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Finally, she had packed. She threw herself onto the sofa and sighed. A part of her wasn't looking forward to the ten hour train journey, purely because it was ten hours of sitting on an uncomfortable seat. On the other hand, she'd get to spend those ten hours with Rachel Berry.

She looked over at Hannah; she was tapping away happily on her laptop. "Will you be okay here on your own?" She asked. The other girl didn't answer, and continued staring blankly at her screen. Quinn spotted some headphones in her ears, and decided she couldn't be bothered to get off of the sofa to take them out. She picked up her phone and quickly sent a text to Rachel.

What time does the train leave?

Q x

After it had sent, she rolled over and buried her face into a pillow. What if they bumped into old friends? How would she act? What if they noticed? She didn't want people to know yet. Her mom should have the right to know before anyone else. But what if Rachel wanted to tell people? Of course she would, she had no shame in her feelings. Well, Quinn had no shame either, but she still couldn't shake the part of her that worried about what other people thought about her. Now she'd have to be concerned for how people viewed Rachel too.

Perhaps she should tell her mom. Eventually she'd have to, and it would get it out of the way so she wouldn't have to worry about others knowing. But still, she hadn't dealt with Rachel's rejection very well, and even then the idea of them being together had seemed more delusional than anything. How would she react if her own mother rejected her for something she couldn't help? Judy Fabray hadn't been there for most of her daughter's pregnancy. Hm, that's a problem too; she'll have it in her head that I'm straight because I had Beth. I bet my sexual preference has never crossed her mind since, Quinn thought to herself. She sighed.

The phone buzzed on the floor, and Quinn lazily dropped her arm to reach it.

Well your train to New York should leave in about 20 minutes. I suggest you get to the station now, we wouldn't want you turning up the second the trains due to leave again, would we? ;) xx

The blonde rolled her eyes, and then laughed as she recalled the memory. The idea of seeing Rachel suddenly motivated her and she got out of the seat. She walked to Hannah and pulled out her ear phone, earning her an amusing frown. "I'm leaving; will you be okay here alone?" She said, repeating her earlier questions.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Have fun, and don't do anything I wouldn't do," The other girl replied with a wink. Quinn laughed before grabbing her things, waving goodbye, and heading for the door.


A beautiful brunette opened the door that was standing idly in front of Quinn. Both of their faces lit up at the sight of each other, and they clumsily pulled each other into a hug. Neither of the girls had been able to see each other the weekend before due to Rachel being ill, and it felt as though they had been apart forever. Within seconds, the pair were kissing each other furiously. Quinn had missed her girlfriend, even if it had only been a couple of weeks.

"I'm glad you're better," Quinn muttered, her nose still touching Rachel's. The diva simply smiled, stating, "Come on, we need to hurry or we'll miss the train."

A few weeks ago, both girls had discovered that they shared two days in which they had no lectures or classes. One was on a Friday, and the next was on a Monday. Well, Quinn actually had two classes in those days, and Rachel had one, but they'd decided they could skip so they could go to Ohio for a long weekend after over a month –almost two- of being away.

"Let me guess, it leaves in three hours?" Quinn teased, picking on Rachel's tendency to arrive way too early for everything. Rachel pouted and frowned, "No actually, it leaves in forty minutes, and it will take a while to get there..." she said, sounding genuinely offended. The blonde raised her eyebrow playfully with a slight smirk.

"Sorry," Rachel sighed, "Stressful week."

"What happened?" Quinn asked, concerned.

"My voice has been off because I was ill, and I've just had a lot of negativity thrown my way from my class," she sighed.

"Well don't listen to them. Your voice is amazing Rachel and if they can't see that then their blindness is born out of jealousy," She comforted. A small smile battled across Rachel's lips.

"Thanks," she muttered looking at the floor, bashfully. Quinn laughed.

"When have you ever had difficult taking compliments?" The blonde grinned. Rachel tilted her head and smiled.

"Oh, Miss Fabray, I have no need for your compliments for I know of my extraordinary, un-earthly talents, and I don't need mere commoners like you to help me realise that," she joked, with her nose in the air. The blonde snorted out a laugh, and Rachel quickly joined her.

"Come on," Quinn chuckled, "We should get going." She smiled when she saw that Rachel's earlier irritation had gone as she waited for Rachel to grab her suitcase. When the brunette approached her again outside of Rachel's door, she linked her arms with hers and they headed off.


"Rachel," Quinn muttered, rousing from her sleep.

"Mhm?" Rachel replied.

"I don't want people to know yet," she said, looking from Rachel to the train window. They were out of the city now.

"Oh," Rachel muttered. Quinn could tell she wanted to say more, so she just waited; Rachel was bound to voice her opinion at some point. After a while, she finally did. "Are you ashamed of us as a couple? Because honestly Quinn, as much as I like you I don't really want to hide this and I don't think I like the idea of you worrying more about what others think than about our relationship," the brunette finished. Quinn sighed.

"No, I'm not ashamed of us. I want people to know." Quinn paused when she saw uncertainty on her girlfriends face, "Honestly Rach, Santana and Britt already know so it's not an issue of shame for me. I just want my mom to know first, I want to avoid her hearing it from someone else... she'd get upset about it."

The diva nodded slowly at that, appearing to understand. "And you're going to tell her when you get home?" she asked. Quinn nodded before muttering, "I'll try to."

"My Dad's already know..." Rachel said, "Well, kind of."

"Kind of? When did you tell them?"

"Well...not long after you first kissed me," Rachel said.

"Oh, when we first made it 'official'?" Quinn asked.


"But we weren't together then," Quinn stated with one eyebrow hanging slightly lower than the other.

"I know, I mean it was literally right after the kiss. I was confused, and it basically bought up all of these questions I'd been afraid to ask myself. I couldn't talk to Finn about it, and I couldn't talk to you in case I made you hopeful and then realised I only liked you as a friend, so I spoke to them. They kind of snapped me out of my stupid schoolgirl haze," Rachel replied.

Quinn smiled, "Thank God they did or I'd probably hate your guts right now."

The brunette smiled back. Quinn straightened up in her seat, getting comfortable, "So we're not telling anyone, right?" She enforced. Rachel nodded.

As they had done before, the girls had chosen a booth with four seats facing each other and the seat next to Rachel was free. Quinn decided to use this to her advantage and got out of hers to join the diva. Their hands linked together instantly as the blonde snuggled into the beautiful girl next to her. A content sigh escaped Rachel's lips. They fell into a comfortable, happy silence.


Both of the girls clambered off of the train in groggy, half-awake states. The blonde quickly let go of Rachel's hand and looked around for her mother. Would her mom find hand holding suspicious? What if her mom had already guessed something? She laughed at the way her mind was panicking and earned a confused look from Rachel. It didn't matter anyway, her mother wasn't on the platform and neither were Rachel's fathers.

Before they got to the station doors, Quinn pulled Rachel in for a quick kiss. They weren't in Lima yet, so she wasn't worried about anyone they knew seeing, and she probably wouldn't see Rachel until tomorrow. The blonde sighed against the other girl's lips and smiled. She was so happy that she was actually with Rachel. Honestly, she was only just beginning to feel like this whole situation was actually happening. Almost desperately, she wrapped her arms around the shorter girl. "We'll be able to be more public about it soon, Rach. I promise," she practically whispered.

"I know, Quinn. It'll be fine, I'm sure your mom won't mind," Rachel smiled, heading towards the station doors. The blonde half-smiled, nodding uncertainly.

She spotted Judy in the car park and smiled. Quinn had missed her mom. Rachel had spotted her dads too, and had turned to face the blonde. They gave each other a quick hug and said bye to one another before Quinn headed over to put her luggage in the boot of her car, which was different to how she remembered it...

"Hey mom, I missed you!" she muttered out, crushed by Judy's hug. Her mom kissed her on the forehead before saying that she had missed her daughter more. "New car?" Quinn asked. Judy nodded.

"Yeah, I'll tell you about it when we get home, I want to hear about how the rest of your time in Yale went. We haven't really spoken since I dropped off your stuff and you've hardly called or answered your phone," her mother sighed, with a slight frown on her face.

"Sorry mom, I've been super busy. I know we haven't spoken much, and that's why I decided to come down for the weekend," she half-spoke, half-yawned, practically falling into the car seat.

"Well, I'm glad you did. I've missed my baby girl," Judy smiled, getting into her seat and starting the car.

Quinn rolled her eyes, "Don't call me that." This earned a chuckle from her mother.

"I have a surprise for you when we get back," Judy stated, with a grin on her face.

The blonde couldn't help herself; a small amount of childish excitement grew inside her chest. "Oh? What is it?" she asked.

"It wouldn't a surprise if I told you, sweetie," The older woman sighed playfully.


Throughout the rest of the journey, Quinn told her mom what it was like at Yale. Judy was being her typical self, continuously asking questions that expressed her motherly concern. You didn't drink too much did you? They aren't putting too much pressure on you are they? Is it making you stressed, are you okay? The blonde would be lying if she said she didn't love her mother's concern, it made her feel loved and cared for. She just loved her mom in general; ever since her dad had left she'd become completely independent and strong, as well as more understanding and open. Her mother's newly developed persona had allowed the two to bond more as mother and daughter, as well as friends, over the last few years.

"So, what about friends? I'm sure you've made loads already," Judy grinned.

"Well, I'm not really worrying about popularity this time round," Quinn said in an honest tone, "But there's Hannah, Savannah and Liam. They're pretty awesome."

"Liam, huh? Is he cute?" Judy asked, momentarily taking her eyes off the road to wiggle her eyebrows at her daughter. Quinn shrugged.

"I guess so," she said, unenthusiastically.

"Do you like him?"

"As a friend, yeah," Quinn replied, slightly irritated. Why did people just assume?

"Oh. Well, are there any other guys you're interested in? There's bound to be some hotties there," Judy nudged Quinn with her elbow playfully.

"No, mom," she sighed, turning to look out of the window.

"...Okay," her mom said, hesitantly.

The remainder of the journey was relatively silent, apart from the radio which Quinn had turned on to drown out the silence. Should she tell her now? No, she's driving; she might get distracted and crash...


Her suitcase got caught on the threshold, and she was too exhausted to put any more effort into pulling it, so she just groaned and leant against the wall. Eventually Judy did it for her, taking it into the living room. "Come in here, Quinnie," she called behind her.

Quinn wandered into the room and collapsed on the sofa. Long journeys really weren't her thing. "That's not very lady like of you," Judy chastised, gesturing to Quinn's sprawled out body. The blonde just shrugged; too tired to answer. "Do you want anything to eat or drink?" The older woman asked. The blonde nodded.

"Can I have some water, please?" She asked, sitting up slowly. Her mother slipped into the kitchen to get her some. Quinn wondered why her mom was being so helpful. She usually was, but today she was more so. She returned soon after and handed Quinn the cup. She guzzled it down, not realising how thirsty she was, before looking around the living room. It had changed. Only a few small things had been moved, but it put Quinn off, it felt slightly alien.

"So, are you ready for the surprise?" Judy wondered, smiling. Quinn nodded, she guessed so. Her curiosity was winning her over though. In the few seconds after she nodded she felt as though every single one of her vital organs had sunk to the pit of her abdomen. Her first reaction was to leave; she didn't want to be in this house anymore. Maybe she could go to Rachel's house? Would Santana still be awake? It was quite late. Her second reaction would be to punch him in the face, but she refrained from doing so.

"Why the fuck is he in our house?" She snapped. Judy's face sunk, she clearly hadn't been expecting that. Had she actually thought that Quinn would be pleased about this?

"Lucy, that is no way to speak to your mother, have you lost all respect?" her father practically shouted.

"Oh, I'm so sorry father, but I lost respect for you when you abandoned your own daughter because she damaged your precious pride!" She growled, standing up. She couldn't believe this! Why was he here? Why would her mother even consider letting him within five feet of the house? What Quinn hated more was the fact that a part of her was happy to see him. A part of her wanted to make him love her again. He glared at her. Quinn could see he was trying to hold back a lot of anger; typical.

"Me and your father have decided to... make amends," Judy muttered, staring at the floor.

"What? What do you mean?" Quinn asked, lowering her voice.

"We're getting back together," her father finished where Judy left off.

"I'm sure she's perfectly capable of answering for herself," Quinn shouted. She was already letting him dominate her again. She couldn't lose her mother; she didn't want her to become the obedient zombie she had once been. Then what her father had just said sunk in. Back together? As in...He lived in the house? They were lovers again?

"You've got to be kidding? You can't be serious, Mom!" Quinn said, pressing her palm to her forehead in frustration.

"Quinn, I..." Her mother stuttered. She'd honestly thought Quinn would be happy about this. The blonde felt a little guilty for upsetting her mother, but this was simply not okay. Judy just stopped there; apparently she didn't know what to say, so she just rested her hand on Quinn's shoulder and looked at her pleadingly.

Her father had seemed to have calmed down when he next spoke. "Quinn, I hope you can forgive me and that we can just move past what happened before," he said, sternly, "Nothing is going to change our decision."

She tried to keep her father's gaze with her stare, but found herself looking at the ground. The younger girl didn't want things to become what they had been before; there had been no equality within the house. Her and her mother had always done as Russell had wanted, almost always without question. Whilst she did love her father, they were both far better off without him and he had practically abandoned her in a time when she needed him the most. She looked back up, determined to show him that things weren't going to become what they had been before.

"No, I don't forgive you. I'm not going to lie and say that I do to keep you both happy; do you know how much shit you put me through? Did you not even think how being abandoned by your own father can psychologically damage a teenage girl? I was scared, lonely and confused and I just needed someone to help me through that but you cared more about yourself. How can I forgive you for that? It was hard enough to forgive mom, but she actually changed and was there for me towards the end, but you'll never change," Quinn ranted, a little surprised by how much she had said and what she had said, "So no, I won't move past it. I'm not happy with this at all, and to be honest, I'm glad I don't live here so I don't have to put up with this crap for more than a few days at a time." Her father's jaw dropped open slightly, and the blonde was surprised when he didn't instantly shout at her. The blonde then turned to face her mother.

"And mom, I'm sorry to say this but I'm disappointed that you even considered letting him live here again, you're so much happier without him," she stated, trying her best to ignore the sea of conflicting emotions that were crashing around inside of her. There was a pause that was filled with a tense silence, but the second her father tried to speak she simply turned and left the room. "Goodnight Mom," she said as she grabbed her suitcase and headed up to her bedroom.

The minute she got into her room she literally thanked God that it was exactly how she had left it, just a little cleaner. She threw herself onto the bed and buried her face into the pillow. How could her mother do this to her? How could she do it to herself? Quinn's mind suddenly went into overload, the only thing she could think about was how betrayed she felt.

Eventually though, she managed to escape the tangle of thoughts and feelings that resided inside of her, and she fell asleep.


Her reflection stared back at her, daring her to leave the room. She didn't want to face her parents yet. Part of her wished she hadn't come down here for the weekend, but that wouldn't have changed anything. The blonde had considered ringing Rachel to vent out her anger, obviously not directly at her girlfriend but to just tell her what had happened. Quinn didn't want to bother her though, the diva was probably spending time with her dads, and it wouldn't be fair to ruin it for her.

After she'd grown bored of staring at herself in the mirror, she got ready, finally deciding on a course of action. Once she was showered she sent a text to her Latina friend letting her know that she was on her way. Quinn had woken up late anyway, so Santana should be awake by now.

Her parents were both standing at the entrance to their living room. They must have heard her coming down the stairs. "Good morning, Quinnie," Her mother beamed the second she saw her.

"I'm going to Santana's," she stated, not showing any interest in her parents and almost ignoring them completely as she hurriedly put on her shoes.

"Quinn, we need to sit down and have a proper conversation about this," her father said, but she blanked him and exited the house, slamming the door behind her.

It wouldn't take too long to get to Santana's house, and Quinn decided that the walk would probably help her clear her mind. She knew that she should just move past it. This wasn't her house anymore, so she'd hardly ever have to spend time with the man who had abandoned her. For Quinn though, this was more about her mother. She couldn't understand how Judy could possibly be happy with that horrible man. It's her choice Quinn, just get over it and let her do what she wants. Perhaps she was a little hurt too. Her mother knew full well how her father's words had affected her. How could her own mother not take her feelings into consideration?

Santana's father opened the door only seconds after she had knocked. Unlike Maribel, Santana's father wasn't as welcoming and bubbly. To Quinn, he'd always been 'Mr. Lopez' because when she was a child she'd seen him as a very intimidating man, and maybe even cold. But from years of spending time in the Lopez house Quinn had learnt that Mr. Lopez was very similar to Santana. Beneath his distant exterior he was actually a really nice guy who wanted to show people that he cared but wasn't sure how too.

He nodded at Quinn in acknowledgment and simply said, "She's upstairs," before he walked away.

"Thanks," spoke Quinn before she made her way to her friend's bedroom. She knocked on the white wooden door and waited for Santana to say she could come in. After a while Quinn just opened the door, as the Latina was taking too long to answer. "Santana?" She asked, and got only a mumble in return. She was still in bed. "It's eleven! How are you still sleeping?" She almost shouted, as she watched the mound of blankets move.

"What the hell are you doing in my house Fabray, let me sleep..." Santana mumbled.

"It's almost noon..."

"Yeah, and it's a Saturday," the other girl groaned. Quinn simply sighed, and sat on the end of Santana's bed, waiting for her to wake up properly. The two sat in silence for a while, and Quinn was eighty percent sure that her friend had gone back to sleep, but she spoke eventually.

"Wait, aren't you supposed to be at Yale?" Santana asked, as she slowly sat up straight with the blanket wrapped around her.

"Took you a while," Quinn joked, "Rachel and I came down for the long weekend."

"Missed me that much?" Santana said with a smirk, "Why didn't you warn me?"

Quinn hadn't thought of that. "Sorry, I was a bit caught up in other stuff."

"Does that 'other stuff' happen to be something that's very loud and obnoxious?"

The blonde rolled her eyes. "How're you?" She asked. Santana stretched and yawned.

"I'm fine. Bored," she sighed, "I got a job a week ago as a waitress in Breadstix. Dad got annoyed with the fact that I was just using all his money; he said it's time I learnt to be 'financially independent'," She said, using finger quotes.

Quinn could see the annoyance on Santana's face with this fact, "Well, I guess that makes sense. And at least you work in breadstix! Do you get free food?"

Santana's scoffed, "No! I thought I would, that's the only reason I even applied for the job!" Quinn laughed at the seriousness on the other girls face, she looked so distraught. "I do get a discount though," she finished.

"See, it's not that bad," Quinn grinned. "What about Brittany?"

"She's doing well. Better than last year, I'm helping her a lot with her homework and stuff. She'll definitely graduate this year," Santana said, with a slight smile.

"It's nice of you to help her," Quinn replied, "And I'm glad she's doing well."

The two chatted a little more about how things with Santana had been going before the Latina sent Quinn out of the room so she could change. When the blonde re entered Santana asked how stuff with her was. She could tell that Santana had been expecting her to start talking about Rachel, and Quinn felt a little guilty that she hadn't. Things with Rachel had been amazing, but that wasn't what was on her mind at the moment.

"My dad moved back in..." Quinn started. Santana was definitely surprised by that news, before she became somewhat angry.

"Why would your mom do that after what he did to you?" Santana asked.

"I don't know, I think she's just lonely now that I've left."

"Still, there are dating websites and plenty of single men around here that are your mom's age..."

"Maybe she didn't think she had a chance with anyone else? She's playing it safe I guess," Quinn sighed.

"Well, that's pretty dickish of her," Santana stated, bluntly, "He practically abandoned you."

"I know," Quinn said. Neither of the girls said anything for a while. Santana wasn't really the best person for comforting, but she was a good person for anger. She'd get angry for you. Or perhaps that wasn't such a good thing, as it resulted in more anger. "It's not just that though," Quinn admitted, "He still looks at me like I'm not his daughter... The second he walked into the living room and saw me, it was that same look he gave me when Finn told him I was pregnant." And suddenly she realised the real reason she didn't want her father around. A few tears welled up in her eyes. "He looks at me like he wants to send me away again, or like I was some kind of mistake." Santana awkwardly placed her hand on Quinn's shoulder, and that caused the blonde to laugh. She was definitely not good at this.

"What?" Santana asked, wondering what had made the girl laugh. She was probably worried that Quinn was going insane.

"You suck at comforting people," she chuckled.

"Thanks," Santana sighed, pulling her hand away; offended. The blonde could tell she'd upset the girl, and quickly tried to reverse the damage.

"You're easy to talk to though," she smiled, sniffing and wiping her tears away. Santana smiled back.

Quinn decided to stay at Santana's for as long as she was welcome, not wanting to return home just yet. The pair mainly chatted, but they made lunch and watched a movie too. The blonde had missed her bitchy friend. It was nice to catch up face to face and not over the phone.

She had told her about her plan to tell her mother, and Santana had hinted against it, saying that now that her dad was back it probably wasn't the best time. However, she also said Quinn should just go for it if she felt ready, and she was sure she did. But maybe she should wait, her father was there now and it would probably end the way the pregnancy issue had ended.

Did she really care what her father thought anymore though? No, of course not, she thought, but deep down she knew she did.


Judy had just started dinner when Quinn returned home. Trying her best, she pushed through her dislike for the situation and went to the living room rather than her bedroom. She sat on the sofa opposite the one that her father was reading on. He looked over the top of the book at her and began to speak. Quinn cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it. I don't like what's happening, but it doesn't matter because I'll only be here for the holidays. Can we just leave it?"

"Well, your attitude has changed a lot in a few years," He grumbled, looking back at his book, "I was only going to say welcome home."

Quinn rolled her eyes before turning on the TV. She knew Russell hated the TV being on whilst he was reading, and wondered how he'd react. He gave her a small glare, but said nothing. Perhaps he really was trying to fix the past. To be honest, she wasn't entirely sure why she was doing this, but eventually she found herself doing lots of small things to deliberately irritate her father. She rested her feet on the coffee table, got a drink from the kitchen and didn't put it on the place mat and also lay on the sofa. Usually he'd lecture her, but still he proceeded to act as though she wasn't getting on his nerves.

Judy called after a while to let them know that their food was ready, and they both made their way to the dining room. The conversation consisted mainly of small talk, which gradually began to annoy Quinn. Her and her mother would usually laugh and joke, and she'd always enjoyed it, but this felt strange, as though her mother was trying not to screw up. Quinn honestly couldn't understand it.

Her father hadn't even asked how Yale was going. He wasn't trying to catch up; it was as though he didn't care. He probably didn't, all he was talking about was politics and a load of other uninteresting things. Judy was sitting opposite him, nodding idiotically like a pathetic puppy who wanted to please its owner. Once she had finished eating she finally snapped.

"Yeah, so the baby was born healthy. It was a girl by the way, I'm sure you'd love to know. We called it Beth, and by 'we' I mean Puck and I. It wasn't Finn's, but I guess that's what you get for being a stupid slut in high school. I did pretty well in McKinley by the way. Straight A's, I'm sure you would have been pleased if you hadn't kicked me out," Quinn ranted, pushing her plate away from her to show that she was finished eating. "Yale's pretty cool; I'm hoping to become a professional actress. I'll probably only make it into small TV shows but you never know. Oh yeah, and I got hit by a truck! Funny story that. Have you ever been in a horrific accident that left you paralysed, and then found that everyone but your father visits you? But then I guess you would have said it was my fault for being a bad driver, right?" She practically laughed at the look on her dad's face. He looked offended. It's his fault for being such a dick, it's only the truth. He has no right to be offended.

Quinn stared into her father's eyes, waiting for the guilt to finally sink in. She had to admit that she was surprised when it actually did. "I'm sorry that I wasn't there for any of that Quinn, but you have to understand that what you did was foolish," he said.

"Having sex with puck? Yeah that was stupid," Quinn said. "But guess what's worse? Abandoning your teenage daughter in a time when she needs her parents to support her."

Russell bit his lip and nodded, looking away from Quinn. She could tell that he was trying not to say what he wanted to say, but she didn't want to push him. Deep down, she knew what he was going to say would hurt her, and she didn't want to hear it.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Good," Quinn snapped. She wasn't exactly angry, just irritated. She had a lot that she'd wanted to say to him over the past few years, and she'd pretty much summed it up in one bitter speech. Her heart started to pound a little faster as she prepared to say what she'd wanted to say the whole time. "I have a surprise for you both also," she began, mentally scolding herself for being melodramatic. She was around Rachel way too much. Both of her parent's eyes snapped to her, and she suddenly felt dizzy. She waited, debating whether or not this was a good idea, but forced herself to do it. It's now or never, "I'm dating a girl." She breathed out, letting all of the pent up anxiety out. It wasn't over yet though, she wasn't sure how they'd react.

They both looked confused, her mother more so. Russell also looked slightly annoyed. "W-what?" Judy asked.

"I'm gay," she almost choked. She was so scared; she was practically on the verge of tears. Nobody's opinions had ever meant more than her parents did, but she couldn't lie to them forever. Her throat was suddenly dry as her eyes flittered back and forth between her parents. She didn't even have to ask. She knew.


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