The Rollin' Games

Katniss, Clove, Foxface, Prim and Glimmer are all at an amusement park. All but one will die. Who will survive?


When the gates opened I scrambled into Rolly Polly Park, my favorite amusement park in Panem! I planned to meet Katniss, Glimmer, Foxface and Prim at The Twist, a super fast thing that I hope will maybe kill Prim. I walk over to the consessions and see Glimmer stuffing her perfect face into a pie.

"HOW DARE YOU EAT BEFORE ME!" I scream and try to slap her, but the pie is too thick and I slip and fall to the floor.


I went to the concession stand to stuff my face, and stuff but I stopped halfway because I saw like Clove withering on the ground, ya know. She was saying stuff and was all like "Mehhhh!" and stuff. So I let her be and went on to see if I could find like everyone else.