I was in a sentimental /romantic writing mood so I made this short RoLo fic. I've been writing a lot of slash lately, and I kinda missed the simplicity of heterosexual pairs. So, I think I'll dedicate this to QTFics and Danye, I miss you guys! Please enjoy! :)

Forever-by PS

"We can't," she told him mildly, backing away from his looming figure and further into the hallway, "you're with Jean."

He shook his head, inching foward, trying to ensnare the goddess with only his eyes, "no, we broke up ages ago. I only want you."

She sighed quietly, azul eyes trained on the bulky man, "Logan, she'll find out. I am her sister, she will be very upset, I know how she thinks."

He shook his head, "who cares? We broke up because she wanted someone else. It's not my fault that he didn't want her back; its not the same situation with us, we both want each other, its time that we explored that realm of just us, together."

His words were like solemn yet sweet poetry, something that she had longed to hear for the longest time, "Logan..." she breathed his name, the urge to simply crush herself against him warring with the urge to simply run away.

"If we do this," she whispered, "we will never be the same. Our relationship can never be the same."

He nodded, closer to her now, his silver eyes gleaming in the darkness of the hall, "I know. And I'm willing to accept that, I only want you Goddess, I love you Ororo."

Tears gleamed suddenly in her eyes and she closed them, accepting him in her arms as he strode up to her, holding her as sobs racked her body.

"Shh, we can have whatever we want with each other; I only want to be with you forever." He stroked her ivory hair gently, willing her wordlessly to believe his words.

She huffed a laugh, "forever is quite a long time, I'm not sure if I can put up with you for that long."

He smiled against her cheek which he was nuzzling, "you'll learn to."

She pulled her head out of his grip and looked up at him, her lips rosy and moist, just pleading to be touched by his own chapped ones.

Silently, he obliged, cupping the back of her skull soundly and pressing their mouths together in an everlasting kiss, their first.

It was sweet and strange, his taste smoky and bellowing, hers sultry and potent. They longed to stay this way forever, lips moving in a dance that outlived most romances.

When he pulled away he sighed against her lips, "I think forever will pass very quickly."

She smiled gently up at him, "I agree. But, we shall make the most of it."

She pulled herself out of his grip and turned to walk down the remaining length of the hallway; she turned back to him when she reached the staircase, "coming?"

He grinned, moving to follow her, after all, he would follow his Goddess anywhere...

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