I have become clingy, possessive towards the one named Ramona Flowers…

What was the reason for this, you may ask?

Because not only did I want Ramona Flowers in my life; I needed her.

I sat beside the black shiny piano that resided in the middle of the dark and isolated guest room of my parents abode.

Note: Ken Katayanagi is the only one residing in the Katayanagi household. When Kyle and Ken turned 21, their Mother and Father urgently needed to return to their hometown of Kanagawa to take care of the twins' old sick grandmother; they haven't returned to the United States ever since then.

As for his twin brother Kyle, well his presence is NOT expected.

He is a party animal, after all.

It's only natural that Ken never expected him to come home.

Maybe you needed to hear this fact…or maybe you didn't.

I run my trembling hands down the endless rows of black and white.

"Oh God," I breathe softly as my eyes slowly close and I continue to gently stroke the top of each individual piano key. "If only YOU were this easy to touch, Ramona Flowers…"

"Well, then stop making things harder for yourself…" My skin began to crawl suddenly as I felt puffs of warm air forcing themselves against the right side of my neck.

As I slowly turn my head; I found myself gazing back into those familiar dark eyes that I encountered just last night during one of my pleasant dreams.

"How…did you…get in here?" I stammered nervously as quickly stood from the stool, my back facing the piano.

"Subspace…duh!" The young woman rolled her large eyes as if she replied 'a matter of factly'. "I thought you would know that by now." A sudden smile spread over her face as she began to slowly raise her blouse over her shoulders, leaving her completely exposed to the trembling young man against the piano. "Now, I overheard you saying about wanting to touch me…" She replied huskily as she began to approach him slowly with nothing but a black garment embracing her chest.

"Oh that…" I stuttered nervously as I faced my gaze away from her. "Well, I…didn't mean to say it…I mean"

"Of course you meant to say it..." She replied sexily as she shoved my body hard against the shiny black piano.

I tried to shake free from her tight grasp but the more I struggled, the harder she began to sink her nails into my skin. Her face leaned close to my ear as she temptive leaned her warm body against mine. "You've been meaning to say it since the first day we've met."

It's almost as if she were able to read my every thought; she's absolutely right.

I have been longing for this moment since the day our eyes engaged.

And although my fear once got in the way from getting what I want; today will be far from distant.

"So…" Ramona replied as she slowly looked up at me. "Are you going to deny you your most desired pleasure?"

I took one nervous gaze toward the ceiling before finally releasing a breath that clung to my chest.

A seductive smile spread across her face when my lips murmured the reply she had been longing to hear as well. No…I won't deny myself that pleasure; not anymore.

The woman wasted no time as she quickly managed to rip the black t-shirt right off my trembling body.

Finding our heaving chests completely exposed to each other; Ramona proceeded in taking control as she violently shoved my back over the cold surface of the piano.

Lying helpless and shivering over the large instrument and under the very possessive woman; Ramona proceeded in action as she quickly removed my jeans from underneath her.

How on Earth did she manage to do that?

Note: No one knows how Ramona managed to remove his jeans while being on top of Ken Katayanagi. It's sort of just a natural thing; it is.

My the heaving of my chest as well as my breathing began to increase as I begin stiffen in the depths of my Speed Racer boxers at the sight of the beautiful blue haired woman sitting shirtless above me.

My body tensed in nerves; for this had never occurred to me during the presence of a woman.

What would she think of me?

Would she be upset at me for it?

Note: No.

"Good boy…" Ramona breathed sexily as she rubbed herself against the tightening bulge between my legs. " Does it feel good?"

"Y-yes…" I managed to choke out.

My face could not contain itself from blushing furiously; feeling her body against my hard on felt absolutely pleasurable; this was unlike anything I have ever experienced. "Do you want to feel something even better?"

With a shaky breath I manage to choke out. "Y-yes…"

Then the unexpected occurs…the front door of the guest room suddenly slams open.

As my eyes take their sweet time to adjust to the bright light that pours in from outside, I suddenly find myself staring upon my brother; who is flaring his nostrils in fury in the doorway.

"What the hell are you doing?" My brother with oxygenated hair bellows toward Ramona and I as he approached the piano furiously.

"I…think I should go." Ramona quickly replied as she dismounted off my body and snatched her blouse from the linoleum floor.

"You're not going anywhere you, f—king whore!" Kyle pointed a finger toward the woman as she put on her blouse.

"Who the f—k do you think you are, huh?" I snarled as I rose from the large instrument and confronted my blonde haired brother. "Don't you dare insult my girlfriend!"

"Your girlfriend?" Kyle laughed maniacally. He turned to face the blue haired young woman in amazement. "You haven't told him anything yet, have you?"

"You haven't told me what?" I reply softly as I gaze upon the woman who had stolen my heart.

"Tell him, Ramona!" Kyle demanded. "Tell him how you're dating us both at the same time."

Kyle and I glared at the blue haired woman through thin slits for eyes.

Ramona took a deep breath as she crossed her arms before her chest. "I did." She replied flatly. "When I met you, Ken; I had already been going out with Kyle."

"How could you…?" I stammered as I turned to glare at my brother.

"I don't know." Ramona breathed as she buttoned up her blouse. "I just wanted date twins, that's all. I thought it would be a good experience but it resulted into a complete disaster; Kyle, you are a careless lazy animal who does nothing productive for himself and Ken…you are a weak pathetic little boy who fears of his own shadow. Apart from that you are both very jealous and highly possessive which is highly intolerable for any woman."

And with that, Ramona made her final exit.

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