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"Where is he?" JJ demanded, flying into the waiting room. Her blue eyes filled with tears and Derek quickly stood up, worried she'd tumble to the ground.

"JJ," Emily broke off, shooting her friend a sympathetic glance. Her gaze met Derek's briefly before focusing back on JJ whom was becoming more hysterical by the moment.

"Where is he?" JJ said shrilly, her panic setting in. The entire time since she'd received the phone call, she'd had to remain calm, for her kids. Now that she didn't have to act strong for them the tears began to flow freely down her face. She had known something was wrong. She had felt it. And how was she to keep acting strong when he was...

"JJ," Emily began again, trying to calm down her shaken friend.

Groaning in frustration, JJ just pushed passed Emily, not feeling guilty in the moment and ran right into Derek.

He caught sight of Emily's face and realized there was no hiding it from JJ.

"JJ, he's in surgery right now," Derek said trying to sound soothing.

"How bad is it?" she demanded, "And don't you sugar coat it. Professional to professional."

"This isn't a professional thing. It's personal and-" Once Derek caught sight of her face, he realized there would be no arguing with her. "It's bad. JJ, they don't think he's going to make it."

She'd known it in her head, by the way people were acting but hearing it... All feeling in her legs lost, JJ collapsed and was caught by Derek and Emily. But she didn't even care. The tears came, and all she could wonder was how she was going to tell the kids.

Without thinking, she pushed passed Reid, not catching the hurt look on his face as he'd come over to hug her and she somehow made it into a chair. She had to see him. She had to.

Minutes dragged on creating the illusion to take forever. These slow minutes soon turned into hours. His condition didn't seem change. He was still... out. This was what the doctors told her any ways. They told her he could wake up any time but each hour that went by, the chances of this happening decreased. Still, she refused to give up hope. She didn't go home. She stayed by his side. Penelope was a miracle and watching Jack, Henry and Sam for her. The team took turns staying with her...

She'd tried to ask Reid for more specifics about the condition. He claimed to not know. He was a terrible liar. There was obviously just something he didn't want her to know.

"Are you having doubts?" the voice had asked her.

JJ spun around to hear Aaron at the door. "Don't you open that door!" she demanded having seen the knob move.

"Do you really believe that it's bad luck to seeing the bride before the wedding?" he asked. She heard the amusement in his tone.

"Ouch," JJ mumbled as Emily tugged the brush through her hair. "It can't hurt to be safe, right?" she said with a smile. "And no, no doubts. Not a single one."

"Me neither," he said softly. "I'll see you at the altar."

Stifling a laugh, JJ grinned. They weren't getting married at an altar, but she'd bite. "I'll see you there."

"Not even one tiny little doubt?" Garcia asked in amazement, thinking of her own reluctance to marry, as she dabbed a bit more blush onto JJ's cheek.

"Not a single, tiny, little doubt," JJ said, her eyes already watering with emotion. "This is where we're meant to be."

She didn't have doubts then, and she most certainly did not have them now. He'd pull through. He had to. For her, for him, for the team and for them... Their kids. Where would she be without him?

Two long, cold nights passed. Once again, like she'd done so many times in the past couple days, she walked into Hotch's room with her coffee in hand. This time, the coffee nearly tumbled out of her hand to spill on the floor. He was awake.

"Hotch!" she exclaimed running over beside the bed. She reached over to take his hand and he allowed this briefly before pulling back.

"JJ," he said forcing a tired smile. "Thank you for being here."

She nodded. "Of course, any time." The tears sprung to her eyes and had she allowed the profiler in her to take over, she'd have realized how off his actions and words were.

"I don't mean to sound like I'm not being grateful because I am, but do you know when Haley and Jack will be by?"

"Haley?" JJ choked out. Jack she understood, but why had he not mentioned Henry or Samantha?

"I assume she's been worried about me, too," Hotch said, not picking up on her tone. "Has anyone told her I'm awake?"

JJ felt the tears spring to her eyes. An overwhelming rush of emotions. He thought Haley was still alive. She felt sympathy for him, knowing the pain he'd soon be in. But did this mean he forgot her? What they shared? That he loved her? Her head swirled back to an earlier time. Back to their first day of marriage. And it made everything hurt, and she felt so confused... How could he forget her? What they shared? Did he honestly forget? Did he not love her any more?

"I'll always love you," he said kissing her forehead.

"Promise?" JJ said, allowing the childlike plea to enter her voice.

"I promise."

"I'll be back," JJ said, forcing a quick smile before darting out of the room. Once she got to the bathroom, she collapsed onto the floor. What was going on? And the tears came, again.

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