This is a decent sized chap for once.


There was a constant error with any messages sent from Lab 21. They weren't coming through to his station with anything but an error page. It should have been fixed yesterday, but clearly some one hadn't thought it important enough to hurry the process. Peter sighed restlessly. He would have to go down and deliver the update by hand. It wasn't that Peter was completely adverse to the short journey, but he was unaccustomed to playing messenger for anyone other than perhaps Steven on occasion. But for a maintenance update? He felt it was a slight waist of his time.

The North Pole HQ was a mile wide at it's smallest point, much more so from far end to far end. Fortunately indoor transporters, akin too but not technically elevators, made such journeys around the base much easier. It only took him five minutes to reach his destination.

As soon as the doors to Lab 21 swept open he was greeted with utter chaos. Several silent warning lights were blinking on and off. Elves were shouting panicked instructions to each other and gases of multiple shade clouded all around.

"What's going on in here?" Peter questioned, completely taken aback. His grip on the bag containing the message tightened. If the doors hadn't closed behind him, willing him to stay and be brave, Peter would have backed out of the Lab for his own safety.

"Don't worry." One of the nearby personnel assured from his station, pushing buttons and successfully vacuuming a large blue cloud back into a box. "None of these chemicals are hazardous. There's been a system malfunction. Everything opened. We would have called for assistance but we've been having trouble getting our messages through."

"When did all this start?" Peter asked, knowing full well that their messaging system was faulty.

"About twenty minutes ago." The Scientist replied.

As Peter surveyed the area and something caught his eye. It was a white-coat-clad Elf working feverishly at her station, unaware that heavy equipment nearby was starting to tip over. The impact would surely crush and possibly kill her. As soon as Peter realised this, time seemed to slow down. He shouted for her to move, but she didn't respond. With her back turned she either ignored or didn't hear him. Red lights flashed in all directions, glowing against her dark wavy hair and glinting off the teetering metal. From his angle she almost reminded Peter of his mother.

"Move!" he shouted again, dropping his bag and making a dash for her. He wasn't thinking clearly as he grabbed hold of the unsuspecting woman and ripped her out of her seat. She babbled in utter confusion as he dragged her, as far away as fast as he could manage, from her console. The mumbling noise was shadowed into the background when the heavy machinery tumbled and slammed to the metallic floor, over her station. The abrupt commotion startled most of the other technicians and inventors into silence. It lasted only a few seconds. After he helped the nameless female technician to stand by herself and opened his mouth to offer her an explanation and perhaps apology for being rough, he was cut off. She gasped in horror gaping over his shoulder. Peter turned around, following her line of vision, to find a red laser gun pointing right at his nose. Before he could react he found himself pushed out of range. Another loud noise filled the lab when it fired, this time it was a low buzz of unleashed power. Even though it missed Peter, thanks to the other technician, the beam ricocheted off the shiny surface of the fallen equipment. It took a short moment for Peter to process that the dark blue beam found had it's way right into his chest. Everything was silent. The sounds around him began fading away with the numbing buzz that consumed him. Peter blacked out.


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