Wilma Wonka

(Wilma pov.)

It was snowing as I came up to the factory gates.

The delivery trucks drove to it, and when the gates opened to let them out, I slipped in.

I was glad that they didn't notice me, and I was also glad for my black and white striped jacket for protection from the cold.

I approached the doors. There was a big knocker, and I banged it on the door.

A voice came from the loudspeakers: " What is your buisness?"

" I'm here to see Mr. Wonka." I said, a tiny bit shy.

The doors opened, and I slid inside, wrapping my jacket

Inside the man hall, there was a long, red carpet covering the floor, and a man was waiting.

This, I could only guess, was Willy Wonka himself.

At first, I wasn't sure what to say.

" Um, I'm Wilma." I said to him. " Are you Mr. Wonka?"

" Yes , I'm Mr. Wonka." said the man.

I took a deep breath. "This may shock you, but I'm your daughter."

" Your my what?" asked Mr. Wonka.

I put my backpack on the floor, and opened it up.

I shuffled through papers until I found what I was looking for.

I held it out to Mr Wonka.

" It's my birth certificate. It's got your name on it." I said.

" Oh, so it's got my name on it?" Mr. Wonka was smiling. He took it out of my hand, and the smile slid right off his face.

" Mom wants me to stay with you for a month while she's out of town. You know, she was the one that you married and divorced."
" Jenny?"

" Yup."

" Wait. Jenny has a sister, Carmen? Why can't you stay with her?"

" She... died."

" Follow me, then."

Mr. Wonka walked to the end of the hall, and opened a door.

Inside, was the most beautiful room I had ever seen.

" Wow," I breathed.

There was a chocolate river, a chocolate river, jelly pumpkins, candy apples growing on trees, and things beyond even my weird imagination.

Mr. Wonka came up to a boy sitting on the riverbank.

" Charlie, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked. Then he looked at me. " Alone?"

" Sure," said the boy, Charlie.

I went off, and let them talk.


" Who's that girl?" asked Charlie.

I handed Wilma's birth certificate to Charlie. " Look at the father's name."

Charlie gasped. " You?"

" Me." I said. " I don't believe it myself."

" So, if Wilma's your daughter, am I still the factory heir?"

I thought about it. " You can be... partners."

I turned my eyes to Wilma. She sat along the riverbank, trying to take in all of the sights. Her milk chocolate brown hair was done into a bob, which went very nicely with her popsicle blue eyes.

" She looks a lot like you, Mr. Wonka." said Charlie, bursting into my thoughts.

" Yeah. She does , doesn't she?" I asked nobody in particular.


" Well, you can stay. But there are a few rules." Mr. Wonka said. "Bedtime is at 8;00,no exceptions. You are not to touch anything in the Inventing Room. You are to be very careful. Charlie will show you around the factory."

" I know not to mess with anything. I saw what happened to those kids." I said.

" Promise?" asked Mr. Wonka.

" Promise."