinese food from yesturday!" I groaned back, hoping that the hesitance in my voice would go unnoticed.

There was no response so I assumed that my excuse was excepted and I turned back to the box. I tapped my fingernail against the lid and the sounds ceased almost immediatly.

"Can you hear me?" I whispered quietly into the key hole of the box.

A hollow bang let me know that the little captive inside the box could indeed hear me and I sighed.

"I'm going to let you out, but you have to behave. Or else you get put back into the box and your second eye is a gonner." I hissed again and this time I was answered with a wimper.

Taking a deep breath I unlocked the box and for good measure took out the pocket knife again. Slowly the lid opened and fell back, the occupant blinked rapidly at the sudden appearence of bright light, the little robot cringing slightly.

"I will have so many Decepticons on your butt you'll..." the little robot started to growl but I instantly held out the pocket knife close to the one undamaged eye that he had.

That shut him up right away and he tried to back away but was stopped by the edge of the toilet.

"Okay, listen to me. I need you to break that lock on the window, see it?" I muttered, pointing to the window with my left, unoccupied, hand.

The little robot's eye flicked over to the lock and then back to my face and then to the weapon in my right hand.

"If you do that, I'm not gunna hurt you okay. But you gotta be really quiet." I said and lowered the knife slightly.

At this the bot, Wheelie I remembered was his name, relaxed slightly and gave a slow nod. Then with one last wairy stare he lept to the floor and scuttled over to the window. There was a series of clicks as his tiny arm transformed into some sort of welder and a small, blue, flame hissed from the end and within second metled through the window's lock.

"Excellent!" I said with a smirk and looked down the wall outside.

It was only a five foot drop to the pavement below, "Alright, I'm going to need your help again. I need you to go outside and make sure that no one is outside. There's a friend of mine in the next building over and I need to go help him."

'Yeah and what's in it fer me?" Wheelie snipped back, his good eye narrowing.

I frowned, "You get to keep your eye and my Autobot friend's won't fry your tailpipe."

Wheelie froze, "Yeah...okay yeah that sound reasonable."

The little bot scamperered down the from the window and scurried to the edge of the building. I waited the minute when he came running back and poked his head back into the window.

"There are two guards, but they're not coming this way. Or atleast not yet." he whispered and I nodded.

Slowly I zipped my backpack back up and hid the metal box under the toilet. Then I lowered my bag to the ground and slid out of the window, careful to make as little noise as possible.

My feet touched the asphalt and I looked around quickly, making sure that the guards weren't coming my way. Then scanning around I spotted a window on the warehouse across a stretch of tarmac about a hundred feet wide.

I shouldered my backpack and made sure that Wheelie was still next to me.

'Show time!'

Carefully I ran across to the other warehouse and peeked through a grimy window. Inside it seemed there were only a few soldiers, two were asleep on some folding chairs and the other two were playing some sort of card game. Behind them I could make out the front of an army Jeep and a giant black mass that was covered in some sort of tarp.

'Optimus!' I thought, quickly ducking down as a light flashed somewhere to my right.

I froze and waited as a guard passed the end of the warehouse, the source of light coming from the flashlight in his hand. Slowly the soldier disappeared around the corner and I let out my pent up breath.

"Okay now to find an enterance..." I muttered unsure of how I was going to get inside.

I scanned upwards, searching for some sort of window or air duct that I could slip into but I was out of luck. Of course it wasn't going to be that easy.

"Psssttt!" I heard the sharp noise and whipped around.

"Wheelie?" I hissed not seeing the small robot anywhere.

"PSSSSTTT!" the sound was louder this time and turned again to see the robot had scooted behind me and was pointing to something near the ground a few feet away.

I walked over quietly and saw that the thing he had been pointing too was a small grate in the side of the warehouse that seemed to be connected to a sewer. I was slightly skeptical though, the hole was extremely small and there seemed to be a good amount of dirty water running from it and down into the ground.

"Really?" I knelt down to examine the grate closer and wasn't encouraged.

"Take it or leave it, it's the best we got." the bot said back, his little arms crossing his chassis.

I sighed and pulled at the grate and found that it easily slid out and to the side. With a grimice I slid onto my back and put my back pack on my stomach. Then I started started to pull myself through the small hole into the warehouse. Moist air assaulted my nose and eyes, making them burn and I felt a small stream start to soak my back and legs. What only took about a minute felt like hours as I looked forward to see the end of the drainage hole.

With a heave I pushed myself throught the hole and stood up stiffly; holding my sodden arms away from my body.

"This is so gross!" I muttered to myself, feeling my stomach clentch as I imagined what nasty stuff could be in the water.

I was almost glad that I hadn't eaten that day.

Trying my best to ignore the water and who knows what dripping from my clothes I quickly looked around; praying that the soldiers in the warehouse hadn't heard anything. But from the continued snoring and muttered talking I guessed that they hadn't. Behind me I heard a slight rev and I turned to see that Wheelie had followed me through.

"So what we lookin' fer?" he muttered, eyeing the corner where the soldiers were.

I turned back around and stared at the giant shape that was covered by the giant tarp. It was only across the warehouse but to me it seemed like a football field. I was so close to my goal but it seemed to so far away with those soldiers only yards away.

'Come on Sam...don't let that get in the way. If you can just wake Optimus up he'll be able to keep the guards at bay.' I thought to myself.

I took a deep breath and shot one last glance at the soldier and then darted over to the robot. Without pausing I climbed up onto the Autobot's exposed arm and then crawled underneath the tarp. Everything went dim and took on the greenish color of the tarp, I pulled myself up onto Optimus's chassis and tried to figure out where I was. The tarp blocked out my vision from everything a foot away or more. Slowly I crawled forward, my knee banging into something and I gave a muffled swear.

Finally I found the gaping hole in the middle of the Prime's chest and I took off my backpack. Just then I heard a shout and I knew that the guards had found out that something was amiss, there was the sounds of shuffling around and I knew that I only had seconds left. With fumbling hands I unzipped my backpack and grabbed the small silver shard that was at the bottem of the bag.

Just then the tarp started to move and one of the soldiers called out, "Whoever is under there come out with your hands up!"

I did the stupid thing and ignored the order. Instead I plunged my hand down into the crater of Optimus's chest and let go of the All Spark shard. There was a tink as the metal piece landed somewhere inside the robot and a small flash. It was then that something grabbed my leg and pulled me backwards off Optimus's chest.

I whacked my head against the Prime's arm on the way down and I felt my backpack get ripped out of my grip. Yelling and kicking didn't help my cause as I was pulled out from underneath the tarp and into the now bright light of the warehouse.

"You are in a whole heap of trouble missy!" the soldier pinning my arms to my sides growled, his two other companions looking just as pleased as he sounded; both of them holding their guns at the ready.

'Dammit Optimus! Any second now!' I thought as the men started to drag me away.

But nothing happened, not even a twitch from the seemingly still dead robot. Feeling my heart drop I tried to pull away from the soldier but it was no use, his grip was like iron. I was turned away from the unmoving robot and I felt all the hopes that I had had crash down at my failure.

If the All Spark didn't work that ment the Autobots would have to either leave or stay prisoner on Earth, N.E.S.T would be disbanded, and Cari would be captured either by the goverment or the Decepticons. Neither of which were extremely good.

"ARRGGHH!" one of the soldiers suddenly cried out from behind me and I crained my head to see some small silver blur biting the soldier's arm.

"Wheelie?" I breathed, feeling the soldier's grip on my arm loosen.

It was then I understood, the little robot was giving me a chance to escape, and I took it without any questions. I ripped my arm out of the soldier's grip and bolted towards the drain that was in the side of the warehouse. I slid, baseball style into the hole and pulled myself back throught the mushy, moist, tunnel. There were several loud bangs that I assumed were gunfire and even more swears coming from the soldiers. I didn't pay too much attention though as I escaped from the tunnel and pulled myself upwards.

"Don't move!"

I gasped and looked up from where I was sitting on the wet ground. Around me were about ten or so soldiers, the leader the woman who had lead me to the bathroom.

"Uh...hi?" I said trying to give a phoney smile but it was lost on the stoney faces of the soldiers.

"You are to be detained until further notice. If you resist further you will be considered an enemy to the state." the woman said not lowering the hand gun that she held, and from the look in her eyes I knew she ment business.

I frowned, wanting to run but I knew that that would be probably the stupidest thing to do at the moment. Instead I raised my hands above my head.

Suddenly there was a loud scream from inside the warehouse and a series of gutteral clangs and the sound of something ripping.

"What the hell is going on in there!?" the female soldier demanded pointing her gun at the wall of the warehouse.


The ground shook and I fell to the ground as the roof of the warehouse exploded and pieces of metal rained down along with bullet shells. The sound of groaning gears and smashing metal made me cover me ears and shut my eyes. Then I heard the muffled sound of gunshots as two gigantic things crashed on either side of me.

Then it went strangly quiet, deathly quiet.

I hesitated a second and peeked open my eyes and uncovered my ears. I saw that the company of soldiers were all looking up with several variations of dumbstruck framing their faces. Warily I looked up, lowering my hands, and saw that the two things that had crashed on either side of me were giant, metal, feet.

"Sam is that you...what has happened?" a deep booming voice asked and I looked up into the confused and battle scared face of Optimus Prime.

Shakily I stood up and backed up so I could see the Autobot leader more easily, a wary grin creapy across my face.

"Yeah Optimus it's me. And as to what's happened...that'll be a long story...a very long story."