Da-yummm, I am churning this out like nothing on Earth. Oh, and be warned for verrrry slight sexual references and you should be prepared for more and even more dramatic ones.

Professor Hershel Layton (or as he preferred, Count Hershel Layton or just Count Layton in a tip of the hat to Count Dracula) sat on the hard wooden chair, drumming his fingers against his knee.

He looked up as the doorbell rang. "Ah," he murmured to his servant Joseph. "They have arrived. Tell Marie to let them in."

"Of course," Joseph mumbled and ran down the stairs, glancing in slight fascination at the group, but he took them upstairs. Layton smirked, his fangs sliding out instinctively. He beckoned Crow over, and reluctantly the boy walked over.

"I sense you are one of my own?" Layton asked. Crow growled, his fangs coming out. Layton handed Crow a vial full of blood. "Here. Have a drink. You must be starved. Guilt halts your natural instincts, my boy. But have you ever thought that you can kill those of your own kind?"

"No," Crow replied, unscrewing the cap and sipping the blood. It was sweet and delicious.

"The humans kill vampires. I heard from your colleague that they kill only aggressive vampires. But what uses to the dead corpses of vampires have to the humans? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But to us, they can be food. There is no guilt involved; you did not slay the vampires, your friends did. You are just using them for a good cause," Layton explained.

"How are we a good cause?" Crow spat.

"We are better than humans. We are faster, we need only one thing to survive, we are stronger, and we are of course incredibly handsome," Layton smirked. Crow glanced down at himselves. True, his muscles were more developed, and his hair had curled more, but he could hardly call himself more handsome.

Layton shook his head. "Now, now, don't look that way, Clive. Jealousy will get you nowhere."

"Oh, believe me, I'm not jealous," Clive replied. "I think I'm perfectly sexy just the way I am." Layton clapped lightly, chuckling.

"Such vanity. It is a sin, you know," Layton said, cocking his head to the side.

"And? Is there something special about owning one of the seven deadly sins?" Clive asked with a shrug. Layton smirked.

"When will you run out of witty remarks?" Layton laughed.

Flora Reinhold had been waiting two months for Clive to arrive, and now he was here she was... annoyed. She wanted him to be a vampire, like her. But he wasn't. He was still a human, and he didn't want to change that. He didn't want swiftness, or strength, or a diet of only one food. He wanted to remain a pitiful human.

"Why?" Flora asked. "Why won't you become one of us?"

"I value my humanity," Clive replied. "I'm sorry, Flora, but unless someone Turns me I won't ever willingly give away my humanity."

"How about I Turn you against your will?" Flora asked daringly, her eyes lighting up with a childish glee. As she reached up to bite him, Clive pressed a hand in the center of her chest and shoved her down onto the sofa, trapping her there.

Flora giggled with excitement. Nobody had ever laid a finger on her since she had been Turned but Clive. And she wanted some excitement - it stood above her in human form. Maybe she wouldn't Turn him. Maybe keeping him human would keep him exciting and fun.

Clive removed his hand and stuffed it back into his pocket. "They all told me you'd been waiting for me, 'like the Princess stuck in the castle'!" He shook his head. "Eurgh."

"Oh, I've been waiting a long time," Flora said brightly. "For you."

"For me? I know I'm hot, Flora, but I'm twenty-four and you're sixteen. This is not going to look good on my record," Clive said, folding his arms.

"Do you even have any records?" Flora asked.

"Nah. They went 'poof' when the government collapsed," Clive replied.

"So that means you have no problem now!" Flora grinned, reaching out for Clive's hand.

Clive elegantly stepped backwards to avoid her. "Nope, still not yet."

"You're just a dream crusher, aren't you?" Flora sulked. "I wait for two months, and this is how you repay me. Meanie."

He sighed. "I'm not a meanie. I need some time to... reorientate. New London, new vampires, old friends."

Flora reached up and managed to take Clive's hand, drawing on his palm with her fingertip. She tried to pull him down but Clive was wise and stepped out of the room, closing the door lightly.

"Clive did not adhere to your request?" Marie asked, shocked.

"Yeah! He didn't even give me a kiss!" Flora huffed. "Can you do something for me?"

"Oh, believe me, I'll make him adhere to everything you say," Marie cackled. "He'll regret ever saying no!"

Marie was just too late. She had planned to embarrass Clive, and after hearing the sound of the shower in his room had rushed to do so, but she walked in far too late. Clive was standing shirtless outside his on-suite bathroom when Marie walked in and she had to hold back a whistle.



"It is normal to knock on someone's door before entering."

Oh boy. Lusty vampires, hot Clive and Marie walking in on him. Oh Marie, you so annoying.

And evil Layton. Don't forget evil Layton.