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"....yes ma'am, I'll connect you now...."

"....could you repeat that? Fo? Yes, I've found it...."

"....Congratulations! Yes, I've thought about it...."

I took one look around myself at the chaos of my co-workers lives and decided to put my headset back on. The silent buzzing of it's silence was welcome anytime over the other employees business.

At twenty four years old, I like to think I've accomplished a lot. I have my own apartment, a steady, well paying job, a cat... what else do you need? It's a lot more than what I've heard some of my college buddies have. One's got a kid and is poor from child support and another's in prison. And my mom thought I was going to turn out weird.

I can see where she would get this idea. I wasn't exactly the star of our family. No, that title belonged to my older brother Gohan.

'Oh, Gohan, another A. I don't think we have any room on this fridge for it. I'll buy a bulletin board for your next papers.'

By the time my brother was twelve years old, we'd bought one hundred twenty-seven bulletin boards. I stopped counting after awhile. Didn't do much good to my self esteem. That was what my counselor told me anyway.

Ms. Dean. She was something else. She's one of the reasons that I feel therapists exist because parents need someone else to point out the instabilities and problems in there children. I guess that after awhile you grow less confident in that belief if there isn't anyone else to agree with you. I got sick of her after awhile. Therapists were supposed to boost your confidence. So, I told my mom she'd hit on me.

That's why my mother fired her.

Thinking back on it, I suppose it's one of the big things my mother's regretted in her life. Not firing the woman, no not when he'd tried to hit on her baby boy, but because the therapist she'd hired to replace him was a man.

A gay man.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not homophobic. That would make me afraid of myself. I'm just saying my mother has some type of enial-like syndrome where she can't accept that I prefer men and has to blame it on someone else.

She wasn't that far off in this assumption. It was Mr. Thomas that helped realize my sexual preference, but he didn't introduce me to it's practices. This guy was a professional. No hitting on me for him.

After she found out *his* sexual preference, he was fired. This was after I'd realized what I was however and seeing that I was cured, I never had a therapist again. No no no no no.....

She did.

I'm rambling aren't I? Hmm. That's what happens when you talk to people for a living. That's right. I'm a telephone operator, very low acknowledgment by the community, but very good money wise. If it weren't, I wouldn't have done it for two years.

My job is pretty easy. We wear a headset, and use this funky switch table to connect you to whoever it is your calling. We find out who it is your calling when you give us the persons name and we type it into our computer. I've found it kind of funny that we would have three thousand dollar computers with internet access and all that other good stuff when all we did was search by name. For everyone in the entire WORLD. That's a lot of people.

We're not very busy right now. This is expected of course. We're never busy on the weekends. Unless it's a holiday of course. Then we get overtime. The sweetest thing created under Kami.

My shift was nearing it's end. I know this because Norm, the nervous guy who's desk is a few away from mine, sporadically looks at the clock to the left, his not mine.

A tap on my shoulder brings me back to reality and I look up into the brown eyes of the next girl to work my station. I'd smile at her, but I know she won't return it. She's one of those late teenagers into death and Satan and punk. The phase my niece just got of. She's looking at me funny, her drawn on eyebrows lifted and her black painted fingernails taping her black covered arms. Those eyebrows make me wonder if she did it on purpose, or if they were burned off somehow in some terrible terrible freak accident concerning goats and used tennis shoes. I guess I'll never know.

Figuring I'd kept Lady Black as I call her waiting long enough, I set down the headphones and stand, casting one last glance at her before heading to the elevator, jacket in hand.

The front of this particular elevator is glass and since where my place of business is located at the top of a thirty-floored uilding, I get to see what's going on in every single one. I can tell you know, before the thing even starts to move, that it's a lot more
interesting than what's been occurring on my floor.

The elevator stops about halfway down and a young woman gets on, cell phone up to hear as most people of the fifteenth floor do, followed by two men, one with blue hair, one with purple. The blue one in a gray suit ignores me, as usual. I don't stand out very much with dark eyes and hair. The purple haired one, however, glances at me for a
moment, ignoring his companion. I look around me and lift my eyebrows, hoping he'll end his scrutiny before he shakes his head a little and looks back towards the blue haired man. We don't make eye contact the rest of the way down.

That was certainly weird. The elevator touches the ground and I wait in the back until they've all left before exiting. I'll never know why I do that. I think I may have a problem with crowds.

My niece begs to differ ten minutes later when I get home and find her at my knees, begging me to take to some hot new club.

"Pan," I began walking to pick up my white and orange-red cat James, "I'm not going to some club with you. I just got home from working a seven hour shift and the first thing you want me to do is go out dancing till Kami knows when? Really." I turned away from her and reached into a low cabinet drawer to pull out some catfood. James, sensing he was about to get food, dug his claws into my chest and I dropped him.


"C'mon, Uncle Goten. It would be fun. When was the last time you went out anyway? Your turning into a prude just like my dad."

I pause in my pouring of cat food and look at her. Had I really turned into a party pooper. Nah. I've become a responsible adult. Just because I haven't gone out since Jake and I broke up doesn't mean I was *avoiding* going out or anything. I'm just sorting my priorities. Right.

"Pan. A club? Me? What fun would I have?" I closed up the bag and finally let James walk past my foot to his food before I walked over to a dish filled countertop and began to run some water into the sink.

"You used to love clubs. You'd bring me to one almost every week when I was eighteen-"

"Which I shouldn't have. I'm still skeptical when you say you didn't have anything to drink that one night I found that fake ID in your pocket."

A slight brush of crimson crosses her face and she avoids my gaze. I give a small, triumphant smile and grab a few plates to wash.

Many people are surprised when they meet Pan after they've met my brother. My brother, always responsible with a clean record and nothing but adoration to his name produced this phasy, wild young women who's got nothing but ex-boyfriends to her name. Most of whome, are now forced to stay over two hundred feet away from her according to the state of California. She's the rebellious child, growing up in a house full of rules the cause.

"Well, I'm almost twenty now, so you don't have to feel that bad. You could call it my twentieth birthday present. C'mon, please."

Well, she seems to have recovered from my remark.

"By any chance, are you asking me to take you because of some guy?" The rosy hue that returns to her face gives me my answer.

"Based on your past record of boyfriends, is it safe to assume that this guy could get you in on your own?"

"He's not my boyfriend... yet. But I want him to be and I can't ask him to get me in."

"Why not?"

"Because, that's just not what you do, Uncle. How behind are you these days?" I glare at her from where I am currently cleaning one my teacups. Then, I'm am hit with the euphoria that can only come when one reaches an epitomal realization. She was right. I am behind the times. I'm washing a TEACUP! for Kami's sake. I drop the teacup and turn to her.

"Go put James in the guest room, I'll be ready in five minutes."


I emerge from my bedroom and walk in front of where Pan sits on my couch, already changed. How she did it faster than I is mind boggling, but I prefer not to ask. It must be a girl thing. I would have asked her how I looked, but the look she had on her face changed my mind.

"What's wrong with it?" She doesn't just keeps staring at my clothes. That, I swear, is one of the most irritating things someone can do to me.


"I'm sorry, Uncle Goten, but I can't let you wear that." My gaze drifts to my baggy green cargoes and loose jersey.

"Why not?" She rolls her eyes. Another irritation movement. She stands before me and grabs my collar, pulling me into my bedroom with a surprisingly large amount of strength for a girl. She releases me with such force I fall on my bed and as I sit up, I'm covered in a new outfit, dubbed *cool* by my nineteen year old niece.

"Change into that. I'll be waiting in the lobby." When I get what she calls a shirt off my face, I only glimpse her back before she closes the door.

"Puh, teenagers."


"Remind me why I'm doing this again?" I know she won't answer, just roll her eyes again. I must now revise my mental list of the most annoying things in the world. Rolling your eyes is now being replaced with being dragged through a crowd of you peers who are wearing such revealing clothes your forced to make contact with bare skin.

"You on the list?"

"Son Pan and guest. We're expected in the Capitol room." I look from her to the doorman and watch as a look of surprise crosses his face before he opens the rope and lets us in.

"The Capitol room?"

"Don't ask." I just continue to look at her as we walk through room after room of club, DJ's spinning and men and women dancing on platforms. Each room got more elaborate as we went. We stopped in front of a door, the words Capitol Room written on a gold plate.

"Here we are."

If at all possible, there were even more people in this room than the others. I felt alone, oddly enough, as Pan abandoned me after she spotted her friends.

Leaning back against the wall, I pull at the "shirt" Pan made me wear and gaze at the eyes the check me out as they pass, boys and girls. I only gave them a smile before averting my gaze.

It's official. I am uncomfortable. I do not like this situation. I want to go home. I want to pet James. I want to drink imported tea from my tea cups. I don't care if it's old, or out of the times, or what have you. Just as long as I'm not...

"Whoah." Scratch every word I just said. Is that... I think it is. I saw a small flash of purple hair in a corner of the room and then, it happened. He saw me. I saw him.

Blue met brown. Light blue met dark brown. Sky blue met mud brown. Wait. Scratch that. I don't like my eyes being referred to as dirt. How about.... Mysterious brown. There, better.

I wasn't given much more time to think about this as the purple haired man approached me. I wanted to look away. I really did. But for some reason, the damn man wouldn't avert his eyes!! I didn't want to be rude or anything. How do I know whether or not he's some mafia hitman or something?

As he comes within a few feet, I tense up. This was a good thing because he didn't stop in front of me. NOOooo. He has to forget to stop and fall over onto me. This would be okay if there weren't HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE dancing crazily close enough to endanger the both of us!!

I rolled us away to another corner, near the few booths the place offered. This particular one was occupied by a couple making out at the moment, but that wasn't my biggest worry. The man who was laughing like a maniac below me was. Then I caught a whiff of his breath.

"Your drunk, aren't you?"

I got a few giggles as response and he laughed even harder. It died away a few moments later, but he opened his eyes again and they sparkled with the promise of mischief. He reached up a hand and giggled while brushing down my cheek before tapping me on the lips.

"Your pretty."

I blinked. He giggled again. Excuse me folks, but 'I'm pretty'? I'M PRETTY?! HOW DRUNK IS THIS GUY?!

"I'm sure I am." I gave him a quick smile and got to my feet, hoping the man would get the hint and walk away. Once again, my lack of partying has caught up with me and this person seems to assume that I want him to chase me. Wonderful. Now I have to run.

"Excuse me. Pardon me! Could you let me through here?!" Okay, I know I shouldn't have yelled, but I didn't feel like putting up with a group of orgy/dancing teenagers when I was being chased a total drunken stranger.


Let me rephrase this. A total drunken stranger who is GRABBING AT MY ASS!

I swerve around few more groups and past the DJ who seems to be more drunk than stranger guy back there. Man, how do I get myself into these things.... PAN! That's it, I find Pan. She knows how to lose guys. She gets rid of them faster than you can blink, and I can blink pretty damn fast.

There was one problem with this problem, I realized a few minutes later. PAN WAS GONE. This was a problem indeed.

I was panting now, my body was in perfect shape but not many people can handle running for twenty minutes straight. Drunk guy begs to differ. He took advantage of my slowness and jumped onto my back. I was unprepared for this however and the action sent us both onto the ground.

"ha HA! I win!!" He patted his fists along my back as a dance of victory, and I could only bury my face in my hands and hope that the humiliation would end.

"Time for me to get my prize...."

Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good! I tried to get away but he just used my momentum to turn me over. Before I knew what was happening he leaned down and KISSED ME!! He, whoah, he's *REALLY* kissing me. I try resist but, I don't have much of a choice when my hands are held down and there's a tongue rammed down my throat. Well, that's a bad way to phrase exactly what this guy was doing. It wasn't as violent as all
that. It was actually very nice. A gentle persuasion until I couldn't resist. Life's a bitch, though. Remember that folks.

As soon as I started to return the kiss, the son of a bitch PULLED AWAY! YOU DON"T DO THAT!!!

He opened his eyes, his face only a few inches from mine.

"Thanks a lot, babes. Your pretty hot. Take this and come again tomorrow. You'll be on the list."

I could only stare wide eyed at him as he got up and stumbled around the room leaving only a card on my chest. Is that how he got every person in here into the Capitol Room. He harassed them, then kissed them senseless? Wait a second... that means he....

He kissed Pan that way.

"Speak of the devil." I looked up and saw a familiar black headed girl near the center of the floor, surrounding by a group of girls I could guess were her friends. I pushed my way through the crowd and grabbed her hand before I began to walk towards the door. Pan didn't like this idea.

"Uncle Goten," she said while struggling to pry off my hand.

"Where are we going? It's not even one o' clock yet, are you crazy? I don't wanna leave!!"

That's it. I've been through too much in one day to listen to her whine.

"Listen Pan," I whispered harshly while pulling her close. "You forced me to go to this club after a hard day of work, then abandon me." She tried to interrupt me but I wasn't gonna have any of that.

"Then, I get chased around by some drunk purple-haired guy who..." I didn't really want to explain to my niece the details of this. What to say? "Did some stuff, then gave me a card to tell me to come back tomorrow. Now, I want to go home to my cat and I'm dropping you off on the way. If Gohan knew about me taking you to a club he'd be

"Not if you didn't say that it was a twenty-one and older club."

"I'm going to tell him that."



We drove in silence which wasn't that bad for me. I wasn't really in the mood to talk. I was finally glad that Pan lived by the ocean. Heck, I was glad I lived by the ocean. It's very soothing after being in a closed in space like a club.

I took a deep breath of the sea's breeze and put a little more pressure on the gas. The light of her front porch was coming into view and I wanted to get her there as soon as possible.

She got out of the car with a small goodbye that I hardly heard, as I was already backing out and turning onto the road. I wanted to sleep, but I also wanted to think and doing the most Gohan-esque thing I've ever done in my life, I switched lanes and headed off towards the hills to think.


I laid back on my car and looked at the stars. People don't realize how therapeutic these things are. If they did, there would be a lot of therapists and drugs that would be useless. I wonder if I'm the only one who think about these kinds of things. For example, doesn't anybody wonder what they did to relieve stress in the past before there were miracle drugs? Obviously not.

It can be lonely when that happens. Knowing you have no one to share this kind of information with. Now I know how my mother felt when she thought I was mentally disturbed and no one agreed with her.

It's times like this that I miss Jake the most. He was the closest to my soul-mate that I think I'll ever get. We could always finish eachothers conversations and talk about things like the past and our ideas for the future. He gave me James too. He had it under a different name though. It used to be called Chippy, cause his range-red spots looked like butterscotch chips.

Closing my eyes, I smiled. Jake and I did this a lot. Sitting on hills and staring at the stars, I mean. I never used to do this. My mom was always to forceful with our studies to let us 'waste time' staring at stars.

I know I'm going to fall asleep if I don't get up, but I don't care. All that's important now is sleep. Lot's of sleep.

Just as I was drifting off, I had my second realization for the night.

That guy had thought I was a girl.

This meant something. This way, I didn't have to go to that club tomorrow because he would think a girl was coming. And, AND he doesn't know my name!! This was definitely a good thing.

This would have been the best thing to happen to me all day. However, realizations, like life, can be a big bitch too.

I'm going to see him tomorrow at work.

"SHIT!" I yelled, closing my eyes and shaking my fist and the sky above. Why can't I ever get a break?

I leaned back, never opening my eyes, and rolled into a somewhat comfortable position. I just want to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day.



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