Silver: First Year

Chapter III: First Day

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Itachi never needed much sleep. During missions, it was quite common for him to only receive three hours of sleep per day. Certain circumstances sometimes forced him to stay awake for several days at a time, only running on soldier pills. When he was off duty, Itachi allowed himself to sleep a maximum of five hours per night. Anything more wasted valuable time he could have spent training, but Itachi also did it for the peace and quiet. No one in their right minds would wake up at two or three in the morning on a regular basis, so Itachi had plenty of what he called 'quiet time' to meditate and contemplate his techniques. He even started writing a book entitled Psychology of the Shinobi Mind during this brief period of quietness, but that's a discussion for another day. So when he woke up at 4 a.m., Itachi didn't go back to sleep, he got ready for his first day at Yokai Academy.

Stretching, Itachi got out of bed, his feet touching the cold wood floor. He figured he had at least two hours before anybody else awoke from their slumber, which gave him plenty of time to do his morning routine. It consisted of running, a few chakra control exercises, and some muscle strengthening exercises. Until he found a suitable place to practice his ninjutsu and taijutsu, Itachi decided to only do some light exercises (for Itachi).

While he pondered on what exercises to do, the former ANBU captain expertly made his bed, something his mother taught him at a young age. His mother always told him people judged others by how well they made their bed and he took it to heart. Also, she said a room reflects the character of the person living in it, so he made sure to keep it clean and tidy. Finishing the job, Itachi reached into the clothes bag he brought, bringing out a pair of black gym shorts he recently purchased. Shisui told him many people used shorts when exercising since they provided less confinement and more available movement for stretching. Much to Itachi's embarrassment, she took him to various clothing stores, parading him around like some sort of male model. The worst came when the fan girls caught hint of his presence and immediately gathered outside the store he was in. He had to dodge, hide, and push his way through the crowd of girls to get to safety. Shisui didn't even help him. All she did was laugh and take pictures of fan girls trying to rip off his clothes. That was not a good day.

Suppressing a shiver, Itachi pushed the horrible memories out of his mind. It did not do well to dwell on the past, especially moments like that. Itachi again reached into his clothes bag, this time pulling out a pair of gray running shoes and some socks. After securing the socks on his feet, Itachi got to work with the shoes. He much rather preferred ninja sandals, but decided against. He wanted to fit in as much as possible and to do that he had to walk in a normal person's shoes…literally. Though, from what he gathered so far, Yokai Academy might not be the sort of normal school he expected. Certainly no regular school would have graveyards and skeletal remains on the school grounds, right? But he promised his father he would try to act normal and have fun, and he always kept his promises. Making sure the shoes were a comfortable fit, Itachi looked around the room to see if anything was out of place. The two bags he brought were the only things sitting out, so he made a mental note to organize all his materials tonight.

Double checking everything, as he always did, Itachi quietly opened up his door. Like he suspected, no one was up yet, so the hallway was completely empty. Closing the door behind him, Itachi walked toward the stairs, noting that a sign on the door near the stairway read 'Showers'. He went down the steps with grace only a ninja possessed, effortlessly jumping multiple steps. Before long, he reached the bottom floor, not even close to being exhausted.

The cool air outside was refreshing. The night's darkness still clouded Yokai Academy from the sun, but dawn would approach soon, descending the light from the heavens upon the school. A nice breeze flowed through the air, sending small shivers on his exposed skin. To most, this time of the day would be unbearably cold, but Itachi only felt a mild discomfort. Compared to camping out in the snow-capped mountains of the Land of Snow in the middle of winter with no warm clothes, the current weather around Yokai felt like a day at the beach.

After stretching for a few minutes, Itachi took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Expanding his lungs with chakra, Itachi inhaled more air. This was a technique taught to all students at the Academy. To gain short bursts of continuous motion without having to take breaths, a ninja molded his chakra around his lungs and slowly released small amounts of it over time. To go faster for a longer period of time, all one had to do was simply add more chakra, but there was a risk. Adding to much chakra to the lungs could cause the cells in the organ to become temporarily or permanently damaged, depending on the amount. To increase the amount of time a ninja could stay in this state of enhanced speed and endurance, the ninja would have to gradually increase the amount of chakra molded around the lungs. It was a slow and tedious, but the results were worth it. Itachi could now go for ten minutes straight without taking a breath while running and six while in a fight.

With the right amount of chakra transitioned into his lungs, Itachi broke out in a powerful sprint, simultaneously activating his Sharingan. Without it, the world would be nothing but a blur. With his Sharingan, time seemed to slow down. His mind processed every little detail his eyes saw, forever burning it into Itachi's frontal lobe. The Sharingan did more than just make it easier to dodge attacks; it registered and dissected every image its gaze landed on. Books, pictures, faces, scenery…the Sharingan memorized all and never forget. The Sharingan was a true gift, worshipped by many, but not Itachi. He treated it as just another tool in his arsenal. Itachi relied on his skills as a ninja to help him survive. The Sharingan was no different from a kunai or a katana. The tool does not make the warrior powerful; the warrior makes the tool powerful. Itachi lived by that code since the day he awakened his Sharingan and would stick to it until death.

Though Itachi's body reacted to his surroundings, dodging obstacles and finding suitable paths to continue running, his mind wondered elsewhere. Mostly, his thoughts centered on the girl he met yesterday, Moka. The pink-haired girl truly was an enigma to him. She bit him and told him she was a vampire, a creature Itachi believed didn't exist outside of fiction and myths. Moka looked like any other beautiful human girl, not at all like the images of vampires he read in books and saw in movies. And the large rosary around her neck…weren't they supposed to be a defense against vampires? If so, how would it be possible for her to wear it? Wouldn't it work like a seal, locking away chakra?

Itachi almost tripped when realization hit him. If Moka really is a vampire then the rosary might be sealing away a good portion of her power. This was all purely speculation, but Itachi had a feeling he hit the nail on the head.

Feeling a burning sensation in his lungs, Itachi slowly decreased the amount of chakra being pumped to the organ. The burning sensation indicated he was reaching his limit and Itachi did not want to permanently damage his lungs. His legs slowing down, Itachi started to take small breaths, careful not to breathe in too much oxygen until all the chakra had dissipated. Finally expelling all the chakra in his lungs, Itachi came to a complete stop, fatigue overtaking him. Gulping down large quantities of oxygen, Itachi wiped the sweat off his brow. He managed to enhance his lungs with chakra for ten and a half minutes without stopping, thirty seconds longer than his previous record. Despite the pain he felt in his legs, Itachi grinned triumphantly at his accomplishment. His next goal would be eleven straight minutes with no break.

Gazing at his surroundings, Itachi realized he was near the edge of the forest of dead trees on the other side of the school. Since he did about five laps around the entire school, Itachi figured he ran a little more than seven kilometers during his run, an impressive feat in ten and a half minutes. The running provided both chakra control and endurance training, a combination which suited him perfectly. He never added chakra to his legs, opting to let them adapt on their own. His muscular legs proved the results were worth it.

His breathing returning to normal, Itachi made the journey back to his dorm building, intent on taking a nice hot shower. Though still worn out from the earlier run, Itachi jogged to the building, enjoying the cool breeze that coursed through his long hair. When he arrived at his dorm building, Itachi immediately took a long shower. He was surprised at how modern and well-stocked the bathrooms were, complete with fresh towels, shampoos and soaps, dozens of showers and toilet, each separated by a white brick wall, tile flooring, and facets with a mirror above each one. Since it was only 4:45 am, Itachi was alone in the large bathing area, which suited him just fine. He didn't really care if someone saw him naked, but felt self-conscious about the multiple scars on his torso and back. There weren't many, for Itachi learned quickly from his mistakes in combat, but the thought of someone else seeing them, observing them with a critical eye, bothered him immensely. No, it was best if those remained hidden by clothing. After spending ten minutes being bombarded by streams of relaxing hot water, Itachi emerged from the shower, all dirt and grime removed from his pale skin. He then brushed his teeth and placed his hair back into its traditional ponytail.

Clad only in a towel, Itachi walked down the hallway and entered his room. Despite still having several hours before classes started, Itachi got dressed in his uniform. He still didn't feel comfortable wearing the tie, but he was getting there. Why on earth someone would want to tie a piece of cloth around their neck was beyond him. It was only a little past five, so Itachi, already dressed for the day, sat down in the chair near his desk and popped open a book. The book was entitled The Autobiography of Hashirama Senju and contained some two-thousand pages. Itachi found the book infinitely fascinating. The autobiography described the Shodaime's life, from birth to death. It explained his rise in the Senju clan, his development and training of Mokuton, and the founding of Konoha. What interested Itachi the most was the detailed account of Hashirama's legendary battle with Madara Uchiha, co-founder of Konoha and leader of the Uchiha clan, at the Valley of the End. The Mokuton user expressed his terror at facing off against the Kyubi, a very powerful biju that struck fear in the hearts of many ninja. Surprisingly, Hashirama felt great regret for killing Madara, explaining that the two maintained a rivalry for many years that touched on friendship, but he had no choice. After the battle, Hashirama left the Valley of the End, never returning to the spot for the rest of his life.

Itachi could easily use his Sharingan to finish the book in less than an hour, but wanted to savor the enlightening read. What peaked his curiosity was Hashirama's description of Madara's Sharingan. According to him, Madara possessed a Sharingan far more powerful than any other, which led Hashirama to believe there was a possible fourth state. He went into details of the design of Madara's Sharingan, which differed from the regular three tomoe surrounding the pupil. 'A fourth state? Is that even possible?' But Madara was the strongest ninja to ever come out of the Uchiha. Surely, if there was a fourth state, he would have discovered it.

And, during his fight with Hashirama, Madara used the Kyubi. Is it possible that this fabled fourth state enabled him to control the most powerful of the biju? Itachi needed to brush up on the Uchiha clan's history before he could make such a claim. Maybe if he…

His musings were interrupted as he glanced at the clock, seeing that it was already 7:30. Classes would start in thirty minutes and he didn't want to be late on his first day. And maybe he was a little excited to see Moka again, but you wouldn't hear him say that. Grabbing his school bag, Itachi put the book down on the desk, intent on finishing it later. A little nervousness setting in, Itachi stepped out of his room, ready to take on the day.

"Good morning students! If your new here, welcome to Yokai Academy!" The homeroom teacher, who Itachi thought vaguely resembled a cat, said cheerfully, "My name is Shizuka Nekonome and I'll be your teacher!"

'Well, the teacher seems nice enough,' He thought as his gaze shifted around the room, 'I wonder where Moka is? She'll be late if she doesn't get here soon,' In fact, he hadn't seen Moka at all. He arrived in the classroom before anyone else did and took a seat by the windows. For the last twenty minutes, Itachi watched each student enter the classroom, hoping the next one would be Moka. He ignored all of them, save for an attractive blue-haired girl with very large…assets. She wore a tight-fitting yellow sweater-vest with a red bowtie over a long-sleeved dress shirt and baggy socks. The sweater-vest accentuated her large breasts, a fact made clear to Itachi when she walked by his desk. The girl batted her eyelashes at him and gave him a smile before taking a seat next to the desk behind him. All the males in the classroom seemed to glare at him for receiving attention from a beautiful girl, but Itachi responded by giving them his own glare. They backed down fast. Never challenge an Uchiha to a glaring contest, you will lose.

"Well, I'm sure that everybody already knows this fact, but Yokai is an incredibly unique school, one exclusively for monsters!" Ms. Nekonome explained.

Itachi's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

'Did I just hear her right? Exclusively for monsters? No! It has to be some sort of joke,' but no one was laughing and Itachi started to sweat.

"Currently, this planet is well under the control of humans. So, in order for monsters like you and I to survive, class, the only option that we have is to learn how to coexist with them!" she continued, oblivious to the fact that Itachi was about to have a nervous breakdown. She pointed to the chalkboard, "And that brings us to our first rule! Except in special circumstances, as long as you're on campus, you must always remain in your human form! Does everybody understand?"

Itachi just stared at the chalkboard, feeling stupid for not noticing the writing on it. He had been so caught up with finding Moka; he didn't even realize what was written on the board.

"Rule number two! Never, ever reveal your monster identity to another student! I'm sure you can see why!" When she stepped out from behind her podium, Itachi saw that she had a tail, which was swinging back and forth excitedly. 'Calm down. Take deep breaths. You've seen stranger things,' Itachi kept repeating this mantra, desperately trying to keep some of his sanity.

"Just a bunch of boring rules," A student who sat in the desk next to Itachi muttered. He had long brown hair and multiple piercings all over his face. He looked like the type who loved to start trouble.

Ms. Nekonome frowned, clearly upset at being interrupted.

"And you are…" She looked in her attendance book, "Aha! Saizo Komiya!" She tried to act friendly toward Saizo, but Itachi could easily see she disliked his stereotypical bully demeanor. To be honest, he couldn't blame her.

"If we do happen to spot a human, why not just eat it? That's what I would do, anyway," Itachi narrowed his eyes at Saizo. He could be trouble, Itachi thought.

Ms. Nekonome just gave him a forced smile.

"Well, now, there's no chance of that happening. In this school, all the students and teachers are monsters. No exceptions. Got it?" She said, her tail twitching behind, "You see, this school is enclosed in a giant barrier, so even if a human got in, they would be killed immediately!"

'Wait. That explains the genjutsu I sensed in the tunnel! And the detection seal! But…if humans aren't able to come here, how did I get through?' Itachi started to get a headache. His father, the idiot that he was, had enrolled him in a school for monsters! 'So all these students are monsters disguised as humans? Dear, Kami! What have I gotten into?"

"I'm so sorry I'm late!" A beautiful, familiar voice brought Itachi out of his depressing thoughts. Looking toward the door, Itachi saw Moka standing there, holding her school briefcase and bearing an apologetic smile.

Ms. Nekonome smiled at her.

"Oh, that's alright! It's your first day so I'll let you off with a warning. Go ahead and introduce yourself!"

Moka smiled back gratefully and stood in front of the class, bowing respectively.

"Hi! I'm Moka Akashiya!" All the male, and some female, students were instantly mystified by her beauty. Some even went as far as to say they were in love with her, which was ridiculous considering they only just met her. Moka scanned the room, her gaze stopping when he eyes landed on Itachi. She smiled widely and, with speed faster than anything he had ever seen, crossed the distance between them and latched onto Itachi, wrapping her arms tightly around him, "Itachi-kun! I'm so glad we're in the same class!" She rubbed her cheek affectionately against his, causing him to blush, "I've been looking for you all morning!"

Itachi chuckled nervously, oblivious to the many death glares he was getting.

"It's nice to see you too, Moka-chan," When she tightened her hold on him, he croaked out, "If you keep squeezing me like that, I'm going to pass out, Moka-chan!"

With an embarrassed blush, Moka lessoned her grip, but still didn't let go. She looked up at him with her cute green eyes, "Sorry, Itachi-kun! Sometimes I forget my own strength."

"Excuse me," They both looked up to see Ms. Nekonome smiling mischievously at them, "Despite how cute you two look, could you please take a seat, Ms. Akashiya? I don't think Mr. Uchiha can pay attention in class with you sitting on his lap," The pair immediately blushed and Moka reluctantly got off of him, taking a seat directly behind him, "Thank you. Now, class, get out your text books and open to the introductory!"

'She has a VERY strong grip,' Itachi thought as Moka walked beside him, arms latched firmly onto his. Both of them, it turned out, shared the exact same schedule. In every classroom, Moka made it a personal mission to sit by him, but he didn't mind at all. Talking to Moka helped take his mind away from the fact that he was attending a school for monsters, but sometimes he would remember she was a vampire and try to distance himself from her. Moka noticed this and, not one to be deterred, wouldn't let it happen. That probably was why she had a death grip on his arm right now.

"Man, I'd give anything to be in his spot!" "Dude, he's so lucky!" "Why does she get to have that hot guy all to herself?" As they walked down the hallway, every student seemed to be staring at them, making their own comments. It probably didn't help that Moka literally had his arm smashed in-between her breasts, but Itachi wasn't complaining.

"Where are we going, Moka-chan?" Itachi asked, realizing he was being dragged by her.

Moka gave him a cute smile.

"Outside! Some fresh air would be nice, right?" Itachi nodded and the pair went through the front doors, and walked outside. They took a seat at the closest bench and Moka finally released his arm. Itachi sighed in relief as the blood flow to his arm was restored. The air outside felt good after a long day in inside and Itachi closed his eyes and enjoyed the nice breeze. His worries temporarily evaporated as he savored the peaceful moment. But when Itachi opened his eyes and saw Moka giving him a worried look, all those worries returned.

"Is something wrong, Moka-chan?"

She placed a hand on his shoulder and gently squeezed it.

"Are you okay, Itachi-kun? All day you seemed a little distant," Tears formed in her eyes and she continued, "Did I…did I do something wrong? Am I not a good friend?"

Itachi's eyes widened and he immediately shook his head.

"No! Moka, you're a great friend! I'm just a little nervous because it's my first day," She looked a little unconvinced, so he added, "I'm just feeling a little homesick. You don't have to worry about anything, Moka-chan."

"Are you su…"

"Hey, sexy," A voice interrupted her in mid-sentence. They turned to the culprit and saw Saizo leaning against a pillar, an arrogant grin plastered on his face, "What's a pretty thing like you doing with a loser like him?" He took a few steps toward Moka. Itachi stood up and moved between the two, keeping Moka safely behind him. He knew earlier that this guy would be trouble and, as always, his gut wasn't wrong. Saizo stopped just a few feet from Itachi, trying to intimidate him with his height. He was a couple inches taller than Itachi, but Itachi had taken down much bigger opponents before.

"Why don't you move out the way, loser? I came to talk with Moka," Itachi stared at him, not moving an inch.

Moka could see a fight was about to start and tried to intervene.

"Itachi-kun's not a loser! He's my friend and I don't talk to people who insult my friends. Can you just go away, please?" She spoke over Itachi's shoulders, staying behind him.

Saizo laughed.

"Go away? Sorry, sexy, but I want to have a chat with you," He moved to go around him, but Itachi blocked his path again.

"I believe she asked you to leave," Itachi's voice was hard as steel and his gaze never left Saizo.

"What happens if I don't want to leave? What are you going to do about it," Saizo reached to grab him by the neck, but Itachi stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

"I don't think you heard me, so I'll say it again," Itachi's eyes flashed crimson and he squeezed hard on Saizo's captured wrist, causing Saizo to howl in pain, "Moka-chan told you to leave. I believe it would be in your best interests if you follow her advice. She is a smart girl, after all." He flared his chakra and Saizo started to noticeably shake.

"Ye-Yeah. I'll do that. Could y-you please let me go?" Itachi released Saizo's wrist and Saizo took off, running away fast in the opposite direction. Itachi watched him leave, his Sharingan slowly morphing back into his regular onyx eyes. Since his first days in the Ninja Academy, Itachi held a specific hatred toward bullies. His rapid advancement in the ninja ranks enraged many ninja who were sometimes twice his age. They harassed and made snide comments about him, but he chose to ignore it at first to be the better man. But even Itachi Uchiha has his limits and when they tried to physically harm him, he ended up sending all of them to the hospital. He was never bothered by them again. His chakra crackling at the mere thought of a bully, Itachi took several deep breathes and slowly calmed his chakra. 'Anger is best released on the battlefield,' He mentally chanted the advice he received from his predecessor, Kakashi Hatake.

"Itachi-kun…" Moka's angelic voice softly cut through Itachi's thoughts, giving her his undivided attention, "Thank you for protecting me, Itachi-kun. No one has ever done that for me before." Her smile was wide and Itachi thought he saw small tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Moka-chan, you're my friend, so I'm naturally going to protect you. If that jerk ever bothers you again, just let me know."

Moka nodded and blinked away her tears of happiness.

"What type of monster are you, Itachi-kun?" When he heard the dreaded question he was trying to avoid, Itachi froze, "Oh, wait, we're not supposed to reveal that to each other, are we? Sorry, you don't have to tell me."

Itachi sighed.

"But you already told me what you are, Moka-chan."

Moka blushed and gave a nervous laugh.

"Yeah, I know, but I had no idea that was a rule here."

"You don't look like a vampire very much, Moka-chan. Besides your fangs, I don't see any other characteristic that makes you a vampire." He said, running a hand through his long hair.

"Well, not right now, but…" She thrust out her chest, pulling away some of the collar on her cleavage, "Look."

Itachi's eyes widened, but realized what she was doing when she pointed at the rosary on her chest.

"If I were to take this off, I would change. I'd turn into my true form, a powerful and terrifying vampire," She turned away from him, smiling self-consciously, "That's why I wear it. It's a charm to seal my powers away. I can't even take it off myself."

'So I was right,' Itachi thought as he stared at the rosary, "Well, that's alright," Moka whipped her head around, eyes wide and disbelief written on her face. Itachi blushed a little under her intense gaze, "Even if you turn into your true form, I'm sure you're still the same Moka."

Moka threw her arms around Itachi's neck and Itachi had to balance himself so they wouldn't fall to the ground.

"I knew you'd understand! You're my first friend here!" She pulled back a little, a small blush on her face. Moka locked eyes with Itachi, "And also, I feel I should tell you that you're my first in another way too, Itachi-kun."

Itachi looked at her curiously, trying to ignore the feeling of her well-developed chest against his torso.

"In what way?" He whispered softly.

Moka smiled dreamily.

"Until now, all I've ever had was tomato juice and transfusion bags. I've never sucked anyone's blood before yours yesterday," Moka placed a hand on the side of his head and on his shoulder, slowly moving her mouth toward his neck. She licked her lips as she sniffed the air, "It tasted so sweet, so rich…I'll never forget it…" She opened her mouth, inching near the spot where Itachi's neck and shoulder met. When Moka was just a few inches from sinking her teeth in his neck, Itachi's eyes widened as he saw her fangs and he gently grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her away. She looked at him, confusion evident in her eyes.

"What's wrong, Itachi-kun?"

"I have to ask you something, Moka-chan," He knew about the possible negative response he would receive, but Itachi pressed forward anyway, "What do you think about humans?"

Moka's expression quickly darkened.

"I-I hate humans. When I was in the human world, they were so cruel and mean. They treated me like a freak and made junior high school hell for me," She was visibly shaking in anger now, "Humans are violent and they always kill each other and anything that's different from what they call 'normal'. I never want to see another human ever again!" She took a couple of deep breathes to calm herself down. After several seconds, her normal demeanor returned and she turned to Itachi with a smile, "Why do you ask?"

Itachi gave her a sad smile.

"It's because…"It's now or never, "I-I'm a human, Moka-chan."

Her eyes widened and she frantically shook her head,

"No…No…You can't be a human. A-a human can't get past the barrier. You're joking, right, Itachi-kun?"

"I'm not joking. I'm really a human. My father found a brochure explaining how Yokai Academy is a place to help teenagers fit in with the normal world. I guess he didn't read the fine print or something," He tried to crack a joke, but Moka was still looking at him in shock. He sighed and continued, "I'm kind of a loner where I come from. My parents were worried about my social life, so they decided to send me here to make friends. They did not know the school was for monsters. As for the barrier, I have some theories, but no definite answers as to why I can go through it."

Moka slowly nodded, but she made sure to put some distance between them.

"Anything else?" She whispered.

"I'm also a ninja. Where I come from, villages train children who possess larger-than-normal chakra reserves. 'Chakra' is what we basically call energy. We can perform extraordinary and destructive techniques with chakra. I have been trained since I was six to be the best ninja in my village, Konoha. To bring revenue to our village, we ninja our assigned missions from clients all over the world. We fight and die for our village and have been involved in several wars with other villages. Though I loathe fighting and killing, I do so to protect my village and family. They are precious to me and I will never let anything happen to them," He explained, his eyes never leaving Moka, "I still hope we can be friends, Moka-chan. I know monsters and humans don't get along, but you and I could change that," He sighed and sat back down on the bench, running a hand through his hair, "If you want to turn me in to the Chairman, I won't fight back. It would actually be the most sensible thing to do."

Moka felt her heart tear as she heard him talk. During her time in the human world, she was treated as an outcast and left alone in isolation, all because she was different. But Itachi treated her like a normal person. Him, a human, acted kind and friendly toward her. If what he said was true, Itachi had been trained at a young age to kill for his village. Did he act like a killer? No. Did he act like any other human? No. Was he kind and sweet? Yes. What should she do? Moka didn't know. Give him a chance…He means us no harm, Moka felt a little startled as she heard the voice from the rosary. Her inner self rarely spoke to her, only when the circumstances were important or life-threatening. To hear her other side vouch for Itachi…Moka's mind was made up. She closed the distance she put between them and sat down next to Itachi, making sure to get as close to him as possible. Itachi looked surprised as she leaned her head on his shoulder.


She smiled brightly at him and nuzzled closer to him.

"I may not like most humans, Itachi-kun, but you're the exception. I don't care if you're a ninja or a human. You've treated me with nothing but kindness and acceptance since we met. You are my best friend, Itachi-kun, and I don't plan on letting you go." She said with a tone of finality.

Itachi returned her smile and, for the first time in his life, initiated a hug. He engulfed her in his arms and she gladly reciprocated. He didn't even care that her strength nearly crushed his spine. Itachi Uchiha had a friend and he would never let anything happen to her. He buried his face in her long pink hair, inhaling a most wonderful scent that reminded him of flowers and strawberries. Moka lost herself in his arms, letting out a sigh of comfort when his hand began to stroke her hair. The moment was cute and innocent, and they both wanted it to last forever, but Moka's growling stomach abruptly ended it. Moka blushed embarrassingly, "Sorry, Itachi-kun, I haven't had anything to eat all day."

Still stroking her hair, Itachi laughed.

"That's alright, Moka-chan. Listen…if you like it so much, I let you suck my blood, but there are some rules you have to follow," She nodded enthusiastically, her eyes lingering on his neck, "First, you have to ask me. If I say no, you have to respect my answer. Second, only once a day. If you drink my blood more than that, I'll probably pass out. Sound good?"

Moka smiled widely at him and nodded again.

"I promise I'll follow those rules, Itachi-kun. Now…may I please have a drink?" She squealed in happiness when he said yes. Itachi tilted his head to the side, giving her plenty of room for comfort. Moka leaned forward and, with all the care and gentleness in the world, slowly sank her fangs into his neck. When she tasted his blood, Moka moaned in ecstasy, the delicious liquid sending her into dreamland. Itachi just sat there, stroking her hair, which he quickly found to be one of his most guilty pleasures. Her hair was so soft and smooth; it was hard not to stroke it. The pain from Moka's fangs piercing his skin barely even registered to him. After a minute of drinking his addictive blood, Moka pulled back, a satisfied smile on her face, "Thank you so much, Itachi-kun! You have no idea how wonderful your blood tastes!"

Itachi chuckled.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, Moka-chan," Standing up, Itachi offered his hand to her, "How about we go for a walk? We still have plenty of time before curfew."

Moka gave him a brilliant smile and took his hand.

"That sounds fantastic, Itachi-kun." Moka grabbed his arm and the pair walked away, completely oblivious to the blue-haired girl watching them from behind a tree. She was the same girl Itachi met earlier in the day and she was glaring jealousy at Moka's back. Moka Akashiya… Little Ms. Perfect… Why does she get the hottest guy in the whole school? Itachi-kun should belong to me and me alone! I'll show her! Tomorrow Itachi-kun will be mine! Already formulating a plan in her head, the girl silently walked away, determination burning in her eyes.

Faraway in a village where it never stopped raining, an orange-haired man with multiple piercings on his face sat on the edge of a very tall building. He wore a black cloak that had red clouds on it. A forehead protector on his head bore the symbol of rain on the metal piece, a slash going through the middle. His eyes were the strangest part of him. A ripple-like pattern covered both his eyeballs, with a light purple iris and sclera. He stared at the village below him with his powerful gaze, not even the smallest detail escaping his eyes. He controlled this village with an iron fist, no one daring to question his judgment or rule. He was a god to his people, worshipped and revered by everyone in the village. He was powerful and invincible, the embodiment of unimaginable power. He was Pein.

"I have something to ask of you, Pein." He didn't need to turn around to know who it was. Only one person dared to call his name without adding the –sama honorific, excluding his partner and confident, Konan, who he gave special permission to.

"What is it you want, Tobi? I came up here for the peace and quiet, and you are interrupting that." He turned his head ever so slightly to look at Tobi. He wore the same cloak as Pein. A strange orange mask with a swirl pattern was placed securely over his face, a single eyehole on the right side, revealing the crimson pattern of a Sharingan.

Stepping forward, Tobi stood directly behind Pein.

"Have you ever heard of Itachi Uchiha?" Returning his gaze to the village below, Pein nodded. "I want you to extend an invitation for a position in Akatsuki to him."

Pein raised an eyebrow.

"Last I checked, he wasn't a missing-nin. You know Akatsuki only accepts those who have abandoned their village."

"Yes, but he is a…special case. According to my spies, he is currently out of the village on extended leave. This is the perfect opportunity to approach him without the risk of other ninja getting in the way."

Pein sighed.

"Do I even have a choice?"

Tobi chuckled, which was slightly muffled by his mask. He walked to the edge and looked over his shoulder at Pein.

"I think we both know the answer to that, Pein," Tobi said as he jumped off the building, disappearing in a swirl of darkness that engulfed his entire body. Pein watched him disappear with a murderous glare, his anger causing the rain to fall faster. And soon, that answer will change, Tobi. Count on it.

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