A True Blood Drabble

AU / T-rated

Shipper: Eric & Sookie

No spoliers

A/N: English is my second language (so, please, ignore my terrible grammatical mistakes)



A change of path

Everything he could do to comfort her now, was to kiss her as if there's no tomorrow.



She felt terrible. Alone. Completely desolated.

Her heart broken.

She never thought that Bill Compton, one day, would leave her for none other than his ex-wife, and maker.

A tear trickled from the corner of her right eye and a sense of emptiness paradoxically filled her insides.

She felt so alone.

Now, without him, it was like nothing else mattered anymore.


She looked at the door of her house and saw the blond-haired male figure approaching.

As if expecting for an invitation.

Sookie shook her head feebly and murmured in a small voice. "Yes, Eric, you can come in".

And in a blink of an eye, a pair of strong arms embraced her figure. Two firm and cold hands touching her all over. And a pair of passionate lips touching her skin with impossible intoxicated kisses.

Eric smirked to himself.

Tonight he would make her his.

for all eternity.



A/N: I wrote this when I was obsessed by drabbles (and by Eric, of course hehe). As I said, English is my second language, so I hope there're not too many errors here...

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