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The sun shown down over the town of Kinkan. It was a beautiful morning. The pigeons hopped about and cooed their song softly. The sun shone its rays about as if sparkling. One beautiful blue bird flew down and landed by a window on one of the large buildings housing many girls. This was the attic room. The bird peered inside. The wood that the room was made of looked old and dusty. On a bed slept a young girl. Her long orange hair lay about her body. The bird looked at her before was startled by a high pitched sound coming from inside. It scared the bird so bad he flew away.

"Ahiru!" screamed the voice. "Ahiru! Where are you! I want my breakfast now!" the young girl on the bed shot up. Her hair flying about.

"Ahiru!" another voice cried out. This one was a little deeper and had a hint of roughness to it. "I'm hungry too! And we have to leave for class soon!" the young girl scrambled to get out of bed. She ran to her closet and pulled out her dress and put it on quickly.

"Coming Lillie! Coming Pique!" she called out hurrying to tie her hair back into a braid. She did so and ran out of the room. She ran down to the two doors next. She opened the first door and ran in. "I'm sorry Pique! I over slept." Pique frowned and crossed her arms. Her purple hair was tyed back into a bun other than the small stand that hung down next to her face. She was already dressed in the ballet uniform.

"I've been waiting for ages. Why can't you do anything right?" It was not a nice thing to get Pique mad and Ahiru knew that.

"I'm sorry I have your breakfast right here." She said and went to the table by the door. She uncovered the silver tray and walked over to pique and set it down before her.

"finally." She said and started eating.

"Ahiru!" Screamed Lillie in the next door down. Ahiru ran out of piques room and shut the door. She hurried into Lillie's room.

"I'm sorry Lillie. I over slept." Lillie started to go off about how Ahiru was never responsible and should never be allowed anything. Ahiru went about the same business as in Piques room and gave Lillie her breakfast. Ahiru finally got a breath in when a softer voice called out.

"Ahiru." Lillie even stopped eating.

"Your goanna get it now." She said smirking. Ahiru ran out of Lillie's room and down the hall to the nicest room of the dormitory. She knocked on the door.

"Come in." said the soft calm voice. Ahiru opened the door and went in.

"I'm sorry. I over slept and I had to get Pique and Lillie's breakfast…" The young woman stopped her.

"Ahiru. I have been waiting for an hour." Ahiru bit her lip.

"I'm sorry. I'll get your breakfast now." Ahiru became making the young woman's breakfast.

"Ahiru? Why are you so clumsy?" Ahiru looked at her confused.

"I don't try to. It's just who I am I guess."

"Have my lunch ready when I return. Make sure it's warm to." The young woman stood.

"Yes miss rue." Ahiru thought for a minute. "Miss rue?" Rue turned to her. "Do you think I could start taking ballet too?" Rue looked at her than started laughing.

"You think you would ever be able to be good enough?" Ahiru felt her heart sink into her stomach as rue left the room laughing.