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Chapter 5

Picard had sent for Worf and T'vek and set the computer to record Deanna's statement so they could go over it again later. When this was all done he took a seat on the couch next to Deanna whilst Beverley sat on the other side of her. Worf and T'vek took seats across from them and it was time to begin.

"Deanna, tell us what you can remember from that day. We'll ask questions if we need any more information." Jean-Luc kept his voice soft and low, trying to be soothing for what he knew was going to be a traumatic interview.

Deanna was looking down at the floor; her hands which were clasped in front of her were shaking badly. Beverley reached out and held them whispering "go ahead Deanna. We're right here."

"We were staying in a cabin away from the village. We'd arranged to meet M..Mother, B..Barin a..a..and K..K..Kyle at a picnic area by the l..lake." Deanna's voice was choked and she was already fighting to hold back the tears. "We'd got up late. I wasn't feeling too well. I'd only told him the night before abou..about the baby." Tears were now running down her face. "We rushed to get ready and quickly walked to the picnic area. The others were already there and Mother m..made B..Barin come and sit at the table while we talked. She d..didn't say anything b..b..but I think she had already w..worked out our news." Beverley wiped Deanna's tears and Jean-Luc put his arm around Deanna's shoulders. "They were all so excited. We talked for ages and Barin went to run around for a while. Mother decided it was time to eat and called Barin over to the picnic table. She and Kyle started emptying the picnic basket they'd brought. I could smell all the different foods and I started to feel nauseous so I got up and started to walk towards the lake to get away from the smell. I heard him call my name and ask if I was ok. I turned around to tell him I'd be back in a minute and then... and then..."

At this point Deanna started to sob. Her shoulders were shaking, tears were pouring down her face and she could no longer get the words out. She leaned into Jean-Luc and he pulled her close wrapping both arms around her. He whispered quietly to her and gradually she calmed down.

Worf watched this exchange and was rather astonished. He wasn't used to seeing this side of Picard. Although his Captain had always been there for their 'family' he wasn't a man who was usually confident around displays of emotion. Worf had expected Deanna to become upset at some point but had naturally assumed that she would lean on the doctor for support since the two were so close. He looked at the doctor to gauge her reaction. He was surprised again to see that she seemed to accept the situation although she did appear a little lost as though looking for her role in the proceedings.

"Deanna," Jean-Luc began again softly "what do you remember after you turned around?"

"They were gone, I couldn't feel them anymore. Everything was empty." She whispered in reply.

"What else Deanna? After that?" Prompted Jean-Luc.

"Nothing. Nothing until the Enterprise." She buried her face against him and let the tears fall once again.

Jean-Luc felt her gradually relax against him and her breathing even out. Realising she was falling asleep from the emotional exhaustion he looked at Beverley and said "Doctor, why don't you sit with her in the other room while she naps?" With this he whispered quietly to Deanna, picked her up and carried her through the doorway before laying her gently on the bed. Beverley came in just behind him and heard him say quietly "I'll just be in the other room, Beverley will be with you. Get some rest now." With that he left them alone and went to speak again to Worf and T'vek.

Jean-Luc looked at the expression on Worf's face and couldn't work out what seemed to be bothering his first officer. As he sat down he looked across to T'vek who was looking from Worf and back to the Captain with what appeared to be curiosity on her face, although you could never be too sure with Vulcans.

"Mr. Worf is something wrong?"

"Permission to speak freely Captain?"

"Of course Commander. What's on your mind?" Jean-Luc was intrigued, Worf rarely requested to speak his mind.

"Captain I'm a little surprised and maybe confused. I didn't realise you and Deanna were so close. I expected her to become upset by the interview and to have to stop at some point, but I thought it would be the doctor she would turn to for comfort and support. You've never seemed comfortable dealing with emotional situations, but just then you acted as though you do that all the time. Is there something else that has happened? Something Deanna has told you maybe but not the rest of us?"

Jean-Luc thought for a moment. He was somewhat surprised by Worf's words but even more surprised to realise that for the most part they were true. He understood though that Worf's concerns were for Deanna's well being and to ensure they had all the information they could get for the investigation. Worf would want to be sure he wasn't missing vital evidence that could help them.