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Michael had dropped Lexi over at Tom and Christine's while Linda was getting ready as Michael was taking her out tonight, She choose to wear a tight Purple dress that cut off just before her knee's and showed of her baby bump that was getting bigger and bigger everyday.

Half an hour later Michael had returned. "Are you ready?" He smiled.

Linda emerged from the bathroom and nodded.

"Wow!" He beamed "You look stunning" He walked up to her and kissed her putting a protective hand on her bump. Linda kissed him back, grabbed her bag and they left.

"Are we there yet?" Linda asked, they had been walking for ages and had no idea where they were going.

"Nearly there" Michael smiled.

"Were not going on the sand are we, I hate getting it in between my toes" Linda moaned when Michael led her on to a nice little beach with a stunning view of the sunset.

"Yeah, come on" He grinned

They walked halfway across the beach until they came across a wetter part of the beach where you could make great sand castles and write in the sand.

"Oh my God" Linda said looking at the sand then at Michael "Is this you?" She asked shocked. In the sand someone had written 'Will you marry me?'

He nodded and dropped on to one knee. "Linda Radleigh, Will you marry me?"

"Yes" She squealed.

Michael stood up and places a ring on her finger.

"I love it" She beamed.

"Good, what about me though?"

She laugh, "and I love you even more"