The sea. It's a beautiful mistress that never seems to end. It's the best thing in the world and life is always at its best in the sea.

Arthur sighed happily. The sun was high in the sky, and there was not a single cloud. A slight breeze whipped past his face. A perfect day to be sailing…

He would enjoy it so much more if only he were captain.

Arthur was soon swept out of his daydream by orders being barked at him. Arthur obeyed the order, grabbing hold of a nearby rope and pulling hard on it. Arthur looked over to the starboard side of the ship, where they were apparently turning. It looked like there was a speck in the distance. As they got closer, the speck formed into the shape of a ship.

But this wasn't just any ship. It looked like it belonged to the Royal Navy. Arthur couldn't hide a smile growing on his face. Just about the only thing he had in common with the other scurvy-ridden idiots on this ship was their hatred for the Royal Navy. Arthur couldn't wait to load the cannons that would be aimed right at that ship. And then set off that lovely charge.

"Oi, which port's right next to here?" a crew mate asked loudly to the others.

"I think we're gettin' close to America," another one said. "Must be one of them towns' navy. They're recruiting there now, I guess."

"So that means that there will be fresh blood on that ship," the familiar French voice of the first mate chimed in and Arthur grimaced. He decided not to even look up at the man, he knew him well enough. He always had bouncing, long, blonde hair and a flamboyant and bright outfit on. He was the most annoying person in the world to Arthur, but Francis never seemed to get the hint that he hated him.

"Don't tell me you're going to kidnap another boy toy," Arthur sighed.

"Well, I must!" Francis said happily. "I did break the last one."

"It's not breaking if he runs away," Arthur pointed out bluntly. "And don't you find it the slightest bit odd that you like men?"

"Don't you find it odd that you don't?" Francis asked flirtatiously and Arthur shivered.

"BELOW DECKS! NOW!" the booming voice of the captain, Antonio, nearly made Arthur jump 10 feet in the air. Arthur took a quick glance up at the captain. He was, like always, adorned in his red jacket with gold trim and matching hat that covered up his chocolate brown hair and slightly his green eyes.

Arthur quickly departed with most of the crew into the darkness that was below decks. He scurried over to a cannon on the starboard side, where the ship was going to be coming up. He worked fast, like the other crew mates, loading the cannon with the gunpowder and the cannonball.

Arthur looked up after he was finished, through the hole in front of the cannon to steal a quick look at the other ship. He didn't even have to look at it for a second before he found what was probably the most fascinating thing Arthur had ever seen. No, he wasn't fascinating. He was gorgeous, he was beautiful.

He had hair the color of the bright sun shining above his head, one cute little strand sticking out of his forehead, and his eyes were the color of the gorgeous sea turning beneath them. His skin was tan, like he would lie out in the sun all day. Even though he bore the outfit of the Royal Navy, that only accented to his beauty. Arthur couldn't help but think that he had seen this man before. Somewhere in his best dreams, most likely.

Arthur could have gazed at this wonder of the world forever, but one world broke him out of his trance.


Arthur had to watch Alfred's beautiful face contort with shock as the ship was blown to smithereens.

Alfred desperately tried to breathe through his coughing as he clung desperately to a barrel. Being a human sucked. You couldn't breathe underwater (he learned that the hard way just a couple minutes ago) and swimming was merely impossible with those things called legs. He was incredibly lucky he had found that barrel, or he would have drowned. That would not have turned out well.

The last thing he had seen before the ship was blown up was that damn pirate flag. He hated pirates. From the stories he had heard and even the things he had seen, pirates were horrible, vile people that did anything for money. As the hero, he would never allow people like that to exist. And he was busy on a mission at the time, too. He had to find someone, and fast.

Through Alfred's coughs, he heard the sound of a boat rowing through the water. He glanced up with slight hope it was a part of the crew on the ship he was just on, but that hope was shot down when he saw the people in it. There were three people. One of them was rowing and Alfred could only see the back of his head. But his hair was black and he wore an off-white, short sleeve shirt that did nothing to hide his massive tattoos that covered his tan, muscular arms. Then there was a man who had long, blonde hair and obnoxious, bright colored clothing. He was talking very annoyingly, and Alfred just guessed he wouldn't get along with him. He couldn't quite see the third person, though… The rower was in the way.

Alfred continued his coughing, trying to get his breathing under control again.

"You see, I knew he was alive!" an annoying weird accented voice sounded off and Alfred looked down at the water. It was tainted a dark color.

"I bloody well knew he was alive, frog!" a British voice snapped. Alfred knew that accent well. He would listen to people with that accent all the time.

Alfred didn't have to look up to know that the boat had stopped right in front of him. He refused to look up. These were pirates. He would rather die than be saved by pirates.

"You want to be a pirate, mon cher?" the odd voice asked seductively.

"No," Alfred's voice croaked.

"You know you want to be one~" the voice said seductively.

"I would rather die," Alfred managed out. His English was a little rusty from lack of use.

"That's not how you talk to someone who's been through so much," the British voice said and Alfred could have sworn he heard the sound of a hand smacking something. Alfred smiled. Before he knew it, a hand appeared in front of his face. For a pirate, the hand looked rather nice and well groomed. "Come on, lad. There are better ways to die."

Alfred's curiosity got the best of him and he looked up the arm to look at the face of the pirate. He nearly lost his grip on the barrel when he saw who it was. It was the man he had been searching for, the man he never expected to see in person ever again. This time he looked different, though, far more alive. His hair was a pretty blonde that practically shimmered in the light and his pretty green eyes reminded Alfred of some of the prettiest corral he had ever seen. But the corral did no justice compared to those wondrous emeralds before Alfred's eyes. The man was tanned from the hours in the sun that he most likely got every day as a pirate.

Before Alfred knew what he was thinking, he gripped onto the hand and allowed himself to be pulled onto the small little rowboat. Soon, he found himself placed between his dream man and the annoying flamboyant one.

"Ah, bonjour, jolie garcon," the flamboyant one chimed in a language Alfred did not know and snaked an arm around his side.

"Don't do that," Alfred said quickly, prying the man off him, which resulted in him leaning against Arthur. Alfred desperately tried to hide a blush coming onto his face by looking down at the bottom of the boat. He still couldn't get over seeing himself with two legs. This was not a situation Alfred enjoyed all too much. He hated pirates, but he found that man, so he couldn't just leave… Why the hell did he have to be a pirate?

"Lad?" the man was trying to get Alfred's attention. Alfred snapped out of his stupor and looked into those deep, wonderful gems of eyes. "I asked you your name. The least you could do is tell me what it is."

"Um…A-Alfred," Alfred stuttered and mentally hit himself a thousand times over. Why did he sound so pathetic for his first words to this man? Why?

"You don't have a last name?" the flamboyant one asked.

"Um…uh…" Alfred thought for a second. What was a common human last name? "Jones," he blurted out.

"Alfred Jones," the dream man said and Alfred nearly melted when he heard that heavenly voice say his name. "Well, Alfred, my name is Arthur Kirkland."

"Nice to meet you," Alfred smiled and nodded politely towards Arthur. Finally, his dream had a name. And a damn good one at that.

"My name is Francis Bonnefroy," the flamboyant one said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Alfred sighed, wanting to turn his attention back to Arthur, but they had already made it to the pirates' ship. Alfred looked up the side of it. It was huge! Nowhere nearly as big as the last ship Arthur was on, but it was still rather nice. No wonder the thing was able to blow apart that navy vessel with no problem…

Ropes came down as they neared the side of it and the others started working to get them up on the deck.

Living underwater was boring… That was what Mathew always decided whenever his brother was gone. Alfred would always go out on adventures, leaving Mathew to sit by their father's side on a rock, staring at his tail as it shimmered between blue and violet. Mathew smiled as he remembered Alfred always getting mad at those stories humans tell about mermaids and how there are no mermen in those stories. They're always referred to as a whole as mermaids. Mathew didn't mind it much, but it really got on Alfred's nerves.

Mathew sighed, he was soon bored again. He started drumming his fingers on the rock he was sitting on. He looked about the throne room they were in. It was actually a rather large room, but there wasn't much in it. There was a large doorway coming into the room and then there was a long pathway, though there was no need for it, considering they all swam over it. At the end of the pathway was the throne of the king, Mathew and Alfred's father. He always kept his trusty weapon, his trident, right next to the throne. On either side were beautiful rocks for Alfred and Mathew to sit on. Though, Alfred has never sat on it in his life. Maybe once, when he was little, but that didn't last long. Around the room, decorating the walls, there were several, very tall windows that stretched from the ceiling to the ground.

"Mathew," Mathew's father, King Triton, spoke suddenly, making Mathew jump. He looked over to his aging father, his hair and long beard graying. The bright blue eyes he had given Alfred and Mathew were shining with worry. His tail a gorgeous green.

"Yes sir?" Mathew asked politely. Unlike, his brother, he treated all adults with respect.

"Have you seen Alfred around?" he asked and Mathew looked away quickly. That was the question he wanted to avoid. Alfred always relied on him to cover for him with their father.

"Um, no, not really, sir," Mathew muttered.

"Speak louder, Mathew, I can't quite hear you," King Triton sighed. Mathew tried not to roll his eyes. He always did that and Mathew hated it.

"No, sir," Mathew spoke louder this time.

"Do you know where he could be?" he asked Mathew.

"Maybe he's out exploring some of the ocean floor he hasn't seen yet," Mathew shrugged. This wasn't going to end well, he could tell already.

"How long has it been since you've last seen him?" Triton asked.

"A week," Mathew decided to answer truthfully, looking down at his tail again. He looked down at his hands, pretending to marvel at the webbing between the fingers and the slightly pointed nails.

"That long?" the king sat upright from his slightly slouched position. "You're the one who sees him the most, yeah?"

"Well…yes," Mathew muttered

"God, why the hell do I have to do this?" Mathew heard muttering coming towards them and looked over to the source to find the captain of the guard, Gilbert with his pure white hair and fiery red eyes, traveling towards them. His odd, red tail shimmering in the scant rays of light they actually got in this room.

"Hi, Gil," Mathew waved politely to him as he swam quickly down the pathway.

All Gilbert did was nod politely (in the wrong direction, Mathew might add) and continued on his way to the front of King Triton's throne.

"Sire, I have bad news," Gilbert said, looking down, and not up at the king.

"Yes?" Triton asked rather irritably. It was obvious he was still thinking about Alfred.

"Well," Gilbert started swimming in circles as he talked. "Me and my awesome men were awesomely doing our duties." Mathew giggled. He always found it entertaining when Gilbert went off on his rants about how awesome he was. "And we were trying to find Alfred, since he hadn't been seen from anyone in quite a while. And…" Gilbert stopped talking and swimming at the same time. He looked terrified to continue.

"Continue," Triton waved to him. Mathew leaned forward slightly, he was actually getting interested now.

"Well, we thought we saw him in a town…" He winced. "Up on land." Triton looked furious. Mathew was shocked. Alfred had dreamed of going on land, but Mathew never thought he would do it. Gilbert continued before Triton could interrupt. "And so we went to investigate. It only took us a few minutes to dry on the beach before we got our legs and we searched around. Turns out…he signed up for the human's Navy."

What followed was an awkward silence that Gilbert chose to fill by flinching away from what he knew would be the wrath of King Triton. Mathew looked at his father, curious to see what his reaction would be.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HIM!" Triton nearly screamed and Mathew jumped again, this time a lot higher. He stayed above his rock now, swimming slightly away from his scary father. His face was turning red, he was so mad. And his glare was set on Gilbert, like he wanted to kill him.

"He was already on the ship!" Gilbert said quickly, trying to save his skin. "The sea was rough and we couldn't risk allowing it to splash us in front of that huge crowd!"

"Good Lord, Alfred!" Triton seemed to be calming down, so Mathew inched back towards his rock.

"It was amazing, though," Gilbert added. "I saw him get splashed directly by the water. I saw him flinch, like he was afraid of turning back, but nothing happened."

"Really?" Mathew asked. That was interesting… "That could only mean…"

"He's…HUMAN?" Triton snapped again.

"I guess," Gilbert flinched.

"Go find him and bring him back," the king said through clenched teeth. "I will turn him back with my own magic if I have to!"

Mathew even flinched at his father's severity as Gilbert made a hasty retreat out of the room. Mathew looked after him longingly for a second, then he stole a quick glance at his father. He swam quickly after Gilbert, before his father could see where he was going.

Eventually, Mathew caught up with him, swimming to his left side.

"I'm coming with you," Mathew said and Gilbert looked back at him like he was crazy.

"Are you nuts?" Gilbert asked, stopping where he was in the hallway, Mathew copied.

"I'm coming with you," Mathew insisted, staring right into Gilbert's eyes.

"Do you know how dangerous that is, birdie?" Gilbert asked and Mathew twitched at his nickname. He didn't even know what a "birdie" was. Why did he have to call him that?

"Yes, I know full well," Mathew crossed his arms over his chest.

"You're not coming," Gilbert said and continued swimming, like that was that. But Mathew wasn't giving up so easily.

"Yes, I am," he insisted. "Even if you say I can't, I'm still going to follow you."

"Look," Gilbert turned around to face Mathew. "I know you want to go to help your brother, but you're just a little too much to handle. He," he pointed back to the throne room, "would have my head if anything happened to you."

"This isn't about Alfred," Mathew said. "He can handle himself just fine. I've seen him fight a shark and wound out without a scratch on him. I just want to get away."

"There are better ways to get away," Gilbert placed a hand delicately on Mathew, as if he would break with the slightest touch. That just irritated Mathew to no end.

"Will you stop treating me like I'm made of glass?" Mathew snapped. "I hate it when people do that!"

"Well, I just treat you like that because you're a prince," Gilbert look stunted at Mathew's outburst.

"Do you treat Alfred like that?" Mathew sighed.

"Well, the only difference between you two is that you're younger," Gilbert tried to defend himself.

"I'm not younger!" Mathew said, exasperated. "We're twins! We're the same age! Does no one get that!"

"So, this isn't about you trying to get away," Gilbert raised an eyebrow. "This is about you wanting to prove you're just as good as your brother."

"I-I guess," Mathew looked down at the fin at the end of his tail. It swished around automatically, keeping him where he was.

"You're still not coming," Gilbert said, sadder this time.

"Why not?" Mathew snapped.

"Because that means that I have more people to watch out for," Gilbert said quickly. "I'm only taking the minimum people I can and even that's too much. If I didn't need a ship to find him…"

"I can go with you and I won't be a burden, I swear!" Mathew pleaded.

"Does your dad know you're going?" Gilbert winced.

"No…" Mathew muttered. "He doesn't even approve of me leaving the castle…"

"Okay then, come quietly," Gilbert sighed, like he couldn't believe what he was saying.

"What? Really?" Mathew asked hopefully as Gilbert started swimming again.

"Just promise me you won't make my life miserable," Gilbert laughed as the hyperactive Mathew swam ahead victoriously.

"I'm coming, Alfred," Mathew muttered to himself.

Alrighty then! This is my newest story, Kidnapped! Believe it or not, it is a twist on The Little Mermaid. I am putting my own style to it, though. Like making the mermaids a little bit more like those not in Disney, but in real life. And, you're also starting in the middle of the story! Another think I would like to point out really quick, when they are underwater, the merpeople, they are not speaking in English. They are speaking in whatever merpeople speak in to talk to each other.

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