Bulma's POV

Shortly after the fight, the crew decided to go their separate ways. Don't ask me why. Anyway, here's how it worked out.

Krillen went looking for his true love, something he said he's wanted his whole life. Tien and Piccolo decided to go to the mountains and train. Raditz was the one that surprised me. He said something about finding someone he could have. Then he kissed my cheek and lefr, Nappa right behind him. Vegeta decided to stay on the sea, saying it was his home, and I decided to stay with him.

Of course, we made sure to take Gohan back home. We told Chi-Chi and Goku the whole story(excluding the drinking, of course, No one needs to know about that)and Chi-Chi was, of course, furious. But with the help of Goku we calmed her down to where she wasn't throwing things at us.

Then, about five or six months later, we got letters from the former crew. Turns out Krillen did find love, a blonde, crystal blue eyes girl named 18. They're also expecting a baby too, can you believe it?

Tien and Piccolo have become much stronger, or so they say. Raditz found someone too, but he won't say who. He's been training with Nappa and he says he wants to fight Vegeta again one day.

As for me and Vegeta?

Well, it took a few years before I cut my hair and Vegeta started calling me Bulma. Before we had a lavender haired boy named Trunks and a blue haired girl named Bra.

A few more years would have to pass.


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