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Chapter 1: Who is he?

The summer is over and the gang is ready to return to Hollywood Arts High School. Beck and Jade broke up three months ago. Beck is dating Tori, fact that seems to annoy Andre... Robbie and Cat started dating, too. A new student appears at the school who will change a few things between the gang...

Jade's POV:

I woke up because of the irritating ringing of my phone... I took a look at the name, 'Cat', uh... what does she want?

"Hey!" she exclaimed happily. How can she be always in a good mood?

"Cat." I told her, "IT'S EIGHT IN THE MORNING! Let me sleep!"

"But... IT'S SCHOOL'S FIRST DAY!" she shouted. Wait. What?

I dragged myself out of the bed and looked at my calendar... I shook my head and realized that I have to hurry!

"Okay. Close your phone. I'll come to your house to pick you up." I told her as I was searching for something to wear...


-At the school-

Beck's POV:

I was walking while I was looking for Jade's number through my contacts. Three months ago, I knew it by heart.

"Tori!" I saw her coming to me.

"Hey babe..." she pecked me on my cheek. "Did you miss me?"

"Yeah." I said with a chuckle. "I last saw you ten minutes ago, when you went to get some coffee... Too much time!" I said with a teasing tone.

"Cute." she replied.

"Hey..." I tried not to show her that I cared. "Did you see my contacts? Because some of them are missing..."

She seemed lost for a sec, then answered, "No."

"Are you sure?"

"Don't you believe me?"

"No, no... I do but... Look, I don't wanna fight with you. I just-"

"YES! I deleted Jade's phone number from your phone! Happy now?" she cut me off.


"Cuz' she's your ex-girlfriend and... and I don't know if you have still feelings for her and... I got jealous..." she admitted.

"C'mon babe... I love you. As you said, Jade's my ex-girlfriend." I assured her. I hugged her and gave a quick kiss on her forehead. Tori is like Jade. Possessive and insecure... But Tori has a special way to show it. She's gentle and blushes... Jade was rude sometimes, or even aggressive. Tori is sweet when she gets jealous... That's why I love her...

Jade walked in. She was with Cat. As I saw her, I realized that it was the first time I saw her while she was... single. It was hard not to be next to her. I almost imagined myself by her side, holding our coffees... Wake up Beck! You have a beautiful girl next to you so don't be a jerk. You have a girlfriend! Jade isn't yours anymore... But... actually Jade wasn't beautiful, she was gorgeous...

"Let's go..." I grabbed Tori's arm and pulled her in the janitor's closet. She didn't manage to say anything, till I closed the door.

"BECK! You didn't let me talk to Jade and Cat! Well, maybe... Let's take it from the top." she paused and said, "BECK! You didn't let me talk to Cat!"

"Why not Jade?"

"I still need some time to... get used to this change..."

"I didn't want you to feel awkward..."

"Well, actually I'm going to talk to them" she got out of the janitor's closet and left me alone. Great. Wait. Did she say them?

Jade's POV:

I saw the younger Vega sister coming to us.

"Hi!" she seemed so fresh and happy...

"Well hi Tori!" Cat replied. "Where's Beck?" Wait. Why could Tori know where Beck was?

"Oh... I-I don't know..." she said as she avoided any eye contact with me.

"Okay then... Bye Tori!"

She was about to leave when I decided to speak. "Wait Tori!" she turned around and saw me... "Bye." I finally told her coldly.


I was sitting with Cat at our usual table.

"Hey, Cat?"


"What is going on with Beck and Tori?"

"Oh." she looked at her plate. "Well, you know... They're..."

"SAY IT! What?"

"...dating." she muttered. I didn't manage to hear what she had said.

"Cat, I didn't hear anything..."

"They're... dating."



"WHAT?" That killed me. Why did I ask? Beck and... Tori... Dating...

"Please don't kill me!"

I calmed down as I saw her scared expression. "How long have you known that?"

"Two weeks..."

"And why didn't you tell it to me?"

"Because I was afraid..."

Cat's POV:

Okay. I knew it wasn't right not to tell Jade about Beck and Tori's relationship. We stayed quiet at our table for two minutes, until Robbie and Andre reached us.

"What's up girls?" Andre told us.

"Everything is fine Andre, what about you?" Jade answered him like the last three minutes never happened...

"Everything is fine, too!" he replied.

Then, Robbie sat next to me. "Well, girlfriend, would you like a french fry?"

"Sure!" I answered and opened my mouth. But, instead of giving me a french fry, Robbie thought it would be better to kiss me...

"Oh, please..." Jade commented. I didn't care a lot... I just kept kissing my boyfriend...

Beck's POV:

I decided that I should face Jade. Besides, I didn't do anything wrong. I started dating Tori after I had broken up with Jade... So, me and Tori sat with our friends at out usual table.

"Hi guys!" Tori shouted."I missed you so much!"

"Yeah, we didn't." Jade snapped at her. I chuckled at Tori's expression... But soon Jade exclaimed, "Kidding!" with a fake smile...

"Hi." I surprised myself. I sounded very weak... I looked at Jade. Her black hair had some amazing curves with some green highlights. Just like the day we broke up... Her icy blue eyes met mine and we immediately turned our heads to different sides. The next minutes passed easy, until Tori decided that it would be a brilliant idea to kiss me in front of everyone. A couple of aww's came from our friends but I observed Jade. She didn't seem to have noticed the kiss, she was watching somewhere behind of us. Cat managed to escape from Robbie's embrace and commended:

"Oh... Jade... Isn't he cute?"

"Who is he?" Jade asked her still looking at something, obviously someone, behind me.

"I don't know... But he's super cute and hot! He's new here. Why don't you go to ask him if he wants to sit with us?"

"I-I don't know..."

"Why not?"

"Yeah, Jade... Go for him!" I heard Tori saying.

I noticed a smile at Jade's face... "Okay, fine. I'll go." she announced as she went to him...

I heard Cat exhaling loud and Robbie saying, "I'm not gonna like this guy..." Neither am I, Robbie. Neither am I...

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