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I know this is a bit of a slow start, but I wanted to kind of capture the reaction of the scouts to the aftermath of the battle against Metalia. It should pick pretty quickly.

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Darien stood alone under the shade of the cherry blossom tree. He stood at the carved stone for several minutes before conjuring a single red rose to place on the ground in front of it. At the entrance of the cemetery, the generals and scouts stood, in civilian form.

"He's here every day," Amara said.

"He lost a lover," Michelle replied. "What do you expect?"

"It's nothing more than a stone. We don't even have a body."

"Because she turned to golden dust," Hotaru replied. "Darien just wanted some way to remember her."

"Have your parents mentioned anything?" Trista asked Mina.

Mina shook her head. "I asked, and they had no idea who I was talking to."

"You don't think Serena planned to die, do you?" Lita asked. "The silver crystal could have easily wiped their memories."

"But no one remembers her," Raye said. "It's like she never existed in the first place."

"But she did!" Amara said.

Michelle put a hand on Amara's arm. "We know that."

"Darien's not taking losing her well," Andrew said. "I've never seen him this upset."

"He was upset when his and Hotaru's parents died, but…" Trista shook her head. "This is different. He lost his memories in the accident."

"Trista, isn't there something we can do?" Hotaru asked. "You're the keeper of time, can't you-"

"I can't change what has already occurred. I'm not supposed to change what could occur either. But even I didn't see this coming."

"You can't bend the rules this one time?" Mina asked.

"I'm sorry. Time is fragile. We've been forced onto a path that we have no choice but to follow. Unfortunately this means we must learn to live without our princess."

Solemn glances were exchanged. Andrew leaned against a nearby tree.

"This is my fault," he said. "If she hadn't needed to rescue me-"

"You're not at fault," Mina argued wrapping her arms around him. "No one is."

"I think Serena knew it would happen," Amy suggested. "Why else would she have tried going alone?"

"It's a good thing we went with her though," Greg said. "She wouldn't have been strong enough to defeat Metalia otherwise. I don't think anyone expected Metalia to be so strong."

"Well, it's over now," Trista said. "We have to move on."

"She's not your cousin," Amara snapped.

Trista frowned. "No. But that doesn't mean she was nothing to me. But we have to be ready. Something tells me Metalia isn't our only enemy."

"I've sensed a change as well," Michelle added. "We should be ready for another enemy to show up."

Raye looked at the two slightly annoyed. "I haven't seen anything."

"I'm sure you will soon."

"Hey, where did the prince go?" Chad asked, drawing their attention back to Darien.

The earth prince was nowhere in sight.

"I'm sure he wants to be alone," Andrew said, tightening his hold on Mina. "I know I would if I lost my soul mate."

Mina smiled sadly, reaching up to kiss him on the cheek.

"I should get to work," Andrew said. "If anything happens, let me know."

"I have orchestra rehearsal in an hour," Michelle said.

"Grandpa wanted us to do some chores around the temple," Raye said, grabbing Chad's hand.

"We have cram school," Greg said, glancing at Amy.

"So we'll meet like normal tomorrow right?" Mina asked.

"It would be best," Trista replied. "We'll be more prepared if we all keep our eyes open to any signs of trouble. With Serenity gone, we'll have to concentrate all our focus on protecting earth."

"And Darien," Ken added.

Everyone nodded in agreement before breaking apart to go their separate ways.

Luna sat quietly on the windowsill. She stared out the darkened window at the night sky. The moon was full, casting a beautiful glow on the world outside. It wasn't odd to find the black cat in Serena's old apartment, not that it looked like Serena's apartment. Everything had been boxed up, and Mina's parents had assumed the last occupant, whose name they just could not remember, simply ran off. Luna looked at the photo she'd managed to drag out of one of the boxes, it was Mina and Serena. Serena said the photo had been taken just before her parents were killed and she became Sailor Moon. That was, of course, before Luna realized Serena was not only their princess, but also Sailor Moon. Serena had been more knowledgeable than any of them believed, and knew exactly who was who and wasn't at all surprised by Luna and Artemis' capability of speech.

She was just about to go back into Mina's when the sky lit up with a bright light, almost as bright as the silver crystal. Jumping to her feet, Luna watched the comet fall past the city buildings where she lost sight of it. The earth shook as the comet landed and Luna bolted outside hoping to regain her sight of it.

A crowd gathered before the small cat could arrive, she was met by Artemis and Mina, both awakened by the strange occurance. The three watched from the distance, unable to get any closer due to the crowd.

"What's going on?" Mina asked.

They looked at the large crater as the other inner scouts quickly joined them.

"Darien's over there too," Lita said. "Ken went to find him."

"It looked like a simple meteor but I'm not so sure," Luna noted. "You don't think…"

"This is the result of a new enemy?" Artemis finished.

"That seems to be exactly what this is," Trista said, as she joined them flanked by the outer scouts.

"We saw the meteor and came as soon as we could," Michelle said.

"Something seems wrong about this," Raye suddenly said. "There should be something, but the crater is empty. I don't sense any negative forces nearby."

"Whatever was in the crater is gone now," Amy added. "There should have been some small bit left over. If it left that large of a crater, there's no way any normal meteor would have burned up."

"Then we'll have to be on alert," Mina said. "We'll get this enemy before it gets strong. We can't lose anyone else."

A short distance from the crater, a young girl with long pink hair sat on the railing of a balcony. Beside her stood a boy with long blue hair.

"This planet is perfect for collecting energy," the girl, Ann, said.

"We don't know for sure yet. The Doom Tree might not respond. If it doesn't we can't stay here," her companion, Alan replied. "Until then, we'll have to disguise ourselves to blend in."

He slowly lifted his small flute to his lips, playing a soft tune that was carried away by the wind.

The next morning Lita, Mina, and Amy sat in their seats as Ms. Haruna welcomed a new girl into their classroom.

"Class, this is Ann Granger, a new student. I expect you all to welcome her and her brother, a grade ten student, into our school."

"Yes, Ms. Haruna," the class replied.

Ann smiled sweetly, taking the only empty seat in the class, which had once belonged to Serena. Mina stiffened slightly, an action that was noticed only by the other two sailor scouts. They gave her questioning looks of concern as Ms. Haruna brought the class back to their lessons. Mina smiled reassuringly before trying to focus her attention on the class.

As Ms. Haruna droned on, her thoughts strayed to the mysterious crater. She'd seen something about it on the news this morning, about scientists being perplexed that nothing was there. So something had to have made the crater, and somehow whatever it was simply left.

We just happen to get new students the day after the meteor hits, Mina thought. Seems fishy to me…

Just because I feel I have to justify why I chose who I did for the generals:

Greg is Zoicite because he's the only one I could think of to make romantically involved with Amy. Same reasoning for Ken being Nephrite. Chad was a bit easier because he and Raye always seemed to have a thing for each other so it seemed logical to make him into Jadeite. And the reasoning for Andrew as Kunzite is that Andrew was Darien's best friend, and since Kunzite was the head guard (and in a lot of other fanfics seen as Endymion's best friend) it seemed to fit. Naturally their personalities (and appearances if anyone is trying to picture it) will change a bit to match the generals.

And I'm going with the Alan and Ann storyline for a reason (I'm pretty sure it was only in the anime, since I'm already past that time frame in the manga), mostly because I don't want to jump right into the black moon storyline. So it'll be a few chapters before Rini comes in. I won't put a lot into the Alan/Ann storyline, just enough to tell the story and move on so sorry to any Alan/Ann fans who I might disappoint by simply skimming their story. I know I liked them (mostly because of Alan's musical abilities) so I just had to put them in.