It was late January. With Christmas time finally past there was little to nothing for Steve to do involving his work. Sure there were forms to sign, idea dart boards to edit and usual routine maintenance checks to be carried out. But everything was quiet compared to the stressful buzz of December. The aftermath of the Christmas deliveries always left Steve feeling accomplished and yet drained. As with the usual routine, his assistant Peter would always sense this without him having to voice his feelings. Peter would do countless extra little things for him that would put him at ease. He would organise Steve's schedules. He warned him in advance if there was anything unpleasant that needed his attention, which stopped his stress levels from rising. When there was a very stressful situation Steve could wind up tightly like no one else in the Clause family. Peter would also take him hot drinks, just when he needed them, as if by magic. Whenever there was no one to talk to, there was always Peter standing by or checking on him, far too eager to listen. As a result, Steve found himself confiding with Peter in ways he didn't feel comfortable too with others, even his younger brother, especially his father. He was just as anchoring and nurturing as Mrs. Claus was to his father. But Steve didn't want to think of it like that. He ignored it as much as possible. He didn't want to admit to anyone that he relied on someone else to smooth out the bumps of his daily grind. Steve would never admit it. He only acknowledged that fact in the back of his mind, it reminded him not to take certain people for granted. Especially a certain Elf who trailed after him like a puppy - a very primp, assertive and intelligent puppy.

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