So after walking like an entire flippin mile I meet Glimmer and Katniss. They were all like

"Woah, you go here fast. Where's Clove?"

Glimmer starts to burp and giggle which is like totally disgusting! I hear a rustle and turn to see Foxface standing behind a skinny metal pole. She didn't know that I saw her so she kept sneaking around and was like totes ninja.


After a few minutes of talking to Glimmer, Prim showed up. After that she pointed to a tree and said,

"Omigosh! Foxface is too fat! Why is she climbing that skinny brach- it's gonna break!"

I looked up and sure enough there was Foxface clinging to a tiny branch. She could have DIED! Now Foxface will never stop owing Prim. Foxface is my friend so now I will never stop owing Prim. I bow down to Prim and yell,


Foxface starts laughing now and falls off of the branch to her death. Why that stupid Fox! Prim just saved her life and now she is gonna die!