Gnomeo, Juliet, and Vanessa

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Chapter 1: Good morning

In London, England in the red/blue garden Gnomeo Blueberry had just woken up to the sight of his lovely wife Juliet. He kissed her forehead lightly, and she

opened her eyes, and gave him a smile. "Morning love." he said. "Good morning." said Juliet. Suddenly Shroom came into their room in the greenhouse, and

started jumping on the bed. "(Laughs), okay, okay boy we're up." laughed Gnomeo, as he got out of bed. But when Juliet got out of bed, she got a little dizzy.

"Juliet, are you alright?" asked Gnomeo worried for his wife. "I'm fine, just a little dizzy. You and Shroom go ahead I'll be out in a minute." Juliet said, heading to

the bathroom. As Gnomeo and Shroom got out of the greenhouse, they looked around the garden. The sun was shining, the sky was as blue as his hat, the grass

was green, flowers were in bloom, and all the gnomes were just getting up. "Mornin' Gnomeo." called a voice. Gnomeo looked to the right, and saw his cousin

Benny coming towards him and Shroom. "Morning." said Gnomeo, giving Benny a high five. "Where's Juliet?" asked Benny. "She's still inside, she said she'll be out

in a while." explained Gnomeo. "Well come on, Lord Redbrick and you Mum want us to help with breakfast." said Benny. So Gnomeo, Benny, and Shroom walked

towards the shed, where the kitchen was. Lord Redbrick was frying bacon, Lady Blueberry and the bunnies were scrambling eggs, Tybalt was making coffee and

pouring juice, and Fawn and the little red gnomes were taking plates, cups, and untensils to the table outside. "Ah, Gnomeo good morning." said Lady Blueberry,

giving her son a hug. "Morning Mum." he said hugging her back. "Good morning, boy. Where's Juliet?" asked Lord Redbrick. "She's still in the greenhouse. She

wasn't feeling very well." explained Gnomeo. "She's been a little under the weather for the last five days." added Tybalt. "Yeah, I hope she'll be okay." said Benny.

Just then Juliet came into the kitchen. "Oh, here you all are." she said. "Morning Juliet. Feeling better?" asked Lady Blueberry. "Much better, thanks. So I'll just

take this plate eggs out to the table." she said, grabbing the plate, and walking outside. Soon everyone was gathering at the big table for breakfast. There was

Featherstone and his wife Ramona, Dolly, Nanette, Paris, and all of the other gnomes. The table looked great it was covered with a purple table cloth, and there

were plates of pancakes, bacon, eggs, porridge, and glasses of juice, milk, and mugs of coffee. "All right everyone, dig in." said Lord Redbrick once everyone was at

the table. So as breakfast went on all the gnomes chatted and ate as the sun shined on their garden.

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Chapter 2: Wonderful news

Gnomeo sat impatiently in the waiting room chair at the hospital. He had taken Juliet to the emergency room, because at dinner Juliet felt really nauseous, dizzy,

and had really bad abdominal cramps. "Please lord, please my she be all right." Gnomeo said in his mind. "Mr. Blueberry, you may see your wife now, she's in room

904." said a secretary gnome. "Thank you." said Gnomeo. He walked down the hall to room 904, and saw Juliet in a hospital bed in a pink hospital gown. "Juliet are

you okay?" he asked, then he kissed her. Juliet kissed him back. "I'm fine." Juliet answered. Just then Dr. Stone came into the room. "Hello Juliet, Gnomeo." she

said. "Hello doctor, is she going to be okay?" asked Gnomeo. "Well that's what I came to tell you. Juliet over the past days you've been experiencing nausea,

feeling light-headed, and dizziness?" asked Dr. Stone. "Yes, what does that mean?" asked Juliet. "It means that you're carrying a little bundle of joy." said Dr.

Stone as she gently put her hand over Juliet's stomach. Gnomeo and Juliet were shocked they were going to be parents. "Congratulations." she said as she left

the room. Gnomeo and Juliet looked at each other, then they both smiled at kissed each other on the lips. "Parents, we're going to be parents." squealed Juliet.

Just then, Benny, Shroom, Lady Blueberry, the bunnies, Dolly, Lord Redbrick, Tybalt, Nanette, Paris, the little red gnomes, Featherstone, and Ramona came in.

"Juliet are you okay?" asked Lord Redbrick worriedly. "What did the doctor say, is everything alright?" asked Nanette anxiously. "Don't worry, everyone, Juliet's

fine. In fact she's more than fine. She's pregnant!" announced Gnomeo. Everyone burst into happiness her dad kissed her, Nanette hugged her. Gnomeo's Mum

hugged him, and all the guys have Gnomeo high fives. After everyone left Gnomeo and Juliet were alone in the hospital room. Dr. Stone said Juliet should stay

hospital over night just to be careful. Gnomeo sat on her bed. "Juliet can you believe it, we're going to have a baby." he said. "No, you're going to be a great

father." said Juliet. "And you're going to be an excellent mother." said Gnomeo. They kissed each other and Gnomeo went to sleep in the chair in the room, and

Juliet went to sleep in bed. With thoughts of a little baby gnome in their lives.

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