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The Key

Chapter 3.

"Cashmereus Appearus!"

Pacing back and forth in her room, Alex didn't know why that was the first spell that popped in to her mind. She hadn't expected anything, but still felt a slight stint of disappointment.

Ever since this Priscilla Halliwell character had popped into their lives, searching for a certain key, Alex couldn't help feeling just a little inferior for being ruled out so quickly when it came to finding out who the key was.

She had felt like such a big screw-up back when she had her magic and had therefore decided to take herself out of the game with a spell. That was the short version anyway. It should have made her life easier. There should have been less worries, but now she felt useless with her inability to help.

She had gotten the 'innocent stamp' by this Priscilla character, and since when had that been a word to describe Alex? Since when had she become this cast away person? She got why Priscilla had ruled her out, but that didn't mean it didn't upset her.

They didn't know yet what the key was supposed to do, but it had something to do with magic so therefore it couldn't possibly be Alex, and for some reason she found herself wanting to help. In the past that had been a rare thing for Alex to want to do, and it had only ever happened when there was no way else, but she had changed a lot these past few months.

The worst part was having magic all around her. Justin with his, and now this new person in their life who brought this whole other magical world with her, and Alex could never be a part of that without her magic. She really missed magic, and she had dug up her old wand earlier that morning and had performed various spells in her room, hoping that for some reason her magic had come back. No such luck, though."

"Cashmereus Appearus!"

She should probably try other spells as well, but she figured that she should start with smaller, innocent spells at first, and then maybe her magic would come back. She couldn't start with those big spells after not having magic for so long. She had to ease herself into it, but again: No such luck!

Nothing happened, and each time her spell failed she got more and more frustrated! She wanted to throw her wand or maybe break it in half, but then she would never get her magic back. There had to be a way! She wanted to feel useful again. She wanted to be part of this new magical adventure. She wanted to help!

The depressing fact that none of her spells worked had caused Alex to still be in her night T-shirt, and that only happened when she extremely tired or really upset. Today she was really upset.

Normally she would probably talk to Harper about it, but while this whole saving the Charmed Ones business was going on they had decided to send her away for her own safety. Her best friend was currently staying with Justin's friend, Zeke. Those two were also together.

She could try talking to Justin about how she felt, but he would probably just start lecturing her about the fact that she had made her own choice, and choices had consequenses, and now she had to deal with them. She didn't need that. She had a feeling that would only make her more frustrated!

"Cashmereus Appearus!"

Alex had lost count on how many times the spell had now failed, and she let the emotions get the best of her, allowing a tear to escape the corner of her eye. She rarely cried, but this time she couldn't help it.

"Are you okay, Alex?" She turned around and saw Justin standing in her doorway, looking at his younger sister with deep concern. "Hey, are you crying?" He gave himself the permission to come into her room, and then he rushed over to his sister to comfort her. "Come here."

He wrapped his arms around her in a deep hug, and that did it. Alex lost all the control she had left, and now the tears were traveling down her cheeks in a race. She sobbed like she had never done before, and Justin only held her tighter, trying his best to console her.

"Why were you trying to cast spells? You've relinquised your magic." Justin questioned, trying his best to sound as sensitive as possible because he could sense that Alex was in a very fragile state, and he didn't want to add fuel to the fire.

"I know." Alex said, trying to hold back her sobs, somewhat successful. She moved away from Justin's hug, with lazy steps making her way to the bed, slowly, but surely sitting down. "But I think I've made a mistake. Now that all this is going on I hate that I can't help. I want so bad to be useful, but I've been dubbed innocent and ruled out as the key so now I can't help." She paused. Not because she needed a breath, not because she had to prepare herself for her next speech, but because she anticipated a lecture coming on. It never came, though. Justin just stood there with focus, waiting and listening to his sister. With a sigh she continued: "I just... I... I really miss my magic, and I want it back, but now because of a moment of weakness... I can't."

Alex looked at her older brother, the sadness in her eyes clear as crystal. He could also tell that she was done speaking for now. He didn't know what to say, though. What could he say? He couldn't make it better, and he couldn't make it go away. All he could do was show his support, and hopefully that would be good enough for now.

"I get that you miss your magic. I would too. I know that's not any consolation, but I'm here for you, okay?" He raised his brows, allowing an expression that clearly said 'do you hear me?' to play across his face. Alex offered him a sad smile as a response so he knew now that it had helped a little, and now all he needed to do was spread a little bit of hope, and then this would have been a good brother/sister moment. "But hey, who says it can't be done? Maybe you can get your magic back? I'll help, and maybe Priscilla will too. After all, we're helping her."

Now Alex actually smiled for real. There was no sadness behind her eyes, but instead a little twinkle. Justin really helped, and that spark of hope was just what she needed, but she was still too upset to get dressed, but happy enough to take on the day and whatever it brought.

Justin returned Alex's smile for a brief second, but then he grew serious. It worried Alex. "It seems to be a day of magic meltdowns." That statement came out of nowhere, doing a good job confusing Alex. He saw the confused look in his sister's eyes, and then it hit him... There was something she could do to help! "There's actually something you can help with. Priscilla seems to have completely lost it, and for some reason she'll only listen to you."

"Lost it?" Alex questioned, wondering what Justin meant.

"Follow me." He just said and walked out of the room. Alex did as she was told. She got up from the bed and followed after her brother.

They reached the stairs, and Justin ran down first. Alex slowly followed, and as soon as her foot reached the last step she knew what he'd meant. She had never seen the sub station like that before.

The windows were covered over with fabrics that Alex didn't even recognise, but it was well thought through. Priscilla was sitting at the table right in the middle of the room, the exact same table where they had made her acquaintance for the first time.

All kinds of magical do-dads were spread across the table. At the top of the table was a Ouija board, but what Priscilla needed that for was unknown to Alex. The Book of Shadows was also lying on the table, no surprise there. In the middle there was this small cauldron looking thing made of metal with smoke rising from it.

It looked pretty innocent to Alex, but then Priscilla pulled out a knife that was a couple of sizes (or five) bigger than a pocket knife.

"Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?" Alex exclaimed from her stand by the stairs, and then rushed towards the table, brushing right past Justin in the the process. She freaked when she saw the knife, but what normal person wouldn't?

Priscilla looked up, acknowledging Justin and Alex's presence for a brief second by glaring at them with an emotionless expression in her eyes. She turned her focus back on the knife and smoking cauldron.

She brought the knife up to her eye level, and then she lifted her other hand, holding out her index finger. She closed the gap between the knife and her finger, pricking and twisting the knife slowly into her finger. She let the knife slide out of her hand and fall down on the table.

She moved the finger she had pricked over the cauldron, and then she used the thumb and index finger on her other hand to spread the cut, letting the blood drip into the smoking cauldron, and then she finally spoke with a voice that sounded so dead that it was frightening:

"Blood to blood, I summon thee
Blood to blood, return to me!

Alex didn't know what was supposed to happen, but nothing did. "Priscilla..." Alex tried getting through to their new friend, stepping closer to her. Priscilla only briefly looked up, and then she turned back to the cauldron. Alex tried again: "Priscilla?"

Priscilla didn't seem to react, though. All she did was spread her cut again to allow the blood to drip into the cauldron once again. Same procedure as before, but with one exception. This time she spoke with more force in her voice.



Just like before nothing happened, and now an emotion actually featured on Priscilla's face. She looked broken, more broken than Alex had felt earlier. Alex took the slight turn of events as her cue so she sat down on the chair next to Priscilla.

Alex took the hand on which Priscilla had pricked a finger in hers, and by that action she got eye contact from the desperate girl. The look in her eyes, had Alex known her better or more than a couple of days, would have been absolutely heartbreaking.

As Alex inspected the cut, not that she was an expert, she noticed that it for some reason wouldn't stop bleeding. It probably wasn't alarming. For all she knew Priscilla could have used a magical knife that somehow made it bleed longer, but maybe it would still be better to have a certain Whitelighter look at it.

"Maybe we should try calling Peter." It should have been a question, but it wasn't because Alex really felt that they should. She was still studying the cut, but then she turned her head towards Justin, waving him over.

He sat down on the chair next to Alex, and then she grabbed Priscilla's hand tighter and pulled it towards Justin so he could examin the cut too, not that they were experts.

She looked at her brother, her brown pools filled with concern. The cut could be infected and whatnot. "What do you think, Justin?"

He sat there for awhile, deep in thought, just studying the cut. It did really continue to bleed like it was being paid not to stop. "I think it would be a good idea." He concluded as he reached out and grabbed a napkin from the neighbour table, wrapping it tightly around Priscilla's finger to keep the bleeding in control until Peter got there.

Priscilla shook her head. "No!" She objected, retrieving her hand from Alex's grib. She kept the napkin around her finger, but the rest of their well-meaning behavior she didn't want. "He needs to find out if Justin really is the key, and in that case what he's supposed to be doing. I don't want to interrupt him by having him come here and heal an insignificant cut." She had raised her voice at them. She didn't mean to, but the frustration of not being able to anything was taking more and more toll on her. Priscilla hated showing weakness, but the tears that were now running down her cheeks couldn't be stopped. "I want my sisters back, and I want them now!"

She smacked her hand down on the table on the little space that wasn't covered by magical things with her non-injured hand. That's when Alex noticed that she was wearing a ring. It kind of looked like a lightningbolt. It had the same zig-zag pattern, but with way more zigs and zags if that even made sense? It was all silver, and there was a little space in between the silver forming the zig-zags. Alex had never seen a ring like that before.

"What ring is that?" She asked, the curiosity getting the better of her as she pointed at the ring, anything less than discrete. "Is that a lightningbolt?"

Priscilla looked down at her hand on the table, and then she pulled the hand away so they couldn't see it any longer. "It's just a family heirloom. I inherited it from my father when he died." She explained, although she didn't want to reveal more to this human and wizard than necessary. She had to be nice and accessable to gain their trust and help, though, and they did notice the ring so there was no way around it. "But it's not lightning. Supposedly it symbolises an earthquake."

"Why would you have a ring of an earthquake?" Justin chipped in from his seat, and he earned one of those looks that made him think that Priscilla perhaps didn't like him.

"I told you it was a family heirloom. It's not like I chose it, it just belongs to me." She bit at him. She knew she was wrong to, and that it wouldn't earn her their ultimate friendship and help, but he brought it out in her. She somehow felt the need to push him away, and she couldn't figure out why.

Justin didn't say anything more, but Alex did however have another question to follow the one her brother had before. "But if it belonged to your father, then how come it fits you perfectly?" You had to wonder. Priscilla had really slim fingers so it was peculiar that a man's ring would fit her that well.

Priscilla smiled as though the answer was obvious, but replied nonetheless. "It's a magical ring. It adjusts its size to fit the owner of it."

Justin had a lot of questions. About her behavior, about the ring, about everything really. He couldn't ask, though, because besides the whole forbidden love speech she had only been hostile with him. He didn't understand why. The Book trusted him, and so should she. He didn't know why she didn't. Sure, he was a wizard, and the Book said not to trust wizards, but it trusted him! Didn't she trust the Book? So many questions that the witch wouldn't answer.

"Then how..."

"Can we not talk about the ring or anything related to it?" Priscilla demanded more than asked, cutting off Justin before he even had a chance to finish his sentence. She then took it upon herself to change the subject. "What's going on with you?"

"Alex has had a pretty rough morning." He told Priscilla while searching his sister for signs that it was okay to tell their guest that, and then it caught him. She had just let him finish a sentence. Wow! He was gonna take full advantage of that and see how much he could get out before she could cut him off again. "She feels like she's made a mistake and desperately wants her magic back."

"Really?" Priscilla looked at Alex to see if that was true. The former wizard didn't say anything, but only nodded. "I think I might be able to help with that." Alex's face lit up upon hearing those words. "I said might. I'll try. My wiccan magic won't necessarily be able to counteract your wizardry, but there's a good chance."

"I'll take it!" Alex exclaimed right away. A good chance was better than nothing, and she really wanted her magic back. Maybe it wouldn't work, Alex knew that, but there was still a chance.

Priscilla started flipping through the Book of Shadows while still adressing her words towards Alex. "What did you use when you stripped your powers?" She asked as she flipped back a page, having gone too far. "A potion? A spell?"

"A spell."

Priscilla glanced up at Alex for a brief moment, and then her attention was in the Book again, flipping the pages again. She must have settled on the wrong page. It took some time, but Priscilla finally stopped at a page towards the middle of the Book.

"Do you remember the exact words you used in the spell?" Alex nodded and was handed a piece of paper by Priscilla. "I need you to write it down on this piece of paper. We're gonna try a 'To Undo a Spell' spell." She explained as Alex accepted the paper from her and started scribbling.

While Alex wrote, Priscilla instructed Justin to get her a candle and something to light it with. He was back before Alex was even done writing, and he handed the candle and matches to Priscilla as the very last word was scribbled down.

Priscilla placed the candle on the table and lit it. She asked for the paper on which Alex's spell was written, and it was handed to her nearly before she had even asked for it. With a quick glance in the book to make sure she said the right words, Priscilla attempted to cast the spell.

She folded the piece of paper with Alex's spell neatly and stuck it into the flame of the candle, watching it burn for a few seconds before she said anything to make sure the flames caught on properly.

"Guided Spirits,
Hear our plea
Annul this magic
Let it be!

Please, let it be, Alex thought to herself. She pressed her eyes shut and prayed harder than she had ever prayed before for the magic to work. When she opened her eyes again the paper in Priscilla's hand had burned completely, and the spell was now supposed to have worked.

"Try a spell." Priscilla said, for once in her life trying to sound encouragingly. She didn't know if she wanted the spell to work or not. She couldn't find that emotion inside her. She really liked Alex and on some level wanted to see her happy, but did they really need any more wizards?

Alex pushed out her chair and stood up to perform a spell. She didn't have her old wand on her at that very moment, but minor spells didn't always acquire wands so she had to try.

"Cashmereus Appearus."

She tried the spell she had attempted earlier that day just for the hell of it. It was the spell she remembered the best because of the whole blow out that followed after she had cast it the first time, but just like earlier; nothing happened.

Alex felt herself become more desperate than she probably should. "Quick, Justin, hand me your wand." She demanded, the desperation clear in her eyes. She held out her hand to accept the wand which Justin immediately pulled out of his puck and handed to her. She flicked the wand.

"Cashmereus Appearus."


"Cashmereus Appearus, Cashmereus Appearus, CASHMEREUS APPEARUS!"

"Nothing is gonna happen, Alex." Priscilla said, genuinely sympathising with the girl who so badly wanted her magic back. On some level she could relate. There were things she desperately wanted as well. She blew out the candle, and Justin carefully retrieved his wand from Alex so he wouldn't upset her further. "The spell didn't work, I'm sorry. Maybe my magic couldn't cancel out your spell, or maybe there wasn't enough magic behind my spell."

Justin stuck his wand back in his pocket. "It was worth a try, though." He concluded to somehow try and ease the situation, but Alex just stood there, speechless and in shock. She had really thought...

"Alex, we'll find another way. I promise." Priscilla said, attempting to get eye contact with a very stunned Alex. She eventually succeeded. "We'll find another way. With all the magic in this Book, all the ways to unbind powers, and all the reversal spells. We'll find something, but not today. You're too affected by a previous attempt, but some day when the shock has worn completely off..." Alex nodded along to Priscilla's words, and they seemed to console her. That was an ability Priscilla didn't know she had. "We'll find another way."

Alex walked back upstairs, hoping to sleep the rest of the day away. Priscilla stayed where she was, her mind set on figuring out how to get her sisters back. Justin wanted to help, but Priscilla wouldn't let him. She ignored him and flipped through the book until she stumbled upon a spell that might be able to help...

The Key

The cave seemed darker than usual. The rocks that the walls were made up of were in a darker shade than they normally were, or maybe they were just imagining things? The cave wasn't as well lit as earlier.

The Source had only let the two pillars on each side of the entrance to the cave stayed lit by fire. They were sure it was supposed to mock them as they stood the in the middle of the cave inside a magic resistant cage, captivated.

It had to be some sort of twisted, evil humor. He wasn't the Source of All Evil for nothing. The cave remained well lit enough for them to still be able to see the Grimoir from their captivities. If they weren't trapped and unable to do magic, they really needed to do something about that Book. If they 'eliminated' the Book the Source probably wouldn't be as powerful, and then they might be able to vanguish him. Those were very big ifs.

They were, however, still captivated. They were sitting helplessly inside the cage, being very careful not to touch the bars. Usually nothing happened if you just touched them, but ever since Penelope were thrown into the bars and was electricuted they had been extra careful about it.

Penelope's stomach churned with hunger, making loud rumbling noises. It didn't go unnoticed by Patricia. She was hungry, too. They hadn't eaten since they were kidnapped, but they didn't know how long that was. They didn't know how time worked down in the Underworld, but Patricia's guess was at least a couple of days or maybe more. The best guess was that time maybe moved a little slower down there with it being the Underworld, only one step from hell.

It wasn't like they hadn't been offered food by their evil 'host', and although they weren't vegetarians, raw meat wasn't something they wanted to eat. They weren't wild animals at the zoo, but by the way the Source watched them and laughed when he fed them, made it seem like he thought so.

"I'm so tired." Penelope said in a monotone, emotionless way that illustrated her point. She wanted nothing more than to just lie down and go to sleep and wake up later, and then it had all been a dream, but it wasn't. It was a cruel reality.

"You can't go to sleep." Patricia sounded as tired as Penelope did. She didn't even have the energy to manage eye contact. She had her arms wrapped around her legs with her head resting on her knees, trying not to doze off. "We can't let him get that power."

If they fell asleep they were defenseless, and if the Source then changed his mind back and decided to kill them right away, they wouldn't be able to do or say anything to prevent it. They couldn't fall asleep. That wasn't a luxury they could afford.

"I'm hungry, too." Penelope then said, still with the monotone voice. She was drained by tiredness and hunger, and she could barely muster the words she said.

"I would worry about thirst." Patricia replied just the same as she finally managed to look up, her green eyes meeting her little sister's blue ones. It was weird that all three sisters had different eye colors. Green, blue and brown, but that wasn't important now. What was important was this: "We can easily survive without food, but it doesn't take long to dehydrate."

Penelope looked straight forward, watching the Grimoir intensely. It was so surreal that it was almost like the Book of Shadows' counterpart, a great source of evil, and there it was mocking them. They both knew that it was there for that purpose alone. Everything the Source did was evil and well thought out, and then it struck her.

"The Source wouldn't let us dehydrate or even starve to death." She didn't remove her gaze from the Grimoir as she let her older sister in on her thoughts. "It would hurt his evil reputation if we died that way, and he would lose his status as the Source."

"You're probably right." Said the oldest of the Charmed Ones. The green-eyed beauty with black hair who only looked like a shadow of herself now, the sister who loved the most, and the only one who truly knew what it meant to do it unconditionally.

Her hair was starting to get greasy, and it was burning at the roots like it always did when it needed to be washed. Her teeth were dry, and when she let her tongue glide over them she could practically feel all the dirt on them. She could feel how badly she needed to brush them. If she got her very first cavity in this cage she would send the bill to the Source. Her skin was starting to get irritated, and it really needed to be rinsed. Her dirty clothes were clinging to her skin which was clear sign that it had been worn for too many day and seriously needed at good wash. She really did look like the shadow of herself

For some reason her younger sister didn't look as bad. Sure, the glint in her otherwise gorgeous blue eyes had disappeared, but her brown hair was far from greasy. Her clothes were dirty as well, but wasn't clinging to her body. Her skin was beginning to get dry, but it was far from irritated, and why that was remained a questionmark. It was like her hair had just been washed which was impossible. They had been in that cage for God knows how many days after all.

"Don't you wish that we as the Charmed Ones were somehow excluded from the magic resistant cage rule?" It came out of nowhere as Patricia began to watch the book as well. "I could send that Book flying. Maybe into a volcano."

"Ssssh." If the Source heard that it could have fatal consequeses, and Penelope was after all the sister who worried the most. Too much, actually.

They sat in silence for awhile, both on Book watch. Eventually it was broken by Patricia who managed get up and walk to the side of the cage closest to the Grimoir.

"I might have found a loophole." She whispered just loud enough for Penelope to hear, causing the younger girl to stand up and walk as quickly as possible to her sister's side. They were only inches from the magic resistant bars, still not wanting to risk a zap. "The bars might be wide enough to get my arm through without touching, and then I will be outside as well as in here, and that might allow me to do a little magic."

"What kind of magic?" Penelope questioned, an immediate worry washing over her. What was there to perform her magic on, and what good would it even do? Wouldn't it alert the Source if they tried something, and what could they even do? Rocks, pillars and fire were the only things there. Oh yeah, and the Grimoir. What was Patricia gonna do? Knock down a pillar to set fire to the Grimoir?

Penelope locked eyes with her older sister and saw that the glint had gotten back in her eyes. She had looked defeated before, but now Patricia looked like someone who had far from given up, and who might actually gain the upperhand.

"There has to be an incantation to let us out of the cage, and the Source is the only one with that power, and that Book is his." She explained, nodding towards the book, causing Penelope to go from worried to pure terrified.

"But that's dark magic. We're not allowed to do that." Again with rules and the worry. She was the most well read out of the sisters as well. She was the only one who had read the entire Book of Shadows which she did right after they had become witches. Therefore she knew all the rules and more than the rest about magic, but it was a big book and she far from remembered it all.

Patricia knew she wasn't supposed to in a situation like this, but she got annoyed with her sister. "What's more important? Freedom or rules?" She snapped at her already fragile little sister, but Penelope knew it was just the pressure of it the situation. At least she hoped so. "You pick."

Penelope took another glance at the book and then decided; "Freedom."

"Thought so." Patricia stuck arm through the bars without touching. She held out her index finger and flicked it back towards them with her eye on the book.

Patricia's power was Telekinesis. In the very beginning it came from her eyes, but she had since then learned to channel it through her hands, now being able to move things by flicking a finger.

The Grimoir flew down from its stand of rocks and landed on the ground. So far, so good. Patricia flicked her finger towards them again to make it fly nearer to them. It did, slightly. So she flicked her finger harder, making the Book fly across the cave and bang into the cage with great force.

The two sisters had expected to be zapped by the cage. Surely the Grimoir had to be a great source of magic? Oh, right! Only the inside was magic resistant and wouldn't allow any to get out. They had completely forgotten about that, but lucky for them that the outside wasn't effected. They had really avoided something there.

The Book landed on the ground with a loud thud, and the sound it had made hitting the bars had probably also been alarming to a certain demon. They had to be quick now if they wanted a chance to escape.

Patricia used her powers to flip through the pages of the Grimoir which was the only way to do it anyways. Good couldn't touch it, kinda like evil couldn't touch the Book of Shadows. She was about half through the book, and so far she hadn't found something to get them out.

"Naughty, naughty Charmed Ones." Someone said, and it was unmistakably identified as belonging to the Source of All Evil.

Sure enough, there he stood in his black cloak, making them feel violated by his stare. His eyes were just black, hollow pools filled with evil, but at least they were okay. They had seen him set fire to demons who hadn't followed his biddings to the teeth just by looking at them. Flames would appear in his eyes for a second, and then the demons would burst into flames, being vanguised and sent to the demon wasteland where they would be devoured.

They had a theory that he could only do it to demons because he was their master by being the Source. That meant he had control over them and could set them on fire if he wanted to, but Patricia and Penelope were witches so he hadn't the control of them to set them on fire. That was one pro, and then there was the con that he had many other ways to kill them besides that.

Patricia quickly pulled her hand back inside the cage and was about to put an protecting arm around her little sister now that they were in the presence of the Source, but she disappeared right there into thin air. She looked at the Source as a pure reflex to see what he might have do to here, and then Penelope reappeared right next to the source.

He grabbed her arm with his skeleton like hand, and then he made the Grimoir reappear on the bookstand made of rocks. He led Penelope towards his evil Book, and Patricia couldn't imagine what he would do to her precious sister, and once again there was nothing she could do about it.

"Let go of her, you evil bastard." She yelled from her place in the case, but what did threatening words do to the Source? That would be a big, fat nothing. That didn't prevent Patricia from yelling with all the power she could muster. "Do you hear me? Let go!"

The Source ignored Patricia as he was now standing by the Grimoir with what he considered to be the weakest of the Charmed Ones. He had the evil notion in his head that he could manipulate her into anything, and he probably could, but that was only because he decided all of their fates.

"I need you to do something for me, Penelope." It wasn't as much a request as it was one of his evil demands. With the other skeleton hand that he didn't have on Penelope's arm, he started flipping through the Book. "If you do, your sisters might live. I'm yet to decide."

"Don't do it, Pen!"

The Key

It was in the middle of the afternoon in the substation now, and all Priscilla had done that day was flip through the Book, cast spells and try every possible way to get her sisters back. That, and wait for Peter.

He hadn't showed yet, but she wasn't worried about that. The only thing that worried her was who the key was to getting them back, what he/she was supposed to do, and ultimately getting them back, but she had been instructed not to leave Justin and Alex's home until she heard back from the Elders and Peter. She was getting pretty anxious, though.

At this point all she wanted to do was flip a coin and grab either Justin or Alex, and then storm the Underworld with them for the sole purpose of getting her sisters back. It had gotten to a point now that she almost didn't care what it took. She just wanted them back.

Justin had tried to keep himself busy and not get in Priscilla's way, but at the same time staying close enough if she decided that she needed his help with something. She would eventually have to if he was infact the key.

He glanced her way, watching her flip another page in the book. There didn't appear to be anything helpful on that page so she flipped to another. Why couldn't she just let him help? It might go a little faster then? But no, she was little miss hostile! Why did it even bother him?

With a sigh she flipped another page, and then Justin decided it was about time to help no matter what she said. She couldn't do this alone, why else would there be a key?

He walked over to her and stood right before her. She met his gaze briefly, and then she turned back to the book, flipping another page. On that page there was a summoning spell for an upper level demon, but if it wasn't the Source then she just didn't care!

"Are you sure you don't want any help?" Justin asked, for the umpteenth time offering his assistance. She didn't reply at first, merely flipped another page, so he urged her. "Priscilla?"

"No, Justin. I don't want your help." She said through gritted teeth. She didn't know why she was like that with him. The Book trusted him, and it wasn't that she didn't. It was still this unexplainable need to push him away. She saw the impact of her words, and then she decided to add a few words in a nicer way. "Not right now, though."

Justin shrugged it off as he turned around and walked away. He had only gotten a few feet away when he heard Priscilla's voice in an alarming tone he'd never heard before. "Justin!?"

He turned around quickly and immediately saw what Priscilla had seen. The pointer on Ouija board had started to move, and Priscilla wasn't touching it!

The Key

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