As she was sat in her dark, cold cell, she thought about the last few

weeks and what had happened. To be honest she didn't really know. She

was just leaving the school, like any other normal day, she was tired

and upset over the Michael situation, and that's when she saw him. He

was walking mindlessly out of the school doors and she just saw red.

She put her foot down and BANG he was on the floor with blood gushing

from his head and just about breathing.

"we could off been so good together, Michael" she said to him as he

was led there helplessly. She looked at him one last time then walked

away with a real buzz from punishing him. She obviously regretted

what had happened, but Michael wouldn't even listen to her side of the

story and the news she had to tell him.

"Michael are you sure your okay?" asked Tom. "your miles away again."

"Yes, sorry. I'm fine, just thinking about some things." "Okay, well

if your sure, Sian how many more people are coming up from Rochdale

for a trial run?" As Sian and Tom carried on talking about the move to

Scotland and how the school was getting on, Michael carried on

thinking, he couldn't concentrate, his mind was on Linda and the day she

had got arrested. Linda was his oldest and dearest friend and deep

down he new why she ran him over. It was because ever since she had

joined the school he had been unfriendly and treated her badly, he

could see what it was doing to her, but didn't have the time or energy

to be friendly and sort out what was going on because of the problems with

Sian and the school until that day she reached breaking point and took action.

He couldn't stop thinking about her in that cell all on her own

because of what he did to her, that her being someone he used to call

his best friend. He new he had to get her out, and fast!

"Oi Radleigh, pack your bags, your leaving!" said the fierce looking

prison guard. "What? Why? Where am I going?" said a surprised Linda.

"Dont ask stupid questions, you know full well where your going!" "No I don't!

Am I getting moved to a different prison, what did I done wrong?"

"Don't be silly your leaving, getting out, got a free card. I cant make it any

simpler can I? now hurry up and pack, you've got 5 minutes!" She didn't need

to be told twice, she grabbed her few things and stuffed them into her little

bag. She was out them doors faster than you could say 'hit and run.' As she

walked out to the gate she sighed a huge sigh of relief, she didn't know what

she was doing out of prison, but she new someone who did and decided to go off

and find him, but not just to find out why he had let her go.