Chapter 1

James Potter paced outside the hospital room. Lily had been forced to deliver a month earlier than her due date. As he walked across the carpet once again, he mused that it was lucky he and Lily had been in the hospital when Lily started getting labor pains. They were visiting their friends, Alice and Frank who had just had a baby a few hours ago when Lily nearly fell onto James as she cried out in pain. Startled, they had rushed Lily into the room next door and numerous healers had converged. They had forced James to stay outside, only coming out to tell him that they were operating on Lily.

That was the reason James was currently wearing a hole into the carpet. At precisely that moment, there was a flurry of movement and James turned to see Sirius with his wife Miranda walk in. Sirius had in one hand James's second son, William and was holding the hand of his own son, Leo. The very pregnant Miranda Black was waddling over, her hand on the shoulder of James's eldest son, six year old Andrew who was pushing a stroller with James's third son, Daniel.

James smiled as he took the four year old boy from Sirius's arms. Remus arrived just then, looking panicked "What? What happened?"

"Uncle Remus!" Daniel grinned as he ran over to the brunette. Remus lifted him onto his shoulders before looking at James who said, "Its Lily, she went into premature labor when we were visiting Alice."

"Aaw, we were supposed to deliver on the same day" Miranda said with a small smile as she took James's hand in helping her to a seat.

James sent a smile at her before beginning his pacing again.

"Daddy, I am dizzy!" William complained after a few minutes of pacing in James's arms. James stopped in surprise and put the boy down, "Sorry Willy. Here you go buddy."

Willy grinned toothily before running over to Leo, clearly interested in the lion he was holding. Almost fifteen minutes later, a nurse walked out, a smile on her face, "Mr. Potter , congratulations. You are the father of twins – a boy and a girl."

James grinned slung Willy on his shoulders and rushed into the hospital room. He found Lily sitting up on the bed, her hands full of baby and a tired smile on her face. The first thing she said as James took the little black haired bundle was, "If you ever do that to me again James, I am murdering you."

James grinned at her before looking at the bundle in his arm with wonder.

"Well, Jamie you can stop complaining that none ofyour children look like you. This one is your carbon copy!" Sirius commented as he entered. James's grin widened even more at that. All his other children had red hair and seemed to resemble Lily more than him but this one… this one as different.

"So names?" Remus commented.

James handed the child to Remus and briefly glanced at Lily "This one is Harold James Potter."

Remus's eyes sparkled as he held the little boy in his arms. James walked over to Lily and they looked at the redhead in her arms with identical smiles. She announced shortly after, "And little this little one here is the first Potter girl in four generations, Calla Lily Potter."

James grinned widely as he finally felt like his family was complete.

Halloween a year later…

James bustled about the house, "Kids! Andrew, get Harry and Calla and get down here! Andrew, Will, Danny!"

There was a flurry of movement as everyone ran down the stairs. Andrew asked, "What happened dad? Are we being attacked?"

James looked startled at that and smiled, "No son, mum is in the hospital. She is going to deliver soon. He took Harry from his son as he said, "Anyways, the Blacks are in Italy, you guys cant stay with them."

There were a bunch of groans at that. Everybody James smiled slightly, "They will be back in a week. Don't you worry. Anyways, your grandparents are coming to watch over you. Be good alright?"

Andrew asked, "Dad, why cant we come with you?"

James smiled as he ruffled the boy's hair, "I wish you could son but it is a hospital we are going to. They will get mad if there is too much noise. Be a good boy and look after your siblings, ok?"

Andrew perked up at that and nodded enthusiastically. James felt his heart swell in pride as he opened the floo for Lily's parents to floo in. Once they were there, Mr. Evans snorted, "Oh my James! Your family kees getting bigger every year!"

James blushed slightly, "Yes well. Lily and I talked and we want a huge family. I was an only child growing up and well, you know how Lily and Petunia are."

Mrs. Evans smiled, "Don't you worry James. Dan is just teasing you. Now off you go!"

James kissed her on the cheek before flooing out. He arrived in St Mungo's and walked over to the ward. He arrived to see Lily gritting her teeth in pain. Seeing James, her eyes flashed as she shouted, "You! You are the one responsible for this again! I am going to kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil you James!"

James smiled slightly to himself as he heard Lily's threats and walked over to hold her hand. The healers, all familiar with Lily's temper shared a grin with James before getting to work.

Hours later, James was nursing his bruised hand as Lily held the newest addition to the Potter family. But they didn't have any time to decide on the name for their new daughter as James felt the wards go down. Nearly choking in fear he barely said anything to Lily as he tried to floo out of the hospital. When anti-floo wards spit him back out, he hurried out of the hospital and apparated to the street in front of his home.

Horrified at seeing almost half the house blown to smithereens, James sent a distress signal to the auror office and to Dumbledore as he ran inside. Instantly he found the body of his mother-in-law, Calla. As he checked her pulse, he noticed she was dead. Not having time to grieve, he rushed into the panic room behind the kitchen.

He sighed in relief when he saw the kids in the panic room and was about to ask where his father in law was when Andrew ran up to him, "Dad, dad! Harry and Calla! They are still in their room! I didn't have time to get them here!"

James looked at Andrew who had tears pouring down his face and nodded, "Stay here!" before running out of the room. As he ran up the stairs, he tripped over the lifeless body of Daniel Evans. Again ignoring him, he ran into the room, just in time to see Voldemort standing in front of his two children, waving a wand at each of them.

He smirked at James Potter before casting in a slimy voice, "Avada Kedavra!"

Instantly James was shouting, "NO!" and was about to cast a spell when to his utter shock, the curse rebounded from Calla's forehead and hit a completely shell shocked Voldemort right in the chest. James stopped in shock as the curse completely obliterated the most famous dark lord in history. But a pale ghost like figure of the dark lord arose from the clothes on the floor, snarled and zipped out of the house in milliseconds.

But James was more concerned on his kids. Ignoring Calla who was crying but still alive, he ran over to Harry who hadn't rebounded the curse. Checking his pulse, James nearly cried out in relief when he found a very faint pulse at his neck. Grabbing both children, he heard Dumbledore come in behind him. Not caring who he was talking to, he said, "Get the kids from the panic room behind the kitchen and meet me in St. Mungo's."

Not giving anyone time to respond, James flooed away from the manor. Arriving in the maternity ward, he immediately called for dark magic healers before numbly walking towards Lily's room. It had just hit him exactly what had happened. His kids had both been hit with the killing curse and survived! Not only that but the curse had rebounded off of Calla and destroyed Voldemort!

Lily looked up from playing with their unnamed daughter, instantly paling when she saw the state of the three of them. James was ashen and had debris all over him. Taking Calla from him, she noticed the white lightning bolt scar on her fore head. Looking at Harry, she saw the same scar in black on his forehead. James was holding tightly to Harry who hadn't gained consciousness as he described what happened to Lily. Halfway through the explanation, Dumbledore arrived with Remus and the kids. James looked at them momentarily before restarting his explanation as several healers started looking at Harry and Calla.

Finally, one of the healers said, "Mr. Potter, your daughter, Calla is perfectly healthy."

James looked expectant. In the background, Lily could be heard sobbing for the death of her parents. The next healer said hesitantly, "Your son, Harry, I mean. The scar on his forehead basically radiates dark magic."

Lily asked, "What does that mean?"

Another healer said hesitantly, "I am not entirely sure but the magic-."

Dumbledore asked this time, "What is it my boy? Speak your mind."

The healer still looked hesitant but nodded, "The magic is like the Avada Kedavra. It is weird but it looks like it is pooled around the scar on his forehead. Unlike that of Calla though whose forehead shows just traces of the curse, Harry is almost emanating it."

James asked, "So how is this going to affect Harry?"

The healers talked amongst themselves again before the same one said, "We honestly don't know Mr. Potter. It could be nothing at all or he might be more susceptible to disease or it could be something much worse. I suggest you keep a close eye on him."

James nodded as the healers began testing the other kids for trauma. Once satisfied they were alright, they were all asleep in the expanded room on cots with mild sleeping draughts. Finally James looked at Lily and said, "I think we should name her Rose after your mother."

Lily smiled at James through her tears and nodded, "Rose Minerva Potter then?"

James nodded smiling slightly as he took Lily's hand in his own, both grieving together.

A few years later….

A small, sickly child with messy black hair, bright emerald eyes and a black lightning bolt scar on his forehead woke up suddenly from his sleep as a flash of crackling laughter, a whispered curse and green light flooded his eyesight along. Sitting up, the four year old tried to get out of his tangled blankets.

A brief sob alerted him that he wasn't alone. When he turned on the lamp next to him, he saw the quivering form of his twin sister, Calla at the door. He and Calla shared a suite with the other kids. There was a playroom in the center and doors to all six Potter children's rooms, making up the entire second floor of the Potter cottage.

Anyways Calla, like him, was drenched in sweat and was shaking like a leaf as Harry managed to get out of his bedsheets. She ran inside after closing the door and climbed into the bed with Harry sitting down next to him.

"You had the nightmare too?"

Harry nodded as he gave Calla hug. He always put on a brave face for his sister, "Yah."

Calla started crying softly as she leaned onto Harry, "It looked so bad! The green light and… and… I just wish it would stop!"

Harry sighed, "Healer Eve said that the nightmares will stop as we get older."

Calla hugged her stuffed tiger, "I know but I don't like it!"

Harry nodded, hugging his legs close to his chest as he looked for his own stuffed animal. He smiled when he saw the stuffed stag next to the lamp. His dad could turn into a stag!

Just then there was a soft knock on the door and it opened to reveal their older brother, Andrew. The ten year old padded over to them and opened his arms for a hug, "Another nightmare, guys?"

Both Harry and Calla nodded as they fell into his arms. Calla babbled, "Yes, the green light and his… his face… it was so scary!"

Andrew rubbed circles on their backs as he said softly, "Well the bad man is gone now. Don't you worry about a thing."

Harry asked softly, "Drew?"

Ever responsible, Andrew pulled out of the hug and looked at Harry, "Yah Raven?"

Harry blushed at the nickname Andrew had given him when he was small, "Is there some spell that can make the bad man go away?"

Andrew shrugged, "I don't know. I will look it up for you guys though." Harry and Calla grinned widely and jumped on Andrew "Thank you!"

Andrew looked surprised but laughed and began tickling them both. After some time when both the four year olds were shouting for mercy, Andrew laughed and picked up Calla. "Now I want both of you to go back to sleep. It is two in the morning and if mum or dad found out about you staying awake so late, they would have my head."

Harry nodded solemnly, "Don't worry big brother. We wont let mum take away your head."

Andrew broke into loud laughs as he took Calla to her room and tucked her in. He had been awake because he couldn't sleep. During the day, he had gotten angry with his mum when she hadn't let him go to Diagon Alley with her. He didn't know how it happened but in a second, Lily's wand was in his hand and a spark from it set the nearby book on fire. Mortified, he had handed the wand back to Lily. She had been a little cross with him but calmed down when he told her he had no idea how the wand got into his hand.

Just the memory of what he had done accidentally haunted him though. After several hours of trying and failing to sleep, he had gotten up and started walking with the intention of getting some air. However, he heard soft voices in Harry's room and had stopped by. It was a good thing too for he felt a lot better after offering comfort to his brother and sister.

Smiling, he headed back to his room for some well-deserved rest. However, Harry hadn't fallen back asleep as Andrew had hoped. He tossed and turned for a bit before realizing he just couldn't fall asleep anymore. Sighing, he jumped off of the bed and pulled on his navy blue robe which had pictures of the Puddlemere United team whizzing about and walked out of the bedroom. Peeping into Calla's room, he heard here light snoring.

Not wanting to disturb her, he walked into the common room and to the big bookshelf. It was full of children's books but that wasn't what he was looking for. A while ago, he had bribed a house elf into building a secret passageway behind a bookshelf like he had seen in an American movie. Grinning, he pulled a book Nursery Rhymes for kids of the shelf and smiled wider when the book shelf slid to reveal a staircase. Quickly, he closed the bookcase before walking up the stairs and into the Potter library on the third floor.

Noone knew but Harry had been reading Hogwarts level books for the past year. Everyone in the house knew that he liked reading – he could be seen reading books about the most random topics like dragons and magical creatures all the time. But no one knew exactly how much he knew.

Harry was a prodigy of sorts. When he was a mere one and a half years old, he had begun reading his mum's transfiguration book. Very interested he had snuck out in the middle of the night (very hard from his crib) and begun reading more of his mum's old books. To his surprise, he found that he had a near photographic memory. He only had to read one time and everything was literally stamped into his brain.

Harry didn't want to let his parents know of his photographic memory because he didn't want even more attention coming on him. Already, he was continuously followed in case, he fell and hurt himself. Smiling at that, Harry grabbed the Standard Book of Spells Grade 7, towards him and began reading it. Carefully manipulating his magic to follow his command, he cast spells at a dummy in the corner. What Harry didn't know however was that the level of control he had on his magic was supposed to be impossible for four year olds.

Finally looking at the time, he started when he saw that it was almost seven in the morning. Waving his hand, he put the books back in their right places before rushing down the stairs. Quickly making sure that no one was around, he cast a silencing spell on himself before rushing into his bed, asleep in moments.

Harry groaned as he was shaken awake two hours later, "Honey, wake up! It is almost nine!"

Harry cracked open an eyelid to see his mother standing next to him with a smile on her face. As he sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.


Lily smiled wider as she pulled him off the bed, "GO brush your teeth, young man. You have an appointment with Healer Eve in an hour."

Harry groaned, "How come the others don't have to go to the healer all the time. Why me?"

Lily put a hand on his shoulder, "Because you are special Harry. Now hurry up!"

Ten minutes later, Harry was in the kitchen wearing blue shorts and a red t-shirt. James smiled as he saw Harry, "Hello son. Ready for your appointment?"

Harry made a sour face as he pulled the eggs closer to him. Lily shared a concerned look with James before saying, "Guess what Harry? I think if you are good in the healer office, we might go to Diagon alley to get ice cream."

Harry looked at her strangely, "Why? You never take me anywhere."

The look on Lily's face instantly made him regret saying that. James continued, "You know why, right Harry? You know that Voldemort did something to you that night when he attacked. We have to keep you safe!"

Harry nodded as Calla bounced into the room. She smiled at Harry happily and sat down next to him, "Hey Harry, guess what?"

Harry looked at her in amusement, "Er… You turned into a monkey?"

She giggled before leaning in to whisper, "No silly. I finally got that package."

James and Lily looked in amusement as Harry's eyes lit up and the two of them started whispering excitedly. Seeing Will, Lily asked him, "Do I even want to know what they are on about?"

He looked at the two before shaking his head, "Nah. More trouble than its worth."

James snorted, "Harry, eat faster. We have to go soon."

Harry nodded to James before swallowing his breakfast. Moments later, James, Harry and Lily were in the foyer. Just as James was picking him up though, Harry screamed. Confused, Lily asked, "What did you do James?"

He put his hands up, "Nothing. What happened Harry?"

Harry groaned as he collapsed on the floor clutching his scar, "It hurts. It hurts SO much. It HURTS!"

Lily plucked away Harry's hand to examine the completely hot scar. In fact a few seconds later, it started bleeding. James instantly picked him up, "Lets go. I hope Eve knows whats wrong."

Lily nodded distracted, "I will catch up to you in a moment James." But James was already gone. She ran up to Calla and sighed in relief when she realized that she wasn't in any sort of pain. Directing Andrew to keep a good eye on all the kids, Lily grabbed her purse and flooed out to St. Mungo's.

She arrived just in time to see a bunch of healers surrounding Harry. James walked over, looking worried, "He passed out from the pain."

Lily bit her lower lip as she took the offered chair and watched them work on Harry. They were in the Permanent Spell Damage ward of St. Mungo's. Looking around, she could see Frank Longbottom's mother who had been tortured to insanity by death eaters. Shuddering at that thought, she turned back to James, "I feel so bad James. I want Harry to have a normal life like Calla – not keep having to come here. You saw how he looked at us?"

James nodded, "Yes but I don't want him to get hurt! You remember when he was two and fell off the swing with Calla? Nothing happened to her but he broke his arm!"

Lily nodded, deep in thought. After what seemed like forever, the healers parted. They converged near the foot of the bed again to discuss. James and Lily stood, wondering what was going on.

Finally Eve came over to the Potters. Lily asked, "Whats wrong with Harry?"

Eve shrugged, "Honestly, i don't know Mrs. Potter. We were speaking and trying to find out what was going on but the scar. As I told you earlier, the scar somehow seems to contain a potent Avada Kedavra curse. Its intensity increased almost a hundredfold when Harry cried out in pain. We cant explain the phenomenon."

Lily looked like she was going to cry as James asked, "Do you know why the pain started in the first place?"

Eve motioned for them to sit down in the chairs next to Harry and said, "Well we don't know but the pain seems fuelled by emotion. Was Harry really angry when he collapsed in pain?"

Lily shook her head, "No, he was sad we didn't take him out like the other kids often."

Eve nodded, "His bones are still brittle and he still seems to have an unknown energy radiating from his scar that is eating away at him. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't have a normal childhood."

James sighed, "He wanted to join this little neighborhood adventure club and when we said no, he asked for karate lessons."

Eve looked confused, "Karate?"

Lily smiled, "Muggle fighting."

Eve nodded, understanding, "Maybe he feels defenseless. Am I right in assuming you both haven't talked to him about other hobbies?"

Lily shook her head and Eve smiled, "Might I suggest that? Maybe photography?"

James nodded, "We will do so. Eve, is he doing better?"

The healer's face closed up, "Has he had trouble walking lately? I noticed that his legs are considerably weaker."

Lily sighed, "I don't know Eve but he might just be trying to appear normal. He always was stubborn, like his father."

James groaned, "Lily!" while Eve smiled, "I want him to use either crutches or a wheelchair from now on. He can walk on his legs but that is to be avoided at all costs. It might cause his leg bones to further weaken."

James and Lily looked at each other before nodding in unison. Lily brushed aside a few hairs from Harry's face and asked, "When will he wake up?"

Eve smiled, "Soon but I am not done with prescriptions. I have noticed that Harry has a severely weakened immune system. I believe I mentioned this to you last time?"

James nodded and she continued, "I want you to begin giving him these potions in that order every morning and night. It should help strengthen his defenses. I originally had intended to start these when he was a little older but at the rate he is going…"

Lily nodded, "Of course. We will do anything for him to get better."

Eve nodded before leaving the list of potions with them and walking away. James mumbled, "Harry isn't going to like this."

Lily nodded, "Not one bit."

Half an hour later found James and Lily walking down Diagon Alley. James had a sour-looking Harry balanced on his hip while Lily walked next to him.

As soon as he saw the Magical Manegerie though, his eyes opened in a sense of wonderment, "Dad, can we go there?"

James looked at the shop curiously before looking at Lily. They had agreed to let the kids choose a pet when they each went to Hogwarts but for Harry, they could make an exception, "Sure sport but only because you are special, ok?"

Harry nodded eagerly and Lily said, "But only on the way back."

Harry nodded to his mum, his mind whirling in the possibilities. He could get a dog, a toad or an owl or…

He was interrupted by his dad, "Here we are Harry. Choose whatever you want but make sure to get one set of crutches and one wheelchair."

Harry looked to see if his dad was serious before grinning and looking at all the crutches and wheelchairs. Seeing his enthusiasm, James put Harry on the floor to run around. Lily looked at James disapprovingly before smiling at Harry and looking through the shelves.

Ten minutes later, James was being tugged by a hyper Harry to the corner-most exhibition. Harry was pointing at what was undoubtedly the most expensive wheelchair in the whole store. As he read the plaque though, James's eyes grew round as well. The wheelchair was special in that when the user sat in it, it would mold to fit their every parameter.

The wheelchair was also made to glide gently on top of the floor without touching the floor. James smiled at the exuberant look on Harry's face and nodded, "Great choice Harry! Lets get a couple of normal ones too though, ok?"

Harry nodded to James before pulling him towards another rack. There he pointed at a bunch of kids wheelchairs that had patterns on them. He pointed to one that had the Puddlemere United on it and another that had snitches and wands on it and yet another plain blue one. James grinned widely, "Good choice!"

Lily walked over pointing at three sets of crutches and a bunch of potions on the counter. James grinned and said, "Harry come on. Let me pick you up again."

Harry looked at his dad sourly but stretched his arms out for James to lift. James hid a grin as he picked up his skinny son and walked over to the counter. He found Lily adding a forearm crutch set to the pile. James smiled as he realized how much Lily had changed. As the head of the most noble and honorable house of Potter, James had a tremendous amount of money at his disposal. All through his life, he had never hesitated in buying anything. Lily on the other hand, was from a middle class family with two children. She just wasn't used to spending that kind of money. When they had married, she used to throw a fit every time they went shopping and James bought her the whole store. Now though, she was happily adding to the pile. James kissed her on the cheek, letting her know how much he liked her before placing his signet ring on the bill to get the galleons automatically deducted.

As they walked out of the store after shrinking and pocketing the merchandise, Harry squealed, "Lets go to the Mana-mangrie?"

Lily laughed, "Managerial, honey but sure!"

Walking into the store James let Harry down on the floor again so he could choose a pet. James ran after the overactive kid as Harry finally arrived in a section with magical eggs in it. He saw Harry holding an egg in his hand that was glowing bright gold. The owner quickly ran up to them, "My! That egg hasn't chosen an owner in nearly three millennia!"

James looked at the man surprised, "What is it?"

The man grinned widely, "It is a changeling. Supposedly, the resulting animal can change into any animal, bird or fish. It is quite miraculous really."

James gaped for a moment before nodding in agreement. He quickly paid for the egg, a cage that could change shape and size, a bowl, some perches and a thick book on caring for changelings. Lily was shocked when she learnt of the egg but smiled and bought a small pouch for the egg so Harry could carry it around with him.

Next Harry directed the group to the Quidditch store. James and Lily shared a glance as they saw Harry glancing in awe and desire at the newest Nimbus 2000 and filed it away for later. For now, Harry just asked for a miniature Quidditch set that would allow him to replay all the games of the professional teams, create his own teams and direct the brooms. James was all too happy to buy it considering his own love for the game.

After that, Lily insisted they go to the toy store to get the other kids some things. James watched slyly as Harry wandered through the store. Christmas wasn't that far away after all. Also for some inexplicable reason, he had a gut feeling that this would be the last Christmas he and Harry would be sharing for a long time.