Chap 3- The Jelly Bean room and a surprise visit


On the 3rd day of my visit, Mr. Wonka and Charlie showed me the Jelly Bean Room.

It was a vast room, filled with row crops. At first I was confused. "Where are the jelly beans?" I wrinkled my nose, the way I do when I don't understand.

" They're the plants," Mr. Wonka explained.


" Of course. It isn't a real jelly bean unless it's been grown, like whipped cream isn't whipped cream unless it's been whipped with whips." Mr. Wonka said, and we went down to have a look at the plants. The bean grew on stalks that grew up to about my knee. I crouched down so I could have a closer look.

I lifted up a leaf so I could get a closer look to see the beans. Instead , I saw a little pod.

" Go ahead. Pick it." Mr. Wonka nodded reassuringly.

Carefully, Ireached out and picked the pod. I shelled it, and colorful beans greeted me.

"Whoa." I said, and stood up. I picked up a purple bean, and examined it. Hesitantly, I popped it into my mouth. Grape flavor filled my mouth as I bit down on the bean, making the juices flow into my mouth. " This is the best jelly bean I've ever tasted."

An Oompa Loompa dressed in purple tugged on Mr. Wonka's trousers.

He leaned down, and paled.

" My d-" Mr. Wonka started to make movements with his mouth, like he couldn't say it.

" Dad," Charlie said.

" Yeah. He's here." Mr. Wonka said, and gave a nervous giggle like I did sometimes.

" You guys stay here, kay?" With that, Mr. Wonka left us in the Jelly Bean Room.


I went into the main hall, and there was my father standing, leaning on a cane. He looked older from when I had last seen him, balder and with more liver spots.

" Willy," He said.

" Dad," I looked down at my shoes. " Long time, no see, huh?"

Dad chuckled. " I'm here because I've gotten to old to live by myself anymore. And I'm not going to a retirement home. You the only young relative that I have."

I was taken aback. " Well, if your going to stay, then where's you stuff?"

" Those short people took them. What are they, anyway?"

" Oompa Loompas."

"Oompa whats?"

" Just come on." I started down the hall, and opened the door to the Chocolate Room.

Dad's mouth fell open when he saw it.

" I know what your going to say about cavaties and stuff." I muttered.

" Willy, this is beautiful." Dad said.

I never expected him to say those words.

" Well come on, there's someone I want you to meet." I lead him to the great glass elevator.

"You might wanna hold on." I told him, and pressed the button to the Jelly Bean Room.

When we got to the spot where Wilma and Charlie were,we found them laughing there heads off. Wilma was clutching her stomach, and tears streamed out of her eyes.

" Wait, wait, if we do that, wouldn't it turn his hair blue?" Charlie asked, grinning.

Wilma gave a spurt of new laughter.

" What's so funny?" I asked.

" Nothing," Wilma said. " Just something we were talking about." She exchanged glances with Charlie, and snorted with laughter.

"Dad, this is Wilma, my daughter." I said.

" Oh, hi," Wilma said, trying to contain her laughter. "I'm sorry, someone turned over my giggle box!" She nudged Charlie in the ribs, was barely supressing a smile.

" Well, it's nice to meet you." Dad said to her. Then he turned to me. " Willy, can I talk to you for a moment?"

We went from where Wilma and Charlie were, and talked.

" Willy, that girl is your daughter?" Dad asked, a look of nonbeleif on his face.

" Guilty as charged," I said. " Look, Jenny was her mother. Soon after the divorce, Jenny came to get her things, and we- well, we, uh, you know..." I rubbed the back of my neck. Dad had a knowing smirk on his face.

" Willy," Dad said in a teasing tone. I could feel my face turning red.

"Why don't I show you to your room?" I said, hastily changing the subject. We went back to the GGE, and I was praying for the next day.

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