On Date Night

On date night two residents of the Kaiba mansion walked to the car. In the car they listened to classical music and talked of the concert they saw last week. Across town a valet collected the keys as the couple walked into the restaurant. The major d'hôtel escorted them to their usual table. The brunet fed his boyfriend some of his dinner. The blond fed his boyfriend part of his second dessert. They left the restaurant and drove to the movie theatre. They sat in the back and Joey pulled the armrest up so that he could cuddle next to Seto. Half way through the movie the brunet leaned down and kissed the blond. Said blond pulled the brunet closer and ran his fingers through his hair. After the movie the couple walked past the car, thru the parking lot to the park beyond. They walked silently side by side. Joey looked around, seeing no one he linked his fingers with his boyfriend. Said boyfriend smiled a secret smile few people have ever seen.

Joey asked: "Have I told you "I love you" yet today?"

"Yes, four times, including right now."


Seto chuckled; it was a leading question that was a game between the two of them. It was Joey's way of testing Seto. A test he has yet to fail after three years of dating.

"Let's see, there was first thing this morning. Your hair was messy and you yawned so cutely I wanted to ravish you right then and there."

Joey blushed at this as his beloved boyfriend continued:

"There was the elevator ride at Kaiba Corp. you said it and pecked my cheek right before you got off at your floor. The third time was while we were kissing during the movie, thou I doubt you remember."

Joey chuckled and wrapped his hands around the brunet's arm. They strolled for a bit more until they came to a bench across from a duck pond. The moon shined on the pond and Joey sighed and stated the evening couldn't possibly get any better.

"Oh, I have to disagree, Puppy."

Joey looked disgruntled at his boyfriend when the impossible happened. Seto got onto one knee and pulled out a box. Joey's eyes widen and his mouth hung open. Seto's eyes glittered at his ability to shock his boyfriend and said:

"Joey I love you, will you marry me?"

Joey grabbed the box and looked at it carefully. Yes, it is an engagement ring. Joey's mind reeled. He could not imagine how they could get married, they're guys.

"I don't know how, but you are Seto Kaiba, if anyone can do it, it's you Dragon."

At this moment the blond looked into his lovers eyes and said:

"Yes, Seto, Yes, I will marry you because I love you."

Seto got up from his knee and took the ring from the box and placed it on Joey's finger. He then kissed the ring then Joey's lips. The newly engaged couple kissed and cuddled on the bench for a while longer, and then they went home. In the days to come, the couple will shock and please their loved ones with the surprising engagement. The couple would just smile and wait it out. They had a habit of shocking people.