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The quick firing of a gun blasted through the quiet room. The gunman had a cynical smile upon his face, not quite pleased with his work, for he did not hit his original target, but satisfied with what he did hit.

"LIEUTENANT!" a man with raven hair screamed. Blood splattered his putrid blue uniform, and a small body was braced in his arms. Tears welled up in his eyes, but he wouldn't let them spill over, not yet.

There was a small figure in his grasp, a young woman. Blonde hair cascaded down her back, falling from its hold on her head during the harsh battle. There was a hole in her uniform, right under her heart. Blood bubbled and seeped through the tear in the fabric, sliding down her back in an endless waterfall.

The bullet went right through her, making a hole on each side of her body. She had a small smile on her face, not happy, but content with the fact that she had protected him. That was all that mattered. His safety.

"LIEUTENANT! LIEUTENANT, PLEASE! Open you're eyes," the man practically sobbed. His voice had become just barely a whisper on his last sentence.

The gunman laughed. Who knew that to break him, they wouldn't have to kill him? His job was done, and he slowly stood to collect his equipment, when he felt cold metal touch the side of his head.

"You're time is up." A blonde man in the same sickly blue uniform said, pulling the trigger. Jean Havoc didn't even look back to the dead man falling to the floor as he ran to his two superior officers.


Colonel Mustang looked up from the delicate body cradled in his arms, to see his second lieutenant running up to them.

"What happened?" Havoc asked frantically out of breath.

"She took it for me," Mustang whispered.


"I said she took it for me. She took a damn bullet in the chest for me," Mustang whispered again bitterly.

"I-is she…" Havoc trailed off.

"She's breathing, but she won't open her eyes."


"Hawkeye, I ORDER you to open you're eyes, you understand me!" Colonel Mustang ordered in a deep voice.

"You can't just order an unconscious person to open their eyes, sir!" Jean Havoc practically shouted.

"Just watch. She's never disobeyed an order before, and I KNOW she won't start now."

"You're crazy-" Havoc started, but then her eyes fluttered.

Pain. Pain was what she expected to feel. But all Riza Hawkeye felt was nothing- a bitter empty pit of nothing. She was content with her choice to jump in front of that bullet, and with the fact that she could possibly die from it.

Love, is like handing someone a loaded gun, having them point it at you're heart, and trust them not to pull the trigger.

Hawkeye was disappointed with all the things she wouldn't be able to see, like see Roy Mustang become Fuhrur, but that's ok. She wondered if her friend Maes felt like this when he was murdered. Probably.

A voice was calling out to her, ordering her to open her eyes. It's an order, and a faithful dog must always obey. Her mind screamed for her to open her eyes, and it was a painful task, but she did it. Riza opened her eyes.

"Lieutenant!" Mustang cried. He was clutching her to his chest in a painfully tight hold, but it didn't matter.

"S-sir," she said feebly, reaching her hand up to clutch his shirt.

"Shh, don't waste your energy." He cooed. "Havoc, call an ambulance and retrieve the others. Now." He ordered, now addressing the panicking second lieutenant.

"Yes sir," Havoc saluted and ran off, clutching a handheld phone to his ear.

"Hang in there, Lieutenant," Mustang said, brushing her sweat drenched bangs back from her amber eyes. "You'll be okay."

Riza coughed, and blood spilled from her mouth. The metallic taste flowed over her teeth and tongue, making her want to hurl.

"I highly doubt that. B-but you're okay, right?" she asked meekly.

"Stop thinking of others and just think of yourself for once, ok?" Mustang asked, panic pressing up against his consciousness. Would she make it? Or would she leave him in this bitter, bitter world alone?

"Colonel!" Master Sergant Kain Furey cried as he saw them come into view. He fell to his knees before his two commaning officers and then called out for his comrades. "Breda, Falman!"

Everyone was there now, besides Havoc who was waiting for the ambulance. They were all on their knees, trying to keep the first lieutenant awake. She paid them no mind. She only focused on Mustang.

"R-Roy," she croaked. Blood was leaking into her lungs, making it difficult to breathe. "It doesn't hurt. It's supposed to hurt. Why doesn't it hurt?"

At one point Furey had started to cry, and Falman and Breda had bowed their heads, trying to stop the flow of tears threatning to fall. They looked up, startled. She had called the colonel by his first name. That was a bad sign.

"I-I don't know. Havoc is bringing help soon, I promise." Mustang said as he wiped blood from the edge of her lips.

Soon enough, Havoc ran into the room with a group of EMTs following begind him with a stretcher. Mustang placed her gently onto the stretcher, but when he went to release her, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him to her.

"S-stay, please." She wheezed, and blood flowed from her mouth and the hole in her chest. "I-I don't want to die alone. "You're not going to die!" he yelled, but complied to her request and laid beside her.

"Turn her head to the side and keep her talking!" an EMT barked at the colonel. He nodded and tilted her head to face him.

"Riza- Riza listen to me. When did we meet?" he pleaded.

"E-eighteen-ninety-nine…" she gasped. The blood was filling her lungs faster, making speech even harder.

"O-okay. How o-old were we?"

The EMTs were listening closely. They were shocked and fascinated with his questions and her answers. They were amazed at how long the two officers had known each other.

"Y-you were t-twelve and I was t-ten."

"G-good. When did you teach me flame alchemy?" Mustang asked, brushing her sweaty bangs from her eyes and caressing her cheeks.


One of the EMTs in the ambulace fell out of his chair. Lieutenant Hawkeye taught Colonel Mustang Flame Alchemy!

Mustang sighed in relief. She remembered important dates. He had one last question left as the ambulance pulled into the emergency wing at the hospital.

"When did we fall in love?"

This is a multi-chapter story. I hope you liked it!