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Chapter 7

Jack stepped in to the Weasley living room fifteen minutes after speaking with Nick. He put a smile on his face and handed a plate of brownies to Molly Weasley.

"My house elf insisted I bring them."

She smiled at him before saying, "Come on dear."

Jack looked around for a second before following her into the kitchen. He stopped, pretending to be shocked when he saw Dumbledore sitting at the table with Arthur Weasley.

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling as he stood. Arthur Weasley too smiled, "Jack, here meet Albus Dumbledore. Albus, this is Jack."

Jack nodded and shook his hand, "Pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Pleasure is all mine. When Arthur told me about the charming young man he had met, I simply had to meet him!"

they nodded amicably as Arthur led them to the couches. Harry started, "So Mr. Dumbledore how do you like being headmaster of Hogwarts?"

Dumbledore looked surprised at the question, "I love it, my boy. It is simply wonderful seeing the generations of students get educated and go forth into their lives."

Harry nodded accepting the glass of pumpkin juice from Molly as she sat down near Arthur.

Dumbledore asked, "But you did not go to Hogwarts?"

Harry shook his head, gulping the sip he had taken, "Oh no. I am self trained."

Dumbledore looked really curious, "Why is that Mr. ? Oh I did not catch your surname!"

Harry smirked internally at the fishing Dumbledore was participating in, "Williams and I really didn't have any money to put myself through school."

there was shock in Dumbledore's eyes momentarily before he asked, "Williams? As in the son of Alexander and Marie Williams?"

Harry scowled at those names, "Yes though I hate them with a passion."

"Sorry my boy, I must be mistaken but I thought their son's name was James" Dumbledore spoke.

Jack shook his head, "It is. My legal name is James Jack Williams. I go by Jack."

Dumbledore nodded, his face clearing. Arthur and Molly shared a look and were about to interrupt Dumbledore's questioning when Harry spoke, "Why don't I just fill you in so that everyone is on the same page. My parents disowned me and put me on the street when I was four, spreading the word that I was dead. I spent most of my life on the streets. My goal was to kill them until Harry Potter went and did it for me."

Dumbledore looked taken aback at the mini speech before he looked into Harry's eyes and tried to gain access to his memories.

Harry stopped in shock when he felt the probing in his mind before he nodded slightly to Dumbledore to let him know he sensed it and was giving permission and then conjured up some memories of his fake childhood for Dumbledore to see. Dumbledore smiled withdrawing quickly as he found the truth. Harry smirked to himself: many of the people he had stolen memories from were particularly skilled in the mind arts.

Dumbledore looked at him keenly, "What is your goal now?"

Harry shrugged as he turned to look into Dumbledore's eyes "Mainly to do my job well."

"You have a job?"

Harry turned to Molly who suddenly blushed, "Sorry dear, it is just hard to find a job for one so young!"

Harry laughed, "Molly, I am an Unspeakable."

Molly gaped and Arthur looked like he had been hit with a brick. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, "Oh really? Since when, dear boy?"

Jack smiled mysteriously but didn't answer. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled even more brightly at that and he spoke, "How would you both like to join the Order of the Phoenix? We are a group whose main purpose is to gather information about the dark lord Voldemort and destroy him."

That was fast, Jack mused as he looked at the headmaster keenly. The man had been uick to pop the question to him, perhaps the memory he had shown had done the trick. And so, he nodded slowly, "Certainly."

Dumbledore smiled widely and clapped his hands, "Excellent! Excellent! Our first meeting after Voldemort has been resurrected is next Friday night at Potter manor which is located in Godric's Hollow."

Dumbledore then looked closely at Jack's face for any reaction to the news that Voldemort had been resurrected.

"You knew Voldemort was back, Mr. Williams?"

Harry nodded, "Yes, why else would my death eater progenitors suddenly reappear? And plus, I am an Unspeakable."

Dumbledore nodded in understanding before saying, "We have another Unspeakable in the Order, Sirius Black."

Harry nodded, "I suspected he was in the Order."

Suddenly there was a loud chatter and Jack watched wide eyed as four boys clambered down the stairs. Moments later, a small redhead appeared holding a smaller redhead in his hands.

Molly smiled at her look, "These are my children. The oldest is Bill who is in Hogwarts now. Then Charlie. Then Percy and then the twins Fred and George. The next one is Ron and the little girl Charlie is holding is Ginny."

Ten minutes later, they were all seated and eating, making small talk. In the middle of the meal, Molly asked, "How is your writing going, Jack?"

Harry looked at the curious look on Dumbledore's face and said, "I am extremely dissatisfied with the current magical theory books. I was looking through some books in Flourish and Blotts and noticed that most are basically lists of spells with a little history and correct wand movement but none of them explain the actual theory behind the spells."

Dumbledore looked at him in slight amazement, "I am afraid that theory of spells has not been taught since the founders time, Jack. Are you saying you know it?"

Harry frowned, "Of course. Let us take the simple charm Alohomora for example. It is a mere flick of the wand to the right pointed towards a key lock. How long does it take your students to usually learn?"

Dumbledore shrugged, "I may be wrong but I would say one class period in which most people fail and then three days of practice."

Harry shook his head almost sadly before taking his wand out and conjuring a small whiteboard to float on top of the food and pens. He then drew a wand in brown, a hand and a keyhole.

"This is how you should channel the magic from your body, into the wand and into the hole to make the lock unlock."

Harry waved his wand and the four wizards looked in interest as blue magic left the hand, spiraled around the wand, stopped midway and entered the wand core before quickly rushing through the wand and hitting the hole causing a small click to be heard.

"This... this is amazing."

Harry turned to look at the awed looks that were directed towards him. Dumbledore cleared his throat, "Jack this is incredible. Magic has not been taught like this for a long time. I am sure if one saw this diagram first, it would be so much easier for them to perform spells!"

Harry smiled and waved his wand causing the whiteboard to disappear, "Thank you. I am actually writing a book on this right now. I simply cannot believe that this is not how it is taught at schools."

Dumbledore nodded, still slightly dazed, "I... I think that were you to write a series of books, I would make it required curriculum at Hogwarts. It amazes me to think how much students would benefit from learning magic this way."

Harry looked surprised, "Are you serious?" he looked around to see encouraging smiles and awed looks directed towards him.

"Yes my boy. Will you consider it?"

Harry nodded dumbly, "This was not something I expected, sir."

Dumbledore smiled, "Something unexpected is the best path to success."

Jack nodded to the man, "Then I shall endeavor to finish them soon."

A few hours later, Jack walked into his house. He found Chloe sitting on his couch watching TV. She jumped when she came in and stuttered, "C…Claire said was ok to watch your TV."

Jack sent a smile he hoped was encouraging to her, "No problem, Chloe. What are you watching?"

She smiled shyly, "Batman."

Jack's smile widened as he grabbed a firewhiskey for himself and a butterbeer for Chloe as he walked over. He sat down next to her and handed her the juice, "Funny, that happens to be my favorite superhero."

"Really? Mine too!" Chloe said excitedly, beginning an animated discussion on superheroes with Jack.

An hour later, the connecting door opened and Claire rushed in, "Chloe! There you are!"

The girl turned to look at Claire, a smile on her face, "Yep! Jack and I are watching Batman!"

Claire nodded, panting a little as she sat down next to her, "Well, next time leave a note!"

Chloe nodded a bit sheepishly as the door opened and Tonks waked in as well. She too sat down at the chairs and said, "Wotcher!"

Claire smiled, "Hey Chloe, why don't you go to your room and play for a bit?"

Chloe pouted a bit but nodded and disappeared through the connecting door. Once she was gone, Tonks asked, "Jack, where have you been these past few days?"

"Busy" Jack replied but didn't elaborate further as he stood. Taking the three empty bottles and the one in his hand from next to him, he headed to the kitchen. Tippy looked at him in disapproval when he arrived and said, "Jack…"

Jack cut him off, "Don't start with me now Tippy. I think I am going to head to bed."

"its only seven" Tippy commented as he opened a cabinet and removed a jar of pickles.

Jack frowned, "So?"

Tippy turned to look at him, "You can go to sleep after eating something."

"Sure mother" Jack rolled his eyes and opened the refrigerator. He grabbed a jar of peanut butter that Tippy insisted they keep in the fridge and bread from above it. Buttering a slice, he set the other on it and turned to look at the elf, "dinner."

Tippy frowned but didn't say anything as Jack walked out of the kitchen. He headed up the stairs to his bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, he pulled out his briefcase from the closet and got his magical theory notebook from it. He was almost done with the primer he intended to sell for first years at Hogwarts, only a few more pages to go. Closing it, he called out softly, "Eris!"

The changeling appeared in seconds in the form of a parrot. Jack smiled at it, "I need two tears."

Eris bobbed her head before changing into a green and yellow phoenix. She let out a soft melody before hopping onto Jack's hand. She bent over, stuck her eye into the cylindrical tube of the syringe and cried. Jack saw exactly two pearly, golden tears fall into the tube before she withdrew. Jack reached over and kissed the phoenix on the cheek, "Thanks."

Eris let out a small chirp and transformed into a Golden retriever pup, snuggling next to Jack. Jack grinned at her before cutting off circulation in his left arm with a rubber string. Pressing his arm, he looked for his vein before pushing the needle in, wincing slightly in pain. As soon as he did, he pushed the tears in and withdrew the syringe quickly. He taped a small piece of gauze to the wound before turning off the light, one hand wrapped around Eris.

The next day…

Jack looked up when there was a knock on his office door. Looking at the small monitor on his desk, he saw the three from his Titan group standing outside. Pleased with how the camera he had set up outside the office was working, Jack allowed himself a smile. He waved his hand causing the door to open.

The three walked in and directly to Jacks desk. Jack nodded to them as he closed the door. As he was removing his cloak, Sirius spoke, "When are we going to be starting active operations against Voldemort? You know he killed eighty people last week?"

Jack nodded and walked over, "Precisely why I called this meeting. How is your training going?"

Claire and Tonks looked at each other before Sirius spoke, "They are ready for level 1 and 2 missions."

Jack frowned, "Hm… the training is slower than I expected but it will do I suppose. Now, have you all read the information I gave you?"

The three nodded and Tonks asked, "How did you come upon the information, Jack? It is very specific in places."

"Years of intelligence Ms. Tonks. Anyways, you are all a part of the Order of the Phoenix, am I correct?"

The three instantly looked alarmed and Jack smiled, "I am in the Order as well so I am not concerned about the legal ramifications. What I do care about is how information gets to Dumbledore."

"What does that mean?"

Jack nodded, lighting a cigarette, "I don't want you both giving out any information you gather from here."

"We can't. we took oaths, remember?" Claire answered.

Jack smiled and looked directly at Sirius, "There are always ways around oaths, Ms. Dawson. What I am trying to say that I will give out all necessary information to the Order. Currently I do not want the Order to know about the horcruxes."

"Why sir?" Sirius asked.

"Because it is more dangerous for them to know then for them to not know."

"I do not understand" Sirius commented.

Jack shrugged, "Well than I shall explain. Our first mission." He pulled out three red manila folders and handed one each to them.

Jack watched as they all opened it before turning to look at him.


Jack nodded, tapping his cigarette in the dark ash tray, "Our first missions as a team are to hunt down and destroy the horcruxes. After we destroy them all, I will tell Dumbledore myself."

Sirius nodded, his face clearing. Tonks asked, "Which one are we going after first?"

"None of them" Jack deadpanned as he flicked the remainder of his cigarette into the tray and stood. He walked to the bookshelf in the side and brought a thick, dusty volume with him and set it on the table, raising more dust.

"Ugh! Secrets of the darkest arts, what the hell?" Tonks spoke as she looked at the cover.

Jack shrugged and opened the book to a particular page. He then turned it over, "Horcruxes are dark objects, objects designed to store souls. As long as they exist, we cannot even consider taking down Voldemort."

"So why aren't we going after them?" Sirius asked.

Jack walked to the white board and said, "We need to locate them first and learn to work as a team."

"And then we go after them?" Sirius seemed to be trigger happy. Jack looked at him seriously before nodding, "Yes."

He then wrote a word on the board, "DEFENSE. Mr. Black, you will take care of any defensive maneuvers during an operation."

Sirius nodded seriously and Jack continued, "SCOUTING. Ms. Tonks, with your ability to change appearance, you are the best for scouting out a location and ensuring that there aren't any unwanted threats."

"Yes sir" Tonks said, her hair turning brown. Jack nodded to her before turning to Claire, "MEDIC. Ms. Dawson, you will be in charge of any healing or related activities in an operation."

Claire frowned a little, "Yes sir but does that I mean I will not be…?"

Jack cut her off, "No, everyone will go on every mission and participate. Should the need arise though, these are your official roles."

Claire nodded, her frown disappearing. Jack nodded again, "I will be OFFENSE. And I run point on missions unless I delegate, alright?"

The three nodded before Jack said, "Excellent. Our entire team will be known as Titans from this moment forward. For missions, you will have special gear and clothes but I do not want others in the department knowing of them so I shall bring them to you."

He turned to look at Sirius and wrote his address on a slip of paper, "This is the location of my home. Tonks and Claire already know where it is. Meet me there tonight at nine pm. Dress like muggles and drive if possible."

Sirius nodded, "Very well."

Jack walked back to his desk and sat down. He pulled a legal notepad towards himself and glanced at the neat, black writing covering the entire page before looking up. He narrowed his eyes and turned to Sirius, "Mr. Black, I have received news that you recently assaulted three aurors and a bunch of patrons in a pub?"

Sirius turned red and he looked rather ashamed, "Yes, sorry about that. I got carried away."

Jack frowned, "Mr. Black, I must ask you to restrain yourself. I need a competent man in my team, not one that will be easily recognized because he has broken brawls across the country."

"Sorry sir, it shall not happen again" Sirius intoned. Jack was opening his mouth to speak when there was a knock on the door.

The four pulled on their hoods just as the door opened and a healer entered. They headed straight to Jack, "Please lift up your sleeve."

Jack rolled his eyes, not that anyone could see as the healer poked the needle into his arm. He was gone five minutes later and Jack removed his hood. He looked at the other three, "I think that is all for today. Is there anything you wanted to discuss?"

Tonks spoke, "I have a question. When will training be over?"

Sirius answered, "It is scheduled to go on for three more weeks, Dora."

Tonks frowned but nodded. There was silence for a few moments before Claire said, "There is a rumor going around that you are working on some supersoldier thing? Is that true?"

Jack looked a bit surprised before nodding, "It is and that is what I want others to think we are doing. No one is to know Titan is actually going after Voldemort."

They nodded before Sirius stood. Tonks and Claire followed quickly and left, leaving Jack to his thoughts.

That night…

Sirius drove down Privet Drive, looking at the neat rows of houses. He stopped in a driveway opposite to a house in which a woman was peeping through a window. He knocked on the door, no answer.

Five minutes later, Sirius was a little annoyed standing in front of a door, knocking when it seemed clear his boss wasn't home.

"Sirius, hey!" A familiar voice called out and he turned to see Claire look at him from the lawn of the attached house. Walking over, he found her wearing old blue overalls and large gloves on her hands as she pressed dirt over a rose plant's roots.

She smiled brightly at him, "Waiting for Jack?"

Sirius nodded as she stood and took off her gloves, "Where is he?"

Claire rolled her eyes and glanced down the street, "Probably lost track of time again. Here, we can go into his place through mine and Tonks'.

Sirius followed her into the strangely decorated home and through the connecting door into the much simpler home of his boss.

A house elf popped up when they entered, "Please, you is taking a seat. Jack is coming soon."

Sirius looked at the couches in front of the TV and shrugged. He took off his muggle coat and sat down. Claire smiled and looked at Chloe who was sitting at the kitchen table.

"Chlo, hows the homework coming?"

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Almost done!"

Claire shook her head and turned to look at Sirius who asked, "Homework?"

Claire nodded, "Chloe goes to the muggle school down the block."

This got Sirius interested and he and Claire talked about the benefits of muggle elementary school. They were still talking when the front door opened and an exhausted looking Jack walked in. he was wearing a sweaty gray shirt and black shorts.

Tippy popped up then with a glass of water. Jack grinned at the elf, poured the water down his mouth and a good part on his face before he walked over to the couches.

"Sorry I am late guys. Where is Tonks?" he asked as he sat down at the couches. Claire stood, "I will get her. Chloe, come on."

The other girl grabbed her books from the kitchen table and followed Claire to the other house. Sirius looked at Jack, "Claire was telling me about the muggle elementary school her sister attends. I am considering sending my kids there too."

Harry acted surprised, "Your kids? How old are they?"

"Leo, my son is seven and my daughter, Cassie is five" Sirius's eyes told Jack everything he needed to know.

But, he sucked it up and put on a small smile, "Great! I think that having a muggle education would definitely help your children in the future."

"Did you go to muggle school? You sound like it" Sirius noted as Tonks and Claire walked in.

Shrugging Jack nodded. Several of his 'mentors' or the people he had stolen memories from had attended muggle schools and universities.

"I lived in an orphanage for a good part of my life, so yes I did."

This seemed to be new news as the three others looked at him in surprise.

"Really?" Tonks was the first to speak.

Jack nodded. Several of his mentors had lived in orphanages so technically he had as well.

"Yah, I lived in a few orphanages but that doesn't matter. I want to talk you three about our mission. I have some gear for you."

He stood and walked to the empty looking wall. Pulling out his wand he waved it at the wall and the empty, white wall disappeared, revealing a complicated black shelf filed with what looked like weapons. And with that began a long lesson on muggle guns and handing out of weapons to the three.