Gotta gag you, Dean. 'Cause what I'm about to do to you, you're gonna scream. And as much as I love making you scream, this motel's pretty booked up, and I don't want to get us kicked out. Got plans for you, big brother. And you're gonna love it. But I can't lie. I'm gonna push your limits tonight. See how much pain you'll take for me. 'Cause I know how bad you need this. Need the pain. Need it from me. You've been on edge for fucking weeks. Pushing me. So I'll give you what you've been asking for. Christ, practically begging for it. So pretty when you beg me, Dean.

I think I won't touch your cock until you beg for it. I'll just use these new little tools I picked up just for you. Yeah… look like they're gonna hurt like a sonofabitch, don't they? Won't fuck you until you beg, either. Beg through that gag. Beg with your whole body.

And you better make it good. Better earn it. Take all the pain I give you. Do everything I say. Spread your legs for me, hold them open while I whip you right here, on the inside of your thighs. No squirming and trying to move away when I spank that ass of yours all cherry red, right? Gonna arch your back and push back into the paddle? Can you do that, Dean? Show me what a good little pain slut you are for me? How much you love this?

Like I said, I'm gonna test your limits tonight. Like you've been pushing for. Break you down. But any time it's too much, you make the sign, and we stop. Ok?

So here's the deal. We're gonna play. You're gonna make me come, let me use your mouth and ass, but you don't get to come yet. We're gonna play some more, and then you get my cock nice and hard again. And then I'm going to break out this. Yeah. I know. I saw you staring at that in the shop. Knew you wanted me to use it on you. Gonna make you scream. Make you cry.

And if you're really, really good, and you take it all, and let it all go and scream and sob for me like I know you need, like I need—and I do need it, Dean, you have no fucking idea—then I'll reward you. Take care of you. Make you come for me, come so hard with my cock in your ass and my tongue in your mouth, the way you love it. And I'll rub you down with that cream you like, take the sting away, and I'll fuck you again, real slow this time, just grind into you so deep and kiss you, show you how much I love you, how proud I am you took it all for me, show you you're mine. And I'll make you come again. As many times as you want. Let you fuck me. Yeah, thought you'd like that.

So what do you say, Dean? If you're not down, just shake your head. But if you like my plan, nod your head.

Good boy. Let's get started.