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Fakir glared at Rue. "That was out of line and unnaceptable of you." he said angerly. Muto looked at the broken necklace not sure what to do. "Muto. Get miss Ahiru out of that horrible place and bring her to me." Muto bowed and hurried into the dormitory.

"You have no proof she is the princess from last night. You have no magic now." Rue said smirking. Fakir smirked.

"Yes but i told her something last night that i have never told anyone so if it is her she will know." Rue frowned looking at him. Not long after Muto came out with a sad looking girl. She had long orange hair and she was in a ragged dress. "Regardless if she is my princess or not. No person should be treated like this." He hised to Rue the went to Ahiru. She looked up at him. They looked at each otheres eyes and fakir felt for sure this was her. "Last night. The princess I danced with. I told her something i have never told anyone. What do you think that is?" Ahiru looked down thinking.

"You wanted her to call you Fakir. You also said that you hated it when everyone called you your highness because it was annoying." Rue's face flushed hearing that. A smile spread over Fakir's face. He picked her up and spun her around.

"It is you. You are my princess." He said causing Ahiru to blush deeply. They hugged each other tightly. Miss Edle stepped up to them holding another necklace. Fakir smiled and gently took it and put it around her neck. Ahiru turned into the beautiful princess tutu. He smiled and gently kissed her like he had wanted to last night.

Ahiru looked at herself in the large mirror. Her long orange hair had been pulled up and wrapped in a bun with a few strands curled next to her face. Sparkly golden eye shadow was gently put on her eye lids. Her hair had a long viel in it that covered her face and trailed down her back. Her gown was absolutly beautiful. It hugged her upper body tightly but puffed out in beauiful light layers. It was a creamy white dress with golden trims on every layer. The top of the dress had beautiful gold trim overlaying in several parts. A knock came from the door. Muto pocked his head in.

"My my you look increadible." he said coming into the room. Ahiru blushed and looked down.

"Do you think he'll like it?" She asked. Muto nodded taking her hand.

"He will love it." he said lifting her chin to look at him. "Besides. He fell in love with your personality not your looks." Ahiru smiled.

"Is it time?" she asked softly. He nodded and offered her his arm.

"Lets go dazzle that prince of yours."

The throne room had been transformed for the wedding. Fakir stood by the alter. His hair was combed back and he stood in a black tux looking at the doors anxiously. The music began and the doors opened. Muto and Ahiru entered the room. Fakir nearly fell over. She was so beautiful. Now her outward appearance matched her beautiful inside appearance. The ceramony flew by for fakir and Ahiru. Before they knew it they were kissing each other.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The man said.

And they lived happily ever after