Christine's Escape

It was a peaceful night. Everyone at the chateau was fast asleep, even the guards. It had been a hot summer, and this cool night was irresistible to even the toughest men. A breeze echoed through the halls, moaning and whistling, as if assisting an escape. Quiet feet tiptoed across the stone floor, hoping to not be caught.

Christine glanced behind her for what felt like the hundredth time. She was beyond paranoid, and her heart had been thundering in her chest for the past hour. She had to bite her tongue to keep from yelping whenever she thought she heard something. There could have been more time to plan if she had waited, because this hadn't been the night Christine had been planning on escaping. All the guards would be asleep though in this cool weather and she would take any chance she had at freedom. Grabbing her makeshift bundle of clothes and food, she had set off into the many corridors of the chateau. She knew her way around the large estate, and thought the front door would be the easiest way to leave. She grasped at one of the large handles and pulled. Much to her despair she found the door locked. As she shook the handle one last time, the door made an awful creak. Terrified, Christine whipped around to see if anyone had heard. She could feel dread knotting itself in her gut, as she slowly backed away. If someone had heard her and she was found, the punishment would be severe. She whimpered at the thought of Isabel when she found out Christine had tried to escape. Her thoughts were interrupted when she faltered. Her mouth went dry when the suit of armor behind her went crashing to the floor. What have I done? Christine thought as the silver suit spun and clinked on the floor. In moments she heard multiple doors creak open and loud footsteps took to the stairs. She could hear her heartbeat pounding in the back of her head, and she did the only thing she could think of. Run.

She ran faster than she ever had in her life. Her eyes no longer glanced behind in fear, but planned the route ahead. She took another quick turn and ran into someone, knocking them both to the floor. "Sorry." Christine hissed as she tried to get up and continue running.

"Wait!" She sighed in relief as Madame Giry rose from the floor and embraced her. "Child, you must be more careful." She whispered in her thick accent, pulling Christine along with her. "Come with me, I will help you." She sobbed with happiness as the woman led her down a winding hallway.

"Thank you." She said as they reached the kitchen. Madame Giry pulled her into a back room, and pulled open a small window. Christine looked out and saw that the forest was only half a mile away. She turned around and gave Madame Giry a fierce hug. "Thank you, I'll miss you so much." She whispered through tears. "Please tell Meg I'm sorry, but I had to leave."

"She will understand. We both understand. Now go Christine, and make haste." Christine smiled softly before pulling herself through the small window. She pulled her cloak more tightly around her, and took off towards the woods.

"She did what?" Isabel hissed through clenched teeth. The guard before her by the name of Andre stammered to try to ease her fury, but only agitated her more.

"S-She escaped, m-my lady." That girl was proving to be more of a problem than Isabel would have thought possible. She would not get far though, she would be found if it was the last thing she did. "We will send out a search party and track her down, my lady." Andre rushed to make up for his mistake. He shook with fear when his cruel mistress began to laugh.

"You think simpletons like yourselves will be able to find her?" She paused to laugh again. The cold metallic sound that left her mouth was not human, and it brought fear into anyone who heard it. "Oh no, I will hunt her down myself if I have to, but I know the perfect person to find her." She dismissed the relieved guard, who she would punish later for his insolence. "My dear Christine, you will never be free." Isabel said as she mounted her horse. Madame Giry and Meg watched their mistress take off down the road and whispered prayers for Christine. She would need all the help she could get.

Christine tore through the woods blindly as she ran from the chateau. Her dress was now torn in several places and soaked in sweat. How long had she been running? It felt like hours, but that couldn't be true. The adrenaline that had been coursing through her veins was gone, and she wanted nothing more than to stop running and sleep. There would be no respite though. If she were to stop they would surely find her, and that would mean facing Isabel. Something Christine would avoid at all costs. She groaned when distant thunder crashed overhead. Her pace quickened, though her lungs ached in protest. She hoped to find shelter before the storm became to great. Ten minutes later she was drenched and without relief from the endless rain.

Erik threw open the door with a snarl, furious he was being disturbed. He immediately went still when faced with the woman before him. She had light blonde hair and icy blue eyes that sparkled with intense beauty. A normal man would have fallen to his knees drooling, but Erik was not a normal man. He simply sneered at the witch on his doorstep. "Isabel." She stared at him with cold eyes, expecting him to invite her in. He would do no such thing. "What do you want."

"My Erik, you haven't changed a bit." He growled softly. "I have a job for you. May I come in?" She ended the line sweetly and waited for him to melt in her presence. Isabel knew her beauty was great, and men were weak toys meant to be trifled with. Instead of doing what she expected, Erik went onto the porch with her and looked down at her with disgust.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't treat you like a trespasser." His fury grew, and Isabel immediately got to the point. She sighed and pulled out a large bundle of cash.

" I need you to hunt down a servant of mine." As she talked, she slowly flipped through the money. He kept his vacant expression, but his eyes showed his confusion.

"Why would you want to hunt down a servant? Surely this is a waste of my time and your money." He would not normally question someone's reason for hiring him, but he did not feel like tracking down some whelp.

"Lets just say, she's important." Erik shot her another unsure glance when he heard that the servant was a woman. What had Isabel done to make her try and run? "I need her to claim something that is rightfully mine. The little snake thinks she has evaded me, well let us see how well she does with you on her tail."

"Now wait just a minute. I never agreed to anything! What makes you think I would ever work for you again! Not after last time..." He trailed off, his hands shaking with surfacing anger. "Get out." He whispered. Isabel did not move. "Get out!" He screamed, pushing her roughly to the side.

"No." She said calmly. Erik turned on her, wrapping his large hands around her neck. She did not even flinch when her life became threatened. "You will help me." She said calmly, staring him down. "I will pay you a great sum, and you need the money." He did need the money, though he would never admit it. How wonderful it would be for him to turn her down, but he could not lose his home. It was the last thing he had to remember her. He would not lose that.

Erik sighed in defeat. "Who is she?" Isabel smiled and began. He could not help but notice the woman's hate for this young girl and he pitied the wrath she would face when he found her, and he would find her.

Christine slipped and fell on the wet earth, letting the rain mix with her tears. She tried rise, but could not even sit up. Exhaustion numbed her bones and she could not feel her limbs beneath the wet fabric that clung to her skin. She heard footsteps, but no longer cared whether she was brought back to Isabel. All she wanted was rest. A kind face looked down at her, blurred from her perspective. He wiped her hair from her eyes and smiled softly. "What is your name mademoiselle?" Through purple lips she uttered a reply.

"Christine." She felt arms lift her from the soaked grass and embraced the warmth of him as sleep took her.

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