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The Key

Chapter 1.

It was a day like any other at the Waverly Sub Station. Business was slow as usual, but it was enough for the Sub Station to get by. A couple sat at a table by the door, a few people sat closer to the counter, and a girl sat at a table in the middle. A girl with golden middle blonde locks down to her chest - thick and wavy, brown eyes and freckles. She was 5'7" and really thin. She did not look like a sub station kind of girl, in fact she hadn't even ordered anything!

Jerry and Theresa were at some convention, and that meant that Justin and Alex were covering the business with assistance from Harper. A couple of weeks ago they couldn't have gotten them to do it. Justin had been so disappointed in Alex's decision to strip her powers, but recently they had learned to get along again and had gotten weirdly close. Not close-close, but closer than they had ever been before.

They had been talking about closing up early and catching a movie together, but they couldn't agree on one to watch. Justin couldn't get the conversation started with Alex 'cos she was so hung up with the girl in the middle. She was annoyed with the fact that the girl just sat there and didn't order, and she was tempted to go over there and give her a piece of her mind.

The girl sat and looked like she was searching for something, like she didn't exactly know where she was or what she was doing there. It looked like she wondered how she had gotten there, but Alex felt like that if she hadn't meant to go in there then she should just get lost, but no... She kept sitting there.

Alex let out a loud groan. "Ugh, she just keeps sitting there without ordering." She complained and looked at Justin and looked like he would agree.

"Yeah, I don't think that's a movie." He said and folded his arms, looking at her with his 'I don't get you' look. It was a look that he had used many times before. "Just stop focussing on her. She's not doing you any harm. She is just sitting there, so now just tell me which movie you'd like to see."

"But Justin, that's my point exactly: she's just sitting there." She exclaimed, completely ignoring Justin's request. She threw down her apron and was about to march over there, but Harper stopped her. "Harper, let go. I'm gonna tell her what I think about space fillers."

Harper shook her head 'cos it really wasn't a good idea. "Then who is gonna tell your dad that you scared away yet another customer?" She questioned her best friend, and then she raised a brow at her 'cos she knew she was right.

Alex sighed and sat back down on one of the stools at the counter. She hated not being right, and her own little world it was rare that she wasn't. She crossed her arms and kept looking dissatisfied at the girl in the middle. She was allowed to do that. That surely wouldn't scare away anymore customers.

Just then the doors to the sandwich bar were opened and Juliet stepped in, looking radiant as ever in Justin's eyes. A weird expression immediately appeared on her face, and she spun around like she was searching for something, but she didn't find it so she was still wearing a questionable frown when she got to the counter.

She gave Justin a quick peck on the lips, and then she turned to Alex and looked at her with the same frown as before, and it was like her eyes bore into Alex and tried to figure something out. She stepped closer to Alex and the expression on her face got more intense. She bent a little forward and dug her nose into Alex's shoulder and took a big sniff.

Alex jumped up from her chair and pushed Juliet away. "What the hell are you doing?" She exclaimed and stared at Juliet with wide angry eyes, and Juliet wore a confused expression on her face.

"I don't get it?" She said and sounded just as confused as she looked, and then she searched to Justin for answers. "When I stepped in here I swear I smelled a wizard. I know you are a wizard, but it wasn't you. It was a new smell, and I don't know who it comes from. For a minute there I thought Alex might have gotten her powers back, but no. It's not entirely a wizard smell, but I don't know what else it could be."

Justin looked intrigued and became eager to figure this out. "It might be one of the customers." He outed his thought, and then he looked at his girlfriend with a questionmark on his face and asked; "Do you think you can sniff out the person from here?"

Juliet nodded. She might be able to do that. She squinted her eyes together and focussed all her energy and vampire powers on sniffing out the new wizards. The smell didn't come from the couple in the corner by the door, so she shook her head, rolled her eyes and focused on the person close to the counter. Nope. Same procedure as before: head shaking, eyes rolling and then she focussed her attention and sense of smell on the girl in the middle.

She got eager, made a funny little jump and tucked on Justin's shirt, and then she pointed discretely at the girl in the middle without anyone else noticing it, except Alex and Harper. "It's her. The girl in the middle. The smell comes from her." She whispered and smiled, and then she thought to herself: mission accomplished.

"Should we go talk to her?" Justin wondered out loud, excited like his girlfriend. It was always nice to find another wizard, they were getting extinct after all.

"Maybe just one of us." She said, and then she elected herself because she had after all been the one to sniff her out. She walked over to the middle table and sat down in front of the girl, and she looked at her seriously and whispered: "I know what you are."

The girl frowned and looked like she had no idea what on earth Juliet was talking about. She had heard 'I know who you are', but never 'what'. It sounded like she wasn't even human. She was human, a special one at that. Mortal: no. Human: yes.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" The girl brushed off Juliet's blunt ascertainment of facts, mainly because she was insulted by the what. "Now, will you please leave me alone? I'm waiting for someone."

Juliet looked back at Justin who nodded and urged for her to go on, so she turned her head back to the girl, swallowed a lump and continued; "I think you do. You don't fool me." She said and tried to act confident about it, and then she leaned in and whispered; "You reak of it."

The girl raised her brows and looked very insulted. She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. "First I'm a what, and now you say I smell. What exactly is it that you think I am and smell off?" She questioned, mostly to get Juliet off her case and get on with her waiting.

"Wizard." Juliet whispered again because secrecy was very important when it revolved magic. The girl let out a contemptuous laugh and shook her head. "You can't deny it. I can smell it on you."

The girl unfolded her arms and leaned in towards Juliet, and then she spoke with muffled voice; "I think you need to get your head examined. I am not a wizard, and I do not smell of anything except for my perfume." She leaned back in her chair again and continued to speak, but this time in regular conversating tone of voice; "Could you leave now? I don't care for your presence."

Juliet pushed out her chair and plastered a defeated look upon her face, and then she dragged her feet back to Justin, Alex and Harper with her head down low. Justin put his arm around his girlfriend to comfort her for her defeat. It wasn't Juliet's fault that this girl seemed rude.

Harper, having always felt uncomfortable with magic, excused herself from the mess, and then she went over to the staircase and walked all the way upstairs. If the girl wouldn't admit to being a wizard or worse; if she wasn't a wizard then what was she? It made Harper scared because if monsters and beasts existed... then who really knew what this girl could be?

Alex suddenly got an idea and a brilliant one at that if she did say so herself, but for the plan to succeed Justin had to go along with it, as she herself was without magic after she cast them away with that spell of hers. At times like these where magic was needed she would sometimes regret her decision a little, but it was for the best in the long run. It wasn't like she would have won the wizard competition anyways. It would probably be Justin, and he would probably give up his powers to be with Juliet then. If the wizard world frowned upon wizards marrying mortals, surely they wouldn't be thrilled about them marrying vampires either, and that would ultimately make Max the family wizard. What had the world come to?

She shook her head and let all of her thoughts revolving the wizard competition slide, and then she turned to Justin to let him in on her plan. "What if we use the truth spell on her? The one professor Crumbs taught us then she'd be forced to tell us the truth."

After she had pitched the idea she pictured herself actually performing the spell, and it made her regret giving up her powers once again. She shook it off again and focussed her attention on Justin who seemed to be contemplating her idea. Most of the time he would never go for an Alex idea, but every once in a while she struck gold, and then he would be all onboard.

"Hmm... We'll call that plan B, but first let me try to get her talking." Justin said and halfway agreed to Alex's plan, and then he let go of Juliet and walked out to the girl at the middle table and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Justin. Justin Russo. And you are?"

The girl looked up at Justin and forced a smile, wondering why all these different people came up to her to talk. She didn't have time for that at all. She had more pressing matters, and if things didn't work out like she thought they would soon, then she would have to get going and try something else.

"I'm Priscilla. Halliwell. Priscilla Halliwell." She introduced herself nonetheless, but didn't shake the hand that Justin had extended to her. Priscilla Halliwell did not roll that way. She didn't do handshakes among other things.

Normally Justin would have on of his trips if someone did not have proper manners and shook his hand, but this time he let it slide and sat down in front of Priscilla. Manners took the backseat that afternoon, as getting her talking and admitting she was in fact wizard was more important.

"My girlfriend was over here before and not to be blunt, but her nose never fails and we know that you're a wizard." Justin explained and watched Priscilla intensely, trying to figure her out. He hoped that by staring her down she would finally crack and admit to being a wizard. Juliet just couldn't be wrong.

Priscilla placed elbow on the table and rested her head in her hand, and then she offered Justin a smile – a sarcastic one at that. "Wow, what gave it away?" She asked him and the sarcasm in her voice was heavy, and Justin wasn't late to pick on that. "Is it my purple dress? My black belt and purse? Is it my hair? Or the fact that I'm sitting in a sandwich bar in the middle of the afternoon run by crazy people?" Sarcasm was apparently what this Priscilla did best or so it seemed. She leaned back in her chair and sat regularly again. "I thought I did so well covering it up this morning, but my damn I didn't."

"So that's a no?" Justin asked in such a lame way that only he could, and she sent him the same sarcastic smile as before and nodded, and then he agreed with himself that it was time to send in the big guns because he had already given up. He groaned out load; "Ugh!"

He almost sprung out of his chair and rushed back to Juliet and Alex at the counter, and then exclaimed in a whisper; "She's impossible to crack!" He turned to Alex and looked at her pleadingly, and then he made his request; "Alex, will you please have a go at her? And if that doesn't work we are going to go with your idea and do the truth spell."

Alex nodded and smiled mischieviously because this girl was about to meet her upper man. She left the counter and walked over to the table and sat down in front of the girl, like she knew her and that chair was meant for her. She was Alex Russo, and she didn't care. If that girl thought she was tough then Alex was tougher.

"I'm Alex Russo. I'm so sorry for my brother and his girlfriend. I really do try to keep them away from people." She said and gave herself a little unnoticable smile, as she could see her plan of subtle manipulation worked. Manipulation was what Alex did best, and she knew what kind of people would buy it, and this girl seemed like one of those. She might have sarcasm, but so did Alex and manipulation too.

"I'm Priscilla Halliwell, and if your brother sent you then the answer is no. I'm not a wizard." The annoyance in Priscilla's voice was clear, and she rolled her eyes and looked completely repulsed by the idea of being a wizard, and then Alex knew that they were dealing with something else, but what?

Alex contemplated her next move. It was gonna take some risk to get Priscilla to talk, and it those risks weren't gonna be appreciated by her brother, but they had to be done if they wanted to get something out of this. She smiled to herself as she decided what to do.

She leaned forward to be close and to talk intimately to Priscilla so no-one else would hear them. The whole entire world didn't need to know. Alex's tactic was something for something. She had to give this Priscilla something to get something back.

"I know you're not a wizard, but the fact is that my brother is a wizard and I used to be, and his girlfriend is a vampire." Alex explained like it was no big deal, and Priscilla looked horrified at the mention of vampires. Horrified like she knew they existed. Alex could sense that she was about ready to bite so she continued; "I stripped my powers a while back, but vampires have a sense of smell where they can sense if you're a wizard, and the smell you have is very similar to the one I used to have. That's why they think you're a wizard, but if you tell me what you are then we can clear this whole thing right out."

Priscilla leaned forward and rubbed her face with her hands, really thinking long and hard about this. She pressed her hands up against her temples and got deeper into her thought, and after a little while she removed hands from head and sat regularly again. She nodded like she had decided something, and then she placed elbows on the table folded her hands.

Alex couldn't believe how long this Priscilla character was about this. Maybe she had been wrong in judging her character? Maybe she wasn't a something for something kind of girl. Alex looked at the clock hanging next to the staircase and saw it was nearly 4 O'clock. Her and Justin had agreed to close up at 4 and that was in 5 minutes.

She looked back at Priscilla and saw that she hands folded, and she barely got to wonder why she was sitting like that. Priscilla flicked her hands open, and all of the sudden it was 4 O'clock and everybody at the sub station were either sitting or standing like they were frozen.

Her eyes grew wide and she stared frighteningly at Priscilla. She had never experienced this before. Well, she had, but back then she had been the one causing it, jumping around on one leg to keep the time frozen. This wasn't her, though, and the reason she looked at Priscilla with terrified eyes was because she was the only other person unfrozen.

"I hate you guys coming up to me, saying I know what you are." Priscilla spoke so quietly that Alex could barely hear her, but she immediately forgot about terrified because she could sense that this was going somewhere. "I'm nothing these days. I used to something and I knew it, too. I was so full of myself because I felt so powerful, but recently I discovered that I'm really nothing, and you three people have just confirmed that I'm nothing." Priscilla's voice teared up, but she continued nonetheless. "I don't even know what I'm doing here. I think I might be waiting for someone, but I don't know."

"How can you not know if you're waiting for someone or not?" Alex interrupted and stared at her with disbelief. That was beyond her understandance, but then again she wasn't so good with all that sensitive stuff. She was getting better though. Priscilla shot her a look as if to ask why on earth she was interrupting? "Sorry."

"I don't even know why I'm telling this to a former wizard. The book clearly states that wizards are tricksters, and that they are not necessarily good or evil. That's why you're getting extinct, you know, the tricksters part. It creates enemies." Priscilla noticed she got off track with the last remark, and she knew she didn't have much time to get this out of the system so she was quickly back on track. "Can't say I care for vampires either, but that's not the point. I just don't know how I got here. I scried and nothing, and then I cast a spell, but none of it makes any sense. And usually when I say my name people in the magical world knows me, but not you or your family and that proves my point. I'm nothing."

"To be fairly honest I never really paid much attention in my magic lessons so that's probably why." Alex chipped in to cheer Priscilla up. She had been in her shoes, feeling like she was nothing and knew that it was a good feeling, and nobody should feel like that. She even surprised herself because she normally didn't do that, but Priscilla smiled and she felt satisfied.

"Then let me introduce myself; I'm Priscilla Halliwell, a Charmed One. Or what's left of us at least." Priscilla introduced herself properly and tried to smile, but failed. She nervously glanced at the clock and saw that if was a couple of minutes past 4. It had been quite a long freeze, but it surely wouldn't last much longer so she had to speed things along. "Can we take this somewhere else. I don't feel all that comfortable discussing this out in the open, especially not with the freeze wearing off soon."

"This was your doing?" Alex exclaimed, not even knowing why it came out like she was even surprised. Who else could it be when it wasn't herself. Priscilla nodded and her old self would have been proud of her doing, but this version of her was just sad. "Okay, well if you know how to undo this then me and my brother can close up, and then we'll go into our layer and talk this over. It's safe there."

Just by the wave of a hand everything unfroze.

Alex pretended like the whole thing wasn't tripping her out, and then she pushed out the chair and walked back to Justin and Juliet, thinking that they were amateurs because they weren't able to get her to talk. It had been pretty easy for her to get this Priscilla character to talk.

Justin was eager to know what Priscilla had said to Alex, and he thought to himself that it was weird how fast Alex had given up on getting her to talk. He had been frozen and didn't know that Alex had actually gotten something out of her.

"What happened?" Justin questioned, looking as eager as if it had something to do with science or monster hunting. He certainly wasn't expecting the answer he was about to get. He was quite sure that Alex had met her upper man.

"We might have a chance of actually getting something out of her. I already know who she is, but we need to close down and get her into our layer or we won't get more out of her." Alex explained and watched Justin's face turn into a confused expression. She quite liked that look on her otherwise know-it-all brother. He had no idea he had been frozen along with Juliet and the rest of the customers, so in his mind Alex hadn't had enough time to get something out of her. "I'll get the customers out of here 'cos let's face it: I'm more effective than you. You can lead Priscilla into the layer, and maybe you and Juliet could try not to offend her again?"

Justin did a funny little jump and threw his arms down. He hated when Alex was right. He grabbed Juliet's hand and walked over to Priscilla to get her with them into the layer, and Alex watched the whole thing to make sure that this 'opportunity' didn't slip out of their hands. This could turn into something exciting.

Alex saw Priscilla nod and stand up from her chair and follow Justin and Juliet into the kitchen, and then they stepped into their refridgerator which turned into their layer at the wave of a wand. Now she knew she could get people out of there with a calm mind, knowing Justin and Juliet hadn't scared Priscilla off.

"Okay, people. We are closing down now." Alex yelled and clapped hands together to get all three customers attention. They looked at her with slightly outraged expression on their faces. They had barely dug into their sandwiches or their sodas. Not her problem. "And if you haven't finished your food, well that's just too damn bad. We don't give money back. Buh-bye."

She walked over to the door and opened it and waved her arm at the open door, signaling for them to get out. All three of the customers got up and grumpily walked out of the sandwichbar, each of the mumbling something about bad service. Alex didn't care. She closed the door, locked it and clapped her hands together for a job well done.

The Key

Justin and Juliet led Priscilla into the layer, and she looked around with a very judgemental look upon her face. She wasn't a huge fan of wizards so everything was being judged. Everything from the brown couches, to the glassball, to the weird window/door at one end and all the other little weird things in the room.

Juliet tried to smile at her, but she just stared at her with narrowed eyes and a suspicious look on her face. She wasn't one for vampires either. Even if Juliet wasn't a vampire she wouldn't have smiled back. She had no reason to smile, but she kind of scared Juliet because she looked so angry.

And Justin wasn't making things better. He was staring at Priscilla like she was some kind of new species, and he didn't even know what she was yet. For all he knew she was still a wizard. A wizard with trust issues. It fascinated him that she was so different from them.

Priscilla was tempted to freeze them, but how could she know that one of them wasn't the reason she was there in the first place? She had tried scrying, but it hadn't worked. She had then tried a spell to find the key and she wound up there. So who was to say that the nerdy looking guy with wide and eager eyes wasn't the one? And who was to say the mischievious, manipulating, devious girl who had gotten her to talk wasn't the one either? One thing she knew for sure, though, was that the vampire girl definitely wasn't it.

Priscilla sent another judgemental look Juliet's way, mixed in with some disgust. She definitely wasn't the key. Why would something so evil be the key? She was definite it wasn't. Vampires were evil and couldn't be trusted at all, at least that's what she had gathered from what she'd heard in the past. They had been banished from the Underworld after all, and that had to take some work.

She sat down on the only chair in the layer. She wouldn't risk the wizard or the vampire sitting down next to her, not knowing what their agenda with her was. She had been told in the past that wizards were tricksters, you never knew if they were good or evil, and they would betray you just for the power. That's why they were getting extinct (or so she'd been told) because they made so many enimies.

Justin sat down on the couch closest to the chair, the one in front of the shelf with all sorts of thing they sometimes used for their wizards lessons, and then he kept staring at her the same way as before, like she was this new species or a new toy or something. He had these wide eyes, eager to know more about this new 'species'.

She hoped this Alex girl would be there soon because she felt very uncomfortable in wizard boy and vampire girl's presence. She scooted a little to the side in the chair and made herself small, tightening her arms to her body and her entire body was stiff with her being so uncomfortable.

It was like Justin had no sense of the situation whatsoever. He just smiled and leaned closer to Priscilla. "Alex says you're talking now." He said, thinking it would make her tell him something important, too, but she just stared at Juliet with disgust.

"I'm not saying anything with a vampire present." She closed her hands into two fists and really tightening them, her nails digging into her hands. She really had to control herself to not use her powers, and if she succeeded this would be a first. "Who's to say who she'll report back to. Vampires are themselves nearest so if it does them good they'll report to the source himself, and he is the one who banished them in the first place. They hate each others guts. So either she goes or I'm not talking."

Justin's expression finally changed into something else. Now he looked really angry because he loved Juliet, and nobody talked to her like that or looked at her like that. Juliet wasn't evil and hadn't seen a shadow of evil so she didn't deserve to be looked at like that, and she certainly didn't deserve to be talked to like that either.

"First of all, I don't know who you think you are, but my girlfriend is as good as the day is long, and she's not reporting back to a source of any kind. She doesn't even know who that is." He led off by saying, now standing up so he could really give this rude girl a piece of his mind. He continued; "Secondly, she doesn't deserve to be talked about like that, especially not when you've told Alex things and she's worse than Juliet in any way."

Priscilla clinched her hands tighter. She was on verge of using her powers now, and she hadn't fully learned to control all of them yet, and if she hurt an innocent... She would lose her powers and who knows what else would happen? She opened her hand and started flicking all of her fingers back and forth, tempted to use her powers more so than before.

There was only one thing that could keep her from using her powers now, and she could risk it so she got up from the chair, turned her back to Justin and Juliet and began walking towards the layer's exit. If she removed herself from the scene that triggered the temptation, surely the urge would go away.

Just as she reached the door and was about to exit Alex entered, and she didn't have to even look twice at the scenario before she knew what was going on. She grabbed a hold on Priscilla and led her back into the room and made her sit down on the very same chair as before. Then she walked over to Justin and locked her eyes with his.

"You need to tell Juliet to leave." Alex said in such a low voice that only Justin could hear her, and it sounded more like a demand than a request. Justin looked like he was about to object again, but Alex cut him off before he could even do so. "No, listen to me. My instinct tells me that girl has signifigance to our future and us to hers, and it is very important for us to have her talking, and she won't if Juliet is here. She's already wizard racist as much as vampire one, do you wanna make it all worse by having Juliet stay?"

Justin sighed and sounded defeated, but how was he supposed to ask Juliet to leave? He would have to because it really did sound important to Alex, and he had never heard her sound so sure of something before – all of the this even had her using words like instinct so it was very important.

He walked over to Juliet and looked lovingly into her eyes, almost like he wanted to apologize on beforehand. "Juliet, you have to leave. I'm sorry." His eyes became even more apologetic, like he thought he was breaking her heart somehow by asking her to leave.

"Don't be, Justin. This is important, and I know it isn't a choice between me or her." She spoke softly and gently ran her fingers through his hair as a sign of affection. She leaned her forehead against his and carried on, almost whispering; "I know what I'm about and what I stand for, and I know that I'm not evil and wouldn't betray what would have been said in this room, and I don't want you to feel like this moment was a choice between this and me. I know me staying wouldn't be helping this situation and that's okay. I will see you later, and I want you to know that you telling me to leave doesn't change that fact that I love you, okay?"

Justin nodded and almost teared up at the revelation of how beautiful a person his girlfriend really was. "I love you too." He whispered and kissed her forehead. He gave her a tender hug and let her go, and as soon as she had gone out of the layer he turned towards Priscilla and Alex with a very stern look on his face. "This better be good."

Alex sat down on the couch on the exact same spot where Justin had been seated before, and Justin sat down next to her, clearly not looking happy with the situation. It was clear to both his sister and the new girl that he wasn't all that happy with the situation.

"I get how you feel." Priscilla said all of the sudden and took Justin by surprise. He wasn't expecting that at all and neither was Alex. "The whole forbidden love thing, but we do it anyways, don't we?"

Justin opened his mouth and looked completely stunned by what she had just said, and he completely forgot about disliking her when she said that. It almost changed everything because it sounded like she really knew what she was talking about, like she herself had experienced forbidden love. He nodded his head and by that agreeing with her.

She locked his eyes with his, only adressing him because Alex already knew some of the things she was about to say; "I'm a witch. No wands. I have actual powers and you have both experienced one of them. I froze everything in the sandwich bar and unfroze Alex to talk to her." She explained and watched as Justin's face grew more intense, indicating that he was really paying attention to the new information he was given. "I'm a Charmed One."

"Oh, my GOD!" Justin exclaimed because unlike Alex he did pay attention during the magic lessons, and he knew very well who the Charmed Ones were. He was very excited about the situation now, he had completely forgotten about the Juliet incident before. "I never thought I'd actually meet a Charmed One. Where are the rest of the Power of Three?"

Priscilla looked down and clearly got very upset, and Justin knew he had stepped in something now, but how was he supposed to know what was going on with everything. They had only just now begun talking.

"That's actually why I'm here." She explained and looked back up at Justin. She tried to smile, but failed. It looked half-hearted and sad. "They were kidnapped by the Source. I barely got away and now I don't know how to get to them. He just came and invaded our house, taking them. He wants us dead because we as the Charmed Ones are the only ones with the powers to vanguish him." Alex for the first time looked very intrigued as more and more information came up to the surface, and Priscilla kept going even though it was painful. "I tried scrying for them using their most priced possesion, a sister, but I got nothing and I knew right away he had them in the Underworld. I tried a blood to blood spell, but I still got nothing. I knew then that he probably had them in a cage where magic can't get out of, such a cage is named in the book. That's how I know. So I cast a spell to help me find the key to getting them back, and then I ended up here."

"What's the book?" Alex asked, but Justin immediately interrupted, showing himself off from his annoying know-it-all side in Alex's opinion.

"The Book of Shadows. Don't be so stupid, Alex, everybody know that the Charmed Ones' book is called The Book of Shadows." He said and looked at Priscilla, almost like he expected some sort of reward og acknowledgement for knowing that. "It's the book that every evil creature wants to get their hands up because it's where the Charmed Ones get their powers from, but evil can't touch it because it's protected by a great source of good. They want it because the Charmed Ones are the most powerful good witches in the universe and almost the most powerful magical creatures overall as well."

"Yeah, that basically sums it up." Priscilla agreed and acknowledged Justin's knowledge on the subject, not that any of that information had any signifigance anymore. "But we're nothing anymore. I'm nothing without them, and they are nothing without me. Sure I'm more powerful than all other witches and they're the same, but we're nothing without each other. The power lies in the three of us. I need to get them back."

Alex was starting to grasp the seriousness of the situation, and she hadn't in her wildest imagination thought that the girl at the middle table would be all this and have all of these serious problems. She didn't get half of it, but hopefully she would get smarter along the way in helping her. She guessed that was what they were doing, and it was probably what Justin would want them to do even if she didn't have any powers.

"When you guys say evil?" She questioned and looked at both Priscilla and her brother, making it clearly that she didn't get it. For once in her life she was kind of scared. Evil was a big word.

"Demons, warlocks, darklighters etc." Priscilla said nonchalantly like it wasn't scary at all, and it frightened Alex a little bit more. Priscilla made it sound like it was just every day stuff, but for her it was.

"And when you say the Source?" Alex asked, still one big question mark. They needed to understand more before they could go any further. "What kind of source are we talking about?"

Priscilla grew more serious, and then Justin and Alex knew that it was serious stuff – more serious than those demons, warlocks and what were those other things? It got scarrier by the second.

"The Source of all evil." Priscilla explained, and you could see the hate in her eyes as she told them about him, but how else was she supposed to look when he took her sisters? And without her he could easily kill them, and without them he could easily kill her. They only stood a chance against him the three of them together. Sure, they could wound him and put up a great fight, but by seperating them they couldn't vanguish him and he could easilier kill them. "He is like the boss of demons and stuff – therefore the Source of all evil."

"But do you know what the key to getting them back is, and aren't you scared of being killed?" Justin wanted to know as he was beginning to fear for Priscilla's life. It only got worse when more and more information got on the table. They had to help her whatever it took.

"I'm not scared of getting killed. I have an upper hand on the Source and that's something he can't break through." Priscilla said all secretively or so they thought she was, but she wasn't trying to be. She just hadn't been able to completely judge their character yet, and she didn't wanna reveal all of her powers to them then just to have them betray her. She a feeling they were a little bit trustworthy, and that was why she was still talking. "As for the key I thought that it might have been the Grimoir – which is like the evil Book of Shadows – but seeing as I'm here now I know it isn't. I would have been in the Underworld then."

Alex and Justin just sat there and soaked up the information. It was like a whole new world for them. Sure, Justin had heard about the Charmed Ones and all that, but he had know idea about a lot of it. He loved hearing about it in a weird way, though, seeing as he really liked learning knew stuff. Other than that he didn't find it particularly thrilling because it was serious and scary stuff.

"You said you tried scrying for the key. What does that mean?" Justin asked this question as well, eager to know everything that he didn't know already, and scrying was a new phenomenon to him.

"It means that you use and enchanted crystal to scry for something." Priscilla revealed, and then an idea struck her. Alex had closed down the sandwich bar, and Justin had sent his vampire girlfriend home. This was her chance. "I just thought of something. You or Alex might be the key, and since we are the only ones here I could try scrying for the key so I can know for sure. All I need is a map of you city."

Justin got up from his seat and walked out of the layer to get a map and with that silently agreeing with Priscilla, and while he did that Priscilla dug into the pocket of her dress and got out a purple crystal. Normally she wore it around her neck, but then demons and other evil creatures would know immidiately that she was a witch when they met her out and about. Normally they didn't need a crystal to know, but she wasn't about to make it easier for them.

The door to the layer opened and Justin reentered, and then he put down the map he'd found on the table. Priscilla stood up and began swinging the crystal, which was still enchanted from an earlier search, over the map in seach for the key. It didn't take long before the crystal dropped on Waverly Place.

Priscilla looked up at Justin and Alex and smiled for the first time. Finally she saw a real chance of getting her sisters back. "It's one of you." She sat down in the chair again and watched as Justin folded the map and put it to the side. "The question is who? And can I trust you?"

Alex and Justin nodded as if to say yes, letting her know that she could trust them, but she wasn't just gonna take their nods for it. She folded her hands again with only her index fingers stretched out with one under and over the other, having them being only inches apart. There was a little light and a enormous green book with a triquatra on the cover appeared in her hands – the Book of Shadows. She placed it on the table for the ultimate test.

She watched them suspiciously, trying to figure out if they really were trustworthy. She couldn't decide, but to be safe she was gonna let the book be the judge. "To be sure I want you to touch the book. If it accepts you, you'll be able to touch it. If not it'll zap you."

Alex stretched out her hand to touch the book, and Justin did the same, swallowing a huge lump in his throat only being inches from touching the book.

The Key

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