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"I won't break up with you. Never." I told him. "Unless you cheat on me." I added.

"I won't." He stated.



~Chapter 24~

Chapter 27: Wrong consolation

Jade's POV:

I returned from school with Beck. He left me outside my house and sped away. I sighed loudly and entered my house. I tossed my bag at a corner and I ran upstairs. I got in my room and closed the door forcefully. I sprawled on my bed and buried my face in my pillow.

I had finally made my decision. It was hard, it was difficult, but I had no choice. Actually, I had, but the other choice, despite the fact that it seemed more sensible, was wrong. The other choice was just wrong. I could just kill the baby. If I was afraid of losing it, I just had to try keep it. I sat up and smiled slightly. I took my phone out of my pocket and texted Beck.

From: Jade

To: Beck

We need to talk. Now.

I sent it and grinned. I loved the fact that he was going to my house without even bothering responding to my message. He just had to do what the text said.

Beck's POV:

I pulled up outside my RV, but, before I could get out of my car, my phone buzzed. I let a silent sigh and read the text message I had received. I rolled my eyes and put the ley to the ignition again.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this..." I muttered to myself before speeding.

When I reached Jade's house, I parked the car outside the house and I exited it swiftly. I strided through the door and knocked it. After a minute, Jade opened the door. She smirked and motioned me to come in. I entered her house and I was about to ask her what did she want, but she cut me off.

"I decided to keep the baby." She spilled.

I widened my eyes. "Wh-What? Really?"

Jade rolled her eyes. "No, I'm just kidding. I want to abort it... Are you stupid? I'm telling you, I wanna keep it." She replied sarcastically.

I suppressed a groan and decided not to respond to her sarcastic comment. Instead, I hugged her and kissed her forehead. "I'm glad you decided to keep it." I muttered.

"Really? If you wanted me to keep, why didn't you just tell me so?" She asked me confused.

"Well... I wanted to let you make your own decisions without considering my opinion." I answered.

"Oh... Okay, then." She mumbled. She passed her arms around my waist, as I held her tight. She rested her head on my chest and I kissed her head gently. "Um... Beck?" She muttered.


"I think that the pregnancy is started to have an effect on me..." She stated.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "What do you mean?" I asked her, afraid of the answer.

"I think I wanna puke." She answered.

I quickly let her go and she ran to the bathroom. I closed my eyes and asked her. "Do you want any help?"

"No, thanks!" She shouted from the bathroom.

"Okay. I'll be waiting." I replied and sat on the couch. Jade's phone buzzed a couple of times and I stood up, started searching it. I found it on the kitchen table and I checked it. She had a text message. "Jade!" I called her.


"You have a message from Tori!" I informed her.

"Open it!" She answered.

"Okay!" I read the text Tori had sent her.

From: Tori

To: Jade

Hey, Jade... I know you have your problems but... can you come over tonight? We can watch a movie. You pick the movie. Pleaseeeee?

"Did you read it?" She asked me.

"Yup." I replied. Jade emerged in the kitchen. She reached a cupboard and grabbed a chewing gum. "Tori wants you to go to her house tonight. She said you can pick a movie to watch." I announced.

"Whatever. Will you come with me?" She asked me.

"Um... Let me think... Nope." I answered.


"Because I don't feel like sitting on a couch with you and Tori, watching a horror movie you chose and hearing Tori's crying." I answered.

Jade groaned. "Fine. Will you drive me there at least?"

I gave her a nod. "Sure." I answered smiling at her.

Cat's POV:

I was lying on my bed, listening to music and trying to write a summary on a book for school. I heard a knock at the door, followed by a scream. I narrowed my eyes and stood up, heading downstairs to the door.

"Who is it?" I asked shyly.


I covered my mouth with my hands to stifle a scream that was threatening to escape. I opened the door and stared confused at Robbie, who was holding his right hand.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"Well... I was knocking the door, but no one responded. So, I knocked forcefully and I hurt my hand. Can I come in?" He asked me.

I nodded surprised and gestured him to come in. He smiled slightly and entered me house shyly. I closed the door behind him and I turned around, just to see him standing in front of me, staring at me.

"So..." I muttered.

"So..." He restated.

"Any reason why you're here?" I asked him curiously.

"Oh! Yeah... Actually, I wanna talk to you." He replied.

"Yeah... Me, too." I agreed.

It was my chance. I had to tell him how much I loved him. I had to tell him that I needed him, that I was wrong, that I wanted him. He had to know that I wanted to be with him. I had to say that-

"I love you." He spilled.

I felt my jaw dropping. "Wh-What?" I asked him surprised.

"I love you." He repeated.

"Are you sure?" I asked him.

Robbie nodded. I looked at him in disbelief. "I'm sure, Cat... I know that you're in love with Drake, but I just wanted you to know the truth. Okay?" He explined. I kept staring at him. I couldn't react, talk or breath. He shook his head. "Okay, Cat... I got it... You really love him, so I-"

"NOOO!" I screamed and stopped him, as he was going to open the door.

He glanced at me surprised. "What?" I whispered.

"I... I love you, too." I muttered looking at my feet anxiously.

Robbie blinked a couple of times and shook his head. "What? But... I thought that you broke up with me bec-"

"It's true. I broke up with you because I thought I was in love with Drake. But I'm not. Jade helped me understand this. Will you forgive me for being so stupid?" I asked him hopefully.

Robbie grinned and hugged me tight. "Of course. But..." He pulled away. "I'm not gonna forgive myself if I lose you again. Will you promise me that you're real? Will you promise me that you really mean what you said?" He asked me.

I smiled and nodded. "Of course, Robbie... It's real. I'm real. And I'm sure that you're the one and only..." I replied.

Robbie smiled and kissed me gently.

Beck's POV:

I was sitting on my bed, writing a summary from a book for my school homework, when my phone started vibrating. I groaned and grabbed it swiftly. I answered without even looking at the number ID.


"Hey, babe." Jade's voice replied.

"What happened?" I asked her.

"Well... Um... I won't be able to go to Tori's house." She stated.


"Because, I feel like I'm on a boat which is traveling to Europe while there's a tornado. Also, I'm pretty sure that I have thrown up everything from the inside of me. I feel like I just lost ten kilos." She answered.

"Oh... Okay, that was gross. I think I could live without hearing it." I replied. I heard Jade sighing from the other side of the phone. "Did you call Tori to cancel it?" I asked her.

"No! You're going instead of me."

"What? No way!" I grumbled.

"Beck! I really think that Tori should have someone tonight. And, since I can't go, I want you to go. Got it?" She told me.

I sighed in frustration. "Okay, Jade... I'll go... Do you want me to come over your house first?" I suggested.

"It depends. Do you wanna?" She asked me back.

I thought of it for a sec and then answered, "Nah... I'll go to Tori's immediately."

"Great. Okay... Thanks, babe." She replied.

"Don't mention it. Bye."

"Bye. I love you."

"I love you, too." I replied and hung up.

I glanced at the time and figured that I had to hurry if I wanted not to be late. I let a loud groan and continued writing my summary.

Jade's POV:

I got out of the bathroom for the tenth time in an hour, and I lay on my bed slowly. I pulled my laptop closer to me and logged in TheSlap. Cat was online, but before I clicked on her name, I widened my eyes as I saw her status...

Cat is dating Robbie.

"What the...?" I mumbled and sent her a message.


Cat! What happened with Robbie?


Oh! Hey, Jadey! We're dating again! Isn't that amazing?


But... How?


Well... He came to me house and told me that he loved me and... you know... We're back together again!




I know! It's great! I'm gonna change my chat-name!


Wait. What? What are you gonna do?


Tada! Do you like me new nickname?




... :'(


*sigh* Cat... Okay... Okay... Your new name is perfect.


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Jadey loves my nickname!


I didn't say that I loved it. And stop calling me 'Jadey'!




Bye, Cat.



I sighed and visited Beck's profile. Suddenly, someone else started talking to me.


Hey Jade...


Sinjin! What?!


I wanted to talk to you...


Too bad. I don't.

I logged out before Sinjin could respond. I took a deep breath, s I felt a huge urge to puke again.

Beck's POV:

I let a silent sigh and knocked Tori's door. "Who is it? I'm holding a knife and I'm not scared to use it!" I heard Trina's lovely voice threatening me.

"Trina! I'm Beck! I'm here for Tori." I explained.

Trina opened the door and stared at me angrily. I smiled at her innocently. "My sister in upstairs." She announced and walked away.

"Um... Thanks?" I replied sarcastically and entered the house. I closed the door behind me and walked upstairs to see Tori. I reached her bedroom and knocked her door.

"Walk away!" Tori shouted.

"Um... Are you sure?" I asked her.

"Beck? Is that you?"

"Yup. Can I come in?" I asked shyly.

"Sure..." She replied.

I slowly opened the door and looked inside of the room, just to see Tori lying on her bed, watching TV.

"Hey..." I greeted her.

She sat up and glanced at me. "Hey." She muttered.

"What's wrong?" I asked her and sat next her.

"I want him. But he said that he doesn't want me anymore." She mumbled.

"Oh... C'mon, Tori..." I tried to console her. I hugged her and caressed her back gently. She buried her face in my chest and started crying. "Jade wasn't feeling good and she asked me to come here instead of her." I explained.

"Oh..." Tori pulled away. "The baby?" I nodded. "What are you gonna do about it?" She asked me.

"Jade decided to keep it." I answered.

"That's... great." Tori commented and looked at her hands.

"Can you stop thinking of him? Let's see a movie. You chose." I told her smiling.

"Okay... I have popcorn. Do you wanna?" She asked me.

"Sure." I nodded and watched her as she stood up and reached the television. After she finished with the movie, she exited her room and went for the popcorn.

I sighed and looked around. Her bedroom was pink. Very pink... But, Tori was Tori... I chuckled and looked at my phone. It was ten o'clock. I left it on a small table next to her bed. Tori entered ther bedroom again.

"We could watch the movie downstairs, but Trina is expecting Drake and she was faster..." Tori told me.

I laughed. "It's cool." I told her and helped her with the bowl of popcorn. Tori sat next to me and opened a bottle of beer. "Oh... No, no..." I told her and grabbed the bottle from her hand.

"Beck! I want it!"

"Alcohol it's not the best solution." I told her and took a sip of the beer.


"What? I don't have a broken heart..." I told her smirking.

"C'mon! I'm gonna drink only a bottle..." She told me.

"Only one." I stated.

"Only one." She repeated.

I nodded. "Okay... Here." I gave her the bottle.

"Oh... You don't have to... I brought six bottles." She told me.

I rolled my eyes and started watching the movie...

After two hours, all the bottles very empty... I didn't understand what I was doing, until I fell asleep...

Jade's POV:

I was sitting on my bedroom's floor, my legs crossed and my phone next to me, waiting desperately for Beck's call. I had called him a million times, but he hadn't answered it. I kept waiting anxiously, until I started yawning.

"What the fuck..." I mumbled and slowly stood up. I grabbed my phone and lay on my bed next to me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep...

-The Next Morning-

I yawned and opened my eyes slowly. Being annoyed by the sun light, I blinked a couple of times, before I checked my phone for any missed calls or messages. But, nothing appeared on screen... I frowned and threw my cell phone on the desk forcefully.

"Where the hell are you Beck?" I muttered to myself.

Beck's POV:

I woke up feeling Tori's head on my chest. My eyes opened slowly and sudden;y widened, as I saw Tori's clothes on the floor. I gulped and sat up, placing Tori's head on her pillow. I felt my head dizzy and, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember what happened the last night. I covered my head with my hands and stifled a groan.

"Fuck." I mumbled and stood up, starting dressing up. I grapped my mobile phone, I got out of her room, making sure that no one saw me and exited the house quickly, mentally slapping myself and cursing.

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