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Bulma POV

Pitter patter. Splish splash.

I watched the rain fall out of my bedroom window and sighed.

"This sucks." I whispered. Not that I'd say that around my mother.

See, she has this strange idea that if she tried hard enough, she can turn me into a proper young lady.

That means no swimming, no running, and no climbing trees. It DOES mean tea time and pointless chatter and gut squeezing corsets. It ALSO means arranged marriage.

Before I get into that, you should know a few things.

First off, I am Bulma Briefs, daughter to the second richest man in the world, Dr. Briefs.

Second off, the man I'm engaged to is Yamcha, son of the richest man in the world.

Yamcha and I were childhood friends. I liked the man, but I didn't want to MARRY him.

Not that I have any say in the matter.

We're being wed not only because our families like each other, but also because our families have both high status and money. It just wouldn't do for me to marry a commoner (or, at least, that's what mother said.)

Obviously, since my parents weren't any help, I went to Yamcha, hoping we could work together and stop this. But the bastard is on our parent's side! Turns out he's in love with me (in love with me! Can you believe it?) and he fully supports this marriage!

I sighed. What am I going to do?

I turned away from the rain as the gears in my head began to turn.

Yamcha POV

I walked through the gardens, finally able to stretch my legs now that the rain had stopped.

A pretty blue flower caught my eye, the same blue color as Bulma's hair. Bulma…..

I sighed. Why was she so against this?

I, for one, am pleased with the way things are going.

But that's because I'm in love with her.

I'm sure she only sees me as a childhood friends. Still…that doesn't matter at this point.

I grinned. Oh yes, things were going well indeed.

Vegeta POV

I walked on the wooden floor of my ship, the S.S Saiyan, Nappa and Raditz behind me.

"Are you sure you should be doing this?" Raditz asked.

I glared. "It is not your business." I said, pulling on my traveling cloak.

The ship was now very close to the dock. I backed up some, then rushed forward, leaping off the ship. I landed lightly on the dock and pulled the hood over my head.

Ok, now I'm sure you're pretty confused at this point, so I guess I have some explaining to do.

First off, I am Vegeta Oji, an infamous pirate, also known as the black shadow. That's because no one's been able to arrest me, even with the 1,000 doubloons on my head.

Second off, those two men are Nappa and Raditz, two of my best allies. Like me, they are both relatively skilled fighters who enjoy killing as much as I do, so we work well together.

Third off, the reason I jumped off the ship was because I needed to go to a market. We're running low on food and someone needed to get more.

Raditz suggested a cabin boy, but I insisted on going. I mean, barking orders is fun and all, but I needed to get off that god forsaken ship.

Of course, I got bitched at and Raditz was going on about how I'm infamous and people would recognize me and have me arrested.

Who did this man think I was? I'm called black shadow for a reason. I've been able to avoid capture this long, I see no reason why I can't keep doin' it now.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I landed lightly on the dock and pulled the hood over my head. "Later bitches." I muttered as I walked toward the market.

I looked at the food, debating what to buy.


Something slammed into me and I was knocked to the ground. I looked at my attacker, who also had been knocked down.

Like me, he had a hood covering his face, but he looked strangely small and curvy for a boy…..

"Sorry, sir!" He apologized franticly and I blinked. If the voice was any indication, he is a she.

She stood up and dusted herself off. "I'm sorry!" She said again, quickly bowing. She turned around and started to run away.

Being the quick witted person I am, I was up in a flash and I had a firm grip on her wrist. "What's the rush?" I asked.

"D-don't you dare try anything!" She yelled.

I smirked in amusement; she thought I was going to rape her. "I won't." I assured her. "I just have some questions."

I saw her tense up. "Like what?" She asked hesitantly.

My grin widened as I became more and more amused. "Who are you?"

"I can't tell you that."

"Why not?"

"Because I can't."

Hmm. Guess I'll have to find out for myself. Before she had a chance to react, my other hand grabbed her hood and forced it off her head.

The woman under it wasn't what I expected; she was beautiful.

She had pale skin, but it went well with her long hair that was the oddest color- blue. I didn't know blue was a natural hair color. Her eyes were the same color and her lips were a nice shade of red. And now that I looked closer at her, she had a pretty nice body shape.

She coughed loudly and gave me a "I know you were staring" look. But, come to think of it, she did look kinda familiar.

"What's your name?" I asked again.

"If you must know, it's Bulma. Bulma Briefs."

Ah! I thought she looked familiar! She's the daughter of that really rich man! "What's a rich girl like you doin' out here?"

I must've hit a touchy subject, because she looked mad. "It's not your concern!"

I looked her over again; she wore a light blue dress cut off at the knee, black combat boots, and a black traveling cloak.

The clothes of a traveler.

That's when I put it together. "You're running away."

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