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Supernatural|Season 8|Episode 1 – Temporary Punishment

Sam's first thought was that Crowley would notice him and blow his cover. He tensed and got ready to make a break for . . . somewhere. The tiny room wasn't exactly brimming with escape route possibilities, and he found himself wondering if the chimney was large enough for him to shimmy up. Even as he dismissed this idea as ludicrous – he could too clearly picture Dean's laughing face if he were to witness such a feat – he realized that Crowley's eyes seemed glazed over.

The demon hung in the Leviathans' grip, a purely terrified look on his face. "Please, you have to let me go," he said in that gravelly accented voice. "I'll leave you alone. Disappear. Just don't hurt me."

"This is pathetic," Susan said, straightening, her excitement gone to be replaced by disgust. "I was looking forward to a macho showdown. Pulling the pathetic card is low, even for you, Crowley."

Sam agreed. Innocent-and-scared-Crowley was even more creepy than sarcastic-and-mysterious-Crowley. Before he could do more than think this, Susan's grandmotherly face warped to accommodate her huge mouth and, with a roar, she dug into Crowley's chest and began to eat the demon alive.

Crowley hollered as blood spattered the shag carpet and the tastefully yellowed wallpaper. The sound of flesh being ripped from bones and cartilage snapping filled the quaint room. Snatching the opportunity – Susan was obviously engrossed in tearing her enemy to shreds – Sam lunged for the door, knocking the Leviathan guards out of the way and tearing into the kitchen.

From the living room, Susan could be heard shouting orders through mouthfuls of meat. Wincing, Sam dove for the corpse on the kitchen table, pulling the cleaver free from the woman's back. The handle was sticky with blood, but it would take the heads off his pursuers.

He hid it behind his back as the two Leviathans stormed into the room. Sam put his back to the wall and waited until they were in range. Switching his grip on the knife, he flashed it out and decapitated both with two blows. He was gone, heading for the cellar, before the bodies fell to their knees.

He kicked in the door, running down the short flight of steps. Kali and several of the others looked up as he burst into their midst. "Quick. Everyone. On your feet," he barked breathlessly. He hauled several people to their feet, then used the cleaver's handle to break the already rusted chains holding the few captives to the wall.

Sam glanced at the cellar doors that lead to the outside, and paused. These people wouldn't get three feet without being retaken by the Leviathans if he didn't help them, but Kevin was still in here somewhere, the only key to Purgatory. If he walked away now, Susan would move him and there was no way he would be able to find him again.

Dean would want him to save the Turducken People. Castiel would, as well. "Damn it." The sound of Leviathans approaching fell, muffled, from above. "Alright. Everyone, follow me."